Lihong Yu 
Flash Wolves
Gets team out to an early lead
October 14, 2017
MMD went 1/1/1 as Flash Wolves were taken down by Misfits Saturday.
MMD picked Shen into Cho'Gath in this game, presumably to help curb some of Misfits' aggression in the bot lane. This worked like a charm, as he used Stand United to help his team win an early skirmish on the bottom side of the jungle. As the game went on, he had trouble matching the impact of Cho'Gath in teamfights but managed to make some headway in the split-push with his extra global tool. Unfortunately, he simply wasn't sufficient in the teamfights once Misfits caught up.
Dominates top lane
October 14, 2017
MMD tallied a strong 6/0/1 KDA in Flash Wolves' win against TSM on Saturday at the 2017 World Championship.
While Renekton isn't a champion that sees a ton of play anymore, MMD certainly made great use of the reptile in this game. From the start, he was incredibly dominant, taking down Hauntzer for first blood and then contributing to the TSM top laner's second death in the first few minutes of the game. Once the teamfights broke out, MMD continued his success and was a big reason why Flash Wolves managed to easily run away with this win.
Helpless against Hauntzer
October 12, 2017
MMD went 3/3/1 as Flash Wolves fell to TSM Friday.
MMD was tasked with playing Cho'Gath into the counter pick of Gnar from Hauntzer in this game, and he simply wasn't up to it. As soon as Hauntzer completed an item, MMD struggled mightily to match him in the 1-vs-1, or even a 1-vs-2. Later on, MMD was great as a frontline, but Hauntzer still managed to have more impact in a majority of engagements despite being on the worse-scaling champion.
Strong play in top lane
July 7, 2017
MMD picked up a 2/2/6 KDA in Flash Wolves' win over WE on Friday.
Things looked grim for MMD in the early going of this game, as 957 was owning the top lane in terms of farm early on. As the game progressed, however, it was actually MMD that ended up keeping Flash Wolves ahead in gold in the late stages of the game. He added in a good amount of assists, but his main contribution was pushing his lane and taking down towers to get a sizable gold lead that took FW to the win.
Easily takes down GAM
May 19, 2017
MMD ended Day 5's win over GAM with a 1/0/12 KDA as Nautilus.
MMD helped Flash Wolves snowball an early lead to finish a one-sided victory. He had a kill and an assist during a bottom-lane dive in the mid game, before dominating teamfights. He picked up 11 of his 12 assists in teamfights, including three during an ace in the 11th minute of the game as Flash Wolves had little issue in this victory.
Man of mass destruction
May 16, 2017
MMD had a huge game vs. SKT on Saturday, goes 3/0/6 in KDA.
In a carry vs. carry matchup against SKT's Huni, MMD was able to decisively come out ahead. Outside of assisting Karsa in securing first blood, the FW top was able to maintain value throughout the match. He finished the game second in damage dealt to champions among his FW peers and was also great at timing roams and Teleports to secure kills and objectives.
Passable on Galio
May 15, 2017
MMD ended with a 1/3/9 KDA as Flash Wolves lost to TSM on Sunday.
MMD played Galio into Hauntzer's Shen in this game, and predictably went fairly even in lane. He had some strong plays in teamfights, such as his Flash-taunt onto WildTurtle's Caitlyn, but also had some late ultimates and taunts that let his team down. Still, his tank stats left him plenty useful on the frontline, even when his skill usage wasn't ideal. However, a couple of late-game teamfight losses lost the game for Flash Wolves.
The whole team can't carry every game
May 13, 2017
MMD didn't play his best game versus TSM by going 0/4/9 in a win.
After champ select, it was clear MMD would have some trouble in lane as his Rumble was matched up with Hauntzer's Fizz. As expected, the early game was not too enjoyable for the FW top laner. However as the game progressed, he displayed that when properly used, Rumble's AoE ultimate is devastating in teamfights. After he was written off to irrelevance, MMD showed great resolve by sticking around and helping his teammates take the victory.
Owned in top lane of loss
May 13, 2017
MMD managed just a 0/3/0 KDA in Flash Wolves' lopsided loss to G2 on Day 3 of MSI.
MMD picked Kled in this game and did absolutely nothing with the champion. He was down in lane early on and before he could stabilize in the least bit, Trick roamed up to the top lane and picked off the Flash Wolves top laner. To try and get a hold on his lane, he forced a 2-vs-1 against the full health Shen of Expect. As it took him a long time to get him down, Trick came up top and picked him off. Flash Wolves need to solve their issues extremely quickly if they wish to not miss out on the playoffs.
Survives rough 25 minutes
May 12, 2017
MMD ended with a 5/7/10 KDA as Shen in FW win over Gigabyte Marines.
MMD died five times in the first 24 minutes of the game, but kept his faith and helped Flash Wolves to a come-from-behind victory. He had an assist on FW's first kill and a kill picking off Stark in the mid game. MMD did his best work in teamfights, picking up nine of his 10 assists and two of his five kills in the mid and late game to help Flash Wolves to a comeback win. Flash Wolves have looked sloppy so far at MSI, and MMD has been picked on heavily in the opening stages of the tournament.
Wasn't a big deal for his team
May 11, 2017
MMD posted a 1/2/4 KDA as Gragas in Flash Wolves' loss to G2 Esports on Wednesday.
MMD was okay throughout the game. He was nothing bad, but nothing good either. He facetanked tons of damage, but didn't snowball his team in any form or fashion. He did everything average, which isn't bad, but also not good. Sometimes players just get by doing average, but average won't cut it on the international stage.
Pushed around by 957 in top lane
May 10, 2017
MMD only managed a 2/4/5 KDA in Flash Wolves' loss to World Elite on Day 1 of the Mid-Season Invitational.
MMD had a very tall task in this opening game for Flash Wolves at MSI. He picked the Rumble into 957's Kled, and he had a terrible time from start to finish. At no point did he ever get a foothold in the lane, which allowed 957 to run rampant all over the map. It started when Condi roamed up to the top lane just under seven minutes in to take him down, and it never let up from there. While there wasn't much about his play specifically that was bad, he just has to hope to not run into another Kled this week and he should be fine.
Brushes aside SuperMassive
May 8, 2017
MMD finished Flash Wolves sweep of SuperMassive with a 9/4/25 combined KDA.
To the surprise of no one, Flash Wolves easily swept SuperMassive to claim their spot in the group stages of the Mid Season Invitational. MMD was a big reason why, easily dominating the top lane in all three games. He was unkillable in Game 1 as Kled (3/0/7 KDA), helped dominate Game 2 teamfights as Rumble (4/2/8 KDA) and provided plenty of crowd control in Game 3 as Gragas (2/2/10 KDA). MMD may not get the same acclaim as Flash Wolves big three in Karsa, Maple and SwordArt, but he has been a key cog in this lineup since the retirement of Steak.
Solid tank play throughout series win
February 27, 2017
MMD finished Flash Wolves' 2-1 semifinals win against H2K at IEM Katowice on Sunday with a KDA of 2/4/14.
MMD's Nautilus in Game 1 struggled to find good initiations for Flash Wolves, allowing H2K to jump ahead to a mid game gold lead. Despite Flash Wolves hanging on in the late game with picks and teamfight wins, MMD's 1/2/4 KDA wasn't enough as H2K took Game 1 in 63 minutes. MMD bounced back on tank Ekko in Game 2, punishing Odoamne's Maokai and harassing H2K's backline. Teamighting well later in the game, MMD led FW to a 45-minute comeback with a 1/1/7 KDA for 73 percent kill participation. Continuing to play tanks into Game 3, MMD's Poppy created huge problems for H2K, who had no tankiness of their own. Helping Karsa's Lee Sin pick up first blood around eight minutes on Odoamne's Rumble, MMD had no problems snowballing ahead, becoming massively tanky to the point where most of H2K couldn't deal any meaningful damage to him. Creating good split-pushing and TP-flank pressure, MMD forced a passive H2K into a corner, eventually leading to a Flash Wolves' win in 46 minutes.
Nearly unkillable performance
February 23, 2017
MMD ended Flash Wolves' Wednesday win with a 3/1/6 KDA as Maokai.
MMD picked up Flash Wolves second kill of the game during a gank onto Expect and used his teleport to pick up an assist during a 3-v-3 fight in the bottom lane and an assist during a five man bottom lane dive. He solo killed Expect in the late game and picked up his final kill in the second teamfight. He grabbed an assist in the third teamfight and three assists in the final teamfight to help MMD to a win.
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