Zachary Scuderi 
United States
Better late than never in victory
January 21, 2018
Sneaky's Tristana posted a 1/0/8 KDA in Coud9's win against Counter Logic Gaming on Saturday.
The laning phase was pretty close for Sneaky as he was forced to make up for his lack of kills and assists with CS. There was little action in the bottom lane and Sneaky took a 0/0/0 KDA late into the game. Sneaky finally started to come to life in teamfights after the 29-minute mark, which is when C9 started to dominate and take control. After taking Baron, C9 confidently pushed into CLG's base and scored an ace before destroying the Nexus.
Does his best to carry
October 15, 2017
Sneaky posted a 3/2/4 KDA in Cloud9's loss to SKT on Sunday at the 2017 World Championship.
Sneaky grabbed Sneaky in this game and tried to get his team ahead. He started out a bit rough with a death for first blood, but then he got a quick kill just back at 15 minutes where he started to lay down the damage. As the game progressed, he was probably the best player on his team, but he simply wasn't able to do it alone. Cloud9 seemed to lack a certain amount of cohesion in this game, which led to the swift demise at the hands of the Koreans.
Shows up against ahq
October 15, 2017
Sneaky tallied a 3/0/4 KDA in Cloud9's win over ahq e-Sports Club on Sunday.
Sneaky finally managed to get some help from his team in this game, which allowed his performance to actually mean something. He used a rarely see Caitlyn, but managed to put out a ton of damage all throughout the game. He especially dominated the bot lane matchup against AN, as he picked up two kills on his counterpart throughout the course of this win that essentially locked up the second seed.
Strong on Xayah again
October 7, 2017
Sneaky finished Saturday's win over EDG with a 2/1/7 KDA as Xayah.
Sneaky played well on what is quickly becoming his best champion, helping C9 end Week 1 of Worlds on a high note. He was involved in nine of 12 kills, finishing with the third highest kill total and tying for the second most assists in the game. Sneaky played teamfights exceptionally well, dealing big damage while safely navigating through EDG's attempts to take him out.
Carries with the best of them
September 28, 2017
Sneaky went 16/2/11 in Cloud9's victory against Lyon Gaming on Thursday.
Sneaky may have been seen as a liability at times for this team, but he sure picked a great time to show up in a big way for Cloud9. While Contractz was certainly the MVP of this series, Sneaky made a good case with his blistering performance here. His Kalista in Game 1 was a thing to behold, going deathless with six kills and a pair of assists in the 24-minute win. Even in the 61-minute marathon that was Game 2 where Cloud9 had to overcome a huge early deficit, he only managed to die a single time on his way to a 5/1/4 KDA on Xayah. With so many members of Cloud9 playing so well here in China, they are looking very strong going into the group stage next week.
Shakes off miserable lane phase to dominate
September 26, 2017
Sneaky earned a 5/4/12 KDA on Kalista throughout his team's victory over Dire Wolves on Sunday.
Sneaky had an absolutely abysmal start to his team's victory over Dire Wolves, picking Kalista and falling behind early. After being repeatedly ganked, he was put in an extremely grim situation that looked as though he would be unable to recover. Thankfully, this was not the case as Sneaky showed his tenacity, sticking the game through and ultimately coming back. Thanks to assistance from his team, he was able to pick up a few kills for himself, quickly moving him from an extremely poor position to a favorable one. With an advantage, he had no trouble annihilating the enemy team, out positioning them in teamfights, and dealing uncontested damage. As a result, the rest of Cloud9 had no trouble following up, winning back-to-back teamfights and closing out the game in just 25 minutes.
Has an easy game
September 25, 2017
Sneaky ended Sunday's win over Team oNe with a 3/0/2 KDA as Tristana.
Sneaky didn't have to work too hard as C9 gave away no kills and won this game in only 22 minutes. Sneaky was involved in only five of 13 kills but finished the game with the third-highest assist total on his team. His low kill participation didn't mean much as C9 easily took out Team oNe.
Quietly carried
September 24, 2017
Sneaky went 2/0/2 in Cloud9's Saturday win over Dire Wolves.
Sneaky's Xayah wasn't at all bad in this game, but he wasn't the most impactful either. Falling behind in CS to Caitlyn/Karma is more than understandable, and Sneaky did fine in teamfights later on, but he certainly wasn't the reason C9 won the game.
Series of his season
September 12, 2017
Sneaky ended Cloud9's 3-1 win over CLG Sunday with a KDA of 22/4/19.
Sneaky absolutely shined this series, showing his old carry form that has been largely absent this season. His Game 1 on Tristana was quiet, as he was carried by other team members to a 1/0/7 KDA. His 9/2/2 Game 2, however, was arguably the biggest reason CLG were able to come back from an early disadvantage and was good enough that CLG took the pick away in Games 3 and 4. Sneaky proved to be just as effective on Xayah, however, as although Cloud9 lost Game 3, he still looked solid. Finally, in Game 4, Sneaky's Xayah hard-carried Cloud9 to Worlds, going deathless in the closest game of the series and single-handedly winning fights for C9 in the late game.
Can't escape Jensen's shadow
August 7, 2017
Sneaky tallied an overall 5/2/21 KDA at the end of Cloud9's 2-0 Saturday sweep over NV.
Sneaky played a solid series on Saturday, but continues to be a secondary carry for Cloud9, behind Jensen. He even managed to get first blood in the 2-vs-2 in Game 1 on Tristana, but still came through with a supportlike 3/0/11 KDA in the stomp. In Game 2, Sneaky was basically asking for a repeat with the Sivir pick. He actually managed to do more damage than Jensen in this game, but his ultimate's utility and Syndra's burst ensured that Sneaky would rack up the assists and Jensen the kills.
Strong second fiddle
July 31, 2017
Sneaky ended with an overall KDA of 6/4/18 in Cloud9's 2-0 sweep of FlyQuest Sunday.
Picking Caitlyn for both games, Sneaky generally had an easy time in lane. He did give up a couple of deaths during Game 1's laning phase, but these hiccups didn't cost him overly much. After that, Sneaky simply allowed himself to scale into his late-game form, which happened fairly quickly with Cloud9's big leads. In Game 1, despite having far fewer kills and less farm, Sneaky actually managed to beat out Jensen's damage to champions. The same couldn't be said for Game 2, but Sneaky did go deathless in that game as he helped his mid laner carry Cloud9 to another easy win.
Mistakes mar otherwise solid series
July 25, 2017
Sneaky went 15/5/20 as Cloud9 took down Dignitas 2-1 Sunday.
Sneaky didn't start off the series in the best way, as his Kalista went down in lane for first blood while his support was roaming. After that, he was zoned out of the subsequent fight entirely. Unable to make any impact on the game, Sneaky ended 2/4/1. He looked better in Game 2 on Varus, falling into an early CS deficit but coming back by around the 12-minute mark when he picked up his first kill. From there, it was mostly a matter of Cloud9 pushing its lead to a win. In Game 3, Cloud9's bot lane had another hiccup as Smoothie went down in the 2-vs-2, but otherwise the duo looked great. Sneaky fell behind in CS by a bit, but grabbed three assists in the game's first fight and went on to a 5/1/9 KDA by the end of the game.
Kog'Maw carry in Game 3 victory
July 22, 2017
Sneaky finished with a 17/6/27 KDA in Cloud9's series victory against Phoenix1 on Friday.
In Game 1 Sneaky got his comfort pick in Caitlyn and cruised through the laning phase. He steadily gain a cs advantage in lane before grouping up to quickly press C9's advantage. In the teamfights Sneaky walked away with more assists than kills but kept his deaths low. The laning phase of Game 2 went well for Sneaky as he received lots of gank help to push and take turrets. However, Cloud9 couldn't keep the fast pace and started to lose teamfights in the mid game. P1 quickly turned things around and Sneaky's frontline struggled to protect him. Sneaky bounced back on Kog'Maw in Game 3 as he put together an impressive 12/1/9 KDA performance. He rotated around the map after taking first turret to help C9 knock down all six outer turrets in the first 16 minutes. There was plenty of teamfighting and Sneaky was apart of all of it, finishing with 100 percent kill participation and most damage dealt to champions. Sneaky had an unofficial pentakill to ace P1 before ending the series.
Unable to hold his composure in series defeat
July 19, 2017
Sneaky earned a series KDA of 8/13/23 in Sunday's defeat against IMT on Sunday.
Starting the series off on Xayah, Sneaky was able to quickly find a lead and roll with it thanks to the help of his support's Rakan play. After finding a lead in lane he had no problem dominating in teamfights to deal significant amounts of damage. As a result, he claimed a swift victory with his team. Game 2 didn't go nearly as well, as Sneaky's Kalista was no match for the enemy Xayah. After falling behind early, he was focused heavily by the other lanes of Immortals, resulting in his repeated demise. In the 37-minute defeat, he had no way back into things, resulting in the series being tied 1-1. Game 3 followed suit, as Sneaky was able to hold his own in lane but struggled immensely due to the fed enemy lanes. In skirmishes, he was focused heavily and had little assistance, allowing IMT to run over him. In doing so, he earned a meager 2/5/7 KDA, allowing IMT to take the Game 3 victory and close out the series.
Bounced back quickly after poor laning phase
July 8, 2017
Sneaky finished with a 6/1/7 KDA in Cloud9's victory against Fnatic on Friday.
Sneaky fell behind during the laning phase in CS, but quickly made up for it in kills and assists. He got first blood in a skirmish fought over an Ocean Drake, where C9 won and took the objective. C9 slowly built up its lead rotating around the map and taking objectives and whenever there was fighting Sneaky was there to dole out the damage. His only death came from poor positioning in a mid game teamfight and he played better throughout the remainder of the victory.
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