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Quiet until the late game in victory
January 21, 2018
Smoothie finished with a 2/0/7 KDA on Braum in Cloud9's win against Counter Logic Gaming on Saturday.
There wasn't much of a chance for Smoothie and Sneaky to take over during the laning phase. Despite plenty of skirmishing in the bottom lane, Smoothie took a 0/0/0 scoreline late into the matchup. He was taking part in a lot of the skirmishing but sadly didn't pick up any assists until after 29 minutes in. However, Smoothie provided some crucial crowd control to prevent CLG from disengaging as C9 began to take over teamfights. After ripping apart CLG in back-to-back teamfights, which included an ace, C9 took his first win of the 2018 season.
Can't out shield Meiko
October 16, 2017
Smoothie used Janna during Sunday's loss to EDG, earning a 0/4/5 KDA.
Smoothie was unable to match Meiko's shielding during the one-sided loss to EDG. He was involved in five of six C9 kills, leading the team with five assists. C9's loss to EDG hurts their chances of qualifying in second place, but they remain in control of their own destiny as long as they can beat ahq.
Uses Janna well to aid Sneaky in bot lane
October 15, 2017
Smoothie tallied a 0/0/7 KDA in Cloud9's win against ahq on Sunday at the 2017 World Championship.
Smoothie went with the meta support of Janna in this game and was flawless. Not only did he help his lane partner dominate and give C9 quite the advantage. Smoothie has been pretty quiet during these group stages, but this was a nice showing that allowed C9 to make their way into the knockout stage. As long as they can bring more of this consistency, they may have a shot at the semifinals.
Heavily involved in C9's win
October 7, 2017
Smoothie used Lulu to finish Saturday's win over EDG with a 0/1/10 KDA.
Smoothie was able to mostly keep his carries safe during Saturday's win over EDG. He was involved in 10 of 12 kills, leading C9 with 10 assists. Smoothie utilized Lulu's shielding and Wild Growth to keep his carries safe in teamfights while helping C9 claim second place in Group A.
Displays impressive skill on Rakan to dominate Dire Wolves
September 26, 2017
Smoothie earned a 2/2/19 KDA on Rakan during his team's victory on Sunday.
Although Smoothie had a rough start in his team's game against Dire Wolves, he was able to bring things back with ease and show his skill on Rakan. After laning phase, he was able to weave in between the enemy and his own team, dominating teamfights with a mixture of healing and crowd control that allowed his team to swiftly take over the game. Despite Dire Wolves best efforts, it was not enough, allowing Smoothie to lead his team to a 25-minute victory and secure show his skills off throughout the process.
Strange slip-up in lane
September 24, 2017
Smoothie ended 0/1/5 in Cloud9's win over Dire Wolves on Saturday.
For the most part, Smoothie's performance on Janna in this game was similar to his AD carry's: he wasn't the most impactful but wasn't awful either. The exception to this was a bizarre death in the 2-vs-2 during laning phase, which was very uncharacteristic. Still, it's not likely this will continue to be a problem as the tournament continues.
Game-high assist total
September 23, 2017
Smoothie finished Cloud 9's win over Team oNe with a 1/0/10 KDA as Rakan.
Smoothie was involved in 11 of 13 kills in the win, leading C9 with 10 assists. He was able to use the Rakan combo to set up multiple engages throughout the game. He roamed well to create picks in the early and mid game and finished behind only Jensen in kill participation, but one-upped his mid laner by keeping a flawless KDA.
Fantastic in wins
September 12, 2017
Smoothie went 1/11/48 in Cloud9's 3-1 win over CLG Sunday.
Smoothie's Rakan in Games 1 and 2 was absolutely stellar despite not being paired with Xayah, as he went an incredible 1/3/23 across the two games, landing great initiation after great initiation. His Game 3 on Thresh was lackluster, but his Game 4 on Janna was crucial to his team's narrow win. With Sneaky having the game of his season on Xayah, Smoothie's ability to keep him alive allowed Cloud9 to take the game, along with his self-sacrifice to get his team a Baron buff.
Game 2 hiccups mar strong series
August 7, 2017
Smoothie finished with a KDA of 1/5/26 in Cloud9's 2-0 Saturday sweep of NV.
Smoothie had another solid series on Saturday, starting with his Alistar in Game 1. He used his crowd control to secure first blood for Sneaky in the 2-vs-2, which was the start of an enormous snowball for the whole of Cloud9. Smoothie ended 1/1/14 in the stomp. Game 2 wasn't so easy, as Smoothie's Taric was caught out a number of times for several early deaths. Still, his ultimates were beautiful this game, helping Cloud9 to a win despite losing a Baron and falling behind.
More solid supporting
July 31, 2017
Smoothie went an overall 0/4/28 as Cloud9 swept FlyQuest 2-0 Sunday.
Smoothie's Blitzcrank in Game 1 had a bit of an early road bump, as some 2-vs-2 misplays led to the death of himself and his AD carry. From there on, however, his hooks were on point, and got Cloud9 the picks they needed to get rolling and snowball to a win. In Game 2, Smoothie's Taric was once again immaculate, with perfectly placed stuns and timely ultimates helping to secure a second easy win.
Controls the flow of the game
July 25, 2017
Smoothie ended with a KDA of 1/3/40 in Cloud9's Sunday win over Dignitas.
Nunu is a champion that's been out of the meta for quite some time, so it's hard to expect people to know how to play against it, but Smoothie's Braum certainly did in Game 1. Laying down wards on objectives early and catching the enemy jungler attempting an early Drake, Smoothie did his part to neutralize the pick. Unfortunately, Sneaky didn't do his, and died while Smoothie was getting the necessary wards down. After Cloud9 lost an early skirmish, Smoothie didn't really have many options open to him, and C9 lost Game 1. Smoothie's Taric in Games 2 and 3 was superb, with every aspect of play on point. His stuns were well aimed and timely, and his ultimate usage was great to both save teammates and assist on engagements. He finished with an insane 1/1/37 KDA between his two games on the champion.
Solid Braum performance to close out series
July 22, 2017
Smoothie finished Cloud9's 2-1 series victory against Phoenix1 on Friday with a 1/7/42 KDA.
Smoothie's Game 1 performance on Bard earned him a 1/1/13 KDA. He had nice Cosmic Bindings and Tempered Fates throughout the second half that help him earn his 88 percent kill participation. In Game 2 Smoothie was put on Thresh, but wasn't able to make the same pick plays he had in earlier on Bard. While he was active in the first half, he couldn't Flay and hook enough to stop P1 from dominating fights in the late game. In Game 3 he switched to Braum and put together an 0/2/20 KDA performance. Smoothie was great in the laning phase as he saved Unbreakable to block Sivir's Ricochet attacks. Cloud9 out macro'd P1 throughout the mid game as it took all six of the outer turrets down in the first 16 minutes. Smoothie's 20 assists led C9 in Game 3 and was one kill/assist shy of 100 percent kill participation.
Falls just shy of victory in defeat against IMT
July 19, 2017
Smoothie earned a series KDA of 8/8/31 in Cloud 9's defeat on Sunday.
Starting the series off on Rakan, Smoothie had a strong performance that netted his team a swift victory. Earning a 4/1/12 KDA, he was able to bring his team an early lead and quickly use it to dominate teamfights, as well as secure a convincing Game 1 victory. Game 2 didn't go as well, as Smoothie found himself on Thresh and was unable to make up for the rest of his team's shortcomings. Although he hit impressive skillshots, he was unable to create picks that allowed his team to win teamfights. As a result, IMT took Game 2. With the series at a final Game 3, Smoothie fell back to Rakan again where he had another impressive showing. Despite being able to show up, he could not bring his team a victory. As they lost repeated teamfights, he was put on the back foot and unable to recover. The result was a 39-minute defeat, giving IMT the 2-1 defeat.
Superb Bard play
July 8, 2017
Sneaky finished Cloud9's victory against Fnatic on Friday with a 1/1/12 KDA.
Smoothie looked great on Bard despite his kind of slow laning phase. He wasn't able to do much in the bottom lane, but excelled when he started to roam. Throughout the mid game skirmishes, he landed clutch Tempered Fates that turned the tide of the battle. C9 started to break even in teamfights late, but had the lead in turrets and FNC couldn't make a comeback. After winning a 4-for-2 teamfight, C9 finished off its time on the Rift Rivals stage in 2017.
Cruisin' forward smoothly
July 7, 2017
Smoothie played an impactful game vs. FNC by picking up a 0/3/10 KDA on Tuesday.
One of the main issues of Blitzcrank support is that he can be taken advantage of if he cannot constantly maintain a forward facing position. Smoothie took this notion and rode it to a dominant performance that featured him charging forward all over the map. He was instrumental in getting Jensen ahead on the back of an early game Flash/Hook gank that secured a kill. Later in the game, he was able to complete two tank items and maintain utility as a displacement tank that always lived longer than FNC was expecting.
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