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New meta, new champions added to the pool
June 17, 2018
Apollo posted a 7/3/4 KDA on Vladimir in Clutch Gaming's Victory against Cloud9 on Saturday.
Apollo had a little advantage early as he picked up assists off of the two level one kills that Clutch Gaming secured. The early lead lead to a relatively smooth laning phase where Apollo got to scale nicely into his late game power spikes. When Apollo joined up for teamfights, he picked up plenty of kills en route to dealing the second most damage dealt to champions. Despite being on a non-Marksman AD champion, Apollo still found a way to be a formidable damage threat, opening up the possibility for more diversity in Clutch Gaming's bottom lane champion pool.
Second fiddle by far
March 19, 2018
Apollo ended Clutch Gaming's Sunday win over Golden Guardians with a KDA of 2/4/12.
Apollo had solid kill participation in this game at 14 out of 18, but this is the best that can be said for him. Despite his team's numerous peeling tools and his long range as Caitlyn, he tied for the team-high in deaths while finding the fewest kills. He fell behind in farm as the game wore on, and felt outclassed by Deftly's Xayah in terms of damage throughout. Thankfully Febiven was all the carry Clutch needed, or this game might have gone differently.
Free fires in backline to damage carry in victory
March 11, 2018
Apollo posted a 3/0/5 KDA on Caitlyn in Clutch Gaming's upset over Echo Fox on Saturday.
The laning phase was a breeze for Apollo as he was able to run up a small CS lead without any gank assistance. The rest of CG didn't do as well but still managed to stay within striking distance of EF during the mid game. All of the teamfights were very close but Apollo had no problems sitting in the back line and handing out headshots. Apollo's carry performance started to pay off late as CG began to win skirmishes. Teamfight wins mixed with two Baron power plays gave Clutch Gaming all it needed to knock down the Nexus and complete the upset.
Solid effort in loss
February 26, 2018
Apollo scored a 3/2/1 KDA on Varus in Clutch Gaming's loss to Cloud9 on Sunday.
The bottom lane match up was close until Cloud9 started to send four-man gank squads there. Apollo started to make up for Clutch's lack of objectives in the mid game fights, where he earned 100 percent kill participation. While Clutch was chasing down kills, C9 was pushing objectives elsewhere on the Rift and quickly stacking up a huge gold lead. Clutch Gaming's ability to put up a strong defense to buy time in the mid game was nowhere to be seen as its Nexus was torn to shreds by a Baron power play just 24 minutes in.
Bounced back after losing the laning phase
February 25, 2018
Apollo scored a 4/1/4 KDA on Ezreal as Clutch Gaming picked up a win against Counter Logic Gaming on Saturday.
The laning phase was a struggle for Apollo as he was forced to hug turret early. Apollo kept the CS close but the lack of lane pressure gave first turret over to CLG. He quickly recovered in the mid game teamfights as he danced around in the backline with Arcane Shift while constantly throwing Mystic Shots. By the end of the game, Apollo led Clutch in damage dealt to champions and had a solid 72 percent kill participation.
Solid Xayah performance in victory
February 19, 2018
Apollo scored a 5/0/1 KDA on Xayah as Clutch Gaming picked up a victory against Team SoloMid on Sunday.
Apollo put together a solid performance on Xayah as he easily cruised through the laning phase. Clutch Gaming had plenty of tools to engage with, allowing Apollo plenty of freedom to dole out the damage. Apollo and crew dominated the teamfights throughout the second half of the game, slowly building its lead before making a final push to finish.
Damage carries in victory
February 18, 2018
Apollo scored a 3/1/7 KDA on Varus in Clutch Gaming's win against FlyQuest on Saturday.
Apollo had a relatively easy time exerting his will during the laning phase, running up a small lead in CS while keeping WildTurtle pushed under turret. When it was time for teamfights, Apollo didn't have to land Chains of Corruption and could easily pick up kills and assists off of the rest of CG's crowd control. Clutch Gaming dominated the teamfights in the second half as it ran away with a gold lead to victory. Apollo finished the game leading Clutch Gaming in damage dealt to champions as well as 100 percent kill participation.
Passable in loss
February 5, 2018
Apollo went 1/1/3 in Clutch Gaming's Sunday loss to Cloud9.
Apollo's Varus simply wasn't much of a factor one way or the other on Sunday. He kept even in farm early on, but it was Cloud9's objective control that gave them their lead, causing him to fall behind in gold to the better-scaling Kog'Maw on the opposing side. He had some reasonably good Varus ultimates in a couple of fights, but that's about all that can be said for him.
Outshined this time
January 28, 2018
Apollo finished CG's victory over CLG on Saturday with a 2/1/15 KDA.
Apollo's Varus performed just fine this game, though he was completely overshadowed by Febiven's Azir. Regardless, Apollo adopted to a supportive role just fine, landing solid Chains of Corruption to help lock down kills for his mid laner. This wasn't Apollo's game to carry, but he did his job well.
Solid performance in loss
January 22, 2018
Apollo scored a 2/1/0 KDA on Tristana as Clutch Gaming lost to Echo Fox on Sunday.
Apollo and Hakuho were Clutch Gaming's only lane that didn't fall behind and weren't enough to stop Echo Fox late. The laning phase was pretty much just a farm fest as the junglers focused on the top side, meaning Apollo didn't see much action until joining up for teamfights in the second half. He managed to pick up a few kills in those fights and his only death came during Clutch Gaming's final stand as it failed to protect the Nexus.
Don't gotta do nothin'
January 21, 2018
Apollo was 1/0/2 at the conclusion of Clutch Gaming's win over Golden Guardians on Saturday.
On Tristana, Apollo was certainly the least-contributing factor to CG's victory over GGS. He did his job as a late-game carry in that he managed to farm well, achieving the highest farm in the game by the end, but he didn't pull ahead of his counterpart til late in the game, when CG had more or less secured victory. CG's plays in the mid lane won them the game, as Apollo sat on the sidelines.
To sign with Clutch Gaming
November 21, 2017
Apollo is set to sign with Clutch Gaming for the 2018 season, reports Jacob Wolf of ESPN.
After Team EnVyUs was denied entry to the North American LCS, Apollo found himself without a home as his contract expired. As Jacob Wolf reports, he'll be joining Clutch Gaming, a new face in the league backed by the Houston Rockets. Clutch Gaming has reportedly been pursuing both LirA and Hakuho of the former EnVy lineup, meaning Apollo would be joined by at least two former teammates on the roster.
Disappoints outside of wins
August 22, 2017
Apollo's scoreline read 11/13/36 overall by the end of NV's 2-3 loss to CLG on Sunday.
Apollo, whom many have been touting as a top-tier AD carry this split, didn't have the biggest impact in this series. He looked fine on Varus in the two wins NV got, but even then was fairly assist-heavy, going 0/1/13 in Game 3. Meanwhile, his losses were extremely rough, particularly his 1/5/9 Game 5 on Kalista. His positioning got him killed multiple times throughout the teamfights in these games, and while he did manage to take some focus off of Nisqy's Kog'Maw, his lack of contribution in fights was arguably the biggest factor in NV's loss in Game 5.
Puts up a hell of a fight in Game 2
August 7, 2017
Apollo finished 5/7/8 in NV's 0-2 loss to Cloud9 on Saturday.
There isn't much to be said for Apollo in Game 1, as his lane partner went down for first blood and C9 proceeded to steamroll NV. In Game 2, however, Apollo's Varus was instrumental to the lead his team found. He managed to not only acquire a large CS lead in lane, but also had the best kill participation on his team, from the AD carry role of all places. Still, this wasn't enough for a win.
Struggles to carry in series loss
August 5, 2017
Apollo finished with a 4/6/2 KDA in Team EnVyUs' series loss to Immortals on Friday.
Apollo's Xayah got off to a rough start in Game 1 as EnVy got slaughtered in an early 1-for-4 teamfight. EnVy's one kill in the first fight was first blood for Apollo's Xayah but couldn't get away after as IMT chased it down. He continued to be a solid source of damage for EnVy, but it wasn't enough late. In Game 2 Apollo drafted a strong late game champion in Tristana, but failed to make it that far. The laning phase went well as he built a small CS lead, but struggled to transition the lead into more during the mid game. EnVy again got destroyed in teamfights and all Apollo could manage was a lowly 1/2/1 KDA.
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