Apollo Price 
United States
Clutch Gaming
To sign with Clutch Gaming
November 21, 2017
Apollo is set to sign with Clutch Gaming for the 2018 season, reports Jacob Wolf of ESPN.
After Team EnVyUs was denied entry to the North American LCS, Apollo found himself without a home as his contract expired. As Jacob Wolf reports, he'll be joining Clutch Gaming, a new face in the league backed by the Houston Rockets. Clutch Gaming has reportedly been pursuing both LirA and Hakuho of the former EnVy lineup, meaning Apollo would be joined by at least two former teammates on the roster.
Disappoints outside of wins
August 22, 2017
Apollo's scoreline read 11/13/36 overall by the end of NV's 2-3 loss to CLG on Sunday.
Apollo, whom many have been touting as a top-tier AD carry this split, didn't have the biggest impact in this series. He looked fine on Varus in the two wins NV got, but even then was fairly assist-heavy, going 0/1/13 in Game 3. Meanwhile, his losses were extremely rough, particularly his 1/5/9 Game 5 on Kalista. His positioning got him killed multiple times throughout the teamfights in these games, and while he did manage to take some focus off of Nisqy's Kog'Maw, his lack of contribution in fights was arguably the biggest factor in NV's loss in Game 5.
Puts up a hell of a fight in Game 2
August 7, 2017
Apollo finished 5/7/8 in NV's 0-2 loss to Cloud9 on Saturday.
There isn't much to be said for Apollo in Game 1, as his lane partner went down for first blood and C9 proceeded to steamroll NV. In Game 2, however, Apollo's Varus was instrumental to the lead his team found. He managed to not only acquire a large CS lead in lane, but also had the best kill participation on his team, from the AD carry role of all places. Still, this wasn't enough for a win.
Struggles to carry in series loss
August 5, 2017
Apollo finished with a 4/6/2 KDA in Team EnVyUs' series loss to Immortals on Friday.
Apollo's Xayah got off to a rough start in Game 1 as EnVy got slaughtered in an early 1-for-4 teamfight. EnVy's one kill in the first fight was first blood for Apollo's Xayah but couldn't get away after as IMT chased it down. He continued to be a solid source of damage for EnVy, but it wasn't enough late. In Game 2 Apollo drafted a strong late game champion in Tristana, but failed to make it that far. The laning phase went well as he built a small CS lead, but struggled to transition the lead into more during the mid game. EnVy again got destroyed in teamfights and all Apollo could manage was a lowly 1/2/1 KDA.
Fails to carry in loss
July 30, 2017
Apollo manages just a 1/4/5 KDA in Team EnVyUs's loss to CLG on Saturday.
Apollo never seemed to live up to the name of his position in this series. This was despite being on some of the highest damage champions in the game with Varus and Tristana. Although some of his problems can merely be chocked up to the fact that his team was just playing completely out of sorts all series long. Apollo farmed well in both games and put out good amounts of damage, but just never got over the hump to make a huge impact with his play. Simply put, EnVyUs needs much more from their AD carry in the future.
Solid Caitlyn performance to close out reverse sweep
July 24, 2017
Apollo finished with a 15/6/13 KDA in Team EnVyUs' reverse sweep of FlyQuest on Sunday.
In Game 1 Apollo put together a lowly 1/3/1 KDA performance on Caitlyn. He had an easy laning phase, but failed to get more than a CS advantage. In the second half teamfights, Apollo could barely get through the frontline as EnVy lost engages. In Game 2, Apollo got more aggressive on Varus on the laning phase, picking and winning a 2-vs-2 skirmish in the bottom lane and running away with a gold lead. Apollo had plenty of good protection in teamfights throughout the second half as he finished with a 4/0/4 KDA. In Game 3, Apollo returned to Caitlyn again ran away with a lead after an early gank got him kill participation on first blood. Apollo was crucial for EnVy in teamfights throughout the mid and late game as he led in damage dealt to champions on his way to finishing with a 10/3/8 KDA.
Enchanted Crystal Arrows on point in Game 2
July 17, 2017
Apollo finished with a 6/5/9 KDA in Team EnVyUs' 2-1 reverse sweep of Echo Fox on Sunday.
In Game 1, Apollo did a lot more dying than killing as he wasn't much of an impact in teamfights. EnVy struggled to coordinate its defense against Echo Fox's pressure and quickly fell behind in gold and objectives after a Baron power play at the 21-minute mark. Apollo and crew held on a little longer, but couldn't turn around the momentum. In Game 2 Apollo raked in assists from long range snipes with Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow initiated plenty of picks in the mid game. He picked up one of his two kills late as EnVy's Baron power play pushed to even up the series. In Game 3 Apollo stuck with Ashe and secured more kills, but there wasn't much teamfighting. Apollo finished with a lowly 3/1/1 KDA after securing first blood at the 16-minute mark. EnVy didn't have to secure many kills as Echo Fox ceded its base late, opting not to die trying to stop the Elder Dragon and Baron empowered pushed.
Struggled to kite out fights in Game 3 loss
July 1, 2017
Apollo finished with a 7/8/7 KDA in Team EnVyuS' series loss to Phoenix1 on Friday.
Apollo had a lowly 0/3/2 KDA performance on Xayah in Game 1. He did his best to stay safe in teamfights, dodging as much crowd control as he could with Featherstorm, but it wasn't enough as P1 was still able to take him down. Apollo picked up his play in Game 2 on Xayah as he finished with a decent 3/3/4 KDA. He got some early gank help in the laning phase and then rotated well with the rest of EnVy in the mid game as it ran up a lead in turrets. EnVy struggled to push its advantage late, but managed to win after punishing a greedy Baron call from P1. In Game 3 Apollo had a rough laning phase but managed to turn things around in the mid game. Apollo had plenty of protection in teamfights, but struggled to break through the frontline to take down the squishy damage carries. He finished with a 4/2/1 KDA in the Game 3 loss.
Chains of Corruption on point
June 6, 2017
Apollo went an overall 3/5/14 in Team EnVyUs' 1-2 loss to Team Dignitas Saturday.
Apollo started out the series on Xayah for Game 1, but after getting a pair of assists in an early counter gank, didn't accomplish much of anything. He was able to stay up in CS, but didn't translate it into anything tangible, so the gold went to waste in the loss. Switching to Varus for the remainder of the series, Apollo looked stronger. He continued to get CS leads, but this time he also landed some solid Chains of Corruption to help NV take teamfights. This contributed to an easy win in Game 2, and almost allowed NV to comeback in Game 3, if not for one last teamfight loss 51 minutes into the game.
Needs to widen champion pool going into the Summer Split
April 3, 2017
Apollo posted a 11/6/19 KDA in Team EnVyUs' 3-2 series victory over Gold Coin United on Sunday.
Apollo continued his Varus play, and he also continued his serviceable laning. He played Caitlyn in the final two games of the series, which was extremely varied in its results. However, Apollo farmed well regardless of the duo lane GCU would draft. His teamfighting wasn't anything special by any means, but it also wasn't bad. Apollo is a middle-of-the-pack ADC in terms of playmaking and teamfighting; this isn't necessarily an issue, but his solo lanes require jungle help in order to be relevant throughout the game. Due to this, Apollo's lane is sometimes left to dry. His main issues lie in early trading in lane and his potentially small champion pool. He only showcased two champions, and if he had been target banned by GCU, who knows if Apollo would have been able to be at least consistently average?
Mediocre as usual
March 4, 2017
Apollo ended Team EnVyUs' 1-2 loss to FlyQuest with a KDA of 7/4/17.
Apollo didn't look bad against FlyQuest Saturday, but he certainly wasn't anything special. He did grab a kill and an assist in the 2-vs-2 early on in Game 1 as Jhin, but this was largely a result of being up against the double-melee Nautilus-Mordekaiser lane. He struggle to be overly impactful later on, hitting decent ultimate shots but often being unable to step into auto-attack range at all as NV lost Game 1. Apollo stuck with Jhin for Game 2, and while his KDA was fantastic, his play was fairly average. He was able to pick up a plethora of assists early on thanks to a lot of action in the bottom lane, during which he was never under threat, but initiated no plays himself. Later on, he often wasn't even needed in the kills that granted him assists, and he grabbed three of his five kills as the game was ending anyway. In Game 3, Apollo had practically no impact on Sivir, ending the game 0/0/0 as FlyQuest took an almost perfect map to win the series.
Along for the ride
February 18, 2017
Apollo ended NV's sweep of Echo Fox with a 2/0/17 KDA.
As Apollo's support-like KDA suggests, he was not the main carry force behind NV's victory in this series. Still, he wasn't bad in this series in his two games on Varus. He maintained a minor CS lead over Keith all game long in Game 1, and put out decent damage in teamfights, but unfortunately his ultimates largely either missed or were more or less wasted on Gate. Nevertheless, NV took Game 1. Game 2 was a bit better for Apollo, as although he fell a bit behind early in CS, he caught up after a four-man gank for NV, and then managed to grow a decent lead as the game drew on. His ultimates were also more effective as NV took Game 2 to complete the sweep.
Good in Game 1, nonexistent in Game 2
February 18, 2017
Apollo earned a KDA of 6/5/9 in Team EnVyUs' 0-2 loss to Phoenix1 on Friday.
Apollo had a good start to the series on Varus, getting ahead of Arrow in the laning phase due to poor positioning from Adrian. Apollo hit his mid game powerspike with aplomb, but was unable to give NV a substantial lead despite dealing 42,500 damage to enemy champions. Even though Apollo finished Game 1 with a 4/3/6 KDA for 91 percent kill participation, NV couldn't close out the game, allowing P1 to swoop in and steal a Game 1 win in just under 57 minutes. Apollo hoped to turn NV's fortunes around with a Caitlyn pick in Game 2, picking up first blood at three minutes, but again couldn't capitalize on the early advantage. P1's comp scaled out of control for Apollo, who got routinely caught and picked off at the beginning of teamfights en route to a 2/2/3 KDA. Unable to deal any meaningful damage, Apollo merely watched as P1 took Game 2 in 29 minutes to close out the 2-0 sweep.
Stands by and watches TSM take the series
February 11, 2017
Apollo went 2/4/2 as NV were swept by TSM Saturday.
On Ashe for the whole series, Apollo made remarkably little impact for a champion with so much utility. He did manage to build up a CS lead over WildTurtle's Jhin in Game 1, but this was largely due to the advantage of having a ranged vs melee support. His only real positive play in the game came in the form of a double kill in the first teamfight, but he immediately followed it up by dying unnecessarily to a Jhin ultimate due to poor pathing choices. Meanwhile, his Enchanted Crystal Arrows were largely ineffective, and NV lost Game 1 in just 24 minutes. Game 2 was a similar story for Apollo, only without the relative early success. He went even in lane with WildTurtle this time around, and picked up a pair of assists rather than kills to go along with his two deaths, but otherwise played largely the same game as before, despite NV grabbing an early lead overall. Apollo did nothing to stop TSM as they completed the sweep.
Solid in lane despite loss
February 4, 2017
Apollo went 3/5/4 as EnVy were taken down by Cloud9 Saturday.
Game 1 started out frantically with a huge skirmish just three minutes in. EnVy lost this fight overall, and while Sneaky came out of it 2/0/1, Apollo did manage to come out of it with a kill for himself to start 1/0/0 on Varus. He even managed to keep up in Sneaky in CS despite the kill and assist deficit. Unfortunately, when it came to teamfights, Sneaky was simply more effective, as well as having the stronger team behind him. The same can be said of Game 2, where a four-man gank cost Apollo's Varus his life and turret. Once again, he kept up in farm, but could do nothing to stop Cloud9 from steamrolling their way to a sweep over EnVy.