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Falters on the frontline
July 15, 2018
0/7/8 was Svenskeren's scoreline at the end of Cloud9's loss to CLG on Sunday.
Svenskeren's Gragas had a rough go of it on Sunday, to say the very least. He couldn't manage to find a single early kill, assist, or dragon, and transitioned poorly into the late game. He was consistently caught out too far forward and killed without accomplishing much of anything, the most salient example of which came at the very end of the game with a whiffed Body Slam-Flash combo. He did land one solid Explosive Cask to get Cloud9 a pick and a Baron, but quickly threw away the advantage when his death forced C9 to give up their siege.
Contributions aren't enough
July 1, 2018
Svenskeren went 4/4/7 in Cloud9's win over TSM on Saturday.
On Trundle in this series, Sveneskeren owned the majority of this game, taking control of the jungle with ease. This led to map control and a key Baron in the early portions of the game. Unfortunately, this all fell apart when he couldn't take down Grig before he stole the Baron away in the late game. With Grig and mithy sneaking into the Pit, Sven needed to either kill the Baron or kill Grig before he could take the objective. He tried to kill Grig but couldn't do so before the Baron was dead. That one play gave TSM all the momentum and they swiftly won the game.
Falls short in loss to Golden Guardians
June 24, 2018
Svenskeren managed a paltry 1/5/4 KDA in Cloud9's loss to Golden Guardians on Saturday.
Playing on Evelynn, Svenskeren had very little impact on this game. While he managed to do some scouting for Goldenglue in the mid game, he simply died far too often to actually contribute to the game in a discernable manner. Cloud9 looked able to counter the funnel strategy from Golden Guardians early on, but before long, they simply fell apart in the late game fights once Deftly grew into a late game beast.
Ultimate proves crucial
June 18, 2018
Svenskeren ended Cloud9's win over OpTic Gaming with a 1/1/5 KDA on Sunday.
Svenskeren's Nocturne was active as soon as he hit level 6, despite not securing a kill with his first Paranoia. Instead, he managed to burn both of the enemy mid laner's Summoner Spells, returning with the next ultimate to find the kill. Toward the end of the game, Svenskeren's ultimates were particularly impactful, specifically the one that initiated the pick onto Akaadian, securing the Baron for Cloud9.
Fell behind early in loss
June 17, 2018
Svenskeren posted a 1/5/6 KDA on Nocturne in Cloud9's loss to Clutch Gaming on Saturday.
Svenskeren had a rough start on Nocturne, dying early and giving up any sort of hope to win a 1-vs-1 jungler skirmish. However, he made up for some of it as his first gank in the bottom lane produced a kill and assist. It wasn't nearly enough as Cloud9 was behind in gold for nearly the entire match and started to get run over in the late game teamfights. After losing a few teamfights and giving up a Baron kill, there was little that Cloud9's AP-heavy team composition could do to stop Clutch Gaming from knocking down the Nexus.
Downward dive continues
March 19, 2018
Svenskeren ended 0/6/7 as Cloud9 fell to FlyQuest on Sunday.
Svenskeren seems to have returned to his Worlds 2017 form as of late, and this game was no exception. An incredibly silly invade with no mid lane protection led to him dying for first blood, and while he followed up with a solid gank, his usefulness quickly evaporated. To be fair, his champion was never going to be particularly useful once the Quicksilver Sashes started coming in, and with four tanks on FlyQuest, it really only took WildTurtle's purchase to render him mostly irrelevant.
Early top lane focus pays off in win
February 26, 2018
Svenskeren scored a 0/1/10 KDA on Sejuani in Cloud9's victory against Clutch Gaming on Sunday.
During the first 10 minutes of the game, Svenskeren devoted to the top side of the Rift, helping Licorice build a nice kill and gold lead early. At that point, Svenskeren could focus his attention to the rest of C9's lanes while Licorice drew attention in the top lane. Cloud9 was able to quickly push its advantage by securing kills and knocking down objectives. Svenskeren got a little over aggressive during a push but his death did little to stop Cloud9's split push pressure. A Baron kill around the 23-minute mark followed by a 3-0 teamfight win was all C9 needed to cutting through Clutch's base and Nexus.
Assist machine in comeback win
February 11, 2018
Svenskeren tallied a 0/1/11 KDA in Cloud9's win over FlyQuest on Sunday.
While he didn't find a single kill in the win, Svenskeren still did plenty to push his team to victory on Sunday. His only death did come as part of a questionable 2-vs-3 engage from him and Licorice, but he shored up his play as the game progressed. He had a hand in all but two kills, pushing his team to victory through key engages with his Skarner.
Flawless play nets victory
February 5, 2018
Svenskeren earned a 2/0/6 KDA on Sejuani throughout C9's victory over OpTic on Saturday.
Starting things off with early pressure, Svenskeren was unphased by playing against Nunu; most junglers' bane of existence. Despite being up against someone with such heavy pressure to steal objectives, Svenskeren was able to control every objective during the game, giving up only a single tower and dragon throughout the victory. With excellent teamfighting and target focus, his macro and micro play were on point, resulting in Cloud9 taking a convincing 36-minute victory.
Great early game propels C9 to victory
February 5, 2018
Svenskeren ended Cloud9's Sunday win over Clutch Gaming 2/0/2.
On Sejuani, Svenskeren started out the game with the help of Smoothie by thwarting an invade attempt by LirA, nabbing first blood in the process. He teamed up with his support again shortly after to find a second kill, this time helping shut down Febiven's Orianna in the latter's advantageous matchup. He also had great early objective control, taking the first two Drakes of the game, and helped his team to a lead they never gave up.
Shows up to play in win
January 28, 2018
Svenskeren put Sejuani to good use with a 3/3/9 KDA in Cloud9's win over 100 Thieves on Sunday.
While Svenskeren often is a bit of an Achilles heel for Cloud9, he was everything but that in this game. From the very start, he was rotating well and making sure to give his team every advantage that he could as the dominated 100 Thieves in every aspect of this contest. If this is the kind of play that Svenskeren is going to put out week in and week out, Cloud9 has a chance to do some real damage this split.
Glacial Prison seals victory in debut
January 21, 2018
Svenskeren posted a 4/4/5 KDA on Sejuani in his debut victory for Cloud9 against Counter Logic Gaming.
Svenskeren performed well in his debut for Cloud9. The early game wasn't easy for Svenskeren as he had to deal with Reignover almost living in his top side jungle. However, any advantage that CLG had early slowly disappeared as the game reached the second half. It seemingly only took one good fight around Baron to completely turn things around for Cloud9. The killing blow however was initiated by a great Glacial Prison from Svenskeren that caught all the damage dealers. After a brief pause, C9 pushed to its first victory of the Spring split.
Joins top-tier NA team in Cloud9
November 27, 2017
As announced on Monday on Cloud9's website, Svenskeren has joined Cloud9.
First and foremost, good for Svenskeren. TSM's preferred playstyle never truly meshed with Svenskeren's, so while this is a sad split for some, it was one that fits both parties. The real head-scratcher here, though, is why Cloud9 would replace Contractz with Svenskeren, particularly after Contractz had an incredible rookie season. Don't underestimate Svenskeren, though, especially if coach Reapered can help him adapt to and excel in a new system. Cloud9 will face a steep learning curve to reclaim its spot on top of the NA LCS, but Svenskeren is the kind of player that can help them reach familiar heights.
Free Agent
No longer with TSM
November 24, 2017
Svenskeren and TSM have parted ways, according to a recent announcement on TSM's website.
Svenskeren is often criticised for his time on TSM, but it should be noted that he was still a strong domestic jungler. It's tough to say if any other team will want to take a risk and sign Svenskeren, considering his recent poor performances, but TSM is nothing if not the pressure cooker of western junglers. With two Europeans coming in, TSM needed to replace Svenskeren to field its new bottom lane, so there might be some questions as to whether Svenskeren was replaced out of a desire to upgrade or sheer necessity. Regardless, this move is one that should benefit both sides, with TSM looking to revamp for Season 8 and Svenskeren looking to return to peak performance. The post also noted that Svenskeren has already found a new home, though where remains to be seen.
Finally steps up
October 14, 2017
Svenskeren ended TSM's Saturday win over Misfits with a 4/1/14 KDA as Sejuani.
Svenskeren was able to finally have a breakout game at the World Championships in the win over Misfits. He was involved in 18 of 19 kills, finishing with the second highest kill and assist total in the game. This was a big win for TSM as they tied the head-to-head record against Misfits.
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