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Clutch Gaming
Leads European mid laners in KDA
November 29, 2017
Febiven finished the EU LCS Summer Split with a 112/47/172 combined KDA.
Febiven helped H2K clinch a first-place finish in Group B during the regular season. He finished fourth in kills, third in assists, and had the lowest death total among European mid laners, culminating in him leading the role with a 6.0 KDA. Febiven finished the playoffs with an 18/19/15 KDA, dropping series to both G2 and Fnatic as H2K finished in fourth place. In the regional qualifiers, Febiven earned a 44/23/58 KDA as H2K came up just short, being swept by Fnatic in the regional finals. Febiven will start a new adventure in 2018 as he will join North America's Clutch Gaming for the 2018 season.
Heading to North America
November 24, 2017
Febiven has signed with Clutch Gaming for the 2018 season, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reports.
Given his contract expired with H2K at the end of the 2017 Summer Split, it made sense that Febiven would jump to a new, more lucrative region. This marks the first time that Febiven will move outside of Europe after finding the majority of his success as a member of Fnatic. Febiven joins a long list of European mid laners moving across the pond to North America.
Not returning to H2K for Season 8
November 21, 2017
Febiven announced on Twitter Tuesday that he is looking for opportunities in North America and Europe.
Febiven spent Season 7 on H2K, failing to make Worlds or win a domestic championship. He saw some success with Fnatic before joining H2K. He has showcased in the past that he can be an elite European mid laner, so his stock could be high based on what region he winds up in.
Carries Game 3 to close out series
September 9, 2017
Febiven finished H2K's sweep of Splyce with a 19/7/23 combined KDA.
Febiven used Cassiopeia in the opening two games, finishing with a combined 9/3/18 KDA. In Game 1 he finished with a 5/1/9 KDA, involved in 14 of 18 kills while finishing one kill short of the team lead. In Game 2, Febiven finished with a 4/2/9 KDA, involved in 13 of 20 kills and finishing with the second-highest kill total again. Switching to Syndra in Game 3, Febiven earned a 10/4/5 KDA. He was involved in 15 of 21 kills in the final game of the series, leading H2K with 10 kills to help his side advance to the next round.
Best player on H2k by far
August 15, 2017
10/2/15 was Febiven's overall scoreline as he finished off the regular season with a 1-2 loss to UoL.
Febiven looked fantastic in this series despite ultimately losing it, starting with his Game 1 on Cassiopeia. With no threat posed to him in lane by Exileh's Galio, Febiven simply free farmed early on, before getting involved in teamfights in a big way. H2k's strength in this game was their long-range engages, and Febiven followed up with not only great damage but also beautiful Petrifying Gaze stuns, sometimes onto multiple members of UoL. Febiven ended with a 7/1/10 KDA in the win. The next two games were pretty brutal losses for H2k, but Febiven still looked solid, as he went deathless in Game 2 and earned nearly as much gold as his counterpart in Game 3 despite his team falling drastically behind. He also managed to outfarm Exileh in every single game.
Assist-heavy performance
August 11, 2017
Febiven finished H2k's sweep of Mysterious Monkeys with a 3/1/13 combined KDA.
Febiven ended Game 1 with a 1/1/7 KDA as Syndra. He was involved in eight of H2k's 13 kills, but led H2k in assists with seven. In Game 2, Febiven earned a 2/0/6 KDA as Lucian. He was unkillable, but finished the game involved in only half of H2k's kills. He finished Game 2 with the third-highest assist total and tied for the third-highest kill total.
Destructive in the mid lane
July 28, 2017
Febiven ended Friday's sweep of Splyce with an 11/3/14 combined KDA.
Febiven ended Game 1 with a 5/1/3 KDA as Jayce. He was involved in just over half of his team's kills, but did enough to help them win the game by tying Nuclear for the team high with five kills. In Game 2, Febiven used Orianna to finish with a 6/2/11 KDA. He had 100 percent kill participation, snowballing from an early stage. He tied Odoamne for the game-high kill total and had the third-most assists as H2K closed out the series.
Punished for passivity in defeat to G2 Esports
July 24, 2017
Febiven earned an 11/5/15 KDA during H2k-Gamings defeat at the hands of G2 Esports.
There's few things more important than pushing your advantages from the mid lane, and that was where Febiven, unfortunately, failed during his match against G2 Esports. In Game 1, he not only held a CS lead over Perkz, but a scaling advantage as well, yet he and his team never found a way to leverage either. It's almost difficult to end the game as an incredibly farmed Kassadin with a low KDA, yet Febiven managed just that, as he scored a mere 2/0/3 KDA despite his absurd 371 CS. Game 3 was a similar story, though the fact that he was on a passive control mage, Viktor, rather than an aggressive assassin made it somewhat more forgivable. Game 2 was another story entirely, however, as Febiven's Syndra ripped the game apart in tandem with Chei's Thresh, and really demonstrated what the duo was capable of. Unfortunately, winning a single game isn't the same as winning a series, and if H2k wish to finally break into the finals of the EU LCS -- and make no mistake, this split is the best opportunity to manage that they've ever had -- then they will soon need to learn the difference.
Early errors go unpunished
June 18, 2017
Febiven earned a KDA of 9/3/13 in H2K's sweep of Vitality on Saturday.
Febiven went with Orianna for Game 1, and had a bit of an early fumble, dying in the 1-vs-1 for first blood against Nukeduck's LeBlanc. Luckily for him, H2K's other four members roamed about the map to create leads, freeing up Febiven to catch up in farm and scale into teamfights. Febiven didn't land any fantastic Shockwaves this game, but provided plenty of utility as well as sufficient damage in the win. Taking LeBlanc for himself in Game 2, Febiven started out much better, being gifted first blood at level 1 by Nukeduck's Ryze. However, despite following it up with an assist onto the enemy jungler, Febiven was once again solo killed by his lane opponent. Once again, thankfully, his teammates were in great positions to carry, and Febiven provided his share of the damage as H2K finished off Vitality 2-0.
Consistently takes over in the mid game vs Monkeys
June 6, 2017
Febiven earned a KDA of 8/4/15 on Saturday in H2k's 2-0 series sweep of Mysterious Monkeys in the EU LCS.
Febiven got on the global Lucian mid hype train in Game 1, though it took a while to get going. After killing Jisu's Galio around 14 minutes, however, Febiven picked up first tower gold for himself and snowballed ahead, getting far ahead of CozQ's LeBlanc. Febiven was relentless throughout the rest of the game, dealing massive damage en route to a game-high 25,600 damage dealt to enemy champions alongside a 4/2/6 KDA as H2k took Game 1 in 37 minutes. Game 2 saw Febiven pick up Viktor, where he again blew MM out of the water. After taking a kill and the outer mid turret near 11 minutes, Febiven was unstoppable, especially when given free kills by Jankos' Elise or Chei's Braum. Febiven might've had the most deaths on his team with two, indeed the only deaths H2k suffered in Game 2, but his 21,400 damage to champions and 4/2/9 KDA were more than enough to let Febiven carry H2k to a 2-0 sweep in a quick 27-minute Game 2.
Meets expectations with few setbacks
June 2, 2017
Febiven posted a 10/1/10 KDA in H2K's 2-0 series victory over Splyce on Thursday.
Febiven played a game of Viktor and a game of Orianna. His Viktor game was surprisingly good, not because Febiven cannot play the champion, but because Viktor hasn't seen much play as of late. He did have a back-and-forth lane against his lane opponent in Orianna, but he did excel in full-on teamfights and skirmishes. His Orianna game was mostly Febiven riding the wave that Jankos and Odoamne created, but there's nothing wrong with that. Overall Febiven did well, putting pressure on lane with Viktor, and clearing the way for his team to carry as Orianna.
Fell behind early and often in loss
April 11, 2017
Febiven posted an 8/10/6 KDA in H2K's 0-3 loss to Fnatic on Sunday.
The ex-Fnatic mid laner was probably expecting to come in and stomp his former team and the LCS rookie in Caps. Febiven didn't really do poorly in the laning phase, but he was very much outclassed by Caps' in teamfighting and pretty much every other facet of the game. Febiven needs to be able to adapt better against his lane opponents, but overall his team lost due to being outplayed in macro-play by Fnatic. That's not something Febiven individually can fix, but he does have the personality to rise and be a voice for his team when they are falling behind.
Solid on Syndra
March 25, 2017
Febiven went an overall 13/9/19 as H2K took down Vitality 2-1 on Saturday.
Playing Syndra for all three games of this series, Febiven remained solid all throughout, though he fell off slightly as the games wore on. In Game 1, he managed an early solo kill onto Nukeduck's Orianna for first blood and was subsequently targeted out by Vitality, giving up two deaths to ganks. Thankfully, his long-range stuns were still on point, and his ultimate put out plenty of damage as H2K took Game 1. In Game 2, Febiven found himself the target of more Vitality pressure, as he was killed by both the jungler and support during the laning phase. Unable to win out against multiple members of Vitality, Febiven could do little to stop his team from getting run over in Game 2. The deciding game saw a repeat of the Game 1 matchup in the mid lane, but to a different result. This time around, Nukeduck didn't just survive, but also took a significant CS lead over Febiven. However, due to superior roaming and his team being ahead, Febiven was still able to pick up kills and assists to keep his pockets full. He ended 7/3/9 in the eventual win for H2K.
Doubles up on Syndra
March 3, 2017
Febiven ended Thursday's sweep of Fnatic with a 7/3/7 KDA in two games as Syndra.
In Game 1, Febiven ended with a 5/2/5 KDA. He picked up a kill and an assist during the first teamfight of the game and three kills and an assist in the third teamfight. Two assists in the fourth teamfight followed and a kill and an assist in the final teamfight closed out the game for H2K. Febiven ended Game 2 with a 2/1/2 KDA. He picked up an assist taking out Jesiz in the mid game and grabbed a kill and an assist in the final teamfight. Febiven didn't need to carry Game 2 as H2K dominated Fnatic.
Inconsistent throughout series loss
February 27, 2017
Febiven earned a KDA of 8/6/9 in H2K's 1-2 semifinal loss against Flash Wolves at IEM Katowice on Sunday.
Febiven had a good performance in Game 1 on Azir, controlling the mid lane throughout the early and mid game. While H2K were unable to capitalize on their massive gold lead heading into the super late game, Febiven kept the Flash Wolves at bay with good uses of Arise! and Emperor's Divide to separate FW in teamfights. Finishing with a KDA of 2/1/4 for 86 percent kill participation, Febiven shined as H2K took a head-scratching Game 1 in 63 minutes. Taking Ryze into Game 2, Febiven looked shaky in the mid-late game, unable to move his team properly with Realm Warp and making plays that seemed panicked. Finishing with just a 4/3/1 KDA, Febiven couldn't do enough to stop Flash Wolves from coming back after a poor early game to take Game 2 in 45 minutes. Febiven continued his downward trend in Game 3 on Jayce, getting caught out around 20 minutes to give Flash Wolves free map control. While H2K punished FW's mistakes well, poor execution and lack of commitment from the European side hurt Febiven, who finished the 46-minute loss with a KDA of 2/2/4.
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