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Caught out late as Counter Logic Gaming drop first game of split
January 21, 2018
Stixxay scored a 1/1/4 KDA on Varus in Counter Logic Gaming's loss to Cloud9 on Saturday
Despite falling behind in CS during the laning phase, Stixxay made up for it with a kill and assist. While CLG was looking for a fast-paced game and tried to push the tempo, C9 did a great job at preventing that and as the gold gap closed started to take over. Stixxay stayed safe in teamfights thanks to Quicksilver Sash but made one mistake late. In a crucial teamfight, Stixxay got caught by a Glacial Prison and couldn't escape, being the first CLG domino to fall as C9 pushed to win.
Commits to remain with CLG until 2019
November 20, 2017
ESPN confirmed early Monday morning that Stixxay has signed a two-year contract agreement with Counter Logic Gaming.
To the surprise of few, this morning's announcement about Counter Logic Gaming's roster plan for the upcoming 2018 season included an announcement that Stixxay would be remaining with the team. The young player has, thus far, only ever taken to the LCS stage wearing CLG colors, and it seems like that will continue to be true throughout both 2018 and 2019, as his new contract is for another two years. Best known for his Caitlyn, Stixxay was one of the original surprise NA homegrown talents, as his performance at MSI 2016, his first international tournament, was exemplary for any NA player, much less a rookie. In the intervening year and a half Stixxay has cemented himself as one of the regions top 3 ADCs, and will be one of CLG's strongest assets moving forward.
Remains rock solid for CLG
November 20, 2017
Stixxay ended the NA LCS regular season with a 181/83/289 combined KDA.
Stixxay helped CLG finish in third place, both in the regular season and NA LCS playoffs. He led all North American AD Carries with a 5.7 KDA, finishing both second in kills and assists during the regular season. He finished behind Huhi for the team-high kill total and ended with the third highest assist total behind Aphromoo and Dardoch. Stixxay led all players with 55 kills in the playoffs but was swept by Immortals before beating Team Dignitas to claim third place. Sitxxay's play throughout the season wasn't enough to help CLG qualify for the 2017 World Championships, falling in the regional finals to Cloud9.
Outshined by Sneaky
September 12, 2017
Stixxay's overall KDA read 15/11/12 by the end of CLG's 3-1 loss to Cloud9 on Sunday.
Stixxay's Game 1 on Caitlyn and Game 2 on Xayah were extremely underwhelming, which was problematic, as Sneaky was having the best series of his whole season on Tristana. As such, Stixxay took the pick for himself in Games 3 and 4. This allowed CLG to take Game 4, as their triple frontline and mid Orianna provided Stixxay with the ideal teamfighting setup. In Game 4, Stixxay did his absolute best to carry CLG in the late game, as he buffered his Rocket Jumps perfectly to dodge multiple Shockwaves as well as other abilities, but he ultimately fell short.
Does enough to help CLG past FlyQuest
September 11, 2017
Stixxay finished CLG's 3-1 win over FlyQuest with a 14/9/21 combined KDA.
Stixxay used Lucian in Game 1 to finish with a 4/3/3 KDA. He was involved in seven of 12 kills, finishing with CLG's second-highest kill total. In Game 2, Stixxay ended with a 5/3/7 KDA as Ashe. He was involved in 12 of 19 kills finishing one kill behind Darshan for the team lead. In Game 3, Stixxay ended with a 2/1/5 KDA as Xayah. He was involved in seven of 12 kills, finishing with his side's third-highest kill total. For the final game of the series, Stixxay used Caitlyn and finished with a 3/2/6 KDA. He was involved in only nine of 19 kills, finishing with CLG's third-highest kill total in the win.
Ties for series high kill total
September 5, 2017
Stixxay finished Saturday's sweep of DIG with a 15/4/13 combined KDA.
Stixxay ended Game 1 with an 8/1/4 KDA as Kog'Maw. He was involved in 12 of 18 kills, leading CLG with eight kills in Game 1. In Game 2, Stixxay earned a 3/1/3 KDA as Xayah. He was involved in only six of 14 kills, finishing with the third most kills on the team. In Game 3, Stixxay used Tristana to finish with a 4/2/6 KDA. He was involved in 10 of 19 kills, finishing with the third highest kill total and six assists in the final game.
Strong showing despite defeat
August 27, 2017
Stixxay earned a series KDA of 12/9/19 in his team's 0-3 defeat at the hands of IMT.
Starting things off with a decent performance, Stixxay slowly faltered in his team's loss against IMT. In Game 1, his showing on Xayah was excellent, shutting down his lane and bringing his team into the mid game with impressive standing. Unfortunately, being unable to shut down the entirety of the enemy team ended up biting Stixxay as he was focused, allowing IMT to take a victory in the back and forth Game 1 defeat. Game 2 went similarly as Stixxay had a decent performance on Xayah again but was heavily focused. Unable to find a lead, he had no jungle assistance, allowing IMT to take full control of the game. Eventually, this resulted in yet another defeat. Game 3 came around and Stixxay was clearly fatigued. With a poor showing on Xayah to end the series, he allowed Cody Sun's Kog'maw to take control of the game. Unable to deal enough damage in teamfights, this allowed IMT to take the game over completely, picking up a sub 30-minute win and closing out the series 3-0.
Tremendous Tristana
August 22, 2017
Stixxay ended CLG's 3-2 victory over NV on Sunday with an overall KDA of 28/7/24.
Stixxay played four out of five games on Tristana this series, and it was easy to see why. He absolutely excelled on the champion, not only making good use of his Rocket Jump resets (as well as showing good judgment as to when not to use them), but also estimating the damage on his ultimate perfectly, pairing the ability with one last auto attack to secure kills on multiple occasions. His combined KDA on the champion was 26/5/21, going 8/3/7 even in one of CLG's losses, and his paltry Jinx performance can be forgiven under the circumstances. Still, it remains to be seen how strong Stixxay is on other champions at the moment, which may be exploited by the remaining playoff teams.
Uneven performance
August 7, 2017
Stixxay finished CLG's sweep at the hands of TSM on Sunday with a 4/5/16 KDA.
Stixxay didn't manage to play up to his position during this series, as he never quite managed to carry. His Game 1 Ashe was a sore sight, managing five assists but not a single kill. Although his problems weren't necessarily all on his own, since CLG came up short as a team in that game. He stuck with Ashe for Game 2 and put himself towards the forefront of the game. He and Huhi managed to put out a ton of damage to keep CLG hanging in there throughout the game. His 4/3/11 performance was great and all, but that's not to say that he was playing flawlessly. In the late game, aphromoo hit a beautiful five-man knockup with Alistar and Stixxay didn't have any follow-up. Sure, neither did any other CLG member. But you'd think that his lane partner would have been the first to start pouring in the damage to try and win the fight and the game. Alas, he did nothing and they got nothing from the initiation and ended up losing the game. This will certainly need to be shored up a bit going into the playoffs.
Struggles on Jhin in series loss
July 31, 2017
Stixxay finished with a 7/7/14 KDA in Counter Logic Gaming's series loss to Phoenix1 on Sunday.
Stixxay started the series out with his best Jhin performance as he finished with a 5/1/8 KDA and didn't come close to that mark again. He started to run away with a lead after getting first blood as CLG's dominated its way to a series lead. In Game 2, things went south for Stixxay's Jhin early as he struggled to do much in skirmishes before being killed. Stixxay started to play safer the rest of the game and cut down on deaths, but his Deadly Flourishes and Curtain Call shots did little to stop P1. In Game 3 Stixxay struggled to win trades in the laning phase and started to fall behind as Arrow racked up kills in the mid game teamfights. Stixxay's long range contributions to teamfights helped, but he quickly ran out of space to run as P1 pushed to a series victory.
Shows Apollo how to carry in sweep
July 30, 2017
Stixxay finished CLG's sweep over EnVyUs on Saturday with a 10/4/12 KDA.
Stixxay was playing as his best self in this series against EnVyUs on Saturday. He played two of the power champions in the current meta of Tristana and Kalista, and he certainly showed everyone how to properly play these champions. While he may have gotten caught out a few times over the course of the series, he was playing on another level for the majority of the time. His skill and coordination with aphromoo was enough to push CLG towards the win.
Mediocre performance in series loss
July 18, 2017
Stixxay earned a 4/5/6 KDA in his team's defeat against Dignitas on Saturday.
Starting things off on Varus, Stixxay fell behind early in the series and was ultimately unable to recover. After failing to find a lead in lane, he was put in a poor position due to his immobility and the enemy dive, resulting in him falling time and again in teamfights. As things progressed, he could not find a way back into the game, earning a 2/2/3 KDA in his team's defeat. Game 2 didn't go much differently as he made his way onto Tristana and once again fell behind. This time, the rest of his team fell behind even more than last game, resulting in a worse early game. Without anyway back into things, he was once again focused heavily resulting in numerous deaths. As a result, CLG was defeated in 29 minutes, losing the series 0-2.
Popped off on Kalista to close out series
July 15, 2017
Stixxay finished with a 13/3/13 KDA in Counter Logic Gaming's 2-0 series sweep against Flyquest on Friday.
Stixxay's Tristana fell behind in CS during Game 1 as he got bullied throughout the laning phase and opted to lane swap after losing the tier one turret. He made some bad Rocket Jumps into fights in the first half of Game 1, but started to have better positioning in the later teamfights. Most of Stixxay's kills and assists came from his Game 2 performance on Kalista where he finished with a 10/0/11 KDA. He and aphromoo got the Kalista/Thresh combo for bottom lane and dominated the 2-vs-2 early on. The teamfighting was one sided as CLG finished with 24 kills and only two deaths as a team. Stixxay had plenty of great Fate's Calls in those teamfights as he racked up a 87 percent kill participation.
Surprises with a Kennen pick against Team Liquid
July 4, 2017
Stixxay earned a series KDA of 17/1/9 in his team's domination over Team Liquid.
Starting the series off on his signature Ashe, Stixxay had no problem dominating lane and moving forward with his lead. Using his team's huge amount of crowd control, he forced skirmishes often and continually push his team's leads. In doing so, he allowed CLG to take full control of the map, picking up a huge number of towers and meaningful objectives. Participating in over half of his team's kills, his play was crucial to a 35-minute victory. He picked a surprise Kennen in Game 2 that paid off. Picking up nine kills out of his team's 17, he had no problem finding an early lead and dominating the entire game. Although he picked to splitpush, he found himself teamfighting more often than not, picking up kills left and right. Never slowing down, he had no problems taking an easy 30-minute victory, closing out the series 2-0.
Near deathless in series victory over Cloud9
July 4, 2017
Sitxxay finished CLG's 2-1 victory over C9 with a combined KDA of 11/1/13.
Throughout the entire series against Cloud9, Stixxay had a dominant performance. He started off the series on Tristana, picking up an early kill and running with it. After finding his lead, he had no problem pushing his advantage, quickly building double energy items and instantly winning fights. In just 35 minutes, he won back-to-back teamfights, closing out the game for his team. Game 2 didn't go quite as well for CLG but he still showed up. On Jhin, he boasted a 1/0/1 scoreline despite his team's shortcomings. Although they were defeated in 30-minutes he showed signs of life. This was crucial for the team as they moved into Game 3, resetting the momentum and dominating. With Stixxay on Ashe, he found an early lead and once again show up huge. Landing clutch arrows, he facilitated his team's victory in the game, engaging crucial fights and allowing his team to easily close things out. With a 31-minute victory, CLG secured the series victory 2-1 for themselves.
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