Marcin Jankowski 
G2 Esports
Shines on support once again
July 21, 2018
Jankos' KDA read 2/0/11 as G2 took down Vitality on Friday.
Relegated to a support role once again as G2 opted to funnel gold into Perkz's Taliyah, Jankos had a hell of a showing on Shen. He was everywhere he needed to be in the early game, creating many of G2's early kills alongside Perkz, and he even survived G2's failed dive in the top lane. He continued to be a force on the frontline as the game drew on, consistently landing superb Shadow Dashes onto key members of Vitality.
Poor jungling results in loss
July 14, 2018
Jankos earned a 3/5/0 KDA on Kindred during his team's defeat at the hands of Misfits.
Although he claimed all three of his team's kills during their defeat, Jankos' play left much to be desired. After giving up first blood, he struggled to create any sort of a meaningful impact in the early game, giving up objectives and simply grouping with his team to abuse their power spikes. Though he was able to pick up the occasional kill, he could not capitalize on them nor assist his team in doing so. As the game got out of hand, he did little more than delay his team's deaths with his ultimate. Unable to shred the strong tank line of Misfits, he found himself victim to the enemy team's crowd control, allowing Misfits to turn the game on its head and take an unexpected victory.
Flawless jungling nets victory
July 8, 2018
Jankos earned a 8/0/9 KDA on Trundle during his team's swift victory over Team Liquid.
Although it took him a few minutes to get things going, Jankos had a flawless performance against Team Liquid. Getting off an early gank, he was able to help his team start building up a lead early. He immediately set his sights on neutral objectives, helping to buff his team at every opportunity. He then began isolating a single member of the enemy team. Seeing that the opposing top laner was going to be easy to kill, Jankos focused him time and again in order to pick up swift kills and quickly snowball his team's lead. Once ahead, Jankos simply had a stranglehold on the game. Finding the enemy team caught out over and over again, he was able to facilitate his team picking up multiple teamfight wins. In the meantime, he continued to focus on objectives, continuously picking up dragons and finally a Baron. With a huge lead, he had no trouble forcing Team Liquid to fight his team, giving G2 a teamfight victory and closing out the game in just 26 minutes.
Convincing play nets victory
July 8, 2018
Jankos earned a 8/2/11 KDA on Nocturne during his team's 45-minute victory over 100 Thieves.
From the very start of the game, Jankos had a strong performance that ultimately resulted in his team's victory. Ganking early and ganking often, he helped snowball his carries to early leads. Despite giving up an early dragon to the enemy team, he found leads elsewhere, controlling the game as soon as he hit level 6. Being a constant threat, he allowed the rest of his team the room they needed to take over the game completely. After bringing his team a macro lead through towers and ganks, Janks began to take over neutral objectives. Building up buffs for his team, he paved the way for the rest of his team to dominate in teamfights. As the game went late, Jankos' Nocturne ultimate was critical to his team's success. Allowing his team to isolate a crucial target allowed G2 to win back-to-back teamfights. As a result of his strong play, G2 found themselves with a 45-minute victory.
Shreds enemy in one-sided victory
June 19, 2018
Jankos earned a 2/0/10 KDA on Trundle throughout his team's victory over ROCCAT.
From the very beginning, it was clear that Jankos was the better jungler. Able to assist in picking up First Blood, he set his team up for success from the get go. He began playing aggressively after, outfarming his opponent and quickly joining his team. Thanks to Jankos' excellent play, his team dominated a skirmish in the top lane, securing four easy kills and snowballing ahead with ease. From then on, the rest of the game was simple with Jankos moving alongside his team quickly decimating the enemy team and structures. Not needing to focus on objectives, he simply walked forward with his team. After winning a final fight, he helped secure a 24-minute victory for his team.
Sacrificial scorpion
March 4, 2018
Jankos ended G2's win over Giants on Saturday with a 0/4/6 KDA.
Jankos' KDA on Skarner looks pretty rough at first glance, but it certainly doesn't tell the full story. Jankos managed to find an assist on first blood, and was important in late-game fights as well. In the mid game, Giants' peaking composition was often able to win fights, but in many of these they only found one kill and were left too injured to capitalize on it, giving G2 crucial time to scale up. Jankos was often the casualty of these exchanges and thus ended with a game-high four deaths. However, when G2's carries hit late-game status, Jankos needed only stand in front of them for G2 to take the game.
Beats out Wadid for team-high assist total
February 23, 2018
Jankos finished G2's win over ROCCAT with a 0/0/8 KDA as Zac.
Jankos ended the game involved in eight of 10 kills, leading G2 in assists. He was unkillable in the game, repeatedly setting up engages throughout the game to help G2 dominate teamfights. Jankos tied Perkz for the team-high kill participation after being involved in 80 percent of his team's kills.
Perfect engages outclass Gilius
February 16, 2018
Jankos finished G2's win over Vitality with a 1/0/10 KDA as Zac.
Jankos was involved in 100 perfect of his team's kills, finishing with a game-high 10 assists and one kill. Jankos was dominant in the game, perfectly executing multiple engages that led to G2 destroying Vitality in teamfights. After a week of smack talk from Gilius, Jankos proved to be way out of his opponents league en route to a near perfect win over Vitality.
Skarner pick doesn't pay off
January 26, 2018
Jankos finished Friday's loss to GIA with a 1/5/5 KDA as Skarner.
The surprising Skarner pick didn't pay off, but Jankos did finish the game involved in all but one G2 kill. He led the team with five assists, while tying for the third-highest kill total with one. Unfortunately, every time Jankos went to use Impale, Targamas used Devour to cancel Jankos' ultimate, saving Giants members repeatedly.
Unkillable during G2 debut
January 19, 2018
Jankos ended G2's opening day win over Misfits with a 3/0/13 KDA as Sejuani.
Jankos was unkillable during Day 1 of the European LCS as he helped G2 take down Misfits during his team debut. Jankos was involved in 16 of G2's 18 kills, tying Wadid for the team high with 13 assists. Jankos was excellent on Sejuani, locking down multiple members of Misfits in teamfights and pairing well with Wunder in the frontline, allowing his carries to safely deal damage.
Set to join G2
December 6, 2017
Jankos and G2 are finalizing a deal for the 2018 season, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reports.
Jankos has become one of the best European junglers during his time with H2K and is a good fit for a rebuilding G2 Esports. Jankos' aggressive style sets up well for his laners and the prospect of him and Perkz on the same team sets a good core for G2 to build around in the new year.
Free Agent
Middle-of-the-road statistics
November 29, 2017
Jankos ended the 2017 Summer Split with a 68/56/216 total KDA.
Jankos helped to lead H2K to a first-place finish in Group B during the regular season. He was fifth in kills and assists, had the third-highest KDA and second-lowest death total among European junglers. Jankos ended the playoffs with a 9/20/35 KDA, falling to G2 in the semifinals and finishing in fourth-place after falling 3-2 to Fnatic. He finished the regional qualifier with a 20/25/92 KDA, reaching the regional finals but being swept by Fnatic and missing out on the 2017 World Championships. Jankos announced he has left H2K once free agency opened and is looking for a new organization in 2018.
Leaving H2K after two years
November 21, 2017
Jankos announced on Twitter that he will be leaving H2K.
Jankos has spent the last two years with H2K, making Worlds in Season 6 and leading his team to a top-four finish. The jungler continued to be among the best in his role throughout Season 8, despite his team's shortcomings toward the end of Season 7. There is no indication as to where he will end up, but he is open to playing in all major regions.
Massive assist total
September 9, 2017
Jankos ended H2K's 3-0 win over Splyce with a 10/5/37 combined KDA.
Jankos used Sejuani in the first two games to earn a combined 8/2/25 KDA. He was involved in 16 of 18 kills in Game 1 while having an unkillable 6/0/10 KDA, and finished Game 2 involved in 17 of 20 kills with a 2/2/15 KDA. He was two assists short of the team high in the first two games as he was able to set up H2K for success. His Sejuani drew a ban in Game 3, so Jankos switched to Gragas and finished with a 2/3/12 KDA. He was involved in 14 of 21 kills, finishing tied with Nuclear for the second-most assists in the game as H2K closed out the series.
Shut down by counter pick
August 15, 2017
5/8/19 was Jankos' overall scoreline by the end of H2k's 2-1 Sunday loss to Unicorns of Love.
Jankos went with Zac for Game 1, prompting the surprise counter pick of jungle Poppy from Xerxe. However, Jankos was entirely unphazed, landing long-range engages to help his team snowball to a win, earning a 3/0/14 KDA in the process. However, as both junglers stuck with their picks for the whole series, things quickly turned against Jankos. Without the same dominant early game from H2k in Games 2 and 3, the Poppy pick was incredibly effective at shutting down Jankos' Elastic Slingshot, leaving him completely ineffectual.
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