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Will be inactive for Spring Split
January 3, 2018
Albis will sit out the 2018 Spring Split, according to a post from AHQ's official Facebook page.
Albis will take a break for at least one split as he and Westdoor will be inactive members of AHQ. A long-serving member of AHQ, Albis joined the LMS team in 2014, helping the side win the GPL winter split. With Albis sitting out, AHQ will hand over the support role to Tuna.
Utilizes Ardent Censer
October 16, 2017
Albis used Janna during Sunday's win over SKT to earn a 0/0/9 KDA.
Albis allowed AN to scale into a threat by utilizing Janna's shields and the powerful Ardent Censer. He was involved in nine of 12 kills, tying for the team-high in assists with nine. Albis did his job in protecting his carries and enabled ahq to knock off the defending World Champions.
Can't stop the RNG snowball
July 6, 2017
Albis finished AHQ's loss to RNG with a 0/2/6 KDA as Braum.
Albis was able to pick up an assist on first blood in the third minute, helping AHQ get off to a strong start. It was all downhill from there however, as once RNG began to snowball from the mid lane, AHQ had no answer. Albis was involved in six of his team's eight kills, leading AHQ with six assists in the losing effort.
Unkillable on support Maokai
December 10, 2016
Albis finished the LMS' win over the GPL with a 2/0/10 KDA as Maokai.
Albis was able to pick up an assist on first blood and grabbed a kill and an assist during a 3-vs-2 fight in the bottom lane. He used Twisted Advance to lock down multiple members of the GPL lineup throughout the game, starting off a chain of crowd-control spells to set up kills. Albis picked up assists on the fourth and sixth LMS kills of the game and a kill and an assist during a second 3-vs-2 bottom lane fight. His two assists in the first teamfight of the game allowed the LMS to snowball over the GPL in 18 minutes.
Leads game in assists as LMS destroy the NA LCS
December 9, 2016
Albis finished with a 0/1/19 KDA on Sona as the LMS All-Stars won on Friday.
Albis played well throughout the game, being nearly unkillable in the win. He picked up an assist on first blood and four assists during the first teamfight of the game, landing a two-man Crescendo to set up kills. The assists kept coming for Albis, who picked up three in both the second and third teamfights of the game. His use of Crescendo throughout the game was outstanding, stopping the NA LCS from escaping with Ryze's ult and setting up multiple kills. His five assists in the final teamfight allowed the LMS All-Stars to close out the win.
Solid mid game not enough to make up for slow start in loss
December 8, 2016
Albis finished with a 0/3/8 KDA in the LMS All-Stars' loss to the LCK All-Stars.
Albis was taken down for first blood by PraY but managed to claw back during the mid game. He landed some great Tempered Fates that allowed the LMS All-Stars to punish some of the LCK All-Stars for overextending. However, the kills weren't enough to make up for the turrets they had lost and the LCK All-Stars started to group and push. The LMS All-Stars tried to put up a fight but were aced, which gave the LCK All-Stars an opening to win.
Crazy Baron steal not enough for AHQ to mount comeback
October 8, 2016
Albis ended AHQ's loss to H2K with a 1/1/0 KDA on Karma.
The fact that he had no assists tells the tale of AHQ's teamfights in this game, as they were dominated in every fight they took. Albis picked up his lone kill during the second teamfight of the game, but had no more kills or a single assist after that. His main impact came during a crazy Baron steal, using his empowered Inner Flame to steal the Baron despite being the only member of AHQ near the objective. It wasn't enough to rally AHQ to a comeback, but still a moment you don't see too often.
Proves remarkably valuable on unorrthodox pick
October 3, 2016
Albis kept his team in the fight nearly single-handedly, as his excellent Soraka play gave EDG a stumbling block to climb over on their way to victory, a victory that saw Albis end with a 1/1/5 KDA.
Considering how poorly the game started for both AN and Albis there were limited expectations for how well they could manage to do. While their efforts did end up not being enough to stop EDG from taking the game, Albis and AN proved that they wouldn't go down without a fight as the two used their combination of Enchanted Crystal Arrow and Equinox to pick off EDG members all across the map throughout the mid game, stalling the Chinese team's momentum. Albis' sustain proved even more important as the game wore on, as his healing allowed AHQ to defend turrets far longer than they would have been able to otherwise. Those long defenses opened EDG up to making mistakes - either mechanical or due to over-weaning aggression - and one such mistake led to AHQ winning a major teamfight that took the wind out of EDG's sails. Unfortunately, the lack of real play-making potential from AHQ's lineup eventually ensured that they would slowly bleed out before the onslaught of EDG. With no way to reliably reach Deft, his advantage over AN ensured that EDG were happy to take any open fights, and without a long siege to give them the advantage AHQ couldn't hope to win a pitched battle. As the game wore on, Albis became less and less relevant, as Soraka typically does, and all it took was one fight from EDG to end the game in their favor.
Excellent KDA during win over H2K
September 30, 2016
Albis finished Day 1 of the World Championships with a 2/1/9 KDA on Bard.
Albis played extremely well during the Day 1 action, helping AN bully FORG1VEN in the bottom lane by landing good Cosmic Bindings. He picked up two kills during the first teamfight of the game and an assist in the third teamfight. His use of Tempered Fate to set up kills and Magical Journey to disengage from unfavorable situations helped AHQ play safely and smartly throughout the game. He was able to pick up five assists in the fifth teamfight of the game as AHQ aced H2K and secured their second Baron of the game. Albis finished the game as a part of 11 of the team's 14 kills.
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