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November 20, 2017
Karsa confirmed on his stream this weekend that he is "99% sure I will leave Flash Wolves and LMS."
The Flash Wolves player has been a top jungler in a region that is weak outside of its top two teams. Karsa cited poor individual and team performance as reasons why he is exploring his options. He went on to say that he isn't exactly sure where he is going yet, but he has ruled out LCK due to the language barrier.
Maximum involvement in loss
October 14, 2017
Karsa ended Saturday's loss to WE with a 2/2/3 KDA as Jarvan IV.
Karsa and Flash Wolves dropped a sub 30-minute game to World Elite, continuing their awful form at Worlds. Karsa was involved in all five FW kills, tying for the team-high kill total and the second-highest assist total in the game. With Flash Wolves eliminated from advancement, they'll look to play spoiler against TSM in their final game.
Helps MMD control the top side of the map
October 14, 2017
Karsa finished Flash Wolves' big win over TSM on Saturday with a 4/0/6 KDA.
Karsa and MMD had a clear strategy to dominate the top side of the map in this game, and they executed it to perfection. He went up top early on to help MMD get the first blood on Hauntzer and then returned soon after to get a kill of his own. He kept on pushing as the game progressed and help Flash Wolves walk away with the big upset win to the play the part of spoiler for the North Americans.
Controls jungle early on
October 12, 2017
3/2/4 was Karsa's KDA at the end of Flash Wolves' Friday loss to TSM.
There's no doubt about it: Karsa had a much bigger impact this game than did his counterpart Svenskeren. On Sejuani, Karsa's first several initiations, while fairly straightforward ultimates onto TSM's frontline, were sufficient to earn Flash Wolves a quick 4-0 kill score, as well as a Rift Herald. Unfortunately, with Hauntzer playing out of his mind on Gnar, and Doublelift's late-game Tristana backed up by a Lulu, Flash Wolves couldn't quite stand up to TSM later on.
Dominates jungle
July 7, 2017
Karsa put together a 2/3/7 KDA in Flash Wolves' victory over WE on Friday.
Karsa took Elise into this game and was a monster from the start. His control over the jungle was unparalleled and allowed FW to get out to a nice lead from the start. He did this by roaming to the WE jungle just a couple minutes in to steal both the blue buff and Gromp. This put Condi at a huge disadvantage and essentially nullified the WE jungler from the word "go." Karsa then followed this up by pushing his advantage over into the bottom lane as well. An early gank gave FW the first blood to further bolster its big start. While they ended up losing this lead in the mid game, Karsa showed right back up to punish overextensions from WE that brought FW a big win.
Suspended from competition
June 12, 2017
Karsa has been suspended from Flash Wolves for violating disconnect rules, reports Adam Newell of Dot Esports.
Karsa will be unable to compete for the Flash Wolves for a yet to be announced number of games in the LMS. On June 11, he disconnected from Game 2 of his team's series against Raise Gaming prior to its completion, which is a violation Riot's rules against intentional disconnection. The players are required to stay in the game until the victory or defeat screen, and since Karsa disconnected earlier than this, he will be forced to the sidelines.
Knocks off GAM
May 19, 2017
Karsa ended Sunday's win over GAM with a 4/1/8 KDA as Graves.
Karsa helped lead Flash Wolves to an easy victory over GAM. He picked up three of his four kills and seven of his eight assists in the game's teamfights, easily dominating GAM in 5-vs-5 situations. Karsa also picked up a kill and an assist during a dive in the bottom lane in the mid game. Karsa will look to help Flash Wolves upset SKT in the semifinals.
Playmakers make plays
May 16, 2017
Karsa showed up vs. SKT on Saturday, putting together a 3/0/8 KDA.
By taking the playmaking jungle champion of Lee Sin, it was clear that FW was going to follow their proven path to victory vs. SKT, which predominantly is through the jungle. After linking with MMD to secure first blood, Karsa used his early power to make his presence felt around the map. The only lane that could be considered struggling was the bottom lane and after giving up an early kill, he prioritized mitigating the damage while also ensuring the other two lanes got substantially far ahead. Outside of his activity in ganking, Karsa also was able to secure three dragons to SKT's one, and two barons to their zero.
Doesn't do much with lead
May 15, 2017
Karsa ended with a 3/4/7 KDA as Flash Wolves were taken down by TSM on Sunday.
On his signature Lee Sin, Karsa picked up first blood on a solo-invading Hauntzer before minions even spawned. He found the next kill of the game onto Bjergsen in the mid lan, but this was largely the extent of Karsa's impact in the game. He was often out of position in teamfights, and never got any phenomenal Dragon's Rage kicks off. Flash Wolves lost the game after being unable to take teamfighets in the late game, partially because of lackluster play from Karsa.
That's the Karsa we know and love
May 13, 2017
Karsa shined versus TSM by picking up a 7/1/7 KDA in a victory.
Fans of international events know all about the power of Karsa. Although thus far at MSI his performances have been a bit uneven, versus TSM he brought his "A" game on Graves. He simply out tempo'd Svenskeren and was able to make plays all around the map, whether it was peeling for vulnerable teammates or securing kills. By the time the Flash Wolves broke TSM's Nexus, Karsa was at the top of his team in kills and kill participation.
Ends G2's bid at a perfect game
May 13, 2017
Karsa tallied a poor 1/4/0 KDA in Flash Wolves' loss to G2 on Day 3 of the Mid-Season Invitational.
Karsa went with Lee Sin in this game, but he was never able to get into a groove at all. His jungle counterpart jumped out to a quick lead and Karsa never caught up. He tried to help MMD get a grip on the top lane, but when he came up to help, he and MMD were collapsed on by Trick and taken down. His only positive moment in this game came about 20 minutes in when he killed Trick to end G2's chance at the first perfect game of MSI this year. With just two days of competition left, Flash Wolves need to shore up their play in a hurry to achieve a playoff berth.
Helps Flash Wolves to comeback win
May 12, 2017
Karsa finished Thursday's win over Gigabyte Marines with a 2/2/9 KDA as Graves.
Karsa and Flash Wolves got off to a slow start before mounting a comeback in the mid and late game. Karsa picked up Flash Wolves' first kill of the game taking out Stark and had an assist picking off Stark a second time in the mid game. It was teamfights in the mid game that allowed Flash Wolves to take control of the game, and Karsa was a big reason for the 5-vs-5 wins. He had eight assists and a kill in the mid- and late-game teamfights, helping Flash Wolves pick up their first win at MSI.
Itemization holds back otherwise strong performance
May 11, 2017
Karsa posted a 4/2/1 KDA as Rengar in Flash Wolves' loss to G2 Esports on Wednesday.
Karsa was one of the best players for Flash Wolves throughout the game, but that's not a shocker. He had some of the best clears that any jungler can do on Rengar in his current state, and he was extremely aggressive and strong in the early-to-mid game. His biggest issues came about when he was three items into his build; he had only built magic resist against a team being carried by an AD. His itemization was questionable for a highly touted jungler, but other than that he was very good.
Tries to do everything for Flash Wolves, but fails
May 10, 2017
Karsa tallied a 6/4/4 KDA in Flash Wolves' loss at the hands of World Elite on Day 1 of the Mid-Season Invitational.
Karsa did his best to try and keep Flash Wolves in this game, but it was never enough. He started out by trying to make a play in the jungle early on, but it ended up blowing up in his face to the tune of a 3-for-0 in favor of World Elite. He didn't let this get him down, though, as he bounced back with a kill on xiye in the mid lane and followed that up with a double at 14 minutes to get Flash Wolves in a small groove. That groove didn't last long, as World Elite fought right back with the help of 957's monster Kled to take down Flash Wolves.
Doesn't break a sweat in one-sided series
May 8, 2017
Karsa finished Flash Wolves sweep of SuperMassive with a 15/4/32 combined KDA.
Karsa had no issue dominating from the jungle and helping to snowball his laners throughout this one-sided series. He used Lee Sin in the first two games to finish with a 6/2/21 combined KDA, before pulling out Rengar in Game 3 to carry with a 9/2/11 KDA. He finished the series second in kills and third in assists, destroying SuperMassive throughout the sweep. Karsa will look to help lead Flash Wolves to a top finish at MSI, as the Taiwanese squad will once again be a dark horse contender to win the tournament.