Nicolaj Jensen 
Solid Zilean play throughout victory
January 21, 2018
Jensen earned a 3/1/9 KDA on Zilean as Cloud9 took down Counter Logic Gaming on Saturday.
The early game was mainly just farming time in the mid lane for Jensen. He started to roam early in order to help out in the top side jungle. Jensen started to shine in the mid game as he picked up a nice solo kill against Huhi's Malzahar. The late teamfights were pretty easy for Jensen as he was able to safely sit back and drop Time Bomb stuns on CLG. After winning trades in back-to-back teamfights, C9's Baron power played ripped through the remnants of CLG's base to finished off Day 1, Week 1 of the spring split.
Unable to Ryze up
October 16, 2017
Jensen ended C9's Sunday loss to EDG with a 3/4/2 KDA as Ryze.
Jensen was unable to scale into a late game threat with C9 losing the map from an early stage. He was involved in all but one C9 kill, leading the team with three kills. The Ryze pick has not been going well for most teams at Worlds so far but continues to be a popular mid lane choice.
Dominates mid lane against ahq
October 15, 2017
Jensen put up a 5/0/3 KDA in Cloud9's win against ahq on Sunday.
Jensen, after not really showing up in a big way against SKT, played a strong game against ahq to help his team lockup win. He picked up the first blood about eight minutes in and that was just about all she wrote for ahq. Sure, they may have gotten a single kill throughout the game, they found no objectives whatsoever. Jensen, on the other hand, picked up five kills in the game and was generally a dominating presence from start to finish.
Clapped by Faker again
October 5, 2017
Jensen finished C9's Thursday loss to SKT with a 2/2/2 KDA as Ryze.
Jensen was involved in all but one C9 kill, but couldn't really come close to carrying for C9 during the loss. Jensen tied for the second highest kill total and tied three other teammates for the second highest assist total. Jensen tried his best to stand up to Faker, but was unable to scale into a threat and fell to the mid lane God once again.
Does enough in mid lane for the win
September 28, 2017
Jensen tallied a 9/4/22 KDA in Cloud9's sweep of Lyon Gaming on Thursday.
While Jensen is usually the main catalyst for this Cloud9 team, he didn't have to pop off for them to pick up the win here. Sure, he still played extremely well and outshone Seiya, but it was Contractz that essentially led Cloud9 to victory in this game. Jensen played two games of Orianna with a Syndra in the middle for good measure. He didn't put up many kills in Game 1, finishing with a 1/0/7 KDA, but then turned it on in the final two games. His Game 3 Orianna was especially strong, with his 5/1/9 KDA helping Cloud9 close out the sweep in dominating fashion to move into the main group stage of Worlds.
Unkillable on Ryze
September 25, 2017
Jensen used Ryze during Sunday's win over Team oNe to finish with a 5/0/5 KDA.
Jensen was the main carry, but in a game where no one on C9 died, he didn't have to work too hard. Jensen was involved in 10 of 13 kills, leading C9 with five kills and finishing with the third highest assist total. He scaled well to help C9 to a pretty quick and one-sided victory.
Takes a backseat for once
September 24, 2017
Jensen finished Cloud9's Saturday win over Dire Wolves with a 2/0/6 KDA.
Seeing Jensen on a tank in Galio was initially something of a red flag given how crucial he's been in carrying his team for the past split, but if anything, this game suggests that perhaps Cloud9 has evolved since the regional qualifier. Jensen helped Contractz's Nidalee pick up first blood and then used his ultimate to follow his roams and get his team a lead on the entire top side of the map. As the game transitioned to teamfights, Jensen teamed up with Impact's Jarvan IV to land solid initiations to let C9 end the game.
Snowballs on LeBlanc
September 23, 2017
Jensen ended Saturday's win over Team oNe with a 5/1/7 KDA as LeBlanc.
Jensen was involved in all but one kill, leading C9 in kills while finishing three assists behind Smoothie for the second most on the team. Jensen got himself ahead early in lane and snowballed through the mid-game setting up a nearly flawless win for C9. Jensen's involvement in 12 of 13 kills led to the highest kill participation total for C9.
Low deaths catch up to him as series ends
September 12, 2017
Jensen went 24/8/24 as Cloud9 took down CLG 3-1 Sunday to qualify for Worlds.
Jensen continued to be the star of Cloud9 for much of their win over CLG on Sunday, starting with his Game 1 on Syndra. He managed a perfect KDA of 7/0/5 after picking up his team's first kill in a gank, going deathless with 100 percent kill participation. His Game 2 on Cassiopeia was nearly as good despite the game being much closer. He tied for both the highest kill participation and lowest deaths in the game, dishing out tons of damage in fights and landing multi-man stuns off of Cassiopeia's tricky ultimate. Even in Cloud9's Game 3 loss, Jensen managed to tie for the lowest deaths in the game with a 2/1/4 KDA, maintaining his series average 6.0 ratio. In Game 4, however, Jensen's lack of deaths earlier in the series kept up with him, as his Orianna was continually dived on and taken out by CLG. However, Jensen's damage output and ultimates were still impressive, despite the fact that he was consistently trolled by the Rocket Jump buffer of Stixxay's Tristana.
Can't stop won't stop
August 7, 2017
Jensen went 20/1/10 as Cloud9 took down NV 2-0 on Saturday.
It seems every Cloud9 series reaps more and more praise for Jensen, and he certainly deserves it, as his insane 30.0 KDA ratio in this series demonstrates. His Game 1 Orianna was phenomenal, as he found multiple solo kills onto Nisqy's Taliyah and transitioned easily into teamfights as Cloud9 stomped NV, with Jensen going 12/0/5. In Game 2, his Syndra found similar success despite a much closer game, and at one point likely single-handedly prevented NV from taking Baron. Syndra's ultimate is her bread and butter, but it was Jensen's stuns that were most impressive in this game, setting his team up for numerous kills.
Just keeps carrying Cloud9
July 31, 2017
Jensen posted an overall 25/2/10 scoreline at the end of Cloud9's 2-0 win over FlyQuest on Sunday.
As demonstrated by his massive scoreline, Jensen was an absolute monster in this series. On Syndra for Game 1, Jensen got rolling by finding numerous picks onto LemonNation's Thresh, and quickly became a huge threat, almost single-handedly ripping FlyQuest to shreds in teamfights. In Game 2, Jensen's LeBlanc was given loads of help early on by multiple members of his team. The effort was not wasted, as Jensen soon found himself more than capable of picking up solo kills, and created pick after pick for his team. Jensen ended the series with over half of his team's overall kills.
Even looks good in lone defeat
July 25, 2017
Jensen ended Cloud9's 2-1 Sunday win over Dignitas with an overall KDA of 14/2/20.
Jensen continued to look like the crux of his team on Sunday. Despite the fact that Cloud9 were summarily torn apart in Game 1, Jensen still managed to have a serviceable performance on Taliyah. He not only kept his deaths to one, but even had a CS lead as C9 lost the game. As Cloud9 won the next two games, Jensen simply dominated. He roamed down to the river in Game 2 for his first kill on Orianna, and could not be stopped from there. He amassed a CS lead of over 60 by the end of the game, and was 7/1/9. Finally, Jensen returned to Taliyah for Game 3 and had arguably his best performance of the series. Using Weaver's Wall to find pick after pick as well as secure objectives for his team, Jensen went a deathless 7/0/8 to cap off the win.
Solid performance in series victory
July 22, 2017
Jensen earned a 16/8/28 KDA in Cloud9's series victory against Phoenix1 on Friday.
Jensen had a 6/1/7 KDA performance on Orianna in Game 1. He got some gank help to get through the laning phase and was a beast when he joined up for teamfights. He led C9 in damage dealt to champions on his way to an 81 percent kill participation. Cloud9 needed to take the lead early and push to finish Game 2 before P1's terrifying team composition had a chance to get rolling. Jensen's Taliyah roamed early and often, but C9 got caught overextending and started to lose teamfights in the mid game. Jensen again dealt out the most damage to champions for C9, but it wasn't enough to break through P1's frontline late. In Game 3 Jensen's Cassiopeia easily made it through the laning phase, bullying and killing Pirean with little gank assistance. He made solid contributions to teamfights throughout the second half but got more assists than kills as he finished with a 3/3/16 KDA.
Unable to carry team in series defeat
July 19, 2017
Jensen earned an impressive 16/2/24 in his team's series defeat against IMT on Sunday.
Throughout the entire series, Jensen had a strong performance but it was unfortunately not enough. He came flying into the series on Orianna, quickly picking up kills and never slowing down. With a near 100 percent kill participation, his impact was shown as he brought his team a convincing Game 1 victory. This was the limit of his team's success, but not Jensen's, as he showed up on Taliyah in Game 2. Although he didn't dominate lane, he was able to pick up stragglers in teamfights to bolster his KDA through the defeat. Game 3 saw a similar line of play, as Jensen picked up kills with Syndra while the rest of his team was knocked down time and again. Although he could kill the enemy carries, he could not protect his own, allowing IMT to take a 39-minute victory and close out the series 2-1.
Kite master on Cassiopeia in victory
July 8, 2017
Jensen earned a 5/0/7 KDA in Cloud9's victory against Fnatic on Friday.
The laning phase was close in CS, but Jensen had the better range early. He started to run away with a gold lead after two pretty much solo kills against Caps' Corki. As the game went on, Jensen made solid contributions to teamfights and finished with the second most damage dealt to champions on C9. There was little FNC could do to even reach the carries as C9's damage dealers cleaned up and finished off the Nexus.
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