Zaqueri Black 
United States
Counter Logic Gaming
Solid numbers in series loss
September 12, 2017
4/12/30 was aphromoo's overall KDA at the end of CLG's 3-1 loss to Cloud9 Sunday.
aphromoo started off with a quiet 0/1/2 game on Thresh, which was honestly pretty good considering how savagely CLG were beaten. He stuck with Alistar for the rest of the series and was extremely hit or miss. He looked very strong in Game 3, as CLG accumulated a lead and he was free to engage as hard as he wanted, but in the Game 2 and 4 losses, he was highly unimpressive. He botched several engages, including one in Game 4 that might have turned the tide of the game for his team. Overall, this was not what is expected of the veteran support, and as a result, he will not be making another trip to Worlds this year.
Loving the Thresh
September 11, 2017
Aphromoo ended CLG's 3-1 win over FlyQuest with a 2/12/45 KDA in four games as Thresh.
Aphromoo finished Game 1 with a 0/3/4 KDA, involved in only four of 12 kills and finishing with his team's fourth-highest assist total in the loss. In Game 2, Aphromoo ended with a 0/2/18 KDA. He was involved in all but one kill, leading CLG with a massive 18 assists. In Game 3, he finished with a 1/5/8 KDA. He was involved in nine of 12 kills, dying five times, but leading CLG with eight assists. For the final game, Aphromoo earned a 1/2/15 KDA to close out the series. He was involved in 16 of 19 kills leading CLG with 15 assists.
Double digit assists in all three games
September 5, 2017
Aphromoo ended CLG's 3-0 win over DIG with a 3/8/35 combined KDA.
Aphromoo finished Game 1 with a 1/3/12 KDA. He was involved in 13 of 18 kills, leading CLG with 12 assists. In Game 2, Aphromoo earned a 0/1/13 KDA as Rakan. He was involved in all but one kill, leading CLG with 13 assists. For the final game of the series, Aphromoo used Thresh and earned a 2/4/10 KDA. He was involved in 12 of 19 kills, tying OmarGod for the team high with 10 assists, while also chipping in with two kills to close out the series.
Comes through in the clutch
August 22, 2017
aphromoo had a 1/15/47 KDA overall in CLG's 3-2 Sunday win over NV.
aphromoo's first three games of this series were fairly standard support fare, but his Games 4 and 5, when CLG had their backs to the wall, were huge. His Game 4 Bard was hugely effective against the tank-heavy lineup of NV, and ended with a 0/3/18 KDA. In Game 5, it was his Alistar flank that won CLG a Baron teamfight almost single-handedly, and his zoning in the other fights wasn't too shabby either.
Teammates give no help
August 7, 2017
aphromoo posted a 2/8/22 KDA in CLG's loss against TSM on Sunday.
CLG continues to live and die by the hands of aphromoo's shotcalling and playmaking. But even when he is doing his best, sometimes it isn't enough. His Thresh was great as always, using his lanterns to save his teammates lives time and again. He even managed to bait TSM away from the Baron in Game 1 to allow his team to sneakily come in and steal it. They still lost the game, but it was a nice play nonetheless. Game 2 was perhaps even more heartbreaking from the support. He was on Alistar, one of his favorite playmaking champions, and landed a five-man knockup in the late game that should have certainly led to a big teamfight win that could have ended the game. His teammates just stood around and watched it happen, however, gaining nothing from the fight to end up losing the game.
Janna not enough in Game 3 loss
July 31, 2017
aphromoo posted a 0/5/21 KDA in Counter Logic Gaming's series loss to Phoenix1 on Sunday.
Aphromoo supplied a great frontline engage on Braum in Game 1 as he finished with a 0/0/16 KDA. After CLG's bottom lane secured first blood, it quickly pressed its advantage, dominating fights where aphromoo's Winter's Bites were on point and lead to plenty of stuns. In Game 2 aphromoo was put on Janna, but wasn't able to be as impactful in lane. Aphromoo got caught in a level one invade that cost him his Flash as well as his life. Without Flash, aphromoo was forced to play passively early, allowing P1's bottom lane to dominate. Aphromoo finished without any kills or assists as CLG dropped Game 2. In Game 3, aphromoo tried to redeem himself on Janna, but only slightly improved as he finished with a 0/3/5 KDA. aphromoo tried to provide good disengage, but it wasn't enough to overcome all of P1's abilities to reach the backline targets.
Excels on Morgana in sweep of EnVyUs
July 30, 2017
aphromoo posted a 3/4/21 KDA in CLG's sweep of EnVyUs on Saturday.
Picking the rarely seen Morgana, aphromoo was doing what he does best in this series. In just about every engagement, aphromoo was right there to throw in an ability or two in order to keep CLG ahead at all times. He did get caught out along with Stixxay, but his positives were far outweighed by a couple of these moments of weakness. As long as aphro just keeps doing his thing along with his lane partner, CLG is sitting pretty going into the playoffs.
Superb Thresh play in Game 2
July 15, 2017
aphromoo finished Counter Logic Gaming's 2-0 series sweep against FlyQuest on Friday with a 2/3/27 KDA.
aphromoo had a rough laning phase in Game 1 on Morgana as he was bullied into an early gold deficit. He started to turn things around late once CLG bought enough time for the damage carries to catch up. After some bad calls from FLY, CLG managed to comeback and win Game 1 despite a huge gold deficit. The first half of Game 2 was the aphromoo show as his Thresh's Death Sentence set up the first 10 kills for CLG. Teamfighting was pretty one-sided late as CLG was dominating FLY and running up a huge lead in all objectives. Aphromoo made up the only deaths on CLG in Game 2, but his kills and assists more than made up for it.
Uses crowd control to dominate enemy
July 4, 2017
aphromoo earned a series KDA of 0/3/22 in his team's 2-0 sweep over Liquid.
Starting things off on Zyra, aphromoo easily gained control of the game and his lane. Facilitating picks left and right, he was able to swiftly snowball his team into the lead. After finding a lead, he helped use vision and pressure to create a huge lead for his team. Roaming after and joining teamfights, he had no trouble closing the game out in 35 minutes. Game 2 went even better as aphromoo picked Braum and worked perfectly with Kennen in the bottom lane. Setting up stuns over and over again, he had no problem bringing his team into the lead and moving with them to push that lead into a victory. Winning Game 2 in just 30 minutes he was able to close out the series 2-0 for his team.
Facilitates victory over Cloud9
July 4, 2017
aphromoo earned a series KDA of 0/8/23 in CLG's 2-1 victory over C9.
Throughout the series against Cloud9, aphromoo had a strong performance. He started things off on Morgana, landing crucial binds and spell shields to protect his team from the crowd control from the enemy team. In doing so, he allowed his carries to take control of the game, resulting in a swift 35-minute victory. Game 2 didn't go quite as well with aphromoo finding himself on Rakan. After struggling early in lane, he failed to find a way back into things for his team. Although he landed small amounts of crowd control, his suffering team couldn't claw their way back into the lead. As a result, CLG was defeated forcing the series to a final Game 3. In the final game, he stepped it up, picking Braum and dominating. After picking up an extremely early first blood for his team, he continually picked up kills for his team through roams and vision control. With strong map pressure, he had no problem closing things out, earning the Game 3 victory and closing out the series 2-1.
Strong showing in series victory
June 26, 2017
Aphromoo earned a series KDA of 0/4/26 across three games against EnVy.
Aphromoo played to protect his carries in Game 1 of the series and he did exactly that. Picking Tahm Kench, he was able to help his team find a lead and protect them against the heavy damage composition of the enemy team as things progressed. In doing so, he died a single time but prevented countless deaths to his team leading to a convincing Game 1 victory. After the victory, he picked up Morgana to attempt to fill a similar role, but failed to find success. As the game quickly fell out of his grasp, he struggled to get anything done, assisting in a single kill as his team was defeated. He didn't let this get to him, bouncing back quickly in Game 3 to secure the series. Picking Thresh, he was able to both protect his team while also picking up meaningful picks that allowed his team to find a lead. Once ahead, he had no trouble dominating EnVy and securing victory, closing out the series 2-1.
Tahm Kench pick falls short in series
June 24, 2017
aphromoo finished Counter Logic Gaming's 2-0 series loss to Immortals on Friday with a 0/9/5 KDA.
In a meta of playmaking supports, aphromoo decided to try to counter the meta by playing Tahm Kench. He struggled to get much done during the laning phases of each game and was an easy target to pick off in Game 1. While he made some good offensive and defensive plays with Tahm Kench's Devour, it wasn't enough to turn the teamfights late in the games as CLG got destroyed. Overall it wasn't a strong showing for CLG against the first place Immortals.
Diverse champion pool in series win
June 12, 2017
aphromoo was effective vs. EF by going 3/12/26 on Saturday.
aphromoo has been playing high-level LoL in the NA LCS for many years, and with that experience comes a champion pool second to none. In Game 1, he played on Bard and used the champion's terrain altering ability to provide numerous exit paths for his team. More importantly, he seemed to always get value with his ultimates, causing the opponents to waste Flashes before big team fights. In Game 2 he played Zyra, which and was quite successful in locking down opponents. Game 3 is where the CLG mid really proved his ability by selecting favorite. The crowd favorite support ended up having a ton of utility and he finished the game by leading his team with 12 assists.
Poppped off on Blitzcrank in Game 1
June 12, 2017
aphromoo finished Counter Logic Gaming's 2-1 series loss to Team SoloMid on Sunday with a 2/14/25 KDA.
aphromoo started off the series with a fantastic 0/2/9 KDA performance on Blitzcrank in Game 1. He rotated the map well with his teammates and used the Rocket Grab to initiate fights or steal away jungle buffs. His play wasn't as effective in Game 2 as CLG got dominated in teamfights. aphromoo couldn't repeat his performance in Game 2 on Blitzcrank as CLG got slaughtered in early game skirmishes. CLG failed to recover as they lost objectives and teamfights en route to a 28 kills to seven loss in Game 2. For Game 3, aphromoo got the playmaking Rakan and finished with a 2/6/10 KDA. CLG kept the early game close, but fell behind late as it failed to stop TSM's split-push. aphromoo wasn't able to get many good engages as CLG suffered its first series loss of the Summer.
Strong play doesn't translate into win
April 11, 2017
aphromoo posted a 2/10/45 KDA in Counter Logic Gaming's 2-3 loss to FlyQuest on Sunday.
The LCS veteran has played in many playoffs, and he showed his poise and experience throughout the series. While he shotcalled quite nicely in the first two games, the macro play in the mid-game of Games 3, 4 and 5 were lackluster. On the outside looking in, it can't be said if it was just poor execution or what, but the team looked stagnant in transition points of the game and that cost them a semifinals berth. Concerning aphromoo specifically, he played well and made Nami look like one of the easiest champions in the game to play. He constantly harassed and poked with his Ebb-and-Flow, and hit nearly every Aqua Prison. Overall, his play was fantastic to say the least, especially compared to his output this season. But, that doesn't always translate to wins.