Mateusz Szkudlarek 
Mysterious Monkeys
Strong play in Game 2 not enough
August 11, 2017
Kikis ended Friday's sweep to H2k with a 3/5/6 combined KDA.
Kikis finished Game 1 with a 0/3/1 KDA as Gragas. He was involved in one of his team's three kills, as H2k took a clean Game 1. In Game 2, Kikis used Trundle to earn a 3/2/5 KDA. He was involved in eight of 11 kills, finishing with the second-highest kill and assist totals on the team.
Fails to do much of anything on Camille
July 2, 2017
Kikis misused his champion pick to the tune of a lackluster 4/7/7 KDA in Mysterious Monkeys' 0-2 loss to G2 Esports.
Kikis was on Camille in both games of the series and it amounted to nothing more than a series of monumental miscues. Not only did he give up deaths without using his Flash, but he failed to dive on the backline in fights, which is a staple of Camille. He basically never seemed to use the champion to her fullest to give his team a way into the game. Even when in a 3-vs-1 scenario with his ultimate used, he still was unable to come away with a kill. His splitpush also left a lot to be desired, which essentially removed all of the positives a Camille normally has.
Thrives with unique pick
June 29, 2017
Kikis finished Thursday's sweep of NiP with a 3/3/14 combined KDA.
Using Mordekaiser in Game 1, Kikis earned a 2/2/5 KDA. He was involved in seven of NiP's 11 kills providing excellent pressure across the map with Mordekaiser. In Game 2, Kikis used Gragas to finish with a 1/1/9 KDA. He picked up first blood outplaying a 1-vs-2 fight in the top lane and was involved in 10 of Mysterious Monkeys' 18 kills in Game 2.
Joins Mysterious Monkeys
June 19, 2017
Kikis has signed on with Mysterious Monkeys, Thiemo Brautigam of Dot Esports reports.
Riot's player contract database has now confirmed what the player's tweet from last week had already hinted at, as it seems Kikis has joined Mysterious Monkeys alongside Fnatic Academy teammate Amazing. Kikis originally played in the LCS with Unicorns of Love before helping G2 Esports (at the time branded as Gamers2) qualify for the LCS and subsequently win the Spring Split. His career has been a fairly successful one as both a jungler and a top laner, and he may prove to be just what the doctor ordered for Mysterious Monkeys. At the very least, the move should help to reinforce the mostly green roster with a more veteran presence.
Dominant play results in LCS promotion
April 16, 2017
Kikis earned a series KDA of 11/4/19 in FNA's 3-0 victory over Giants.
Kikis had an extremely strong performance throughout his team's series domination over Giants. He started off Game 1 with a strong showing on Gragas, finding an early leading and running with it. As the game came down to skirmishes and teamfights, he was consistently able to find his way onto the enemy backline, allowing his team to take fights easily, resulting in a 40-minute Game 1 victory. Game 2 saw Kikis on Camille, playing more aggressively and once again finding success. After finding a large early lead in lane, he once again dominated teamfights, locking down key members of Giants to allow his team to snowball their huge lead into a 44-minute victory. Just one win away from the LCS, Kikis found himself on Fiora, earning a extremely strong 7/1/6 KDA. From the very start of the game he was able to find an advantage, giving his team the perfect opportunity to take the game. After dominating his lane opponent, he destroyed the enemy in teamfights, carrying all the weight of his team. After several victorious teamfights, he was able to close out the game in just 34-minutes for his team, promoting Fnatic Academy to the LCS.
Fails to show up when it matters most in loss
April 14, 2017
Kikis went 13/9/25 in Fnatic Academy's 2-3 loss to Misfits Academy in the EU LCS Promotion Tournament.
Kikis played pretty well in this series, but failed to really show up in two key games that could have turned the series in his team's favor. He started off with a nice 4/0/4 KDA on Akali in Game 1, but then switched to Fizz in Game 2 and went just 1/3/5. The two games were a stark contrast to one another, as he was unable to perform well with the recently buffed Fizz. He brought out a pocket Jarvan IV pick in Game 3 and, despite the loss, he played very well on the champion. He posted an impressive 8/4/5 KDA in the close loss. He went with Gragas in Game 4 and was a nice frontline presence for his team. He didn't get any kills, but he managed to stay alive the entire game while adding in eight assists to push his team into a Game 5. He stuck with Gragas, but couldn't manage to show up in a major way in the game. He went just 0/2/5, as no one on his team really showed up to get the win. They will have one more shot at cracking into the LCS when they take on Giants on Friday.
Unable to provide spark for Fnatic after joining mid-split
September 19, 2016
Kikis ended the EU LCS Summer Split with a 52/35/84 KDA splitting time between G2 eSports and Fnatic.
Playing in only 17 of 32 games, Kikis finished 10th in kills, 11th in assists and 11th in deaths amongst EU LCS top laners. Kikis started the split looking to help G2 to back to back EU LCS titles, but after a timeshare occurred between himself and Expect, Kikis decided to step down, eventually moving onto Fnatic. Replacing Gamsu, Kikis was unable to really provide a spark in the top lane for Fnatic. His best performances in the Summer Split came during two games as Fizz, ending with a 8/1/15 KDA on the champion. His most played champions included Irelia and Gnar. Kikis struggled mightily in Fnatic's playoff series, ending with a 1/10/3 KDA as Fnatic were swept from the playoffs. Kikis will look to return to his Spring Split form during the 2017 season.
Lacks impact during sweep to H2K
August 16, 2016
Kikis ended Tuesday with a 1/10/2 KDA as Fnatic were swept in the quarterfinals of the EU LCS playoffs.
Kikis was destroyed in Game 1 finishing with a 0/5/0 KDA on Gangplank. He was killed to give away first blood during a gank from Jankos and was solo killed three times by Odoamne while being bullied by the H2K top laner the entire game. This caused him to fall behind in CS and Kikis never scaled into a threat at any point in the game. In Game 2, Kikis again lacked impact on Gnar, finishing with a 0/2/1 KDA. He was able to generate a small CS lead over Odoamne early, but struggled to transition it into any pressure or advantage on the map. With Fnatic again falling pretty far behind, he was unable to turn the tides in teamfights, picking up only one assist and nothing else. In Game 3, Kikis moved back to Gangplank and again lacked influence. He picked up an assist on Fnatic's first kill and a kill in the second teamfight of the game to allow Fnatic to secure the Baron. He finished Game 3 with a 1/3/2 KDA, but the story of the series was his real lack of impact in teamfights for Fnatic throughout the series.
Holds the line for Rekkles in Game 1 victory against ROCCAT
August 3, 2016
Kikis put in a 2/1/12 KDA during Fnatic's win in Game 1 against ROCCAT.
Kikis once again proved himself as one of the foremost top-lane threats in Europe against ROCCAT. The early lane swap kept his Shen away from the dangerous Gnar matchup, and it proved an excellent plan, as Parang's Gnar wouldn't build particularly aggressively early on, and thus forfeited the chance to bully Kikis in lane. Kikis would fall behind in CS, an inevitability in the matchup, but it was not a harsh deficit at all. Where Kikis truly excelled was in using his ultimate to defend his allies across the map. Stand United completely negated an early four-man dive onto Febiven. The momentum lost gave Fnatic a great advantage as they waited for Rekkles to scale up on his Kog'Maw, and once he had done so, the rest of the game was a mere formality as Fnatic started off the series with a win.
Unable to make mega plays
July 22, 2016
Kikis finished Fnatic's loss to Splyce with a combined 3/5/4 KDA in two games on Gnar.
In Game 1, Kikis was able to get off to a strong start, picking up first blood by killing Kobbe. Fnatic got off to an excellent start and Kikis was a big reason why, picking up assists on the second and third Fnatic kills of the game. Splyce slowly worked their way back into the game and won the game's fourth teamfight. Despite losing the teamfight, Kikis was able to pick up a double kill. He was however, unable to do much for Fnatic in the late game as Splyce outscaled Fnatic to a victory. In Game 2, Kikis was mostly anonymous. He wasn't able to do anything outside of dying once, ending with no kills or assists as Fnatic were beaten cleanly.
Superb play in tie with Schalke
July 16, 2016
Kikis went 5/3/5 against Schalke as Fnatic split the series.
Kikis has so far proven to be quite the strong addition to Fnatic, putting up a second great series in his debut week with the team. Game 1 saw Kikis' Gnar solo killing Steve's Jax for first blood in lane, the only kill that would happen for the first 26 minutes. Unfortunately, Fnatic's questionable Baron start at that time caused them to lose three members and most of their lead, allowing Schalke back into the game. While Kikis wasn't exactly bad in the following teamfights, he wasn't great either, landing only passable GNAR!!!'s. More importantly, he was unable to protect his back line from the Teleport flanks of Schalke, and as such, Fnatic lost the fights and the game. In Game 2, Kikis once again soloed Steve for first blood, this time on Irelia against Gangplank. This time, however, Kikis was able to translate his advantage into much more, as Fnatic were able to dive and split push their way to victory. A few silly mistakes cost Kikis and Fnatic a couple of deaths, but these only slowed them down as they took the win to tie the series.
Excellent in Fnatic debut
July 16, 2016
Kikis made his debut with Fnatic with an 11/3/7 KDA during Thursday's sweep of H2K.
Kikis helped Fnatic win Game 1 on Irelia. He got off to a slow start, being dove on in the top lane to give away first blood, but bounced back nicely. He was able to pick up two assists in the first teamfight of the game to give Fnatic the lead, and his kill in the final teamfight helped Fnatic close a quiet Game 1. Kikis saved most of the action for Game 2, dominating on Gnar. He picked up first blood by solo killing Odoamne and was able to solo kill the H2K top laner again in the mid game. He was excellent for Fnatic in teamfights, picking up kills in multiple teamfights to finish with a game-high 10 kills. His use of GNAR!! in teamfights also helped set up kills for others as Fnatic destroyed H2K in Game 2.
Moves to Fnatic for remainder of split
July 12, 2016
Kikis played a huge part in helping G2 from the EU Challenger Series in 2015 to becoming champions of the EU LCS in the 2016 Spring Split, managing to maintain an incredibly high level of performance despite switching roles at the beginning of G2's LCS split. Earlier in the Summer Split Kikis stepped down from the G2 starting roster after they announced that he would be splitting games with their new acquisition, Expect. Kikis' penchant for playing tank champions and not needing a ton of attention in his lane should fit in well with a Fnatic squad that used Gamsu in a similar role. Rather than Gamsu's mediocrity, though, Kikis has often proven himself of thriving in such situations, and his notable solo kills against Gamsu the last time these two teams met in playoffs speak volumes about the upgrade that Fnatic can expect this to be.
Kikis: Subbed out for Expect after strong showing in Game 1
June 15, 2016
Kikis earned a 4/4/8 KDA in G2's series split against ROCCAT.
Kikis' Irelia was first picked by his team and proved to be a very strong pick in the latter half of Game 1. He fell behind early from Airwak's ganks on Kindred, putting him in a slight disadvantage against Parang's Trundle. Despite falling slightly behind early, he won a 1-vs-1 fight against Parang and later became a major threat, able to deal with Raise' Zyra initiations as well as keeping other damage dealers from ROC out of the fight. Despite the solid performance, he was subbed out for Expect in Game 2 of this series.
Kikis: Shows off carry potential on Irelia
June 10, 2016
Kikis ended G2's sweep of Splyce with a combined 8/4/13 KDA.
Kikis picked up Irelia in Game 1 and used the champion well despite giving up first blood. He solo killed Wunder moments after giving up first blood and combined his stun well with Trick early in the game. He was able to split push after G2 secured Baron and picked up a double kill in the final teamfight of the game. He used Irelia again in Game 2 and picked up multiple kills. G2 dominated Splyce as Kikis showed off his ability on a non-tank champion.
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