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EDward Gaming
Bounces back from Tuesday's rough performance
June 29, 2018
Clearlove finished EDG's sweep of TOP with a 6/3/29 combined KDA.
Clearlove ended Game 1 with a 3/1/10 KDA as Olaf. He was involved in 13 of 15 kills, ending the game with the third-highest kill total and second-highest assist total in the opening game. In Game 2, Clearlove played Sejuani and earned a 3/2/19 KDA. He was involved in 22 of 24 kills, leading EDG with 19 assists to close out the series. Clearlove was involved in a team-high 35 kills, leading EDG with 29 assists.
Feeds in Game 1 before being benched
June 26, 2018
Clearlove finished EDG's Game 1 loss to Snake with a 0/5/1 KDA as Braum.
Clearlove struggled to really get anything going as EDG failed to execute the funnel strategy they went for. He was involved in one of two kills, but tied for the team high death total as well. Clearlove was subbed out in favour of Haro for Game 2.
Dominates in crushing win over C9
October 16, 2017
Clearlove finished Sunday's win over Cloud9 with a 7/2/13 KDA as Jarvan IV.
EDG needed to get off to a good start after an 0-3 Week 1 and Clearlove helped them dominate C9. He was involved in 20 of 22 kills, finishing with his team's second highest kill total and tying for the second-highest assist total. His strong Jarvan play allowed EDG to snowball in nearly every lane and dominate teamfights.
Crumbles in the late game
October 6, 2017
Clearlove ended EDG's Friday loss to SKT with a 2/3/11 KDA as Rek'sai.
Clearlove found success early, camping Faker to get Scout ahead in the early game. He was involved in 13 of 17 kills for EDG, finishing with the team's second highest assist total. His strong early game got EDG out to a great start, but he crumbled late as SKT scaled and took control of the game late.
Finds his groove late in the series
September 2, 2017
Clearlove ended EDG's reverse sweep of RNG with a 9/15/37 combined KDA.
Clearlove used Jarvan IV in the first three games of the series, eclipsing his entire Summer Split number of games played on the champion. He finished the first three games with a 3/10/20 KDA on Jarvan IV, but most of his stats came in the Game 3 win where he finished with a 1/2/10 KDA. Clearlove used Rek'Sai in Game 3, ending with a 0/3/8 KDA and closed out the series with an excellent performance on Sejuani, where he finished with a 6/2/9 KDA in the final game. Clearlove was involved in 46 of his team's 60 kills, leading EDG with 37 assists across the five games.
Unable to bring his team back in series defeat
August 21, 2017
Clearlove7 earned a 2/4/6 KDA on Jarvan in his team's Game 2 defeat against IG.
After being substituted in during his team's poor showing, Clearlove7 had a decent performance but struggled to have a meaningful impact. Finding himself on Jarvan, he picked up a couple of early kills for his team, but he couldn't make anything of it. As the enemy jungler outperformed him in every way, he had no way to bring his team into the game. As things fell further out of control, he could not help his carries back into the game. As a result, EDG was defeated in 29-minute, securing their 0-2 loss in the series.
Impresses on Evelynn to start off series sweep
August 13, 2017
Clearlove7 earned a 4/3/24 KDA throughout his team's 2-0 sweep over DAN.
Picking Evelynn in Game 1, Clearlove7 caught fans and the enemy team off guard with the surprise pick. Despite being seen as a relatively low power champion, he had no trouble dominating from the get-go, never stopping his aggressive play. After picking up early kills, he amassed enough items to become a giant damage threat, working in conjunction with his team to isolate key targets and kill them quickly, giving EDG full control of the game. The result was a convincing 35-minute victory to start off the series. Game 2 saw a completely different style from Clearlove7 who got his hands on Maokai and found an early game lead once again. With the lead, he became extremely tanky after finding the rest of his team leads of their own. Forcing fights, he allowed his team to close out the game swiftly, taking a 27-minute victory to close out the game, securing the series sweep 2-0.
Magnificent Maokai
August 7, 2017
Clearlove went 4/0/15 in EDG's sweep of I May on Saturday.
Clearlove stuck with Maokai in both games of this series, and it wasn't hard to see why. The champion's point-and-click crowd control gave Clearlove an easy tool to get his teammates ahead early, and he scaled into a literally unkillable frontliner for his team. His strength was best expressed in the Game 2 five-man tower dive that got EDG the game's first three kills.
Strong showing on tanks
July 24, 2017
Clearlove posted a 2/3/7 KDA in EDward Gaming's 0-2 series loss to Suning Gaming on Sunday.
Clearlove played a game of Sejuani and a game of Rek'Sai. Both of his games were pretty solid in terms of him filling his role as a tank (and more of a bruiser in Game 2). He did generally did well when it came to securing neutral objectives, but that didn't stop his team's horrible macro play. There wasn't anything special in Clearlove's performance here, but it is concerning how weak EDG's macro play looked -- that partially falls on Clearlove, since he is a top-tier veteran jungler for the team.
Strong Sejuani play results in series sweep
July 20, 2017
Clearlove7 finished EDG's 2-0 victory with a combined KDA of 6/2/23 over two Sejuani games.
Picking Sejuani in both his team's games against JDG, Clearlove had a dominant performance that net his team a convincing 2-0 series victory. In Game 1, he was able to repeatedly gank mid lane, setting his opponent extremely far behind while simultaneously bringing his team a huge lead. This paid off, as he was able to couple his area of effect spells with his mid laners in teamfights, taking convincing victories to close out Game 1 with ease. Game 2 went in a similar fashion, as Clearlove was again was able to find an early lead. Despite his team losing the upper hand for part of the early game, he was able to control teamfights with his massive crowd control. In doing so, he opened up the game for his carries to take over, netting a 30-minute victory and securing the 2-0 sweep in the series.
Brings out the Clearlove Special in loss
July 6, 2017
Clearlove earned a 3/3/9 KDA during Edward Gaming's narrow defeat at the hands of Samsung.
Let it never be said that Clearlove isn't a crowd pleaser. Despite facing a team that many would consider a top-three team in the world, Clearlove locked in his trademark Evelynn for the first match of Rift Rivals, and he put on quite a show with it, at least in the early game. His clever jungle pathing put him right where Samsung never expected him to be early on in the game: directly behind Ruler and CoreJJ, both of whom died in the first gank of the game and gave Clearlove a decisive advantage over Ambition. Unfortunately, that's about where Clearlove's success ended, as he promptly died trying to gank Crown in the mid lane thanks to Syndra's outstanding burst damage. The death completely stalled Clearlove's snowball, and while he did succeed in helping his team get some excellent picks in the mid game, he too would fall prey to CuVee's insane late game. Evelynn can do quite some damage to an immobile ADC like Ruler's Varus come the late game, but she can't do that when she's been slammed into a wall, which is exactly what happened in all of the most critical teamfights in the late game.
Up-and-down performance results in substitution for Game 5
April 28, 2017
Clearlove finished EDG's series victory over OMG with a series KDA of 10/9/19.
Throughout the series against OMG, Clearlove had a decent performance, but nothing extremely impressive. He started things off with a Rek'Sai game, having a decent impact in the early game that allowed his carries to scale and pick up a Game 1 victory. Picking Kha'Zix in Game 2, he opted for a more aggressive style that allowed him to find even more of an advantage for himself, though he was unable to pick anything up for the rest of his team. Getting outscaled, he was unable to bring his team back in the Game 2 defeat. He bounced back in Game 3, picking up Rek'Sai once again and repeating his Game 1 performance and decimating his opponents. Picking up another swift victory, he gave his team a 2-1 lead in the series. Game 4 did not go in his favor, however, picking up Elise and struggling to get things done at the same pace as the enemy jungler. The result was OMG eventually being able to outscale EDG, tying the series 2-2. Due to the loss, EDG subbed out Clearlove for Game 5.
Roughed up in Game 3
March 25, 2017
Clearlove earned a 1/4/1 KDA when he subbed in for EDG's Game 3 loss to I May on Friday.
Clearlove was subbed in for Game 3 against EDG, but wasn't able to make much of an impact. He held a CS lead in lane, but he failed to make successful ganks or secure any neutral objectives. EDG fell behind and got slaughtered in teamfights throughout Game 3 as it lost 17 kills to four.
Not starting for EDG during first game of LPL season
January 20, 2017
Clearlove did not start for EDG during their opening series Friday against Vici Gaming.
Not much is known about the decision other than casters mentioning that Clearlove had just returned from a break during the broadcast of the games. They went on to say that Clearlove was not in form to play competitively yet after recently returning to the team. EDG did not miss Clearlove on Friday as Fireloli filled in admirably to help EDG to a 2-0 win.
Dominates early but can't turn it into a victory
December 12, 2016
Clearlove earned a 2/4/2 KDA on Rengar in the LPL's defeat against the NALCS during the 2016 All-Star event.
After picking Rengar, Clearlove had a very impressive early game. He started off by picking up a swift first blood onto Impact and earning his team a very early gold lead. Soon after, he ganked the bottom lane to force the enemy summoner spells and set his team up for a dive. Although the dive went well initially, the extended aggression allowed all of the opposing team to rotate and turn the gank on its heels. After the misstep, he picked up another quick kill in the top lane to maintain his team's standing in the game. As the game progressed, NA was able to find favorable fights that Clearlove's Rengar had little impact in. Seemingly running around like a chicken with his head cut off the majority of the time, he was unable to create meaningful impacts as North America found a lead. After continually failing to create an impact, the enemy team earned too much of a lead, allowing them to pick up Baron and end the game in just 29 minutes.
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