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Outscales his opponent
March 4, 2018
Shook ended H2k's Saturday win over Misfits with a 1/0/8 KDA.
On Sejuani, Shook's early presence wasn't as strong as that of Maxlore's Jax. This resulted in H2k failing to secure a single dragon or Rift Herald. However, this was largely to be expected, and Shook had a solid performance once H2k's late-game composition came online. Tankier and more useful than his counterpart in teamfights, Shook went unkilled while maintaining perfect kill participation to end a flawless 1/0/8 as H2k took the win.
Shook effect wears off
March 3, 2018
Shook ended Friday's loss to UoL with a 2/4/11 KDA as Sejuani.
Shook finished the game involved in 13 of 16 kills, tying for the second-highest kill participation total. He had only two kills, but his 11 assists were the second-highest total on the team. Shook had an assist on first blood, as he started the game well, before eventually succumbing to UoL.
Shakes things up for H2k
February 16, 2018
Shook finished H2k's win over ROCCAT with a 2/2/9 KDA as Zac.
Shook ended the game involved in 11 of 17 kills, ending with the lowest kill participation on the team. His four kills were the fourth most on the team, while his nine assists were a team low. That said, Shook had a good impact on the game, helping H2k claim objectives and dominate late-game teamfights, winning during his team debut.
Will start for H2k this weekend
February 13, 2018
Shook has signed with H2k, according to ESPN's Jacob Wolf.
Shook's signing is just the latest in a series of questionable roster moves for H2k, currently sitting dead last in the EU LCS. On the one hand, he certainly can't do much worse than Caedrel, who had zero impact when he flexed over to jungle last week. On the other hand, Shook seems to be joining a sinking ship with plenty of problems across the board. Shook was a decent player back in his heyday, but that was a couple of seasons past by this point. Shook might be an upgrade over a mediocre mid laner flexing over to jungle, but he probably won't be enough to fix H2k overnight, if at all.
Provides the crowd control throughout series
August 11, 2017
Shook ended Thursday's sweep of Fnatic with a 1/4/24 combined KDA.
Shook finished Game 1 with a 1/1/15 KDA as Sejuani. He was involved in 16 of his team's 19 kills, finishing with the second-highest assist total in the game. He was able to provide good pressure for his laners, setting up plenty of kills with Sejuani's crowd-control abilities throughout the game. In Game 2, Shook used Gragas to earn a 0/3/9 KDA. He was involved in nine of 12 kills, finishing tied with Profit and sprattel for the team high in assists. Despite picking up no kills in the game, Shook once again was able to set up a high amount of kills by utilizing Gragas' multiple crowd-control abilities.
Limited upside yet again
July 13, 2017
Shook finished Thursday's 1-2 loss to Vitality with a 3/8/12 combined KDA.
Shook finished Game 1 with a 1/3/3 KDA as Rek'Sai. He was involved in Vitality's first two kills and finished the game involved in four of his team's six kills. In Game 2, Shook used Kha'Zix to earn a 2/2/7 KDA. He was involved in nine of 13 kills and finished the game with the second-highest assist total. Using Kha'Zix again in Game 3, Shook finished with a 0/3/2 KDA. He couldn't replicate his Game 2 success, but did have 100 percent kill participation as NiP managed only two kills.
King of the early game
July 2, 2017
Shook went 9/6/13 as NIP fell 1-2 to Unicorns of Love on Saturday.
Shook's early presence in this series cannot be overstated. He played Games 1 and 2 on Rek'Sai, finding first blood and snowballing his top and mid laner respectively to get his team out to huge early leads. Unfortunately, in Game 2, NiP's lack of objective advantages helped bring the series to a Game 3. On Lee Sin for the deciding game, Shook was unable to participate in the first two kills thanks to his teammates playing well enough to get them by themselves, but he still played a part in half of NiP's six early kills. However, one bad teamfight cost NiP their entire lead, and from that point on UoL were in the driver's seat, resulting in a 1-2 loss for NIP.
Little impact in another loss
June 29, 2017
Shook ended Thursday's sweep to Mysterious Monkeys with a 4/5/7 combined KDA.
Shook finished Game 1 with a 1/1/4 KDA. He lacked any real impact in the game, despite being involved in five of NiP's nine kills in the loss. In Game 2, Shook earned a 3/4/3 KDA as Rek'Sai. He was involved in six of nine kills and led NiP with three kills in Game 2. He struggled to really get his laners ahead in the series, ultimately hurting NiP's chances at victory.
Plays well in Game 1
June 12, 2017
Shook ended NiP's sweep to G2 with a 4/5/10 combined KDA.
Shook used Zac in Game 1 to finish with a 2/2/7 KDA. He got NiP off to a good start, as they took a lead in the early game and through the mid game. Shook was involved in seven of his team's 11 kills, but dropped the deciding teamfight in the late game. In Game 2, Shook ended with a 2/3/3 KDA as Lee Sin. With G2 snowballing from an early stage, Shook couldn't really do much as his laners fell behind and never recovered, resulting in a one-sided loss.
Baron steals give NiP hope
June 8, 2017
Shook ended Thursday's sweep to Misfits with a 3/9/8 combined KDA.
Shook struggled in Game 1, ending with a 1/2/2 KDA as Kha'Zix. He picked up first blood in the ninth minute and had 75 percent kill participation in the game. Unfortunately, NiP only managed four kills, and Shook struggled to do much once his team fell behind. Shook ended Game 2 with a 2/7/6 KDA as Graves. He helped NiP prolong the game by stealing not one, but two Barons from Misfits in the late game. While this gave NiP hope, they struggled to successfully teamfight and were outclassed by Misfits in 5-vs-5 situations, resulting in their demise.
Rusty return to LCS
June 5, 2017
Shook ended Saturday's loss to Fnatic with a 4/10/10 combined KDA.
Shook ended Game 1 with a 1/5/4 KDA as Kha'zix. He struggled to do much of anything with NiP falling behind early and was afforded no opportunity to really carry or get his laners ahead. In Game 2, Shook used Lee Sin and finished with a 3/5/6 KDA. He played better in Game 2, which in turn made the game closer, but couldn't truly lead NiP to a win.
Likely to join Ninjas in Pyjamas
May 22, 2017
Shook is expected to take over as the starting jungler for Ninjas in Pyjamas, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reported on Monday.
Shook didn't take part in the 2017 EU LCS Spring Split after being released from Vitality late in the offseason. Given his unceremonious release from the organization, Shook should be motivated to prove he's still a capable jungler but it remains to be seen how he'll fit in with an entirely new roster. When at his best, Shook represented one of the best fantasy values at his position, but NiP will have to show their competence before Shook regains that title.
Free Agent
Absent from Vitality roster
January 5, 2017
The lack of Shook on Vitality's 2017 roster comes as no surprise given the previous announcement by Jacob Wolf of ESPN that GBM would be jungling for the team, not to mention the previous announcement that LirA was set to join the squad. The release of Riot's official contract database Thursday has confirmed this, as well as the fact that Shook is not currently on the roster of any LCS team. However, there are still missing spots on a couple of EU CS teams, leaving room for the possibility that Shook will make an appearance in the Challenger scene.
Called into action halfway through split
November 4, 2016
Shook finished the EU LCS Summer Split with a 37/36/106 KDA.
Playing in only 20 of the team's 36 games, Shook was recalled into the starting lineup in the middle of the season. He finished tenth in kills, deaths, and assists among European junglers. After playing well in the Spring Split, it was a bit of a surprise from Vitality that they opted to go with Korean jungler Mightybear at the start of the Summer Split. Things didn't work out as they'd hoped, and Shook was recalled to replace Mightybear. Shook's best-played champion was Gragas, going 5-1 with a 13/12/53 KDA. He couldn't replicate his success on Gragas on any other champion however, winning only four other games on five other champions in the split. Shook gave Vitality a small boost once returning and should maintain a starting position heading into 2017 as Vitality will look to rebound from a disappointing split.
Racks up the assists in Game 2 win
July 31, 2016
Shook ended Vitality's series split against G2 with a 4/4/18 KDA.
Shook's series was pretty much just night and day when Vitality took on G2. For most of the game, he kept almost dead even with Trick in terms of CS. This whole game was a very slow affair, with neither team really taking much of a lead until the last few minutes of the game. He was unable to hold up under the force of a four-for-one teamfight that went in favor of G2 and ultimately locked up the game for Vitality. Shook was really unable to do much of anything to really help his team in this game. Game 2 was a completely different story, though. He went with Gragas in the second game and came on much stronger than he did in the opening game. His Explosive Casks were always right on time to help his team get an advantage in fights. Whereas Trick took the more offensive approach to the game, Shook was content to play a more passive role and just aid his teammates in getting kills. It seemed to work out well for him as he ended with a 90 percent kill participation and a 4/1/15 KDA.
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