Kim Chan-ho 
South Korea
100 Thieves
Likely joining 100 Thieves
November 22, 2017
Ssumday is expected to join 100 Thieves in the coming days, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reports.
Ssumday certainly didn't wallow in free agency for long, as the former Team Dignitas top laner only announced his availability a day prior. While it's not necessarily a formality, 100 Thieves appear to be building the rest of their roster with available North American talent, hinting that Ssumday is expected to occupy the team's second import slot, having signed Ryu to open free agency.
Free agent for Season 8
November 21, 2017
Ssumday announced Tuesday that he is a free agent for 2018.
Ssumday spent the past season on Team Dignitas. While he has always been better in carry/top laner metas, Ssumday still was a top performer throughout the 2017 campaign. During his time in Korea on KT Rolster, he was heralded as a top player as well. He provided no indication where he will go, but he will most likely remain in North America or return to Korea.
Lackluster performance even on comfort picks
September 13, 2017
Ssumday earned a series KDA of 7/5/6 throughout his team's 0-3 defeat against FlyQuest.
Although Ssumday was given carry champions in his team's series against FlyQuest, he struggled to get things going in every game but the second. Falling behind early and being given limited resources in both Game 1 and Game 3, he was unable to ever recover, fending for himself and neglecting the rest of his team. As a result, both games saw quick defeats for Dignitas. Game 2 went better for Ssumday who found himself ahead early on with Renekton, though he could not translate his lead to the rest of the team. Though he could pick up advantages for himself, the lack of team coordination cost Dignitas, allowing FlyQuest to pick up the victory. Although he had a single decent performance, Ssumday's poor showing resulted in his team losing the series 0-3 and being eliminated from World's contention.
Not at his best
September 5, 2017
Ssumday finished Saturday's sweep to CLG with a 7/10/13 combined KDA.
Ssumday used Shen in Game 1 to finish with a 1/3/6 KDA. He was involved in all but one DIG kill, finishing with the third-highest kill total and most assists on the team. Ssumday used Jarvan IV in the final two games, finishing the series with a combined 6/7/7 KDA. In Game 2 he finished with a 0/3/3 KDA. He was involved in all three kills for DIG, leading the team in assists for the second time. In Game 3, Ssumday earned a 6/4/4 KDA. He was involved in ten of eleven kills, leading DIG in kills in the final game of the series.
Solid on Jarvan to close out series
August 7, 2017
Ssumday scored an 8/2/25 KDA in Team Dignitas series victory against Team Liquid on Sunday.
Ssumday's Shen held its own in lane against Lourlo Poppy's. While the top lane match up wasn't very exciting, Ssumday started to rack up assists in teamfights. He often managed to teleport all over the map at key moments with Stand United and teleport. For the rest of the series, Ssumday put together stellar performances on Jarvan IV. While he good plays with Flag-and-drag as well as Cataclysm in Game 2 it wasn't enough to end the series. In Game 3, Ssumday made early teleport plays to push the tempo and gain advantages for DIG in other lanes. DIG cleanly executed its push throughout Game 3 as it finished off the series.
Led the charge on Kled in Game 3 victory
July 30, 2017
Ssumday posted a 13/4/16 KDA in Team Dignitas' 2-1 series victory against Immortals on Saturday.
Ssumday had a solid Game 1 performance on Gnar as he cruised through the laning phase with a CS lead. He got caught out of position in the mid game, but was an absolute terror late as DIG sieged through IMT's turrets to victory. Teamfights late were dominated by Ssumday's Gnar as he carried in damage dealt to champions, earning a 5/1/7 KDA and 100 percent kill participation. In Game 2 Ssumday didn't have the same impact on Jarvan IV as he wasn't a split push threat and couldn't do much in teamfights. Ssumday finished with a lowly 0/2/4 KDA as IMT evened up the series. In Game 3 Ssumday was put on Kled and put together a dominant 8/1/5 KDA performance. Ssumday slowly built a CS lead in lane and then started to roam from lane, picking up kills during the mid game. After becoming a tanky nuisance, Ssumday managed to Chaaaaaaaarge!!! his way into winning engages for DIG and there was little IMT could do to stop him.
Plays well despite getting picked on
July 25, 2017
Ssumday finished with a 6/9/14 KDA in Dignitas' 1-2 loss to CLoud9 Sunday.
Ssumday was an assist machine in Game 1 on Maokai, starting with the pair he grabbed with a Teleport to the game's early bot-lane skirmish. From there, his only job was to frontline and create kills for his Jayce and Tristana, which he did admirably en route to a 0/2/10. He struggled much more in Game 2 on Cho'Gath, as he was ganked twice early on and was unable to recover. In Game 3 on Shen, however, Ssumday continued playing well even after falling behind. The initial 2-for-4 trade DIG took in the river early on left him 1/1/0 against a 2/0/2 Impact on Jarvan IV and down in CS as well. C9 tried to push its advantage with a gank onto Ssumday, but Ssumday's quick mechanics were enough to turn it into a 1-for-1 trade. Ssumday went on to have some clutch Stand Uniteds, but they weren't enough to stop Cloud9.
Shows off new Maokai in sweep
July 23, 2017
Ssumday put together a 2/4/16 KDA in Dignitas' win over TSM on Saturday.
Ssumday was on Maokai in both of these games, and he certainly showed off the utility of the big tree's latest kit. Despite being down in CS, he helped his team with some nice ultimate uses to turn fights in their favor. While he had a much better presence in the top lane overall in Game 2, he still didn't carry or anything like that. He simply was a big, tanky presence that lent a helping hand at times. He's never going to be around for damage or kills with Maokai, but he played his role perfectly to get the series sweep over TSM.
Strong Renekton showing nets victory over CLG
July 18, 2017
Ssumday earned a 5/6/16 KDA across two Renekton games to defeat CLG 2-0 on Saturday.
Although Ssumday was faced with a rough matchup in both games against CLG, he had no problem holding his own and joining his team to secure a victory. Up against a Gnar, he was at a severe disadvantage, being poked out early and heavily focused. Despite this, he found his way into teamfights in both games, allowing him to scale up as the rest of his team dominated, giving him ample time to become a strong threat. In doing so, he was able to join skirmishes and disrupt the enemy carries as his own carries took teamfights with ease. The result was a convincing 2-0 victory against the top team in the league.
Dominant Jarvan performance in Game 3
July 17, 2017
Ssumday posted a 11/9/17 KDA in Team Dignitas' 2-1 series victory against Phoenix1 on Sunday.
In Game 1 Ssumday's Kled gave up first blood, but bounced back in teamfights throughout the mid game. Ssumday was able to Chaaaaaaaarge!!! for engages as DIG quickly ran through P1 for an under 24-minute victory. He finished with a solid 3/1/8 KDA and was kept off of Kled the rest of the series as it was picked and banned. In Game 2 Ssumday struggled to make much of an impact on Renekton as he lost the top lane match up against Kled. The teamfighting didn't go any better as he finished with a measly 1/4/1 KDA. Ssumday's Jarvan IV in Game 3 was spectacular as he turned around a 2-vs-1 and struck first blood. He went on to be a menace split pusher and cleaned up teamfights when he engaged with Cataclysm finish with a 7/3/8 KDA.
Split push falls short in series loss
June 26, 2017
Ssumday scored a 3/10/8 KDA in Team Dignitas' 2-1 series loss to Cloud9 on Sunday.
Ssumday spent a lot of time pressuring side lanes until he finished enough items to join fights. Team Dignitas held its own without him as it rotated and took a lead in objectives. Ssumday didn't see a lot of team fighting action, but made the most of it to finish with a 2/0/3 KDA. In Game 2 Ssumday got a better split pushing champion in Fiora and got help early but it wasn't enough. Ssumday's Fiora got outplayed by Impact's Renekton throughout the mid game and lost the split push pressure war. He tried to help in teamfights, but only died and finished with a lowly 0/6/1 KDA. In Game 3 Ssumday picked away Renekton, but couldn't do much in the laning phase. Dig was slow to react to rotation and got destroyed in the early skirmishes and once C9 got its first Baron quickly fell behind in kills, turrets and gold. Ssumday could do little in teamfights and his only kills cost him his life, finishing with a lowly 1/4/4 KDA.
Fantastic on Fiora
June 11, 2017
Ssumday went 10/4/13 in Dignitas' 2-1 victory over TSM Saturday.
Ssumday's Game 1 on Jayce wasn't bad by any means, but there wasn't much chance for him to shine in the low-kill game. He did have one moment where he grabbed a kill in a 1-vs-2, however. He continued looking strong in Game 2 on Renekton. The game eventually ended in a loss, but he died only as TSM entered the base to take the game, and finished 60 CS up with a 2/1/5 KDA. Game 3 was where he really shined on his signature Fiora, however. Despite dying in a duel to Hauntzer's Renekton for first blood, Ssumday came right back and returned the favor and never looked back. From there on he was able to far out-pressure Hauntzer in the split-push, and was easily the single biggest reason why Dignitas took the deciding game.
Slow first two games
June 6, 2017
Ssumday went an overall 4/6/17 as Dignitas took down Team EnVyUs on Saturday.
Ssumday went with Shen for the first two games of the series, and failed to make much of an impact in either of them. In Game 1, he went down in CS to Seraph's Jayce and also finished with the lowest kill participation on the team, being somewhat ineffective in lane and around the map. Still, his beautiful taunt to start off the game-winning teamfight for DIG earns him some points. Game 2 was significantly worse, as once again Ssumday failed to make an impact, this time finishing 0/2/2 in the loss. Ssumday switched to Rumble for Game 3 and finally stepped up, winning an early teamfight for Dignitas 4-for-0 with a Teleport flank into the river, and continuing to put out massive damage in every subsequent fight. He had one pretty poor Equalizer, but then once again flanked with Teleport to win a final teamfight and take the series at 52 minutes.
Dominant carry play in series sweep over FlyQuest
June 5, 2017
Ssumday earned a series KDA of 13/2/11 in DIG's 2-0 sweep over FlyQuest.
Playing carries in both his team's games against FLY, Ssumday had a stellar performance that allowed his team to take a convincing series win. Picking Lucian in Game 1, he was able to get things started early and never put his foot on the brakes. Despite the enemy team picking up a few kills for themselves, he was able to keep his footing and continue decimating the enemy team. Without any tanks, he was able to shred through carries and keep himself safe, dominating teamfights and handing his team a swift victory. Staying true to his carry nature in Game 2, Ssumday picked Fiora and once again picked up numerous kills. After picking up an early kill thanks to a gank, he had no trouble dominating the game. Joining his team in skirmishes consistently, he was able to take out the enemy team. Although his team didn't dominate each fight, he found kills in the skirmishes keeping his team in the game long enough to bring things back their way. Allowing his team to scale, he had no problem allowing his team to close things out and secure the series victory 2-0.
Playmaking not enough to take a game
April 9, 2017
Ssumday went an overall 3/4/16 in Dignitas' 0-3 loss to Phoenix1 Saturday.
Games 1 and 2 saw Ssumday on Shen and Nautilus respectively, up against the opposite champion from zig. On both sides of this matchup, Ssumday managed to have a greater impact in the early and mid game, grabbing an early assist in a Teleport bottom lane in Game 1 and roaming to the mid lane for a kill in Game 2. Ssumday continued to play well in teamfights; however, he had trouble in both games making up for his team's errors, and the leads held by the opposing carries made life difficult for him in two losses. Ssumday stuck with Nautilus for Game 3 against zig's Fizz. He managed to grab an assist on first blood in a dive against his counterpart, but a kill was given over in the process. This time around, it was zig who had the greater map impact, roaming outside of his lane constantly to find kills. Once again, Ssumday's teamfighting was solid, and he even pulled off a brilliant flank onto P1 that would've brought Dignitas back into the game if not for a four-man Shockwave from Ryu. Unfortunately, after thwarting this play, Phoenix1 had no trouble closing out the series.
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