Andrei Pascu 
Plays whatever is needed
September 9, 2017
Odoamne finished H2K's sweep of Splyce with a 13/8/25 combined KDA.
Odoamne used Rumble in Game 1 to end with a 3/3/7 KDA. He was involved in 10 of 18 kills, but finishing with his team's lowest assist total and second-lowest kill total. In Game 2, Odoamne used Renekton and earned a 7/3/11 KDA. He was involved in 18 of 20 kills, tying Nuclear for the team-high kill total while also finishing with the second-highest assist total. For Game 3, Odoamne picked up Gnar and finished the series with a 3/2/7 KDA. He was involved in less than half of H2K's 21 kills but did enough regardless to help H2K push past Splyce and into the next round of the gauntlet.
Disappoints in lane
August 15, 2017
Odoamne went an overall 4/8/18 as H2k fell 1-2 to UoL Sunday.
Odoamne's Maokai shined overall in Game 1, as he was able to help his snowballing team with their long-range engages, which won them teamfights and the game. However, even in this lone win, Odo's laning phase was poor, as he was solo killed by Vizicsacsi's Cho'Gath. In Game 2 Odoamne looked better in lane on the surface, as he went up a bit in CS and dealt a lot of damage to the enemy turret, but given his advantage as Gnar against Cho'Gath, one would really hope for more, and Vizicsacsi was much more impactful outside of lane. In Game 3, Odoamne returned Maokai, and struggled largely due to his team's objective disadvantage. This was the primary source of Vizicsacsi's gold advantage on Shen, which allowed the latter to win the split-push, leaving few options for Odoamne.
Finds life in the top lane easy
August 11, 2017
Odoamne finished H2k's sweep of Mysterious Monkeys with a 7/3/13 combined KDA.
Odoamne ended Game 1 with a 5/0/5 KDA as Renekton. He was unkillable, finishing the game involved in 10 of H2k's 13 kills and leading the game in kills with five. In Game 2, Odoamne used Cho'gath to earn a 2/3/8 KDA. He was involved in 10 of 16 kills in the game, finishing behind only Chei in assists as H2k wrapped up a one-sided series.
Melts the competition
July 28, 2017
Odoamne ended Friday's sweep of Splyce with an 8/2/18 KDA in two games as Rumble.
Odoamne finished Game 1 with a 2/0/8 KDA. He was involved in 10 of 15 kills in Game 1, earning the third-highest assist total. In Game 2, Odoamne earned a 6/2/10 KDA. He was involved in all but one kill, tying Febiven for the game-high kill total. Odoamne was effective on Rumble in both games, using well-placed Equalizers and excellent area-of-effect damage to burn through Splyce in teamfights.
Spectacular in the split-push
June 18, 2017
Odoamne finished H2K's sweep of Team Vitality on Saturday with a KDA of 8/2/17.
Odoamne's Game 1 got off to a bit of a rough start, as he died in a 2-vs-2 fight less than eight minutes in. However, this was his only death all game, as he immediately bounced back and began picking up kills and applying split-push pressure. He never really caught up in farm to Cabochard's Renekton, but easily won the pressure war en route to a 6/1/6 KDA in the win. Odoamne switched to Shen in Game 2 and was equally successful on the tank. He took an early death once again, this time after assisting with a bot lane tower dive. However, once again this was his only death of the match, as he helped H2K dominate teamfights in the remainder of the game to go 2/1/11 and complete the sweep.
Strong tank play in big win
June 6, 2017
Odoamne posted a KDA of 3/3/20 in H2k's 2-0 win over Mysterious Monkeys on Saturday.
Odoamne did a great job of absorbing pressure from MM in Game 1, picking up an early assist around 10 minutes as Gragas. From there, while the monkeys kept things even throughout the early-mid game, Odoamne was a monstrous frontline presence, keeping H2k's double AD carry composition safe en route to a 2/3/9 KDA as H2k took Game 1 in 37 minutes. In Game 2, Odoamne was again busy in the early game, this time as Galio, helping Jankos' Elise pick up first blood before two minutes and then again just before six minutes. Roaming well, Odoamne helped H2k win a 3-for-0 in the middle lane at 12 minutes, snowballing them out of control. Odoamne's role was mainly to being utility and be a frontline beef, but a flawless 1/0/11 KDA showed how valuable Odoamne was to H2k's quick 27-minute win and 2-0 sweep.
Initial shortcomings followed up by dominant Fiora game.
June 2, 2017
Odoamne posted a 9/4/9 KDA in H2K's 2-0 series victory over Splyce on Thursday.
The first game of the series for Odoamne was far worse than his usual showing. He locked in Gragas, who has seen recent prominence in the lane. He was beaten in lane, and finished nearly 100 CS down. The mid and late game saw many whiffed Explosive Casks by Odoamne, who is usually consistent in bringing positive impact to H2k. Game 2, however, was a redemption game. He got a small lead early on as Fiora, and then abused it to finish the game 8/2/2. He likely could have posted a 10/0/0 KDA, but some reckless split-pushing and taking a 1-vs-3, and then a 1-vs-2, led to two unnecessary deaths. Overall, Odoamne looked unusually bad in Game 1, but his Game 2 dominance made up for that.
Falters heavily in tough loss
April 11, 2017
Odoamne posted a 1/14/5 KDA in H2K's 0-3 loss to Fnatic on Sunday.
The second best top laner, statistically speaking, looked quite outclassed by a laner who many began to consider "past his prime." Odoamne was abused for his overaggression time and time again throughout the series, and that took place on tanks and lane bullies. Overall, Odoamne had a bad series as Fnatic simply played extremely well compared to H2K in all facets of the game. There weren't really any bright spots for Odoamne and his team in this series, though. Maybe he should have tried playing more passively and accepting the fact that sometimes a a lane must suffer in order for his team to win overall. For someone like Odoamne who doesn't lose lane often, that trait doesn't get much experience to develop.
Lackluster in first two games
March 25, 2017
Odoamne went 3/5/27 in H2K's 2-1 victory over Vitality on Saturday.
Odoamne started off Game 1 on Nautilus by dying to two early ganks from Djoko's Rengar. This allowed Cabochard's Kled to start pulling far ahead in farm, and Odo's early Teleports were subpar as well. Fortunately, Odoamne's engage tools and tankiness were still of use to H2K in teamfights as they took Game 1. Odoamne first-picked Camille in Game 2, and once again fell far behind in lane, this time to the counter pick of Swain. He did manage the only perfect kill participation on his team, but this amounted only to three assists as Vitality smashed Game 2. On Shen for Game 3, Odoamne finally stepped up and made things happen, including a pair of early dives and a narrow escape from two members of Vitality. His ultimates and taunts continued to be on point all game long, as H2K finally took the game and series after repelling a comeback attempt.
Shows off the new super tank
March 3, 2017
Odoamne ended H2K's sweep of Fnatic with a 4/2/13 KDA in two games as Nautilus.
Odoamne ended Game 1 with a 2/1/7 KDA. He picked up first blood out playing a gank attempt in the top lane and grabbed two assists in the first teamfight of the game. Three assists in the third teamfight and a kill in the fourth teamfight followed, while his two assists in the final teamfight closed out Game 1. Odoamne finished Game 2 with a 2/1/6 KDA. He picked up two assists in the first teamfight of the game and an assist and a kill picking off Jesiz twice. He grabbed a kill and three assists in the final teamfight as H2K closed out the sweep.
Unable to make plays in series loss
February 27, 2017
Odoamne posted a KDA of 3/7/13 in H2K's 1-2 series loss to Flash Wolves at IEM Katowice on Sunday.
Odoamne had a decent Game 1 performance on Maokai, although he struggled to make plays work for H2K throughout a terse yet fruitless early and mid game. Helping H2K control the late game with a 2-for-0 teamfight and Baron kill at 45 minutes, Odoamne was a rock in extremely late-game teamfights, posting a KDA of 0/2/7 for 100 percent kill participation in a 63-minute Game 1 win. Taking Maokai again in Game 2, Odoamne helped H2K secure an early game lead, but H2K couldn't capitalize throughout the mid game. As H2K's carries struggled to deal meaningful damage, Odoamne's early lead meant nothing as Flash Wolves took control, forcing Odoamne to play on the backfoot en route to a 2/3/1 KDA. In Game 3, Odoamne's Rumble struggled early as Karsa's Lee Sin killed Odoamne around eight minutes for first blood. While H2K managed to secure a mid game lead, Odoamne wasn't able to deal enough relevant damage in teamfights, finishing a heartbreaking Game 3 loss with a KDA of 0/2/5.
Excels when ahead
February 25, 2017
Odoamne finished H2K's 2-1 victory over HKE at IEM Katowice with a 10/4/25 KDA.
Odoamne started this series out on Maokai up against MapleSnow's Nautilus. Not overly involved in his team's early game, Odoamne predictably went even in CS in the matchup. His late game teamfighting was solid, but unfortunately he had trouble staying alive, even on Maokai, against the fed Corki on the side of HKE, leading to a Game 1 loss. Games 2 and 3 were a whole other story, as in both games, one on Maokai and one on Shen, Odoamne received early pressure from Jankos. This freed him up to roam around the map and make aggressive plays, helping H2K snowball to two easy victories in two deathless games for Odo.
Fine display on Shen
February 22, 2017
Odoamne ended H2K's win over Hong Kong eSports with a 2/1/13 KDA as Shen.
Odoamne helped H2K get off to a hot start by picking up two assists during a four-man dive in the bottom lane and two assists during a five-man dive in the top lane. He was excellent in teamfights, frontlining with ease and picking up a kill and four assists in the first teamfight of the game and two assists in the second teamfight. His kill and two assists in the final teamfight allowed H2K to end the game.
Nearly unkillable frontliner
February 17, 2017
Odoamne ended H2K's sweep of Giants with a 6/2/21 combined KDA.
Odoamne ended Game 1 with a 2/0/15 KDA as Maokai. He picked up an assist on H2K's second kill and a kill and three assists in the first teamfight of the game. An assist on Flaxxish and two assists in the second teamfight followed, as Odoamne was able to set up kills throughout the game as an unkillable front line tank. In Game 2, Odoamne ended with a 4/2/6 KDA as Poppy. He picked up two kills during an early 2-vs-2 fight in the top lane and an assist in the second teamfight. He helped pick off Flaxxish in the mid game and grabbed kills in the third and final teamfights of the game to give H2K the sweep.
Nice play in top lane nets win
February 11, 2017
Odoamne posted a 8/8/14 KDA in H2K's win over ROCCAT on Saturday.
Odoamne started this series on Maokai and wasn't able to do much for his team. He got the first blood for H2K, but then ROCCAT got two kills to come out on top. From then on, he was abused quite a bit. He died a team-high four times in this game. Despite the somewhat poor play from the top lane, H2K was able to push for the lead in other lanes to secure the first win. Switching over to Rumble for Game 2, Odoamne played much better. Early on, he was a bit even in kills, but was up in CS against Phaxi. While he may not have had a ton of kills early on, he had a full item build from all the towers that his team secured. This allowed him to become a huge late game threat. His damage was able to turn the tide of battle in many of the late fights that H2K used to keep ROCCAT at bay for the Game 2 win.