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Mysterious Monkeys
Let go by Mysterious Monkeys
September 18, 2017
Amazing has released from Mysterious Monkeys, reports Adam Newell of Dot Esports.
After Mysterious Monkeys failed to stay in the EU LCS, the team has decided to let go of Amazing. Amazing joined the team after they lost the first four games of the season in hopes of somehow turning things around. That didn't happen, unfortunately, and the team was sent to the promotion tournament. The team failed to stick around, leaving the fate of the players in doubt. With his release, he is either looking for another shot as a player, or he may move on to coaching. No replacement for the team has yet been announced.
Decent kill participation in one-sided sweep
August 11, 2017
Amazing finished Mysterious Monkeys' sweep to H2k with a 3/6/7 combined KDA.
Amazing ended Game 1 with a 2/3/1 KDA as Rek'Sai. He had 100 percent kill participation on his team's three kills and finished Game 1 with a team-high two kills. In Game 2, Amazing used Gragas to finish with a 1/3/6 KDA. He was involved in seven of 11 kills, tying Dreams for the team-high assist total with six.
Unable to give his team an advantage from jungle
July 2, 2017
Amazing put up a 3/7/8 KDA in Mysterious Monkeys' sweep at the hands of G2 on Saturday.
Amazing tried his best to help his team to a win in this series, but it was always never enough. He seemed to make some strong decision on when to roam in both games, but he rarely found much help from his teammates. Sometimes this ended up leading to unnecessary deaths, but his aggression was a welcomed sight even if it didn't end up working out very well.
Heavily involved on Thursday
June 29, 2017
Amazing finished Thursday's sweep of NiP with a 7/4/16 combined KDA.
Amazing used Rek'Sai in Game 1 to finish with a 2/0/7 KDA. He was unkillable, using Rek'Sai to finish involved in nine of his team's 11 kills in Game 1. In Game 2, Amazing used Warwick to finish with a 5/4/9 KDA. He was tied with CozQ for the most kills in Game 2 and finished the game involved in 14 of his team's 18 kills.
Signs with Mysterious Monkeys
June 19, 2017
Amazing will lend his talents to Mysterious Monkeys, reports Thiemo Brautigam of Dot Esports.
The move comes as no surprise, at least to anyone who saw the player's tweet last week. Formerly a player for teams such as Fnatic, Origen, and Team SoloMid, Amazing brings a veteran presence to an otherwise inexperienced roster. Though his more recent LCS performances have been shaky at best, he may prove to be exactly what Mysterious Monkeys need to pull into the playoffs, or at the very least climb from their rock-bottom spot in the standings. Amazing joins alongside Fnatic Academy teammate Kikis.
Extremely strong play nets victory over Giants
April 16, 2017
Amazingx earned a series KDA of 13/4/21 in his team's 3-0 victory last weekend.
Starting things off on Rek'Sai, Amazingx was able to help his team claim a Game 1 victory against Giants. With strong early pressure, he was able to pick up the majority of objectives in the game, granting his team a large advantage. As the game went on, he was able to pick up a Baron and Elder Dragon, allowing FNA to win a final teamfight to secure the Game 1 victory in 40 minutes. Game 2 of the series saw an even strong performance as Amazingx found himself on Olaf, refusing to die a single time. After giving up the first two dragons of the game, he found the next three for his team. In between fights, he helped create pressure through objectives, taking three Barons in the 45-minute victory. With the series 2-0 and being just one win away from qualifying to the LCS, Amazingx defaulted to Lee Sin and had a strong performance yet again. With huge early pressure, he shut down the enemy jungler, picking up a large lead for himself and his team. Finding every neutral objective other than a single Baron in the victory, he was able to lead his team to a 34-minute victory, qualifying the team into the LCS.
Underperforms off Lee Sin in close loss
April 14, 2017
Amazingx posted a 12/14/33 KDA in Fnatic Academy's 2-3 loss to Misfits Academy in the EU LCS Promotion Tournament.
Amazingx played Lee Sin in four out of five games in this series, and had he played the champion in all five games, his team maybe could have won. He started off with a nice 5/1/6 KDA in Game 1, as he continually picked off CozQ in the mid lane all throughout the early and mid game. He went with a random Rek'Sai pick in Game 2, and did little else but die with the rarely seen champion. He went back to Lee Sin for the rest of the series and was fairly strong, with Game 5 being his lone lackluster performance. Neither he nor anyone else on his team could seem to make much of a difference in the game, which resulted in the Game 5 loss to drop the series 2-3. He should probably stay away from the Rek'Sai pick when they take on Giants in the final promotion game on Friday. If he does, he should be able to help push his team into the EU LCS this summer.
Moved down to challenger team
February 27, 2017
Amazingx has been moved down to Fnatic's challenger team, Adam Newell of Gamurs reported on Monday.
After a dismal performance through the first three weeks of the 2017 Spring Split, Fnatic announced that their embattled jungler would be taking a small "competitive break," opening the door for Broxah to fill in. The break proved to be costly for Amazingx, as Broxah has performed well in his place, with Fnatic winning two of the last three games. It seems unlikely that Amazingx will return to the main Fnatic roster this split, but crazier things have happened. More than likely, Broxah's play will dictate whether Amazingx will find his way onto an LCS roster, but this situation seems far from resolved in the long term.
Glass-cannon Elise doesn't pay off
February 3, 2017
Amazingx finished Fnatic's sweep to Misfits with a 3/10/3 KDA in two games as Elise.
Amazingx ended Game 1 with a 1/4/2 KDA as Elise. He picked up an assist on Fnatic's second and fourth kills of the game with his lone kill coming taking out Hans sama in the mid game. Amazingx went full glass cannon on Elise and lacked survivability in teamfights. Using Elise again in Game 2, Amazingx ended with a 2/6/1 KDA. He picked up first blood taking out Alphari in the top lane and a kill during a 2-vs-3 fight in the mid lane. His lone assist came in the second teamfight of the game as he was often caught out and killed quickly throughout the game.
Overcomes weak Game 1
January 27, 2017
Amazingx ended Friday's win over Giants with a 6/7/16 combined KDA.
Amazingx ended Game 1 with a 1/2/1 KDA on Elise. He was out-jungled by Memento, managing to pick up a kill during a four-man dive in the bottom lane and an assist on Fnatic's second kill. He struggled to create any pressure around the map, which forced Fnatic to fall behind in the mid game. Amazingx ended Game 2 with a 1/2/9 KDA as Rek'Sai. He picked up an assist on first blood and his lone kill picking off Hustlin in the mid game. He picked up an assist in the first teamfight of the game and three assists in the fourth teamfight of the game. His four assists in the final teamfight allowed Fnatic to tie the series at one. In Game 3, Amazingx used Kha'Zix and finished with a 4/3/6 KDA. He picked up an assist on first blood and picked off Memento for his first kill of the game. He grabbed a kill and two assists in the first teamfight of the game and two assists in the second teamfight. His kill in the final teamfight helped Fnatic close out Game 3 and take the series.
Moves to Fnatic for 2017 season
November 28, 2016
Amazing has joined Fnatic for the 2017 season, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reports.
Amazing moves with former Origen teammate sOAZ to Fnatic for the new season. Amazing was a critical part of Origen's rise into the European LCS and semifinal appearance at World's 2016, but also a part of their downfall during 2016. His play suffered mightily during 2016 leading to his eventually departure from Origen. Amazing will have big shoes to fill as Fnatic's jungler stepping in for Spirit as he looks to get back to his best in 2017.
Free Agent
Free agent after leaving Origen
November 9, 2016
Origen have announced that Amazing has left the team as rosters begin to reshuffle.
A huge part of Origen's success in 2015 and their failures during 2016, Amazing will leave after two years of being Origen's jungler. He was a main piece in the Origen lineup during their LCS qualification and Worlds semifinal run in 2015 and their struggles in 2016. Amazing's lack of synergy with his teammates was strange during 2016, considering the roster only replaced xPeke to start the year. Amazing is currently looking for a new opportunity for 2017.
Poor synergy with teammates major factor in rough split
September 23, 2016
Amazing finished the 2016 EU LCS Summer Split with a 74/98/181 KDA.
Amazing's poor synergy with his laners when looking for ganks was a major factor in a poor split for Amazing and Origen. He finished eighth in assists and fourth in kills, but was the second-most-killed jungler in the league. The fact that he had the fourth-highest kill total may sound good on paper, but Amazing finished 29 kills behind third-place Jankos, while giving away at least 24 more kills than the top three junglers. His poor synergy with sOAZ was particularly surprising throughout the split, as they had played together since the team's inception. Amazing and sOAZ were often on different pages, leading to the jungler failing gank and dive attempts in the top lane to give away deaths on what should have been easy kills for Origen. Amazing's best-played champion was Elise, as he finished 23/21/51 on the champion, but only won 50 percent of his games on the Spider Queen. With rumblings that Amazing may move away from Origen in 2017, a wait-and-see approach is advised when thinking about Amazing's 2017 outlook.
Excellent Game 1 trivialized by horrific showing in Game 2
August 2, 2016
Amazing had an on and off series against Splyce during which he took home a mere 4/5/6 KDA.
Game 1 seemed like it could almost be winnable thanks to the early pressure that Amazing provided on his Elise. While he didn't manage to get a decisive advantage over Trashy, he did find early kills that could have potentially let Origen stall out the game long enough to get xPeke online. Unfortunately, sOAZ's chain-feeding in the top lane made stalling out the game a non-option, especially considering xPeke's poor positioning made it impossible to rely on him as a damage dealer - a pretty big problem when most of the team was built to support him. Things took a turn for the worse for Amazing in Game 2, as just about the worst possible thing happened to him: He was killed before taking his first camp by an invade from Splyce's duo lane. Suddenly he was so far behind that his only objective was to survive the lane swap. While he never fully caught up to Trashy, he at least managed to match his level, though it proved pointless. Origen once again chose to rally round xPeke, and once again he proved to be not up to the task. With their carry too weak to actually carry, Origen seemed to be at a loss for how to win the game, and they walked around like headless chickens until Splyce put them out of their misery, taking the 2-0 victory in the process.
Un-impactful in another series loss
July 24, 2016
Amazing finished Thursday with a 1/7/5 KDA as Origen were swept by GIANTS.
Amazing lacked any real impact in Game 1 on Olaf. He struggled to make any early game movements to get his laners ahead as Origen fell behind. Origen were dominated in the mid and late game by GIANTS and Amazing ended the game with only two assists while dying twice. In Game 2, Amazing got off to a better start on Elise. He was able to kill SmittyJ for first blood, his lone kill of the game. It was a similar story in the mid and late game for Origen, however, and Amazing struggled to really set up kills, finishing with three assists and four deaths as GIANTS steamrolled Origen.
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