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Team Liquid
Top lane focus pays off in victory
March 4, 2018
Xmithie scored a 2/1/4 KDA on Kha'Zix as Team Liquid won its match against 100 Thieves on Saturday.
Xmithie spent a lot of time in the top lane early put it paid off with a kill and assist as well as giving Impact a massive lead in gold and experience. Any invade attempt by Meteos in the mid game was easily dealt with by Xmithie thanks to his early ganks. Soon Team Liquid was winning in all lanes and applying pressure all across the map. Xmithie made one greedy dive and it gave Team Liquid its only death of the game as it won the rest of the teamfights. All Team Liquid needed was one final teamfight victory before pushing to finish its 31-minute victory.
Falls off after quick start
February 19, 2018
Xmithie put up a KDA of 3/4/4 on Sejuani in Team Liquid's loss to the Golden Guardians on Sunday.
Xmithie started this game off with a nice play to get first blood for this team, making it look as though Liquid would simply run away with a win against the team at the bottom of the standings. But the rest of the game was filled with missed ultimates and squandered opportunities for the Liquid jungler. Guardians, meanwhile, looked like the better team in this game and made sure that no one on Liquid, including Xmithie, could do anything to stop them.
Kick-starts Liquid in win over FlyQuest
February 5, 2018
Xmithie was on fire on Saturday against FlyQuest, posting a 1/0/11 KDA.
Xmithie's Sejuani was seemingly everywhere against FlyQuest, picking up first blood in the top lane at six minutes and then helping set up an Elemental Drake kill/double kill in the bot lane a few moments later. With the ability to instantly engage without fear of punishment, Xmithie kept the tempo up for Liquid, making FlyQuest unable to respond as it scrambled just to keep up with Liquid's map movements. All-in-all, Xmithie wasn't a huge playmaker, but played the part of an enabler extremely well, leading to a 27-minute win.
Smart jungle pathing in victory
February 5, 2018
Xmithie posted a 0/0/10 KDA on Zac in Team Liquid's victory against the Golden Guardians on Sunday.
Xmithie had a solid perforamnce on Zac in Team Liquid's swift 26-minute victory. He stuck around the mid lane early, turning around any gank that Contractz attempted and feeding kills to Pobelter's Azir. Team Liquid's lead quickly grew in the second half as it took all of the objectives. A Baron empowered siege was all TL needed to push to victory as it tore through GGS' defenses with ease.
Owns jungle in win
January 21, 2018
Xmithie tallied a 2/2/11 KDA in Team Liquid's win over OpTic Gaming on Sunday.
Xmithie perfectly showed why it's not how you start, but how you finish. He was taken down by Arrow within the first seven minutes, but he didn't let that get him down as he rose from the ashes to dominate the field during the rest of the match. While his jungle opponent was from from a formidable force, it was still a positive sign for Liquid that Xmithie seems to have not lost a single step from his monster Summer Split last year.
Helps Liquid to an easy snowball
January 21, 2018
Xmithie ended Team Liquid's Saturday win over TSM with a KDA of 0/0/9.
After showing up just moments short of grabbing an assist on first blood, Xmithie's Gragas roamed to the bottom lane for a huge tower dive, resulting in three quick kills for Team Liquid. Pressing his team's advantage, Xmithie quickly facilitated another tower dive in the mid lane, at which point it was already all but over for TSM.
Named starter for Team Liquid
November 23, 2017
Xmithie will be starting for Team Liquid during the 2018 season, the team announced Tuesday.
While many were certain that Xmithie would be the starter for Liquid come the start of the season, the team took all the guesswork out of the equation with this announcement. Xmithie was the best jungle of the Summer Split, evidenced by his inclusion to the All-LCS Team at the end of the season. With that in mind, it's a no-brainer that Liquid would choose Xmithie as their first starter.
Acquired by Team Liquid
November 18, 2017
Xmithie has been acquired by Team Liquid, reports Jacob Wolf of ESPN.
With Immortals not being accepted into the franchised NA LCS for the 2018 season, fans have been eagerly awaiting news of the fates of the former Immortals members. Light has finally been shed on the issue, as Xmithie, AnDa, Pobelter, and Cody Sun's contracts have been acquired by Team Liquid. It is expected that Xmithie will start over Reignover, with the latter's contract situation being a bit muddled. What the rest of the team looks like is still unsure, however, as the team has not yet finalized what its final roster is at the moment.
Can't build on early pressure
October 13, 2017
Xmithie didn't get it done versus FNC, going 2/2/4 in their loss on Wednesday at the 2017 World Championship.
Xmithie played Ezreal, displaying just how powerful the champion is during the early game. He made Broxah paranoid when taking his own camps due to the early damage, which he was able to abuse. However, the flashy plays did not result in a CS lead, and he was down by double digits early in the game. Additionally, when playing into a 1.5-tank composition, a Janna, and Cassiopeia who built Rod of Ages, the extra AD by selecting Ezreal was largely mitigated. His shot calling and positioning around neutral jungle objectives were as solid as they always are; however, having only one frontliner hurt the team and IMT probably would've been better served if Xmithie was on a champion with more utility.
Strong early game before falling off
October 5, 2017
Xmithie finished Immortals' Thursday loss to Longzhu with a 2/4/6 KDA as Ezreal.
Xmithie was involved in eight of his team's ten kills in the game, but also had his team's highest death total, tied with Olleh. Xmithie had the second highest kill total, while leading Immortals in assists during Day 1. He was able to pressure well early, helping pick up multiple kills in the bottom lane, but fell off as the game wore on.
Sets the pace in Games 2 and 4
September 3, 2017
Xmithie ended IMT's 1-3 loss to TSM Sunday with an overall KDA of 7/12/32.
Xmithie played Jarvan IV in Games 1 and 3 of this series and found very little success on the pick. This was a large problem for IMT, as the team was counting on him to outperform Svenskeren, and IMT lost those games as a result. However, Xmithie's Sejuani in Games 2 and 4 was a thing to behold. In Game 2, Xmithie punished the early weakness of Svenskeren's Zac, invading the enemy jungle and controlling the map. He also abused TSM's utter lack of wave clear, helping his team take early turrets and ending the game in 33 minutes. In Game 4, Xmithie again had a beautiful early game, helping his team to a 7-0 kill score and 10,000-gold lead. However, TSM's teamfighting proved to be just too good, and they pulled off a miraculous comeback to end the series.
Strong jungling results in series sweep
August 27, 2017
Xmithie dominated in IMT's 3-0 victory, earning a combined KDA of 7/10/41.
Xmithie had a quick progression in his play during IMT's series victory over CLG. In Game 1, he had a rough time on Gragas, attempting to find kills and often being taken down in the process. Despite this, he was able to maintain sole objective control which eventually led to his team's victory to start things off. Game 2 went much better as Xmithie found himself on Sejuani and dominated from the start. Picking up kills and shutting down OmarGod, he was able to once again gain full control of the map with ease. As his carries found leads, he facilitated them in fights with massive initiations, resulting in a 41-minute victory. Picking Gragas once again in Game 3, Xmithie had his best performance yet. After his team gave up First Blood, he easily bounced back, picking up kills for himself and snowballing his team ahead once again. Though prioritizing objectives less, he found a massive early lead through skirmishes. As a result, CLG was unable to find a way back into the game, allowing IMT to take a 28-minute Game 3 victory and close out the series 3-0.
Showcases map awareness in Game 1 victory
August 5, 2017
Xmithie scored a 7/1/18 KDA as Immortals swept Team EnVyUs on Friday.
In Game 1 Xmithie's Rek'Sai stole away some jungle camps and gave him the idea that LirA was doing the same to him. Xmithie alerted his teammates and IMT prepared to collapse on LirA as he attempted to steal away camps. IMT missed out on first blood but still came up big in the ensuing teamfight, picking up four kills to just the one death. IMT then snowballed its gold lead, taking all of the neutral objectives and knocking down all of the turrets. The early heads-up play along with a 5/0/10 KDA earned Xmithie Player of the Game honors in Game 1. In Game 2 Xmithie's first jungle path ended with a successful gank in the top lane that secures first blood. While IMT didn't win the early game as cleanly as it had early, it started to show its teamfight dominance in the second half. There was little hope of EnVy making it past IMT's frontline to engage as IMT finished off the sweep.
Struggled to find good engages in Game 3 loss
July 30, 2017
Xmithie scored a 4/9/16 KDA in Immortals' series loss to Team Dignitas on Saturday.
In Game 1 Xmithie's Jarvan IV made a nice early gank to help secure first blood for IMT. He continued to maintain nice control over the neutral objectives, only giving over one Cloud Drake to DIG in the mid game. However when Xmithie joined the teamfights, he struggled to find strong engages onto the carries and often got killed before participating in any kills. In Game 2 Xmithie had a much better performance on Rek'Sai as he finished with a 1/0/11 KDA. Teamfights went better for Xmithie as he was able to find plenty of good engages and helped to lock down kills for the rest of IMT as he finished with a 75 percent kill participation. In Game 3, Xmithie's Gragas struggled to get much done in teamfights, often trading his life for kills or assists. There was little Xmithie could do to disengage from DIG as it ran through IMT in teamfights, snowballing a gold lead to a series victory.
Solid teamplay turns around slow start, secures sweep
July 29, 2017
Xmithie posted a 3/4/16 KDA in Immortals' series sweep of Team Liquid on Friday.
In Game 1 Xmithie's Jarvan IV was focused on the lower half of the Rift as he made ganks into bottom lane and secured early kills. The mid game didn't go as well for Xmithie as he got caught out of position and killed a few times. IMT made up for it by interrupting TL's Baron attempt, killing three and taking the buff before pushing into TL's base. Xmithie sacrificed himself in the final push, but got plenty of assists to make up for it as he finished with a 3/3/9 KDA. In Game 2 Xmithie was put on Gragas and wasn't able to get much done in the first half. Xmithie started to make good engages in the mid game as IMT began to group and take objectives. His only death of Game 2 came during IMT's final push as he finished with a 0/1/7 KDA.
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