Jung Eon-yeong 
South Korea
Impressive initiations
September 12, 2017
Impact went an overall 2/9/35 in Cloud9's 3-1 Sunday win over CLG.
Impact was put it a bind right off the bat in this series, as the already rough matchup of Maokai into Gnar was exacerbated by Contractz giving up first blood to Darshan on a level 1 invade. However, while Impact's CS suffered slightly, he quickly made up for it with a roam to the mid lane to grab his team its first kill. From there on in, he participated in all but one C9 kill to end 1/0/10, helping his team to a stomp with fantastic initiations. Unfortunately, his Shen couldn't even remotely stand up to Darshan's Jax in Game 2, as he quickly fell behind in farm before being ganked for first blood, and he went on to die in the split-push as the game went on. However, he recovered well and had a much better performance on Shen in Game 3. Despite the fact that Impact played better than Darshan by just about every measure this game, however, C9 still took their only loss of the series. Finally, with Maokai and Shen both taken by CLG in Game 4, Impact made the switch to Galio, and continued to have a powerful frontline presence. He also did a great job of peeling for his backline, helping keep Sneaky deathless on Xayah despite the closeness of the game.
Steps up after quiet Game 1
August 7, 2017
Impact went 6/3/18 in Cloud9's 2-0 sweep over NV on Saturday.
Impact's Galio finished with an impressive 1/1/10 KDA in Game 1, but ultimately this was mostly due to his team stomping, as he was probably the least impacful player on the team, though still solid. He more than made up for it in Game 2, however, as his Gnar heavily chunked out Seraph's Galio just before the start of laning phase, and followed it up with a solo kill. The huge lead he built eventually made him a target for NV, but he still finished 5/2/8 in the win.
Doesn't live up to his name
July 31, 2017
Impact went 4/4/11 overall at the end of Cloud9's 2-0 Sunday sweep over FlyQuest.
Impact struggled early on in Game 1 on Kled, giving up a couple of early deaths after taking some silly fights. He was useful in teamfights due to his ultimate, but otherwise wasn't good for all that much. In Game 2, Impact didn't have any careless deaths, but also, ironically, simply had no impact on the game. He fell behind in farm and remained 0/0/0 until nearly 20 minutes into the sub-24-minute game, when Cloud9 was already up 12 kills and 8,000 gold.
Bounces back beautifully
July 25, 2017
Impact went 10/8/26 in Cloud9's Sunday win over Dignitas.
This series started out roughly for Impact and Cloud9. On Galio, Impact Teleported to the bot lane for an early skirmish, but then fight went 1-for-3 in favor of DIG. After that, Impact never even got a chance to finish an armor item, leaving him vulnerable to the Jayce and Tristana of DIG in the loss. In the next game, however, Impact was on Shen, and looked much better. He participated in all five of Cloud9's kills before 20 minutes, and scaled into a virtually unkillable tank, going 6/1/11 in the win. Finally, Game 3 saw him on Jarvan IV. Impact was big in the first fight of the game, going 2/0/2 on the 4-for-2 trade. From there, his initiations helped Cloud9 to an easy win, though he did have the most deaths on his team at three.
Shines on Maokai in series victory
July 22, 2017
Impact posted a 2/8/31 KDA in Cloud9's 2-1 series victory against Phoenix1 on Friday.
Impact had solid performances on Maokai throughout the series and it started with a 1/2/7 KDA performance in Game 1. Impact got gank help to make the laning phase a little easier for him against Cho'Gath. He drew all of P1's attention, getting it to waste a lot of resources for a single kill, while the rest of C9 took objectives on the other side of the Rift. C9 quickly finished off Game 1 after nearly acing P1. In Game 2 Impact was on Shen, but couldn't transition its early lead into a victory and finished with a 1/5/9 KDA. C9 needed to keep a fast pace in order to avoid going up against P1's terrifying late game team composition but one misstep in the mid game cost it Game 2. In Game 3 Impact returned to Maokai and continued to make good engages for C9. Impact's Twisted Advance helped lock down good targets for the rest of C9 to finish off. While Impact didn't secure any kills, he more than made up for it as he earned a 0/1/15 KDA.
Solid teamfighting in victory
July 8, 2017
Impact scored a 2/4/5 KDA in Cloud9's victory against Fnatic on Friday.
The top lane matchup went smoothly for Impact's Jarvan IV as he bullied and ran up a CS lead. C9 rotated into the top lane early to lane swap secured turret, kills, and Rift Herald. Impact coordinated teamfights well with his teammates as C9 dominated early teamfights. He sacrificed himself a few times later, but often still got an assist with it. In the final push, he was taken down early, but wasn't needed to finish off the Nexus.
Plays better with his team than recently
July 6, 2017
Impact posted a 3/2/4 KDA in Cloud9's 0-1 loss to G2 Esports' on Wednesday.
Impact played a game of Kled into Renekton. He laned well, preventing the Renekton from bullying heavily in lane and eventually dominating the game. Impact often tried to bring his team into teamfights with his ultimate, but C9 seemed to have miscommunication here and there, preventing full-team initiations from taking place. Impact played far better with C9 than he has recently, so that's a good sign for things to come.
Struggles in Game 1 defeat against CLG
July 3, 2017
Impacted earned a 1/7/4 KDA on Rumble against CLG.
Starting off Cloud9's series, Impact struggled massively in the first game. Picking Rumble, he found himself dying early and dying often. Although the rest of his team was able to hold their own, Impact found himself dying early and dying often. After giving up first blood, he found himself getting focused heavily and dying repeatedly. As a result of his deaths, CLG was able to convincingly take a lead that Cloud9 was unable to recover from. Due to his poor performance in the game, Cloud9 subbed Impact out for the remainder of the series.
Minimal impact leads to benching
July 1, 2017
Impact was unable to give his team many advantages in Game 1 of Cloud9's eventual 2-1 victory over TSM on Friday, finishing with a just a 1/1/2 KDA.
Impact was on Renekton in this game, but failed to live up to his namesake in the loss. While he tag-teamed well with his jungler for the first blood, it was all downhill from there. As TSM teamfought their way to victory, Impact was unable to use his champion to get many advantages. While most of his team was getting pushed around in the loss, the team still didn't feel comfortable with his performance, and he was subbed out.
Picked up play after poor Game 1 of series win
June 26, 2017
Impact scored a 5/7/13 KDA in Cloud9's 2-1 series victory over Team Dignitas on Sunday.
Impact wasn't able to get much done on Galio in Game 1 as he finished with a 0/2/1 KDA. He and Cloud9 struggled to coordinate its teamfighting as Dignitas dominated and took a series lead. In Game 2, Impact was on the split pushing Renekton and despite the early gank pressure, bounced back in the mid game. Impact gave up first blood but started to outplay Ssumday's Fiora, earning solo kills and pushing down turrets. C9 evened up the series and then dominated in Game 3 to close it out. Impact went back to Galio but was able to be a stronger frontline tank and provide plenty of good engages to finish with a 0/2/9 KDA.
Picked on in lane
June 25, 2017
Impact went 1/6/14 in Cloud9's sweep of Team Liquid on Saturday.
Playing against Lourlo's Renekton in both games, Impact struggled heavily in lane. In both games he fell behind in CS, as well as giving up a couple of early deaths due to jungle pressure. In Game 1, he was able to recover through the sheer tankiness of his Galio pick, but still didn't make any impressive plays as the game went on. Game 2 was worse, as he was on Kled and went on to be almost a non-factor, going 0/3/3 in the win.
Showed that tanks are still in style
April 24, 2017
Impact was a tanky, tanky man in Cloud9's 2-3 series loss to Team SoloMid on Sunday, posting a 2/5/9 KDA.
The starting top laner for C9 actually didn't start most of the games for his team, but Impact was quite effective when he was in. He played Game 2 (Nautilus) and 4 (Shen). As Nautilus, Impact was okay in the lane -- frankly, he did what tanks are expected to do in lane. The biggest negative point for Impact in the game was getting grossly outplayed and solo-killed by Hauntzer's Gragas. TSM snowballed the game heavily, and Impact really couldn't do much more than body-block until he was slain. His Shen was fantastic -- Impact was very integral to his team's early leads and kills with on-point Flash-Taunts and Twilight ones to keep his teammates alive. Overall, Impact was important, but it seems like he's been relegated to tanks as of late. Why this is the case remains to be seen, but it's not a big deal since he's doing well on them.
Rock solid frontline
April 15, 2017
Impact went 2/1/13 in two games of Cloud9's 3-0 sweep over Phoenix1 on Saturday.
Impact had a fairly quiet Game 1, remaining 0/0/0 for over 30 minutes on Gragas. However, he was crucial in Cloud9's teamfight victory at Baron, CC'ing Ryu's LeBlanc from full health to death with the help of Smoothie's Lulu. After being subbed out in Game 2, Impact returned in Game 3 on Nautilus. This time he got involved a bit earlier, grabbing an assist in a gank at the 14-minute mark. He went on to be key in the teamfights, never coming close to death as he frontlined for Cloud9, giving them an easy time crushing P1. With the Game 3 win, C9 secured the series sweep and a spot in the finals.
Struggles to find consistency in series win
March 26, 2017
Impact put up a 1/0/11 KDA in one game during the series sweep against Phoenix1 on Saturday.
Impact did not play the first game of the series, likely due to his very poor showing in the series against Team Dignitas on Friday, which isn't favorable in terms of fantasy points. However, when he was subbed in for the second game, Impact played extremely well. Opting to play the flex tank Nautilus, Impact did well enough in lane -- with help from Contractz -- to keep his opponent, zig, from pressuring around the map too much. While his laning isn't necessarily amazing, Impact truly shined in teamfights. He focused Arrow, the best ADC in NA at the moment, and kept him from dominating teamfights. He also zoned Ryu, one of the better midlaners in NA, from doing very much in teamfights. The jury is still out on whether Impact will find consistency. Some games he does well, but some games see him being more detrimental and beneficial.
Good enough in series win
March 26, 2017
Impact goes 4/10/10 in KDA in one game of series win vs Dignitas on Friday.
Although his teammate Ray is known as the strong Rumble player in top lane, Impact decided to give the champion a go when he got subbed in for Game 2 in C9's series vs Dignitas. The results were not spectacular, but definitely serviceable as he was able to consistently zone with his ult and came in second on his team regarding damage dealt to champions.