Yuri Jew 
United States
Echo Fox
Benched after solid Game 1
July 17, 2017
Keith finished with a 3/3/6 KDA with limited playing time for Echo Fox in its series loss to Team EnVyUs on Sunday.
Keith had a strong start to the series as he put together a 2/1/5 KDA performance on Tristana in Game 1. He kept the gold close in the first half, but quickly pulled ahead in the second half as he rotated the map, picking up kill participation and knocking down objectives. After being benched for Game 2, Keith returned in Game 3 on Kalista, but wasn't able to make much of an impact as he finished with a lowly 1/2/1 KDA. Echo Fox didn't opt into many fights as he got pushed off of objectives and fell into a deep gold deficit. There was little Keith could do late as Echo Fox's base was destroyed on a Baron power play.
Along for the ride
July 2, 2017
Keith went 2/2/1 in Echo Fox's 2-1 win over Team Liquid on Saturday.
Keith's 2/2/1 overall KDA in this series resembles a scoreline from a single game rather than a best-of-three, and a passive one at that. This is because, aside from Liquid's passivity, Keith was simply never a driving force one way or the other this series. His Tristana ended 0/0/0 in Game 1, not because he was playing badly, but because his only job was to help Echo Fox take turrets, and Liquid never let themselves fight. In Game 2, Keith was blameless for the loss, as it was an early top-side skirmish that got the enormous snowball rolling for Liquid. Keith's Caitlyn in Game 3 remained 0/0/0 up until 32 minutes, fulfilling a similar role as in Game 1. There's simply not much to say about Keith's play this series; he didn't play badly, but a Silver-ranked AD carry probably would've done the trick as well.
Struggled in Game 2 of series loss
June 26, 2017
Keith finished with a 2/6/5 KDA in Echo Fox's series loss to Team SoloMid on Sunday.
Keith had a pretty rough series and it started off with an 0/2/3 performance on Xayah in Game 1. Keith kept the laning phase close, but got caught out of position in the mid game as Echo Fox struggled for vision control. Echo Fox managed a late teamfight victory as it punished TSM for overstaying its push, but it wasn't enough to turn the tide of Game 1. In Game 2 Keith got torn apart in the laning phase as he lost two skirmishes early. To avoid from feeding TSM's bottom lane any further, Keith rotated into the top lane early to assist in a lane swap. Keith managed to pick up some kills in the mid game, but got easily picked off in the late game fights.
Extremely uneven performance
June 12, 2017
Keith struggled to find consistency on Saturday as he scores a 12/11/12 KDA vs. CLG.
In Games 1 and 3, Keith scored three kills vs CLG, yet in Game 2 he had nine. Obviously, it is nice to have true carry performance in a series versus the league leaders, however, if EF ever wants to find a permanent spot in the top half of the NA LCS table, they will need Keith to eliminate the games where he has virtually no impact. The good game for Keith came on Caitlyn, the sub-optimal performances were on Lucian in Game 1 and Varus in Game 3, indicating that the EF ADC is not as strong on AD casters as AD auto attackers.
Deathless in series sweep
June 5, 2017
Keith finished with a 1/0/5 KDA in Echo Fox's series sweep of Team Liquid on Sunday.
In Game 1 Keith had a solid 1/0/2 KDA performance on Varus. He didn't see much teamfight action early as TL conceded objective after objective without resisting. Echo Fox got greedy pushing late, but it didn't hurt it only gave over some kills to TL. Keith and crew were able to regroup and finish off Game 1 after it's third Baron power play. In Game 2 Keith didn't see much action and had a low damage output in a 0/0/3 KDA performance on Xayah. Echo Fox was better at pushing its advantages and closed out Game 2 in just 28 minutes.
Low impact in victory
June 4, 2017
Keith went 6/4/14 in Echo Fox's 2-0 sweep over FlyQuest Saturday.
Despite getting the win, Keith really didn't contribute all that much. In Game 1 on Ashe, Keith did start out with a nice Enchanted Crystal Arrow to get a pick onto Hai's Karma, but followed up by dying in the 2-vs-2 bot lane. After that, his only big contribution was another Arrow onto WildTurtle's Jhin in the final teamfight, which was point blank. Game 2 started off even worse, with Keith's Ashe going down for first blood. He hit more Arrows this time around, and they often led to kills, but again, most of them were point blank, making them more team efforts than anything.
Poor positioning results in defeat against FlyQuest
March 27, 2017
Keith earned a series KDA of 1/4/7 in Echo Fox's defeat against FlyQuest.
Starting off the series on Ashe, Keith was in a prime position to claim a victory for his team. After bouncing back from an early deficit, he was able to help his team claim several skirmish victories due to strong Ashe ultimates. After claiming several objectives, it seemed as though he would be able to close out the game easily. This was not the case, however, as Keith struggled to output meaningful amounts of damage in a final teamfight that yielded FlyQuest victorious. Game 2 saw a similar performance from Keith who struggled once again to get anything done. Falling behind early in the game, he had no way into the game. Without the previous engage tools of Ashe, he found himself on Ezreal, simply able to avoid death. As things crumbled around him, he was forced to simply sit idly by as his team was decimated. The result was a drawn out defeat due to his team's best efforts. FlyQuest was able to take a 28-minute victory, closing out the series 2-0.
Anonymous against TSM
March 20, 2017
Keith went 2/5/0 in Echo Fox's 0-2 loss to TSM on Sunday.
Playing Ezreal into WildTurtle's Ashe in both games, Keith failed to get much done this series. In Game 1, he fell behind in CS while remaining 0/0/0 until 20 minutes in, where he snagged a kill that Froggen had started off. This was his only accomplishment all game, as he ended the loss 1/1/0. In Game 2, Keith tried to save Akaadian by running to him with Heal, but ended up dying himself while failing to prevent the death of his jungler. He died three more times while grabbing a single kill as TSM demolished Echo Fox in this series.
Can't deal enough damage vs CLG
March 19, 2017
Keith puts forth pedestrian 6/5/10 effort in Echo Fox's loss to CLG on Friday.
Keith played Ashe in both games in Echo Fox's 0-2 series defeat to CLG. It was clear that his team did not want him to be the true carry based on his team's drafts in both games as they tried to play around damage dealers in top and mid lanes as well as the jungle. Unfortunately Keith's utility was diminished because his team's true carries struggled to synergize with Ashe's utility and often were not strong enough to secure kills the times when he hit his Enchanted Crystal Arrows. As a result, Keith was hardly a threat for CLG in both games of this uninspiring series.
Demolished by Phoenix1
March 12, 2017
Keith ended Echo Fox's 0-2 loss to Phoenix1 on Saturday with a KDA of 1/11/10.
Keith's Ashe did well to amass an early CS lead over Arrow's Ezreal in Game 1, but this was all he had a chance to do. Meteos' Zac made the decision to camp for Arrow early on, and did so with great success, leading to multiple deaths for Keith and the loss of his tower early on. In teamfights as well, Keith was often the target of Meteos and the rest of the P1 frontline, completely shutting him out of the game. Sticking with Ashe for Game 2, Keith had a couple solid ultimates in the early game. However, in teamfights, Keith had no chance of keeping up with the massive backline pressure coming out from an Ahri, Nautilus and Kha'Zix, leading to another loss for Echo Fox.
Carry not enough to extend series
March 5, 2017
Keith posted a 5/6/4 KDA in Echo Fox's 0-2 series loss to Cloud9 on Saturday.
Keith had a decent Game 1, but didn't get many kills or assists to show for it. He managed to keep his deaths low while dealing out the second most damage to champions for Echo Fox. However, Echo Fox struggled to coordinate their teamfights well and Keith quickly lost his front line forcing. Similar teamfight issues plagued Echo Fox again in Game 2. Keith led Echo Fox's offense with 100 percent kill participation and most damage dealt to champions, but it wasn't nearly enough to stop Cloud9.
Impact-less against Immortals
February 23, 2017
Keith finished Echo Fox's 0-2 series loss to Immortals on Sunday with a KDA of 5/4/7.
The much-maligned AD carry had a decent performance in Game 1 but struggled on Jhin in his positioning. After surrendering early advantages to Immortals after a poorly played laning phase, Immortals snowballed hard, taking advantages across the map into the mid game. Keith did a decent job of supplying crowd control and damage in teamfights, but his 3/2/4 KDA was nowhere near enough for Echo Fox to make the comeback a reality, dropping Game 1 in 39 minutes. Keith took Jhin into Game 2 where he still struggled with positioning. With Immortals running a pick-heavy death-ball composition, Keith got repeatedly run down in mid game teamfights, forcing him on the back foot while the rest of Immortals slaughtered his teammates. Finishing with a 2/2/3 KDA, Keith was reduced to a bystander as Immortals took a 27-minute Game 2 win to sweep the series 2-0.
Does nothing to stop NV
February 18, 2017
Keith went an overall 1/5/2 against NV on Saturday.
As can be seen by his horrific KDA, Keith was more or less absent from Echo Fox's series against NV on Saturday. On Jhin for Game 1, Keith grabbed an assist on Akaadian's first blood, but that was about it. He was slightly down in CS to Apollo all game long, and he was repeated rendered useless while being dived on by LirA's Rek'Sai in teamfights. Keith grabbed Echo Fox's first kill in Game 2 on Ashe after landing a short-range Enchanted Crystal Arrow, but again, this was his only contribution. He went on to die a total of four times as the game went on without participating in another kill. Echo Fox were swept by NV.
Superb skillshots
February 14, 2017
Keith finished Echo Fox's 2-0 win over CLG with a 10/3/21 KDA.
As has been the case lately with AD carries, Keith's performance in this series was not the driving force behind his team's victory, but it was solid nonetheless. In Game 1 on Varus, he was only involved in one early kill for Echo Fox, as most of the action came in the mid lane for the team. In teamfights, however, Keith shined, landing Piercing Arrows and Chains of Corruption across multiple members at a time. Echo Fox ended Game 1 with a base race at 39 minutes. For Game 2, Keith picked Jhin and was much more involved early on. He picked up a terrific snipe onto aphromoo for his first kill in a bottom lane skirmish, and then turned around a dive by taking advantage of CLG's poor positioning to snipe Stixxay with his ultimate. With the rest of the team also doing well, Echo Fox were able to end Game 2 in just over 30 minutes.
Returns to form in victory over TSM
February 13, 2017
Keith earned a series KDA of 9/5/18 in Echo Fox's sweep over TSM.
After some questionable series in earlier weeks, Echo Fox was able to breathe a sigh of relief as Keith seemed to perform up to standard once again. He started off Game 1 with a strong showing on Jhin, earning an early advantage and rolling with it easily. By just 14 minutes, he had found two kills for himself and four assists, securing an ace for his team and an extremely large early game lead. With the lead, he was able to position in fights and use his advantage to deal insane amounts of damage, decimating TSM in each skirmish from that point on, securing a convincing 30-minute victory in Game 1. Game 2 saw another impressive Jhin performance from Keith despite falling behind in lane. After dying twice, he was able to pick up five quick assists for himself bringing FOX back into the game. In subsequent fights, his accuracy with his ultimate was insane, allowing his team to single-handedly take exchanges and close out the game in 36 minutes. With the victory, Fox completed their 2-0 series sweep in an unexpected upset over TSM.