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Signs with OpTic Gaming
May 7, 2018
Gate looks to be on his way to OpTic Gaming, as Jacob Wolf of ESPN esports reports that he will be signed as their revamped 10-man roster.
After LemonNation was released in March, OpTic Gaming had a bit of a hole in their lineup at the support position. That is looking to now be filled by Gate, who was last seen with Echo Fox last Summer. OpTic Gaming is surely hoping that Gate will bring a bit of a veteran presence to the team that struggled all throughout the Spring Season. Along with his signing, Wolf reports that OpTic will be running with a 10-man roster that will feature a heavy rotation of players between their Academy roster and main LCS roster.
Lone member of Echo Fox to play every game
November 27, 2017
Gate finished the 2017 NA LCS Summer Split with a 28/112/242 combined KDA.
Gate was the sole member of Echo Fox to play in all 43 games, culminating in an eighth-place finish during the regular season. Gate had the seventh highest kill total, fourth most deaths, ninth highest assist total, and eleventh highest KDA among North American supports. Gate will look to improve his fortunes heading into the 2018 season as Echo Fox are set to have multiple changes across their lineup in the new year.
Disengage falls short in series loss
July 24, 2017
Gate finished Echo Fox's series loss to Team SoloMid on Sunday with a 1/14/15 KDA.
Gate had a pretty poor KDA of 0/5/2 on Braum in Game 1. The gold race stayed close during the laning phase, but EF got desperate late and tried to quickly force a Baron kill. The call backfired, resulting in EF getting aced and TSM taking the buff. Gate could do little to stop TSM after that and opted to get a better early game support in the next match. In Game 2, Gate picked up Blitzcrank and used his early pick potential to the fullest as he roamed from lane and picked up assists. He continued to pull picks for Echo Fox as it ran up a lead in objectives. Echo Fox struggled to close out Game 2, but finally struck the killing blow with a split push. In Game 3 Gate drafted Alistar, but could do little to stop TSM from engaging. Gate often got singled out after Headbutting Galio away and finished with more deaths than assists. Echo Fox got run over in the late teamfights as TSM finished off the series.
Performance falls off after Game 1
July 17, 2017
Gate finished Echo Fox's 2-1 series loss to Team EnVyUs on Sunday with a 1/7/8 KDA.
In Game 1 Mash had a 1/2/5 KDA on Blitzcrank in Game 1, his best of the series. The bottom lane duo held its own during the laning phase and started to wreak havoc when it joined up with the rest of EF to take objective sin the second half. However, Gate couldn't continue his momentum on Rakan for the rest of the series. The laning phase of Game 2 didn't go well as he struggled to stay even in gold. When the map opened up, Echo Fox struggled to maintain vision control and got picked apart and fell into a gold deficit it wouldn't be able to crawl out of. In Game 3, Gate played better on Rakan, cutting down on his deaths but not really improving his amount of assists. Echo Fox struggled to find good engages and ceded over its base after EnVy secured Elder Dragon and Baron 38 minutes in.
Generally unimpactful
July 2, 2017
Gate went an overall 1/3/7 Saturday as Echo Fox triumphed 2-1 over Team Liquid.
There's very little to say about Gate's play in this series, largely because he barely played this series. To be fair, his low numbers are partially due to the passivity of Games 1 and 3 along with his team's brutal loss in Game 2, but Gate still had the least to do with his team's wins of pretty much anyone on the team. His Game 3 KDA of 1/1/4 on Tahm Kench may look more impactful, but he found all of those assists in the last minute of play.
Roughed up in series loss on Rakan
June 26, 2017
Gate finished Echo Fox's loss to Team SoloMid on Sunday with a 2/6/10 KDA.
Gate stuck with his Rakan pick throughout the series, but it didn't work out well for him. In Game 1 the laning phase went okay, but the mid game didn't as Gate got picked off. None of Echo Fox's engages went well except for one fight late. Other than that, Echo could do little to stop TSM from destroying its base. In Game 2 the laning phase was a disaster for Gate as he and Keith got destroyed in back to back 2-vs-2 fights. Echo Fox rotated around after but couldn't maintain control of TSM. After Echo Fox failed to contest Baron, TSM was easily able to finish off the series.
Solid performance on Sejuani in Game 2
June 5, 2017
Gate finished Echo Fox's series sweep of Team Liquid on Sunday with a 0/1/8 KDA.
In Game 1 Gate and Keith played safe early until they got assistance to push objectives. Team Liquid didn't put up much of a fight as Gate carried a 0/0/0 KDA until the 35-minute mark. He picked up three assists in Echo Fox's push to win Game 1. In Game 2, Gate busted out the off meta Sejuani support pick. He got ambushed early but overcame his early death by roaming from lane and picking up assists. He finished Game 2 with a solid 0/1/5 KDA.
Superb series over FlyQuest
June 4, 2017
Gate went 2/4/14 over FlyQuest in a 2-0 series on Saturday.
Gate started out the series on Tahm Kench, and ult'd with Keith's Ashe to get a pick onto Hai's Karma at 11 minutes. His ultimate uses continued to be good throughout the game, granting picks and positioning for Echo Fox in the win. Gate made the switch to Karma for Game 2. While it's difficult to make any huge plays on the champion, Gate did a solid job of shielding his team and ended the game with participation in 14 out of his team's 18 kills to take the series.
Unable to hold his own in series defeat against FlyQuest
March 27, 2017
Gate earned a series KDA of 0/7/7 against FlyQuest as his team was defeated 0-2.
Starting off the series on Lulu, Gate looked as though he was on top form, and would be able to defeat FlyQuest. After falling behind slightly, he was able to help his team find several picks on the enemy team, pushing them ahead in the game. This yielded a large amount of objective control that allowed Echo Fox to take control of the game. Unfortunately, a teamfight erupted that Gate was unable to keep his team alive in, allowing FlyQuest to take control of things. Shortly after, Echo Fox was defeated, allowing FLY to take a Game 1 victory. Game 2 saw play that was clearly affected by the previous loss. On Karma, Gate was unable to get anything done from the early game and continued to struggle throughout. Without a single kill or assist in the game, he was unable to even keep up on vision control, allowing FlyQuest to push an early lead and claim an uncontested victory. With the loss, Echo Fox was defeated 0-2 in the series.
Completely useless against TSM
March 20, 2017
Gate went 0/9/1 as Echo Fox lost to TSM on Sunday.
As his abysmal KDA demonstrates, Gate was absolutely no help against TSM on Sunday. Starting out on Tahm Kench, Gate failed to make use of his ultimate, with his one attempt at making a play only costing his team. He was also completely unable to save his teammates with Devour, as they always ended up falling anyway. He grabbed only a single assist in Game 1. In Game 2 he switched to Zyra, and managed to do absolutely nothing for his team. He finished 0/4/0 as TSM completed the easy sweep.
Can't make enough plays vs CLG
March 19, 2017
Gate was inconsistent with a 2/7/17 in loss to CLG Friday.
Like his teammates, Gate played much better in Game 1 than Game 2. He started the series going 1/3/12 which amounted to a solid 81 percent kill participation. His roaming and timing with Zyra snares and knockups were a big reason why Echo Fox could've easily won the series' first game. In Game 2 Gate selected Lulu and was much less successful as a playmaker as his kill participation fell to 55 percent.
Ineffective in Game 2
March 12, 2017
Gate went 1/8/21 as Echo Fox were swept by Phoenix1 on Saturday.
Gate started off the game by getting caught out by Phoenix's bot lane while trying to set up a gank for Akaadian. While Akaadian managed to secure a kill, first blood was given over to Arrow. Gate didn't have much of a say in the rest of the laning phase, as bot lane was repeatedly targeted by Meteos, but he did a decent job of providing support in teamfights, though it was ultimately insufficient. In Game 2, Gate's Malzahar struggled to make anything happen. He couldn't find many plays with Nether Grasp early on, and was caught out in later teamfights without accomplishing anything. Phoenix1 had no trouble winning late-game teamfights and completing the sweep.
Low production in series loss to Cloud9
March 5, 2017
Gate finished with a 0/6/7 KDA in Echo Fox's series loss to Cloud9 on Saturday.
Gate did his best to assist Keith and Froggen kite out fights in Game 1 as their frontline often got blown up. However Gate didn't get much in terms of KDA as he finished with a 0/2/2 on Karma. Game 2 didn't go much better on Karma, he managed to get more assists, but got blown up very easily in late game fights and finished with more deaths. Echo Fox struggled to coordinate teamfights well throughout the series and it cost them a lot of objectives, which eventually led to the loss.
Can't do enough in series loss vs Immortals
February 23, 2017
Gate earned a 2/6/11 KDA in Echo Fox's 0-2 series loss to Immortals on Sunday.
Gate struggled against Immortals on Sunday, but had a decent enough performance in Game 1 on Malzahar. After falling behind in lane, Gate was Echo Fox's sole means of finding a pick when his Nether Grasp was available, giving FOX a few kills but nowhere near enough to overcome Immortals' strong lead. Finishing with a 1/2/7 KDA, Gate couldn't do much to prevent Echo Fox from dropping Game 1 in 39 minutes. Gate's struggles continued into Game 2 where he got abused by Immortals pick composition. Repeatedly run down and stunned up by multiple members of IMT, Gate couldn't take advantage of his powerful Nether Grasp to find kills for Echo Fox without dying while the rest of FOX didn't deal enough damage to reliably close out teamfights. Posting a 1/4/4 KDA, Gate was a victim of an inferior draft and weak early game as IMT closed out a 27-minute Game 2.
Instrumental in Game 1 victory
February 14, 2017
Gate earned a KDA of 3/7/24 as Echo Fox took down CLG 2-0.
Echo Fox already had a slippery composition in Game 1 with Lee Sin and LeBlanc, and Gate's Tahm Kench pick brought it to new heights. Coincidentally, the former two were the ones to get fed that game for Echo Fox, which worked out brilliantly, as Gate was always there to Devour them out of danger. This allowed Echo Fox to play incredibly aggressively, netting them several kills and objectives off of dives. After two picks in the mid lane, Echo Fox ended Game 1 in just under 40 minutes. For Game 2, Gate went Malzahar, and took more of a backseat. His presence was still incredibly helpful, as his fed teammates had no hesitation following up on his Nether Grasps, but Gate was not the driving force behind Echo Fox's victory. Still, Echo Fox breezed their way to a 30-minute Game 2 win.
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