Eugene Park 
United States
Team Liquid
Slated to start per reports
November 20, 2017
Pobelter expected to start for Team Liquid, according to ESPN's Jacob Wolf.
Once upon a time, a young Pobelter was slated to start for Team Curse, until a deal went sour and cast Pobelter's career into doubt. Ever since then, Pobelter has racked up NA LCS finals appearances, one successful showing with CLG and, more recently, one unsuccessful outing with Immortals. Coming into the new season, it has been announced that Pobelter will start for Team Liquid, which shouldn't come as much of a shock. With the likes of Goldenglue and Mickey showing problems with consistency throughout their respective tenures as starting mid laner. Is the future bright for Liquid? It's hard to say, but they could do a lot worse than Pobelter, and it gives Pobelter a unique opportunity to add on to his legacy by taking a previously bottom-tier team and make it into a top-tier threat.
Acquired by Team Liquid
November 18, 2017
Pobelter has been acquired by Team Liquid, Jacob Wolf of ESPN reports.
With Immortals being denied entry into the newly franchised NA LCS for the 2018 season, the fates of the Immortals players were a bit uncertain. It's now been revealed, however, that Pobelter, along with Xmithie, Cody Sun, and AnDa, have been acquired by Team Liquid. At the moment, it is not clear whether Pobelter will actually start for the team come January. The team will assess whether it will go with Pobelter or current mid laner, Mickey, with the possibility of selling Pobelter's contract to another team still on the table.
World Champion hula-hooper
October 13, 2017
Pobelter disappointed against FNC by going 1/3/8 in a tough loss on Wednesday.
Pobelter opted to play the relatively safe mid-lane champion of Orianna. The stalwart in the mid lane for IMT has seen better days, as he was off from the get-go. The strength of Orianna is her wave clear, and the game-changing potential of her ultimate. However, instead of landing soul-crushing Shockwaves, Pobelter instead was more adept at making a hula-hoops appear on the screen. At critical moments he whiffed, which is never going to allow a team to advance on the Worlds stage. Additionally, his build was a bit stunted as it focused mostly on magic penetration versus a composition that only had one champion focusing on magic resist, which ultimately meant Pobelter's burst potential was limited.
Expertly baits the enemy to secure victory
October 6, 2017
Pobelter earned a 2/1/3 KDA on Taliyah in his team's victory over Fnatic./
Although Immortals found themselves on the backfoot against Fnatic for much of the game, Pobelter never faltered. Staying collected, he was able to lead his team into the late game, trading objectives and keeping sights on the victory. This paid off expertly as Pobelter baited Rekkles in at 49-minutes, picking up a free kill and following it up on the enemy support immediately after. As a result, Immortals was able to come back and claim victory in the game, despite being down a decent amount of gold.
Team high kill total
October 5, 2017
Pobelter used Ryze during Immortals' Thursday loss to Longzhu, ending with a 4/2/3 KDA.
Pobelter had a fairly good game, as he finished involved in 70% of his team's kills. He led Immortals with four kills and managed three assists. He scaled fairly well on the Ryze, but struggled to truly carry as Longzhu controlled teamfights and eventually took the game.
Outclassed and outshined
September 3, 2017
Pobelter's scoreline read 10/13/17 overall at the end of IMT's 1-3 loss to TSM on Sunday.
Pobelter didn't get off to the hottest start this series, as he went a mere 1/4/2 on Galio after falling behind in lane. Even in the Game 2 win, with five mid bans thrown at Bjergsen, Pobelter wasn't able to win lane, and took three deaths, more than anyone on his team bar Olleh's frontline Tahm Kench. Pobelter did farm very well in Game 3 on Corki and managed to nearly win his team a huge fight with a flank onto Doublelift, but unfortunately, this wasn't sufficient for a win. In Game 4, Pobelter was back to mediocrity, as he failed to accomplish much of anything on Lucian, participating in only 25 percent of his team's kills.
Controlled play nets victory
August 27, 2017
Pobelter earned a series KDA of 22/8/17 throughout IMT's 3-0 series sweep against CLG.
Starting the series off with two clean games on Cassiopeia, Pobelter snowballed his team ahead in this series. Storming into the thick of it, he found leads in both games with ease, dominating lane and quickly moving around the map to extend his advantage to the rest of the team. This proved to be extremely successful in both games as things went late and he dictated the pace of the game through teamfights. Without being focused, he had no trouble bringing his team two convincing wins, starting off the series on a high note. Game 3 saw a different pick for Pobelter, yet he still had a decent amount of success. Picking Lucian, he was able to bully his lane and keep his composure as the rest of the map dominated. With several convincing teamfight victories, he helped his team close out the game in 28 minutes, closing out the series 3-0.
Impactful roams with Weaver's Wall throughout series
August 5, 2017
Pobelter earned a 14/2/14 KDA as Immortals swept Team EnVyUs on Friday.
Pobelter put together a pretty textbook performance on Taliyah in the series against EnVy. In Game 1 he easily won lane after picking up assists in an early teamfight before running away with a CS and experience lead in lane. Pobelter then helped out the side lanes by roaming when needed by using Weaver's Wall quickly make it to fights. In Game 2 Pobelter didn't do as well in the laning phase, losing some early trades, but he regained composure with a little assistance. Weaver's Wall played a bigger role in IMT's Game 2 victory as Pobelter used it to zone EnVy away from objectives. IMT quickly snowballed a gold lead in the second half to finish off the series with under an hour of total gameplay.
Strong Taliyah play extends series, falls short in Game 3
July 30, 2017
Pobelter earned a 13/6/14 KDA in Immortals' series loss to Team Dignitas on Saturday.
Pobelter's winning streak on Corki came to an end in Game 1 against Syndra. While Pobelter managed to run up a CS lead in lane, he struggled to get damage on the right targets in teamfights late. DIG's frontline was too big as Pobelter couldn't get past them in the late as it sieged through IMT's base. In Game 2 Pobelter had an impressive 9/2/7 KDA performance on Taliyah. Pobelter made good use of Weaver's Wall throughout the contest and aided IMT's siege, laying down nice walls that held off DIG while knocking down turrets. In Game 3 Pobelter couldn't repeat his performance on Taliyah as he finished with a 2/2/6 KDA. Pobelter did his best to kite in and out of teamfights but often got caught and killed by Kled's Chaaaaaaaarge!!!. Pobelter's efforts were good enough to earn him 100 percent kill participation, but not enough for IMT to pull off the win.
Dominates lane in Game 1 en route to sweep
July 29, 2017
Pobelter earned a 13/2/4 KDA in Immortals series sweep of Team Liquid on Friday.
In Game 1 Pobelter's Cassiopeia dominated the laning phase and ran out to a nearly 100 CS lead by the mid game. Pobelter punished Goldenglue's Lucian whenever he tried to trade in lane and transitioned his dominance well into the second half teamfights as he lead IMT in damage dealt to champions on his way to a 6/1/3 KDA. In Game 2 Pobelter's Syndra put together another solid performance as he finished with a 7/1/1 KDA. He didn't get much done in the laning phase, but was plenty strong by the mid game skirmishes where he went on a four kill streak. IMT was able to close out Game 2 pretty cleanly after securing its lead in the mid game.
Rough outing in Game 2 of series loss
July 3, 2017
Pobelter earned a 8/10/12 KDA in Immortals series loss to Phoenix1 on Sunday.
In Game 1 Pobelter had a solid 6/2/6 KDA performance on Syndra. After receiving early gank help Pobelter was pretty set and was wherever he was needed for teamfighting. Pobelter would try to repeat his performance in Game 2 but fell very short. He fell victim to an early gank and wasn't able to get anything done the rest of Game 2 as he finished with a 0/5/0 KDA. In Game 3 Pobelter was put on Taliyah and picked up his play to finish with a 2/3/6 KDA. He fell behind early and never recovered as Ryu's Corki ran away with a gold and experience lead. Pobelter tried to use his Weaver's Wall to zone P1 off of objectives, but it wasn't very effective as IMT wasn't able to secure or save many throughout the late game. IMT could do little to stop P1's Baron power play late as its base was destroyed.
Struggled on supportive mid lane champions in loss
July 2, 2017
Pobelter earned a 1/8/13 KDA in Immortals 2-0 series loss to Team SoloMid on Saturday.
In Game 1, Pobelter stayed even with Bjergsen for the first 12 minutes, but started to fall behind quickly after. Pobelter's Orianna got destroyed by Syndra throughout the second half as he finished with a 0/4/7 KDA. Game 2 didn't go much better for him on Galio as he had a 1/4/6 KDA performance. The laning phase for Pobelter against Cassiopeia went as expected as he slowly fell behind in CS. However, the mid game went better for Pobelter as he picked up assists in IMT's teamfight victories. IMT fell apart late again as it struggled to put together good teamfight engages.
Superb rotations in series sweep
June 24, 2017
Pobelter earned a 5/3/18 KDA in Immortals series sweep of Counter Logic Gaming on Friday.
Pobelter had a solid 3/1/11 KDA performance on Galio in Game 1. He didn't get much done in lane, but made the most of his roams as he raked in assists and helped knock down objectives. IMT's teamfight dominance continued in the second half as Pobelter set up plenty of kills with Shield of Duran's taunt. In Game 2, Pobelter stuck with another roam friendly mid laner Taliyah and finished with a 2/2/7 KDA. The laning phase was close, but Pobelter wasn't able to keep up with Huhi's roams from lane. Immortals got picked apart throughout the first half, but still managed to secure a lead in objectives. Pobelter started to dole out the damage in the late teamfights where IMT dominated and finished with most damage dealt to champions in Game 2.
Comes online in Game 3
June 12, 2017
Pobelter's KDA was an overall 10/7/16 by the end of Immortals' victory over FlyQuest Saturday.
Pobelter's play in Game 1 on Ahri wasn't bad; in fact, his backline pressure was part of the reason IMT were able to come back from their gold deficit in the end. However, he simply couldn't compete with the roaming coming out of Hai's Talon, and IMT almost lost as a result. In Game 2 Pobelter's LeBlanc was rolled over by Hai's Orianna, going down for first blood at just three-and-a-half minutes into the game. From there he was able to find a pick or two with the help of his team, but generally wasn't of much use in the loss. Pobelter stepped up in a big way for Game 3 on Ahri, as his team once again countered a large deficit early on. He died on an early roam, but followed up with three kills in a row to keep his team in the game, and had great followup on Xmithie's Zac engages to help his team take the game.
Damage carries to close out sweep of TSM
June 5, 2017
Pobelter earned a 8/2/14 KDA in Immortals series sweep of Team SoloMid on Sunday.
In Game 1, Pobelter's Ahri was up against Bjergsen's Galio and fell behind in CS during the laning phase. While both champions have good roaming abilities, Pobelter executed his better and started to build a gold lead late. In Game 2 Pobelter was Syndra up against Galio. The laning phase was similar to Game 1 as Pobelter fell behind in CS. Pobelter never fell too far behind and was a solid damage threat throughout. He finished with a solid 2/1/7 KDA and most damage dealt to champions in Game 2.