Nam Tae-yoo 
South Korea
Clutch Gaming
Controlled neutral objectives in victory
February 19, 2018
LirA posted a 0/0/8 KDA on Skarner in Clutch Gaming's victory against Team SoloMid on Sunday.
The early game went well for LirA as he was able to invade and control the neutral objectives. When he did join in fights, he made some nice flash and grabs on the damage dealing targets. CG was well in the driver's seat in the late game as it dominated the teamfights trades, always securing kills without giving up any deaths. A second Baron power play was all it needed before pushing to win.
Cleaned up play in second half
February 18, 2018
LirA posted a 0/1/6 KDA on Skarner in Clutch Gaming's victory against FlyQuest on Saturday.
LirA got punished for making an overaggressive early invade. While he managed to steal a Blue buff he gave it right back over when he died. LirA cleaned up his play afterward, making much better decisions on when to invade and when to pick fights. Clutch Gaming started to absolutely crushed FlyQuest in teamfights for the remainder of the game, running up a 12,400 gold lead as it knocked down the Nexus.
Can't get anything going
February 5, 2018
LirA ended Clutch Gaming's Sunday loss to Cloud9 0/3/4.
LirA's Gragas got off to a bad start this game, as his early invade attempt was thwarted, resulting in him giving away first blood. From there, his pressure on the map was fairly minimal throughout the remainder of the early game. His later stages weren't much better, as his ultimates were lackluster and he wasn't ever much of a factor in teamfights as a result.
Much better in the mid game
January 28, 2018
LirA tallied a 3/2/12 KDA by the end of CG's win over CLG on Saturday.
After a lackluster early game on Zac, LirA came alive when it came to teamfights. His engagements were spot on and set up his fed mid laner to find kill after kill. This is exactly the kind of performance you'd expect with a Zac pick, and LirA's Elastic Slingshots and ultimates helped propel CG to a solid win.
Struggled to match rotations in loss
January 22, 2018
LirA posted a 1/1/3 KDA on Sejuani as Clutch Gaming lost to Echo Fox on Sunday.
LirA did his best to make the early game as even as possible but his ganks were not enough to make up for the gold deficit that Clutch Gaming was facing. With both of the solo lanes struggling, LirA was running around the rift trying to respond to EF's rotations but was always just a little too slow. Clutch Gaming managed to buy a little time as it put an end to EF's Baron power play with a winning teamfight but couldn't repeat the feat later. After losing a 3-for-0, Clutch Gaming could only watch from the fountain as Echo Fox destroyed its base.
Comes out the gate swinging
January 21, 2018
LirA went 1/2/4 as Clutch Gaming opened their season with a win over Golden Guardians.
LirA, on Evelynn, together with Febiven's Malzahar, formed the catalyst that propelled Clutch Gaming to an easy win on Saturday. His early, repeated focus onto Hai's Azir netted multiple early kills, and assists across the board as other members joined in on the fun. With an early lead, CG had no trouble closing out the game, albeit a tad slowly.
Set to join Clutch Gaming
November 21, 2017
LirA is being pursued by Clutch Gaming and is likely to sign with the team for the 2018 season, reports Jacob Wolf of ESPN.
LirA is set to join Clutch Gaming with former teammates Apollo and Hakuho. With an impressive showing during his time with EnVy, despite the team's less than remarkable performances, it is no surprise that LirA has found a new home so quickly. The news comes as no surprise with LirA looking to continue his impressive performance alongside his former teammates in an attempt to show his skill during the 2018 season.
Free agent for 2018
November 21, 2017
LirA announced on Tuesday he is a free agent for Season 8.
LirA spent Season 7 on Team EnVyUs, often being the driving force for the team's success. His early game presence propelled his team ahead in many series, and he was usually present in the mid-to-late game as well. LirA will join a handful of available free agents after being released under special circumstances, given the flux of teams changing in the NA LCS. He provided no indication to where he will end up, but it is likely that he will remain in North America or return to Korea.
Early strength insufficient
August 22, 2017
LirA posted an overall 8/14/33 scoreline at the end of NV's 2-3 loss to CLG on Sunday.
LirA has proven time and again that he's capable of winning the early game for his team, and this was no challenge in this series against the rookie OmarGod. With the latter sticking to scaling tanks, LirA had his way with the map early on, and generally did a good job taking advantage, particularly on Elise. However, NV demonstrated they still had trouble closing games, and with CLG's superior scaling in most games, they were able to fight their way out of the series with a win. Depressingly, had LirA been able to prevent OmarGod's Baron steal in Game 1, NV likely could've taken this series before CLG ever got a chance to come back.
Can't do enough to save NV
August 7, 2017
LirA put up a 3/4/9 scoreline by the end of NV's 0-2 loss to Cloud9 on Saturday.
LirA's Jarvan IV in Game 1 was the sole shining light for NV, as he participated in all four of his team's kills. As that sentence indicates, however, NV had a rough go of it, and lost Game 1 in just 24 minutes. In Game 2, LirA's Rek'Sai was a thorn in the side of Cloud9's backline, winning NV multiple fights with his pressure, one of which netted Baron. Unfortunately, this was enough to get a win for NV.
Early invade backfires in Game 1 loss
August 5, 2017
LirA scored a 2/7/6 KDA in Team EnVyUs' series loss to Immortals on Friday.
LirA's Zac was unlucky in Game 1 as IMT collapsed on his early invade. Both teams brought everyone and fought a 5-vs-5 teamfight just three minutes in. EnVY got first blood, but gave up four kills after and quickly lost control of Game 1. LirA provided plenty of crowd control in teamfights, but it wasn't enough and often cost him his life or at least Zac's passive. In Game 2 LirA stayed away from early invades and instead made early ganks into the top lane. While the ganks went well in the first half, the second half was a different story as IMT began to dominate teamfights. EnVy wasn't given a chance to comeback and extend the series as IMT ran away with a lead and finished off the sweep.
Nowhere to be found in loss
July 30, 2017
LirA put together just a 2/10/3 KDA in Team EnVyUs' loss against CLG on Saturday.
LirA played two games of Elise in this series, and by the looks of it, he doesn't necessarily know how to play the champion to her strengths. In both games, he was caught out early and often, leaving him unable to make much of a difference in the jungle. CLG picked up on his deficiencies and continued to pick on him all series long. LirA certainly needs to pick his play with such a meta champion if he wishes to help his team out here in the last week and a half of the split.
Solid Gragas play to close out series
July 24, 2017
LirA scored a 3/4/25 KDA in Team EnVyUs' reverse sweep of FlyQuest on Sunday.
LirA had a poor start to the series on Gragas as he scored a 0/3/2 KDA. He struggled to find good engages with Explosive Cask throughout the second half as EnVy got torn apart in teamfights. In Game 2, LirA switch to RekSai and redeemed himself with a 1/0/10 KDA performance. LirA's first gank set up first blood for Nisqy and started EnVY's gold lead that slowly grew the rest of Game 2. EnVy methodically pushed its way to victory and tied up the series after acing FLY. in Game 3 LirA returned to Gragas and put together a solid 2/1/13 KDA. He had much better engages as EnVy found picks and won skirmishes, running away with a gold lead on its way to a just over 42-minute victory.
Picked up play after Game 1 loss of reverse sweep
July 17, 2017
LirA Scored a 9/2/17 KDA in Team EnVyUs' 2-1 reverse sweep of Echo Fox on Sunday.
Lira's Graves traded a death for first blood in Game 1, on his way to a 4/2/1 KDA performance. While the early game went alright for LirA, he struggled to do much in the second half as Echo Fox ran away with a lead in objectives. LirA managed to pick up a few kills protecting inhibitors but it was too little, too late. The rest of the series LirA put together clean outings and it started with a 4/0/12 KDA performance on Elise. LirA was quick to force objectives and aiding in picking apart Echo Fox. EnVy dominated all of the engages, finished with 19 kills and only two deaths. In Game 3 LirA didn't attempt many ganks early, but finally pulled the trigger 16 minutes in when all five members of EnVy roamed into top lane to kill the defenseless Looper for first blood. EnVy lost a mid game teamfight 3-for-2, but maintained a lead in objectives and went back to applying split push pressure.The remaining teamfights EnVy won and LirA's 1/0/4 KDA was just shy of 100 percent kill participation.
Early invade backfires in Game 3 loss
July 1, 2017
LirA scored a 8/9/12 KDA in Team EnVyUs' series loss to Phoenix1 on Friday.
LirA wasn't able to get much done on Graves in Game 1 as he finished with a 1/3/2 KDA. After securing first blood, he power farmed his way through the mid game and managed to sneak some dragon kills. In the late game teamfights, he was barely able to contribute as he got blown up before firing any shots. LirA picked up his play in Game 2 as he put together successful ganks on Elise in all lanes. He got EnVy off to a strong start as his ganks got him participation in the first 11 kills. EnVy struggled to coordinate its mid game well and only managed to even up the series after P1 made a risky Baron call that backfired. In Game 3, LirA started off with an early invade that earned him a kill, but also gave over first blood to MikeYueng's Elise. The invade ended up costing him big as he fell behind early in experience and gold. LirA managed to make some good plays in the second half but EnVy struggled to coordinate its defense late and lost a hard-fought 57-minute Game 3.
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