Soren Bjerg 
Team SoloMid
Dominates in TSM's one sided win
October 14, 2017
Bjergsen finished Saturday's win over Misfits with a 6/1/10 KDA as Cassiopeia.
Bjergsen helped TSM run riot over Misfits in what was a very important victory on Saturday. He was involved in 16 of 19 kills, tying for the team high kill total with six. Bjergsen's dominance helped TSM crush Misfits while leveling their head-to-head record against the European side.
Not much impact in mid lane
October 14, 2017
Bjergsen finished TSM's loss to Flash Wolves on Saturday with a KDA of 1/2/2.
Bjergsen simply seemed to just be a bystander in this game against Flash Wolves. He had a kill and a couple assists, but he didn't have anywhere near the impact that you would expect from the strong mid laner. His deficiencies were even more clear given the fact that Maple was roaming the map, making big plays all throughout this game. TSM just simply looked outclassed and lethargic in this game that puts their tournament lives on the life support. They'll need Flash Wolves to be Misfits in the final game of the day to bring about a tiebreaker to decide the second seed from the group.
Flawless in victory over WE
October 12, 2017
Bjergsen ended TSM's victory over Team WE with a 4/0/4 KDA.
Bjergsen's Corki was absolutely immaculate in this game. He kept even in CS early on before finding his team's first kill all by himself against xiye's Syndra. He was TSM's biggest strength in this game, dealing out tons of damage and becoming the catalyst around which TSM found all of its successful fights. He finished with a deathless 4/0/4 KDA for perfect kill participation.
King of North America
September 3, 2017
Bjergsen went an overall 12/9/35 in TSM's 3-1 Sunday victory over Immortals.
Sunday marked Bjergsen's fifth North American championship victory, and it was easy to see why in this series. His Syndra took an early lead against Pobelter's Galio in Game 1, and while he didn't pile up the kills this game, he did land some crucial stuns and picks to help TSM snowball to a win. Unfortunately, five mid bans from IMT forced Bjergsen onto Kassadin in Game 2, and while he did well in lane, the lack of wave clear became a problem as TSM fell behind. Bjergsen's best and most important performances came in Games 3 and 4, however. On Orianna for Game 3, Bjergsen's clutch Shockwave onto Cody Sun's Jinx at Elder Drake was arguably what turned the tables in TSM's favor, putting them on match point heading into Game 4. On Corki for this game, Bjergsen was able to scale massively despite TSM falling far behind, which was a large part of the reason they were able to pull out a miracle comeback.
Fantastic series all the way through
August 29, 2017
Bjergsen posted an 18/8/30 KDA in Team SoloMid's 3-1 series victory over Team Dignitas on Sunday.
Bjergsen played Kassadin in Game 1, Cassiopeia in Games 2 and 3, and finished out the series on Lucian. He assumed his role as the leader of TSM, as per usual, and made sure to leave his mark upon the series. Each game saw the Dane become one of the main carries for his team, and he hardly fell short. Even in TSM's sole game loss, Bjergsen was still a stud and had a solid output. Overall, Bjergsen is still great, and Sunday was only another day in the office for him.
As strong as ever in mid lane
August 7, 2017
Bjergsen put together a strong 14/5/13 KDA in TSM's 2-0 sweep over CLG on Sunday.
Bjergsen did his normal thing of playing incredibly strong in the mid lane during this series. Although Huhi did manage to give him a run for his money in Game 2. Huhi showed Bjergsen the proper way to a play a Taliyah with a blistering performance. That's not to say that Bjergsen looked bad by any means. He still did his thing. It's just that Huhi transcended even this play during the second game. Bjergsen still helped them secure the win, however, to lock up the first seed going into the playoffs.
Near deathless in series sweep
August 7, 2017
Bjergsen earned a series KDA of 10/1/19 in TSM's 2-0 sweep over Phoenix 1.
Starting the series off on Corki, Bjergsen was able to decimate his lane opponent so much so that the enemy team opted to pull him out from the rest of the series. After finding a massive lead, Bjergsen was able to group swiftly with his team, dominating fights and blowing the game wide open. With the staggering lead, he had no problem forcing fights with his team to close out the game in just 26 minutes. Game 2 went rougher for TSM as a whole, but Bjergsen once again dominated. On Cassiopeia, he was content farming in lane waiting for the right time to go in. Showing up huge once again in fights, he turned things around after his team fell behind to allow TSM to win back-to-back fights. As a result, TSM closed out the game in 34 minutes, securing a 2-0 series sweep against P1.
Earned 1,000th Career kill in series victory
July 24, 2017
Bjergsen earned a 14/2/27 KDA in Team SoloMid's series victory against Echo Fox on Sunday.
Bjergsen hit the 1,000 career kill mark in Game 1 on Taliyah as he put together a 6/0/8 KDA performance. He also earned Player of the Game honors as he led in damage dealt to champions and an 82 percent kill participation. In Game 2 Bjergsen stuck with Taliyah and doled out plenty of damage, but made some poor choices late. Bjergsen was chasing down kills on the opposite side of the map when he should have been protecting the Nexus from waves of super minions. In Game 3 Bjergsen delivered a 3/0/15 KDA performance on Galio. Despite falling slightly behind during the laning phase, Bjergsen more than made up for it in teamfights. Bjergsen got EF to blow plenty of its abilities either trying to kill him or disengage, neither strategy worked out well for it. TSM ended up steamrolling over EF in the teamfights late before finishing off the series.
Can't fully carry
July 23, 2017
Bjergsen finished TSM's loss to Dignitas on Saturday with a 9/4/9 KDA.
Bjergsen had his champion pinched very heavily in the first game of this series, which led to his drafting the rarely seen Xerath for the first frame. While he managed to pick up five of his kills in this game, they were just not able to do much as a team in the game. He was also caught out in a few moments in what was just a bit of a muddle performance all around. He went with the more reliable Corki in the second game, but even then, he still couldn't hold down his lane too well. He lost one of his towers first, which let Dignitas start picking up advantages through this lane. He picked up some kills in the late game, but it just wasn't enough by far.
Falls off slightly, but still superb
July 9, 2017
Bjergsen went 18/6/27 as TSM swept UoL in the finals of Rift Rivals on Saturday.
For some godforsaken reason, Bjergsen was gifted the opportunity to play LeBlanc in Game 1, and he quickly demonstrated why that was a mistake on UoL's part. Despite going down to a gank for first blood, Bjergsen still found a CS lead in lane, as well as kills and assists through early roams. This rapidly turned the TSM mid into an absolute monster, who found kill after kill to go a nutty 10/1/11 and carry his team to an easy win. In Game 2 Bjergsen went with a tamer Orianna pick, but was still more than solid. He missed out on TSM's first two kills, but began roaming soon after to pick up kills or assists in every lane. He ended the win 5/2/8. In Game 3, Bjergsen went with the scaling Kassadin pick into Exileh's LeBlanc, and was punished. He had no trouble surviving the 1-vs-1, but was heavily focused by U0L in lane and in fights. This left to him giving up a couple of deaths that helped get UoL ahead, but ultimately his scaling came into play and he helped TSM win a couple of late teamfights to complete the sweep.
Too much crowd control
July 5, 2017
Bjergsen ended Wednesday's win over G2 with a 5/2/11 KDA as Galio.
Bjergsen was excellent on Galio, utilizing his roam potential to make plays in the side lanes early and helping TSM take down the first turret of the game in the top lane. He was involved in all but two of TSM's kills, finishing one kill behind Doublelift for the second most on the team. His ability to use Heroic Entrance onto Hauntzer's location helped TSM lock down Zven in the late game, leading to teamfight wins late.
Dominant on Syndra in Game 1
July 2, 2017
Bjergsen earned a 17/5/12 KDA in Team SoloMid's 2-0 series sweep of Immortals on Saturday.
Bjergsen put together a 11/2/3 KDA performance on Syndra to start the series. His dominance started after scoring a triple kill around the 13-minute mark and wasn't stopped until he reached a 10 kill spree. IMT hung in there, but TSM took control late thanks to a Baron power play. In Game 2, Bjergsen's Cassiopeia slowly farmed a lead in lane early, but made some poor choices in the mid game that cost him his life. TSM again turned it around late as it set up its teamfight engages better and ran away with a gold lead. Bjergsen finished with a 6/3/9 KDA and lead TSM in damage dealt to champions.
Does what he can in loss
July 1, 2017
Bjergsen managed to put together a 11/8/15 KDA in TSM's tough 1-2 loss against Cloud9 on Friday.
Bjergsen, despite the loss and getting outplayed overall in the mid lane, was TSM's best player in this series. He was on Orianna in Games 1 and 3 and was the only one to actually come up with consistent kills. This worked out well enough in Game 1 to allow his team to pick up the win, but once Cloud9 started to synergize well as a team, Bjergsen wasn't enough for TSM. It always seemed as though he would find a pick of some sort and the rest of his team would immediately die, giving up the advantage Bjergsen gained for his team. While this is likely just a one series blip on the radar for the always strong TSM, it was nevertheless tough to watch Bjergsen try and carry the team on his back for three straight games.
Solid performance throughout sweep
June 26, 2017
Bjergsen earned a 7/3/8 KDA in Team SoloMid's 2-0 series victory against Echo Fox on Sunday.
Bjergsen's Syndra got counter picked in Game 1, but he kept the laning phase close. His slow start didn't stop him from doling out the damage throughout the game as he lead TSM in damage dealt to champions. However, he got only assists to show for it as he finished with a 0/1/6 KDA. In Game 2 Bjergsen played the assassin Kassadin and despite being poked out in the laning phase, kept the gold race close. Bjergsen was again a top damage dealer for TSM, but it translated into a lot more kills and he finished 7/2/2 KDA.
Carries and supports just as well
June 25, 2017
Bjergsen ended TSM's 2-0 sweep of FlyQuest with a 7/2/22 KDA.
Bjergsen went with Syndra for Game 1 of this series, and demonstrated why it's the most banned champion against TSM. He went down in an early skirmish after getting caught out of position, but put out sufficient damage beforehand to help his team come out ahead. For the rest of the game, he made picks and put out huge damage in fights to go 6/1/6 in the win. In Game 2, Bjergsen switched to a more supportive role with Zilean, helping with engages from Svenskeren's Lee Sin and Hauntzer's Kled, and keeping his teammates alive. Bjergsen made the most out of his single damaging spell as well, landing double Time Bombs time and again to stun up members of FlyQuest. He died only once, and did so to save the life of a teammate, at least temporarily. He went 1/1/14 as TSM completed the sweep.