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United States
Clutch Gaming
Set to make main roster debut
July 27, 2018
Moon has been moved up to the starting roster of Clutch Gaming, the team announced Friday.
Moon has been out of the NA LCS spotlight since last Summer when he was playing for FlyQuest. He joined the Academy roster of Clutch Gaming back in January and will now make his way to the main roster to try and turn around what has been an all-around rough time for Clutch. Along with Moon, Piglet and Vulcan are making their way to the starting roster in hopes of turning the season around for Clutch Gaming. Time will tell if the move will be fruitful.
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Joins Clutch Academy
January 1, 2018
According to Clutch Gaming's Twitter post on Monday, Moon has joined Clutch's Academy team.
Some might wonder why Moon isn't starting in the NA LCS, and there are some legitimate arguments to be made in his favor. He was arguably the best player on FlyQuest last year, apart from maybe Hai during his peak, and his innovative picks often kept FlyQuest's opponents on their toes. Despite this, none of the new NA LCS teams were interested in having him start over their preferred choices in the jungle, and so Moon joins Clutch Academy. This isn't as bad for Moon as some would think, though, since he will not only study under LirA, but be able to lead a team of talented young players. With some time in development, the sky's the limit for Moon's future endeavors.
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Falls off after strong Spring Split
November 28, 2017
Moon finished the 2017 Summer Split with a 93/146/239 total KDA.
Moon dropped off from his Spring Split performance, partly resulting in FlyQuest finishing in seventh place during the Summer Split. Moon finished eighth in kills, seventh in assists, but led North American junglers in deaths with 146. Moon's 2.3 KDA was the thirteenth best among junglers. Moon finished the regional qualifiers with a 10/17/56 KDA, helping FlyQuest sweep Team Dignitas before falling in four games to CLG. Moon remains on FlyQuest for the time being but has been replaced in the starting role by AnDa for 2018.
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Won't start for FlyQuest next split
November 24, 2017
Moon's future with FlyQuest is unclear after ESPN's Jacob Wolf revealed FlyQuest's new roster.
Of all the FlyQuest members from last season, Moon was arguably the best player amongst the five, yet is still looking for a team. With the recent influx of native jungle talent, such as AnDa, who replaced Moon, in the NA LCS, it's hard to justify a spot for Moon. It is unclear where he will end up next year, but he certainly won't see stage time for the foreseeable future.
Impressive jungling results in sweep
September 13, 2017
Moon earned a series KDA of 5/8/26 in his team's 3-0 sweep over Dignitas.
Picking Jarvan in Game 1, Moon had an exceptional performance to demonstrate his skill on the champion, participating in all but two of his team's kills during the game. Snowballing early, he had no problem bringing his team a massive lead that resulted in a 37-minute victory. Game 2 went similarly with Moon picking NIdalee and once again finding an early lead. Although not as impressive as the last game, he facilitated his carries finding an advantage that allowed them to decimate the enemy team and result in another swift victory. Game 3 saw yet another dominant performance as Moon picked up Rek'sai and dominated from the early game, picking up leads again for his team. After doing so, he controlled objectives, easily choking Dignitas out of the game. With the lead, the rest of FlyQuest had no trouble closing out the game, securing the 3-0 victory in the series.
Decent on Jarvan
September 11, 2017
Moon ended FlyQuest's 1-3 loss to CLG with a 5/9/30 KDA in four games as Jarvan IV.
Moon finished Game 1 with a 1/0/10 KDA. He was unkillable, involved in 11 of 13 kills while leading FlyQuest with 10 assists. In Game 2, Moon ended with a 3/4/4 KDA. He was involved in all but one kill, finishing an assist behind LemonNation for the team high, while leading FlyQuest with three kills. In Game 3, Moon finished with a 0/3/6 KDA. He was involved in six of nine kills, finishing with the second highest assist total. In the final game of the series, Moon earned a 1/2/10 KDA. He had 100 percent kill participation, leading his team with 10 assists in the losing effort.
Respectable despite brutal loss
July 31, 2017
Moon ended FlyQuest's 0-2 defeat at the hands of Cloud9 with an overall KDA of 3/7/5.
Despite Moon's rough scoreline, he actually played a decent series. He found two early kills in Game 1 on Jarvan IV to get his team out to an early lead in multiple lanes, and even stole an early dragon. Unfortunately, the fed members of Cloud9 were simply able to carry harder than anyone on FlyQuest. Sticking with Jarvan in Game 2, Moon struggled much harder, along with the rest of his team. He did at least manage to find a pair of assists, which is all that can really be expected, as his team found only three kills.
Performance falls off after Game 1 in series loss
July 24, 2017
Moon posted a 6/11/9 KDA in FlyQuest's series loss to Team EnVyUs on Sunday.
In Game 1 Moon absorbed plenty of damage with Cho'Gath on his way to a 4/1/4 KDA. Moon quickly built up his health stacking passive, eating champions and objectives and becoming a massive frontline late. EnVy blew plenty of its abilities trying to burn down Moon's Cho'Gath, but failed to do so as FLY won teamfights and pushed to victory. Moon failed to repeat his performance on Cho'Gath in Game 2. He got killed early and often, never being able to recover late despite being given plenty of time from EnVy's passive push across the rift. He secured a Baron buff late, but it cost him his life and wasn't enough to turn around Game 2. In Game 3 Moon stuck with tank champions as he put together a 1/6/5 KDA performance on Maokai. He failed an early gank and wasn't able to comeback in the mid game. FLY tried to pull the trigger on more fights, but it didn't work out in its favor as EnVY steadily built a gold lead on its way to a series victory.
Roughed up in series sweep
July 15, 2017
Moon scored a 4/9/5 KDA in FlyQuest's 2-0 series loss to Counter Logic Gaming on Friday.
Moon had a decent start on Kha'Zix in Game 1, but struggled to do much of anything late. FLY took an early gold lead thanks to Moon securing plenty of objectives early, including two Drakes, Rift Herald and a Baron. However, it struggled to push its advantage to victory and started to get torn apart in teamfights. Moon and crew pulled the trigger on its second Baron attempt of Game 1 after securing a pick, but the call backfired. While FlyQuest managed to take the buff, it got killed in the ensuing teamfight. Moon struggled to get to the damage dealers in the remaining fights. Game 2 didn't go any better for Moon as he struggled to find good engages on Gragas. Moon landed some good Explosive Casks but they often got saved by a Thresh lantern. Moon finished with only one assist as FLY failed to extend the series to three games.
Almost no impact
June 25, 2017
Moon went an overall 4/9/7 in FlyQuest 0-2 loss to TSM on Saturday.
Moon started out this series on Jarvan IV, and couldn't really do much of anything on the champion. He didn't pull off a single gank in the laning phase, and got incidental rather than impactful kill participations for the remainder of the game to end 2/6/2. In Game 2 he switched to Kha'Zix, and was marginally more impactful by virtue of pulling off a single top-lane gank. After that though, his kill participation came mostly from TSM fooling around and giving up kills, having more or less won the game already.
Steps up in Game 2
June 4, 2017
Moon went an overall 4/7/12 in FlyQuest's defeat at the hands of Echo Fox on Saturday.
Moon started out Game 1 on Elise by giving up the second kill of the match to Akaadian's Graves. While his counterpart continued to pick up kills, Moon couldn't get much of anything going, and Moon was forced to watch as Akaadian picked up a triple kill that ended the game. Moon's Game 2 on Elise was much better, as he picked up first blood bot lane and went on to go 3/0/1 on FlyQuest's first four kills. This was pretty much the extent of his success, however, as his champion fell off and became a stun bot. He was still good with his Cocoons, but it ultimately wasn't enough as Echo Fox completed the sweep.
Uncharacteristic performance in series defeat against Phoenix1
April 24, 2017
Moon finished FLY's 2-3 series defeat against P1 with a combined KDA of 8/11/15.
Although Moon has been known to carry his team in many of their victories, this was not the reality as he took on Phoenix1. His Game 1 performance was unfortunate to say the least as his entire team struggled to pick up anything in the game. Unable to earn a single kill or assist in the game, Moon was lackluster. Bouncing back in the next two games, Moon had a much stronger showing, earning a strong 0/0/7 KDA on Ivern in Game 2 to claim victory, and playing a quieter Game 3 despite still earning a victory. Unfortunately, Moon's success was limited to these two games. In Game 4, he picked Kha'Zix once again but fell behind quite early as his lanes were decimated. In doing so, Phoenix1 built up a huge lead that didn't allow Moon to find his way back into the game. With everything on the line in Game 5, Moon picked up Kha'Zix again and had a decent showing. Unfortunately, decent wasn't enough as an early botched dive saw the enemy top laner find a huge lead. Once behind, Moon was unable to find objectives for his team aside from a late game Elder Dragon. As a result, Phoenix1 took the game in 45-minutes, closing out the series 3-2 in their favor.
Fails to show up in big match
April 18, 2017
The young jungler had a bit of a slump in FlyQuest's 0-3 series loss to Team SoloMid on Sunday, posting a 3/10/11 KDA.
Moon has been a strong point for his team all season. This series was an illustration of how his team operates when he's having a bad series. He played a game of Gragas, Ivern and Kha'Zix. He did very well on Gragas, despite him having shown far more prowess on damage/carry junglers. His Ivern game was okay, and his Kha'Zix game was surprisingly his worst. He was outjungled by Svenskeren, which is nothing he can be faulted for because Svenskeren is one of the best junglers in the regions. Overall, Moon is one of the region's better junglers. He did poorly, but he has a lot of potential to grow and if he can continue his growth into the summer split then he can become a consistent force to be reckoned with.
Returns to early season form in win over CLG
April 11, 2017
Moon posted a 16/10/25 KDA in FlyQuest's 3-2 series victory over Counter Logic Gaming on Sunday.
Moon got a game of Kha'Zix and Graves, and on both he didn't look too well. This isn't a sign of concern because he played those two champions well during the regular season and his entire team got stomped all around. But once he was allowed to take away the Rengar, he dominated the jungle quite convincingly. CLG banned it away for Game 5, and Moon pulled out his pocket pick Evelynn, which was played extremely well. Overall, Moon looked to be the catalyst for his team's success and he did a good job at snowballing them. Moon didn't need to be the driving engine for his team to do well in the third, however, but he surely did assert his dominance. At the end of the series, Moon looked to have returned to his early season form of nearly uncontested jungle prominence. While his competition has increased, he can definitely reclaim his throne if he continues playing like he did in the final three games of the series.
Strong performance leads to series sweep over Echo Fox
March 25, 2017
Moon earned a series KDA of 4/3/14 in FLY's 2-0 victory over FOX.
Throughout the entire series against Echo Fox, Moon had a relatively strong performance. He started off the series on Gragas with an impressive early game showing that helped his team secure several objectives around the map, netting a decent gold lead. Despite this, he could not control objectives, ultimately allowing Echo Fox to take several dragons and find an advantage in the game. Maintaining his gold lead via tower kills, he was able to stall things out long enough for FlyQuest to take a favorable teamfight and pick up a Baron off the back of it, securing a 39-minute victory despite being down a decent amount of gold earlier. Game 2 was much cleaner as Moon found himself on Kha'Zix and dominated from the very start. Finding kills in skirmishes, he was able to assist FlyQuest in taking over the map early and his subsequent pressure kept the control for the remainder of the game. Picking up three dragons and a baron in the game, his objective control was enough to strangle Echo Fox out of the game, resulting in a convincing victory that secured FLY's 2-0 series win.
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