Choi Jae-hyun 
Counter Logic Gaming
Can't find good picks on Malzahar late in loss
January 21, 2018
Huhi earned a 3/3/3 KDA on Malzahar in Counter Logic Gaming's loss to Cloud9 on Saturday.
Counter Logic Gaming focused on the top side of the map early, including Huhi who roamed there often in the first half. Huhi picked up some kills doing so but he struggled to get much done in the middle lane against Jensen's Zilean. Slowly but steadily, CLG's early lead was disappearing and when CLG grouped up late it struggled to find good engages. The late teamfights were very one-sided and in C9's favor as CLG watched it's Nexus being destroyed from the respawn screen.
Resigns with CLG through 2019
November 20, 2017
According to Riot Games' contract database, Huhi has resigned with Counter Logic Gaming through 2019.
Huhi showed a lot of improvement through Season 7, going from a highly-criticized laner to a strong overall player. His Summer Split was great, with him finishing near the top kills and at the top in assists. He did show some issues in his death total, but he contributed heavily to his team's success.
Steps up massively in Summer Split
November 20, 2017
Huhi ended the 2017 NA LCS Summer Split with a 209/105/281 combined KDA.
Huhi was excellent for CLG during the 2017 Summer Split, helping CLG finish in third place during the regular season. He had the fourth highest KDA among mid laners at 4.7, finishing with the second highest kill total and leading his role in assists. His KDA could've been higher, but Huhi also finished with the second most deaths among mid laners. Despite CLG finishing third in the playoffs, Huhi was excellent, leading mid laners with 42 kills, 79 assists, and a 6.7 KDA. Unfortunately, his strong play wasn't enough in the regional qualifiers as CLG fell to Cloud9, missing out on the 2017 World Championships. Huhi's improvement in play leaves CLG with a strong, but perhaps not elite, mid laner moving into 2018.
Can't quite compete with Jensen
September 12, 2017
Huhi went an overall 14/12/18 in CLG's 3-1 loss to Cloud9 Sunday.
Huhi started the series out roughly on Orianna, as he was ganked early on by Impact's Maokai to give up CLG's first death to Jensen's Syndra. From there, CLG were largely run over, leading to a 0/3/1 finish for Huhi. His Game 2 Viktor was a huge step up, however, as he was easily CLG's best performer despite Darshan attaining a large early advantage. It's a shame for Huhi that CLG lost Game 2 due to huge performances out of C9's bot lane. Huhi returned to Orianna for Game 3, and looked much better this time around, largely thanks to a having three diving initiators and one hypercarry for a total of four viable shield targets. However, despite a couple of standout moments, Huhi's Game 4 on Taliyah was rather lackluster, and some of his Weaver's Walls were confusingly aimed or timed.
Signature picks pay off
September 11, 2017
Huhi ended CLG's 3-1 win over FlyQuest with a 20/5/29 combined KDA.
Huhi used Fiora in Game 1 to finish with a 5/2/5 KDA. He was involved in 10 of 12 kills while leading CLG in kills during Game 1. In Game 2, Huhi used Aurelion Sol to earn 4/2/14 KDA. He was involved in all but one kill, finishing with the third most kills and second most assists in the game. In Game 3, Huhi played Corki and finished with a 4/0/4 KDA. He was unkillable, leading CLG with four kills. For the final game of the series, Huhi played Lucian and earned a 7/1/6 KDA. He was involved in 13 of 19 kills, tying Darshan with seven kills for the team lead.
No problems against DIG
September 5, 2017
Huhi ended CLG's 3-0 win over DIG with a 13/3/23 combined KDA.
Huhi used Lucian in Game 1 to finish with a 4/1/9 KDA. He was involved in 13 of 18 kills, tying Darshan for the second highest kill total, while finishing with nine assists as well. In Game 2, Huhi earned a 4/0/8 KDA as Orianna. He was unkillable, ending the game involved in 12 of 14 kills, finishing with the second highest kill total and tying OmarGod for the second highest assist total. In the final game of the series, Huhi used Kassadin to end with a 5/2/6 KDA. He was involved in 11 of 19 kills, finishing with the second most kills on the team to close out the series.
Decent performance in series defeat against Immortals
August 27, 2017
Huhi earned a series KDA of 14/7/21 in his team's 0-3 loss against Immortals.
Starting the series off on Viktor, Huhi had a relatively strong performance in his team's Game 1 defeat. After finding a decent position for himself moving into the mid game, he made the enemy team's engagements costly, controlling the pace of the game and dealing large amounts of damage in fights. This, unfortunately, didn't work out as IMT was able to take an Elder Dragon among several Baron's that won them the game. Despite this, Huhi bounced back in Game 2 with yet another strong showing, picking Vel'Koz and surprising the enemy team. Once again finding a decent lead, he ran into the similar problem of his team not performing. Despite dealing large amounts of damage once again, he could not stop IMT's aggression, resulting in yet another defeat. Game 3 came around and Huhi finally faltered. On Corki, he participated in all of his team's kills but one, and couldn't control his lane. As a result, IMT took the quickest victory of the series, closing out the series 3-0 convincingly.
Standout series
August 22, 2017
Huhi went 15/8/35 as CLG took down NV 3-2 on Sunday.
Huhi pulled out a surprise Vel'Koz pick in Game 1, and excelled on it, going 3/1/9 and using his waveclear to help CLG stall out an early-game deficit. In Game 2, his Viktor was fairly ineffective against the Galio of Nisqy, and an early mistake cost him his life unnecessarily. Huhi stuck with scaling champs for the remainder of the series as well, returning to Vel'Koz in Game 3 before switching to Cassiopeia and finally Corki. This suited CLG's playstyle perfectly, as they consistently fell behind in the early game but were able to come back just often enough to take the series. Huhi was strong throughout, with the exception of Game 2, and even in the Game 3 loss, he went a deathless 3/0/2.
Hard carries from the mid lane
August 7, 2017
Huhi went 14/8/13 when CLG was swept by TSM on Sunday.
In what has been quite the breakout split for Huhi, the mid laner once again carried a series for his team. It's too bad that the rest of his team couldn't rally to his level, especially in the second game. His Orianna was passable as always, landing some Shockwaves that CLG just couldn't capitalize on. Once he made his way onto Taliyah, however, he was electric. She is almost getting to the level that his Aurelion Sol is, which is good news for CLG since it opens up other picks for his teammates in other lanes. Posting a 10/3/11 KD with the champion, Huhi truly was doing it all in this game. He was the only reason that CLG managed to be anywhere close to winning the game. If he can keep doing this, and if his teammates can rally to his call, CLG should be in good shape in two weeks when they play EnVyUs in the quarterfinals.
Solid Taliyah play falls not enough in Game 3
July 31, 2017
Huhi earned a 9/4/14 KDA in Counter Logic Gaming's series loss to Phoenix1 on Sunday.
Huhi had a 5/0/10 KDA performance on Taliyah in Game 1. He helped track MikeYeung through the jungle and made successful roams off the information. CLG knew just how to press its advantage to cleanly push to victory. In Game 2, Huhi wanted to snowball a lead on Lucian as he took ignite, but wasn't able to accomplish the goal. Huhi won early damage trades, but died to an early gank and wasn't able to get much lane pressure after. Teamfights didn't go well for him throughout the late game as he finished with a lowly 2/2/1 KDA. In Game 3, Huhi returned to Taliyah but wasn't able to have the same impact that he had on her in Game 1. While Huhi racked up the most damage dealt to champions for CLG, it wasn't enough to win teamfights and come back from its gold deficit.
Puts in work with Taliyah
July 30, 2017
Huhi tallied a 9/2/12 KDA in CLG's win over EnVyUs on Saturday.
Huhi managed to get Taliyah, one of his favorite champions outside of Aurelion Sol, in this series and absolutely did his thing in a major way. He managed to take a couple rough deaths early on in both games, but those were his only deaths in the entire series. Outside of those moments, he was on top of his game. He, like the rest of his team, was always in the thick of teamfights racking up kills left and right. He simply put out too much damage and did far too much for Nisqy or anyone on EnVyUs to stop in this quick, 2-0 sweep.
Decent performance despite team's defeat
July 18, 2017
Huhi earned a series KDA of 6/7/5 in his team's 0-2 defeat against Dignitas.
Starting things off on Corki, Huhi held his own in lane to a degree despite his team falling behind dramatically in the early game. Although he stayed alive and cleared waves, he could not assist the rest of his team as they were consistently caught out. After falling behind he had no way back into things, allowing DIG to take a convincing Game 1 victory. Game 2 went even worse despite Huhi playing well on Syndra. Able to pick up a small number of kills, the rest of his team fell behind quickly which put him in a poor position. In teamfights, he was focused heavily, resulting in him quickly dying and being unable to turn the tides. Earning a 4/4/1 KDA in the 29-minute defeat, he was able to show his skill despite the 0-2 series defeat.
Damage carries on Vel'Koz in series sweep
July 15, 2017
Huhi earned a 11/0/19 KDA in Counter Logic Gaming's 2-0 series sweep of FlyQuest on Friday.
Huhi had a slow start on Vel'Koz in Game 1 as he fell slightly behind in CS during the laning phase. He kept his cool as CLG got picked apart early and fell behind as a team, safely staying under turrets protection where he cleared waves and poked FLY. CLG kept buying time and eventually Huhi got enough items built that he started to melt FlyQuest in teamfights. After a 4-for-0 teamfight victory, CLG pushed to win Game 1. Game 2 went much more smoothly for Huhi as he was the one running away with a gold lead thanks to ganks. It didn't take as long for Huhi's damage to come alive as he dealt the most damage to champions in Game 2, which was even more than his damage output in Game 1. There was little that FLY could do to even touch Huhi throughout the series as he made the most of Vel'Koz' long range and stayed in the far back line, disintegrating all life forms on the way to a 6/0/14 KDA.
Deathless in victory over Liquid
July 4, 2017
Huhi earned a series KDA of 6/0/21 in his team's 2-0 victory against Liquid.
Huhi had a dominant performance in his team's series victory over Liquid. Picking Kassadin in Game 1, he had no problem against the enemy Corki in lane, picking up a sizable advantage and moving around the map with ease. Roaming frequently and effectively, he earned a 2/0/12 KDA dominating the entire map. As fights broke out, he was split between split-pushing and fighting, finding success in both. His strong play paid off, earning a 35-minute victory for his team. Game 2 went similarly as he found himself on Orianna and dominated Corki once again. Showing up once again in teamfights, he had no problem facilitating his team's victory, earning a perfect 4/0/9 KDA. With a huge amount of kill participation across the series, his strong play was crucial in his team's 2-0 series victory.
Strong showing nets victory over Cloud9
July 4, 2017
Huhi earned a series KDA of 12/5/15 in CLG's 2-1 victory over Cloud9.
Huhi started off the series with a strong performance on his signature Aurelion Sol, dominating from the very start and never slowing. After finding a lead of his own, he roamed often and effectively, spreading the love to the rest of his team and allowing them to amass an advantage of their own. With the lead, he had no trouble closing out the game convincingly. Game 2 didn't go quite as well as he struggled on Vladimir to get things going for himself. After falling behind in team, he was focused heavily and unable to do anything except pick up a sole kill for himself. As a result, C9 was able to take Game 2 easily. Game 3 went much better as Huhi defaulted to Orianna and put up a massive 4/0/6 KDA. Dominating lane, he had no problem getting his ultimate delivered via Dardoch's Rek'Sai, allowing CLG to take teamfights easily. As a result of their early lead, CLG was able to take a 31 minute victory, closing out the series 2-1.
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