Branden Chen 
United States
Team SoloMid
Joins TSM Academy
December 18, 2017
Brandini has joined Team SoloMid to compete on the team's Academy lineup, the organization announced Sunday.
Joining his former teammate Grig, Brandini has signed with TSM to compete on the organization's Academy team. After joining Phoenix1 and competing in several of the team's regular season games, Brandini didn't see any play during the team's promotion Tournament games. Following his time on Phoenix1, Brandini joined Echo Fox playing for the team's challenger series team as well as playing with the LCS lineup. With several strong showings in the LCS itself, Brandini is sure to make up a solid addition to the lineup due to his wealth of experience.
Failed to perform well on Rumble in series loss
July 24, 2017
Brandini scored a 4/14/9 KDA in Echo Fox's series loss to Team SoloMid on Sunday.
In Game 1 Braindini had a rough outing on Rumble. He made it through the laning phase without dying, but got collapsed on in the side lanes and killed multiple times throughout the mid game. The Equalizer's he laid down were decent, but not enough to turn teamfights and only earned him a lowly 1/4/1 KDA. In Game 2 Brandini got the better split push champion in Camille. He died early, but started to pull it together with the rest of Echo Fox in the mid game. While TSM chased the rest of his teammates around the rift, Brandini was able to teleport and split push to win Game 2. Brandini went back to Rumble in Game 3, but against struggled in the 1-vs-1 in the side lane. He continuously got killed trying to stop Hauntzer;s Camille and had very little impact on the late game fights. He finished with a lowly 1/7/3 KDA in Game 3.
Lackluster performance in Game 2
July 17, 2017
Brandini had a rough Game 2 for Echo Fox on Sunday as he scored a 1/3/0 KDA in the loss to Team EnVyUs.
Brandini was brought off the bench for Game 2, but didn't fare well on Shen against Jarvan IV. Shen's recent buffs make it difficult to do much in lane without help and Brandini received very little early. He tried to make an impact with Stand United, but often cast it on allies that got killed before the teleport was completed. There were some good taunts with Shadow Dash, but it was too little too late as Echo Fox dropped Game 2.
Free Agent
Looking for offers as a free agent
November 22, 2016
Brandini confirmed on his Twitter that he is now a free agent looking for offers from new teams.
Brandini's announcement comes right around the same time that his teammate, Gate, announced his own free agency. Should the top laner leave the team, he will only have been with them for the one mediocre split that saw them finish in eighth place with a 5-13 record. The team defended its spot in the relegation tournament following the conclusion of the season, but Brandini instead does not appear to be back on the team . Given that he would prefer to stay in the North American LoL scene if possible, it will be interesting to see which teams may opt to bring in his services.
Subs in for Zig and delivers for P1
July 30, 2016
Brandini ended Phoenix1's victory over Envy Gaming with a 7/8/31 KDA.
Brandini had a superb showing for a sub who may not have had much experience playing with the rest of Phoenix. He played Trundle for all three games and showed a strong propensity towards split pushing. He performed well when he teleported into fights, even in their lost Game 1, Brandini made aggressive and successful teleport plays, such as coming into the middle of the fight at Dragon. He fell behind in CS in lane, but did not go down to harass and so eventually came into his own as a huge tank who could push Seraph around when he needed to. Since NV relied much more on Seraph's damage than P1 relied on Brandini's tanking, NV had to be constantly bringing Seraph away from the side lanes in case a fight were to break out while Brandini could simply continue forward and get structures for P1. In Game 1, he took an inhibitor, trusting that his team could handle NV's Baron attempt 4-vs-5. In group fights, Brandini understood mechanically how to tank, and often found his way into NV's backline to disrupt, though he was upstaged by Inori charging in and dealing most of the damage.
Brandini: Comes off the bench and fails to perform
June 14, 2016
Brandini ended Game 2 of Phoenix1's 0-2 series loss against EnVyUs with a 1/2/6 KDA.
Brandini's only outing in the series wasn't good for the substitute. Matched up against Seraph's Irelia in Game 2, who received an early Rift Herald buff, Brandini's Shen was unable to deal with Seraph's presence in lane, despite P1's efforts to kill Seraph. In teamfights, Brandini got poked down by LoD's Ezreal and Hakuho's Karma, and had to navigate around Ninja's Anivia and her zone control, effectively useless as he posted a 1/2/6 KDA in P1's 27 minute loss.
Brandini: Joins Phoenix1
May 31, 2016
Brandini has signed on with Phoenix1, and will have the opportunity to compete for the starting top lane position with the new organization, ESPN's Tyler Erzberger reports.
Brandini was a substitute for Apex Gaming throughout the Spring Split, but never made an appearance on the Rift with the team. He'll likely fill the same role with Phoenix1, however he could have the opportunity to start at the top lane position should zig struggle to gain his footing during his first season in the LCS.
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