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Echo Fox
Decimates enemy team with Kog'maw
January 21, 2018
Altec earned a 7/0/7 KDA on Kog'maw in his team's 29-minute victory over FLY.
Playing against his former team, Altec had no trouble dismantling FlyQuest in his team's swift victory. Picking Kog'maw, he was able to find a lead early and roll with it. Without any signs of slowing down, he quickly picked up kills left and right, joining skirmishes and playing aggressively. Despite playing so far forward, his positioning was superb, allowing him to skirt the edges of fights and deal insane amounts of damage. With FlyQuest having no reliable way to reach him, Altec was able to participate in all but one of his team's kills, picking up half of them for himself in the process. His dominant performance secured a swift victory to start off the split for Echo Fox.
Signs on with Echo Fox
November 24, 2017
Altec will join Echo Fox, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reported on Friday.
Given Altec's contract with Team Dignitas expired following the organization's failure to be included in the NA LCS, the ADC was primed to move on to greener pastures. Altec split time with LOD throughout the Summer Split, sharing time at a nearly 60/40 clip despite posting the second-highest kill participation percentage (73.8 percent) of any ADC throughout the aforementioned split. He'll be joined by former Team Dignitas teammate Adrian and is expected to take over solo duties at the ADC spot.
Finds only two kills in series loss
September 13, 2017
Altec earned a miserable series KDA of 2/11/5 in his team's swift 3-0 defeat against FlyQuest.
Although Altec has consistently been a solid player on Dignitas, his series performance against FlyQuest was not indicative of that. Getting absolutely dominated in every game, his performance tanked throughout the series, allowing FlyQuest to run away with the victory. Although he was able to put up a decent performance during the first game of the series, he quickly faltered in the rest, only able to pick up a combined three assists without a single kill during the remainder. As a result, FlyQuest easily dominated with their snowballed bottom lane, allowing Dignitas to be defeated easily. With the losses, FlyQuest claimed the victory 3-0.
Unable to carry DIG past CLG
September 5, 2017
Altec ended DIG's 0-3 loss to CLG with a 5/7/9 combined KDA.
Altec used Tristana in the opening two games, finishing with a combined 4/4/1 KDA. He finished Game 1 with a 4/2/0 KDA, involved in four of eight kills and leading DIG with four kills. In Game 2, Altec ended with a 0/2/1 KDA, involved in only one of DIG's three kills. For the final game of the series, Altec used Xayah and earned a 1/3/8 KDA. He was involved in nine of 11 kills, picking up only one kill but tying Adrian for the highest assist total with eight.
Bounced back after poor Game 2 performance
August 7, 2017
Altec finished with a 8/7/22 KDA in Team Dignitas series victory against Team Liquid on Sunday.
In Game 1 Altec's Sivir got plenty of solo lane time early thanks to TL's bottom lane rotating into the top. When it was time to group up, Altec didn't secure many kills, but still walked away from teamfights with plenty of assists. In Game 2, Altec's Tristana failed to handle gank pressure early. Altec tried to play safe in the mid game to make up for his early deaths, but was too far behind to make much of an impact late. In Game 3 Altec's Varus handled Piglet's Vayne much better. He won some damage trades and took lane control after getting gank help. DIG took over late after a Baron power play and finished shortly after.
More solid performances throughout 2-1 series victory
July 30, 2017
Altec finished with a 9/2/15 KDA in Team Dignitas' 2-1 series victory against Immortals on Saturday.
Altec had a stellar 5/0/6 KDA performance on Caitlyn in Game 1. He didn't win lane, but still had dealt out plenty of damage in the teamfights late. DIG's frontline was much too tanky for IMT, allowing Altec to safely dole out headshots from the backline. In Game 2 Altec kept the laning phase pretty close, but didn't have much of an impact in teamfights throughout the second half. Altec had plenty of wave clear to defend turrets, but got cut off by Weaver's Walls late as IMT evened up the series. In Game 3 Altec easily ran up a lead in CS after securing a kill and assists during an early skirmish. Altec managed to freely Rocket Jump around fights racking up assists on his way to a 2/1/7 KDA.
Continues to look like an improvement
July 25, 2017
Altec went 8/10/13 as Dignitas fell 1-2 Sunday to Cloud9.
Altec has looked like an improvement over LOD ever since joining the starting roster a couple weeks ago, and this series was no exception. A lane kill onto Sneaky and an early skirmish in Game 1 put his Tristana out to a 1/0/3 start, and Altec pushed his lead beautifully. With a Nunu and Jayce alongside him to help with turret pushing, Altec decimated objectives and earned a 6/0/7 KDA in the blindingly fast 23-minute win. Unfortunately, Game 2 didn't go as well on Twitch. He got out to a quick CS lead, but one that was quickly neutralized, and he went 0/6/3 in the loss. Altec showed his lane dominance again in Game 3, using Kalista to find a kill onto Smoothie in the 2-vs-2. However, that's just about all he accomplished as Cloud9 finished off the series.
Definition of a carry
July 23, 2017
Altec was all over the place with a blistering 13/3/12 KDA in Dignitas' win over TSM on Saturday.
Altec was on his game from the very start of this series. He led his lane in both games while also putting together an incredible slaying performance. He made perfect use of Kalista in Game 1, picking up three kills in the first 20 minutes to give his team a big lead. He didn't stop there, simply pouring in the kills all over the place. The same was said for the farm-heavy Game 2. He simply had way more impact than Doublelift in this game, which gave Dignitas the ability to easily pick up this win.
Dominates on Kalista in series victory
July 18, 2017
Altec earned a 15/2/10 KDA over two Kalista games against CLG on Saturday.
Throughout the entire series, Altec had an extremely dominant performance on Kalista. He found an early lead in Game 1 in lane and never slowed down. Kiting expertly in teamfights despite heavy focus, he died only a single time in his team's 38-minute victory. With the convincing victory, he opted for Kalista once again in Game 2 and showed up even better. After a slower early game, he was able to find a big lead during the midgame and explode in a final teamfight. Picking up a quadra kill, he was able to single-handedly carry a final teamfight at 28 minutes, allowing his team to push into the enemy base and secure the victory, closing out the series 2-0.
Smashes on Kalista in Game 1
July 17, 2017
Altec finished with a 12/4/13 KDA in Team Dignitas' 2-1 series victory against Phoenix1 on Sunday.
Altec popped off on Kalista in Game 1 as he finished with a 6/0/6 KDA. He seemed to be everywhere for Dignitas, turning around engages with Fate's Call and raking up kill participation to finish one kill shy of 100 percent. His dominant performance on Kalista was repeated in Game 2, but it wasn't Altec who was on the champion. Altec's Tristana couldn't Rocket Jump enough in teamfights to get away from DIG's engage as he traded deaths for kills and assist, just breaking even with a 1 KDA ratio. He redeemed himself on Tristana in Game 3 as he finished with a solid 4/1/6 KDA. Team Dignitas stumbled in a teamfight late, but once it respawned it quickly set up a series ending push.
Lackluster performance on Varus in series loss
June 26, 2017
Altec finished with a 4/7/10 KDA in Team Dignitas' 2-1 series loss to Cloud9 on Sunday.
Altec damage carried Dignitas in Game 1 on Caitlyn as he finished with a 2/0/6 KDA. He built a small CS lead in the laning phase that slowly grew at the game went on. Dignitas dominated the teamfights as it rotated around the map taking down objectives. The story in Game 2 was the opposite though as he struggled to accomplish much on Varus. Altec was a solid source of damage but finished with a lowly 0/3/3 KDA. His performance on Varus in Game 3 didn't improve much but at least he scored some kills to finish with a 2/4/1 KDA. Dignitas struggled to coordinate its teamfights as C9 dominated the trades and built a gold lead. Altec went down swinging as he scored his only two kills defending Nexus turrets as C9 pushed to win.
Joins Dignitas
June 17, 2017
Altec will be transferred to Team Dignitas, the organization announced on Friday.
Altec, previously a top laner for FlyQuest, will take over as the substitute AD carry for Dignitas. Given starting ADC LOD has put together the third highest average KDA (4.7) at his position, it seems likely that this move will just be to provide some veteran depth to the roster. Given that Team Dignitas are tied for first place atop the NA LCS standings, its clear the organization is trying to make all the moves necessary to put itself in contention at the end of the split.
Strong showing in hometown despite series defeat
April 24, 2017
Altec earned a series KDA of 18/10/10 in FLY's 2-3 loss against P1 on Saturday.
Throughout the entire series against Phoenix1, Altec was the standout player from FlyQuest. He started off the series by earning a meager 2/0/0 scoreline on Varus in Game 1. Although it seemed poor, his performance was impressive considering the 32-minute blowout of a game as his team was utterly decimated. He bounced back from the defeat with ease, picking up Kog'maw in Game 2 of the series and earning a pentakill to secure his team's victory. The momentum allowed Altec to perform well in the following game, picking Ezreal and carrying his team to a Game 3 victory. Unfortunately, Altec's strong play could only get his team so far in the series. In Game 4, he picked Kog'maw once again, but was shut down quickly, unable to find a single opening in the game and ultimately resulting in a quick defeat. Game 5 went better for Altec, but his team was unable to perform up to par. As fights broke out, they found themselves falling behind early, leaving Altec to farm and try and scale up. As final teamfights erupted, he was able to pick up some kills for his team but was unable to do enough to secure a victory for his team, allowing Phoenix1 to close out Game 5. With the loss, FlyQuest fell 2-3 in the series, finishing the NA LCS Playoffs in Fourth Place.
Can't land ultimates to save his life
April 18, 2017
Altec struggled throughout FlyQuest's 0-3 series loss to Team SoloMid on Sunday, posting an 8/10/11 KDA.
Altec doesn't really need a very in-depth analysis because he played 3 games of Ashe and they were all the same. The marksman usually has very good accuracy with his ults and farms heavily to dish out late-game damage. His ults were uncharacteristically off and therefore costing his team heavily. He was unable to scale into the late game thanks to this. He did relatively poor in lane, especially compared to WildTurtle. To cap off the poor series Altec had, he was solo-killed by WildTurtle more than a couple times. His stats show an average series, but last-hitting to earn a kill is far from telling the story of how he did. Overall, Altec is an average ADC, but he did quite terrible this series on his best champion. He will likely return to his consistent self, but his series was uncharacteristically bad.
Comfortable in role during big reverse sweep win
April 11, 2017
Altec posted a 12/12/29 KDA in FlyQuest's 3-2 series victory over Counter Logic Gaming on Sunday.
Altec was one of the beneficiaries of FlyQuest's great macro-play in the later half of the series. He wasn't looking to be the hard-carry for FlyQuest, and that's not expect of him anyways. So, he essentially fit his role perfectly. He could be subject to to target bans, because he only looks comfortable on Ashe. But, his Ashe is pretty good, and he does hit a large majority of his Enchanted Crystal Arrow, so that's good too.
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