Nam Tae-yoo 
South Korea
Team EnVyUs
Solid Gragas play to close out series
July 24, 2017
LirA scored a 3/4/25 KDA in Team EnVyUs' reverser sweep of FlyQuest on Sunday.
LirA had a poor start to the series on Gragas as he scored a 0/3/2 KDA. He struggled to find good engages with Explosive Cask throughout the second half as EnVy got torn apart in teamfights. In game 2 LirA switch to RekSai and redeemed himself with a 1/0/10 KDA performance. LirA's first gank set up first blood for Nisqy and started EnVY's gold lead that slowly grew the rest of Game 2. EnVy methodically pushed its way to victory and tied up the series after acing FLY. in Game 3 LirA returned to Gragas and put together a solid 2/1/13 KDA. He had much better engages as EnVy found picks and won skirmishes, running away with a gold lead on its way to a just over 42-minute victory.
Picked up play after Game 1 loss of reverse sweep
July 17, 2017
LirA Scored a 9/2/17 KDA in Team EnVyUs' 2-1 reverse sweep of Echo Fox on Sunday.
Lira's Graves traded a death for first blood in Game 1, on his way to a 4/2/1 KDA performance. While the early game went alright for LirA, he struggled to do much in the second half as Echo Fox ran away with a lead in objectives. LirA managed to pick up a few kills protecting inhibitors but it was too little, too late. The rest of the series LirA put together clean outings and it started with a 4/0/12 KDA performance on Elise. LirA was quick to force objectives and aiding in picking apart Echo Fox. EnVy dominated all of the engages, finished with 19 kills and only two deaths. In Game 3 LirA didn't attempt many ganks early, but finally pulled the trigger 16 minutes in when all five members of EnVy roamed into top lane to kill the defenseless Looper for first blood. EnVy lost a mid game teamfight 3-for-2, but maintained a lead in objectives and went back to applying split push pressure.The remaining teamfights EnVy won and LirA's 1/0/4 KDA was just shy of 100 percent kill participation.
Early invade backfires in Game 3 loss
July 1, 2017
LirA scored a 8/9/12 KDA in Team EnVyUs' series loss to Phoenix1 on Friday.
LirA wasn't able to get much done on Graves in Game 1 as he finished with a 1/3/2 KDA. After securing first blood, he power farmed his way through the mid game and managed to sneak some dragon kills. In the late game teamfights, he was barely able to contribute as he got blown up before firing any shots. LirA picked up his play in Game 2 as he put together successful ganks on Elise in all lanes. He got EnVy off to a strong start as his ganks got him participation in the first 11 kills. EnVy struggled to coordinate its mid game well and only managed to even up the series after P1 made a risky Baron call that backfired. In Game 3, LirA started off with an early invade that earned him a kill, but also gave over first blood to MikeYueng's Elise. The invade ended up costing him big as he fell behind early in experience and gold. LirA managed to make some good plays in the second half but EnVy struggled to coordinate its defense late and lost a hard-fought 57-minute Game 3.
Strong play not enough to claim victory over CLG
June 26, 2017
LirA earned a series KDA of 7/6/12 in EnVy's defeat against CLG.
Although he played well throughout the series against CLG, LirA was ultimately unable to keep up with his opponents, resulting in a defeat. He started off the series on Nidalee and despite being one of his best champions, he was unable to get things done. With the enemy team finding an early lead, he couldn't gain an advantage for his team, putting them in a compromised position. Without anyway to come back into the game, CLG was able to take it convincingly. Game 2 saw a different story with LirA picking Elise and dominating from the start. Able to facilitate several early kills, he had no problem bringing his team a large lead that choked CLG out of the game quickly. Participating in nearly all of his team's kills, his strong play net a victory to tie the series. He picked Elise once again in Game 3 but this time did not have the same levels of success. Although he was able to pick up some kills for his team, it was not enough as CLG played the map more effectively. Try as he might, he could not find a victory, despite participating in all of his team's kills. As a result, EnVy fell in the series 1-2.
Solid Game 2 on Lee
June 6, 2017
LirA went 4/6/11 as Team EnVyUs was taken down 1-2 by Dignitas on Saturday.
Starting out the series on Ivern, LirA pulled off a great counter gank in the bot lane early in Game 1, securing two free kills. However, this was really the only positive play he made all game, as NV were outscaled and lost the map. In Game 2 LirA looked much better on Lee Sin, helping Pirean's Taliyah to create early pressure against Dignitas' weak early-game comp, which led to an easy win. He stuck with Lee Sin for the deciding game, but couldn't find the same success. He only went 2/4/6 in the loss, and was never the one setting up plays for his team despite being on such a prolific playmaking champion.
Gets his team going from the jungle
April 3, 2017
LirA posted a solid 16/10/20 KDA in Team EnVyUs' 3-2 victory over Gold Coin United.
LirA has shown that he is among the best junglers in NA throughout the split and the series against GCU was no exception. He played Nidalee, Kha'Zix (twice) and Lee Sin (twice) in his five games. Outside of one poor performance on Kha'Zix in Game 4, LirA was largely the reason his team went on the win the series. His pressured the map extremely well while maintaining constant tabs on the location of his GCU counterpart. The main thing that I noticed over the course of this series was that LirA is the backbone of this EnVyUs squad. If he can get his team going early, they can snowball and take good leads into the mid/late-game. League is a team game, and despite LirA's strong performances, wins don't always come to fruition due to his team's shortcomings. LirA's only potential negative that he doesn't play tank junglers, but since he has to get his team going, his team would theoretically always fall behind and lose.
Looks great despite loss
March 4, 2017
LirA ended Team EnVyUs' loss to FlyQuest Saturday with an overall KDA of 15/5/12.
LirA went with Kha'Zix for Game 1, up against Moon's Graves. He managed to outpace Moon for a large portion of the early game, grabbing kills for himself in all three lanes before the 20-minute mark to start out 5/1/1. He even caught out Hai's Zed in the jungle to grab a solo kill. However, LirA was one of three lethality-stacking champions for EnVy in Game 1, making them easy to itemize against and losing them late-game teamfights and the game. For Game 2, LirA switched over to Lee Sin and looked flawless. A well-timed early gank got NV first blood in the bottomlane at just two-and-a-half minutes, and he continued to pick up kills for NV, maintaining 100-percent kill participation until 26 minutes in. LirA finished the Game 2 victory with a 7/1/8 KDA. In Game 3, LirA returned to Kha'Zix, and failed to get anything done. FLY were simply always three steps ahead in this game, giving up only a single kill and stuffing any and all attempts by NV to get something meaningful back. LirA went 0/1/0 as FlyQuest took the series.
Completely outplays Akaadian
February 18, 2017
LirA finished with a 7/1/16 KDA as NV took down Echo Fox 2-0 Saturday.
LirA started out this series on Rek'Sai for Game 1. Early on, Akaadian appeared to be outpacing LirA, grabbing first blood and going 4/1/0 early on. However, LirA was nevertheless ahead of Akaadian's Lee Sin in gold at this point in the game due to his farm advantage, and had participated in a couple kills of his own as well. This made NV's gold distribution far better than Echo Fox's helping them to win teamfights en route to a 34-minute win. LirA, on Lee Sin, was much more direct with his take down of Akaadian in Game 2, thwarting his attempted top lane gank to grab first blood onto his counterpart. From there on in, LirA was simply much more effective for NV, grabbing kills and assists all across the map while Akaadian continued to die. As a result, NV were able to roll to a 2-0 series victory.
Little impact in loss to Phoenix1
February 18, 2017
LirA finished Team EnVyUs' 0-2 series loss with a KDA of 2/1/3 on Friday.
LirA had a good start to Game 1 as Elise, picking up first blood before 10 minutes and getting NV ahead early. LirA couldn't capitalize on the early lead, however, as NV had several problems with shotcalling in the late game. Finishing with a KDA of 2/0/2, LirA was efficient but unable to stop P1 from stealing Game 1 in 56 minutes. LirA got his hands on an often-banned Rengar pick in Game 2, but couldn't find any success on the champion. Bullied by Adrian's Lulu every time he tried to jump on P1's backline, LirA only managed a 0/1/1 KDA as NV fell flat in Game 2, dropping the series-decider in just under 30 minutes.
Not terrible, but nothing special
February 11, 2017
LirA went 0/4/6 as NV lost 0-2 to TSM Saturday.
LirA had a pretty poor start to his Game 1 on Kha'Zix. while he was able to successfully gank Bjergsen for first blood, he and Ninja were promptly cleaned up by Svenskeren's Ivern to give away two deaths, largely due to misplays by LirA. Later on, LirA caught Svenskeren overextended in his jungle and forced his Flash, only to die to a snipe from Bjergsen. He did pull off a successful bottom lane gank in the meantime, but was ineffective in teamfights as TSM took Game 1. On Nidalee for Game 2, LirA beat out Svenskeren hard in the early game. His champion allowed him to grow a large CS lead over his opponent, and he also pulled off two ganks in the early game, once again participating in first blood. This was just about all he could manage, however, as NV fell completely flat in the later stages of the game, granting a comeback victory and a series sweep to TSM.
Largely ineffectual
February 4, 2017
LirA went 3/7/4 as EnVy were crushed by Cloud9 Saturday.
LirA didn't have the best start to Game 1, as it was his Elise being caught out by Contractz's Kha'Zix that led to an early 3-for-1 skirmish victory for Cloud9. He then utterly failed to make anything happen in the early and mid game, which meant that, without a strong team to back up Cocoons, his champion became completely worthless. LirA could do nothing but watch as Cloud9 ended Game 1. Switching to Graves for Game 2, things looked better for LirA early on, as he managed to grab first blood onto Contractz. In fact, with his excellent Graves mechanics, LirA was the driving force behind pretty much all of EnVy's positive plays in this game. Unfortunately, these were generally few, far between, and exclusively in the first half of the game. EnVy was torn to shreds in late game fights as Cloud9 completed their sweep.
Quiet in series after a stellar Game 1
January 30, 2017
LirA put up a 14/12/15 KDA in Team EnVyUs' series loss to Immortals on Sunday.
LirA and Seraph started off the series by invading Dardoch at his first jungle camp. The play netted each a kill and they snowballed a lead from there. LirA wouldn't get his hands on Kha'Zix the rest of the series after his 8/3/11 KDA performance. In Game 2 his Rek'Sai struggled to keep up with Dardoch's Kha'Zix and was a thin frontline. LirA played Lee Sin in Game 3, but barely broke even with his 4/6/2 KDA. Team EnVyUs got caught out of position late in Game 3, which put them too far behind to come back.
Joins EnVyUs
December 28, 2016
After backing out of his deal to jungle for Vitality, LirA will be the starting jungler for EnVyUs, the organization announced on twitter.
After an eventful offseason, LirA has found himself a new home in North America. After a decently strong showing on afreeca Freecs, LirA departed the organization. After coming to terms for a deal with Vitality, he backed out of the deal. Just a week later, he agreed to terms with EnVyUs to become the team's jungler. LirA's strong play may be what the team needs to make themselves strong contenders for playoffs this coming split and potentially push the team to the upper half of the NA LCS.
Free Agent
Reneges on Vitality deal
December 19, 2016
LirA has backed out of his deal to become Vitality's jungler, reports Jacob Wolf of ESPN eSports.
LirA was reported to be Vitality's new jungler for the 2017, but has backed out of his deal. Highlighting concerns about living in Europe and playing with Vitality, LirA has decided his future lies somewhere else. Vitality have reportedly recruited former JAG and NRG mid laner, GBM, to fill the role of jungler.
Joins Vitality
December 2, 2016
Vitality has announced that LirA, formerly the jungler for the Afreeca Freecs, will be joining them for the Spring 2017 season.
LirA has found himself a new home in a place that most would have considered just about the most unlikely place possible, Europe's Vitality. After a split that was largely hobbled by the team's ineffective jungling, Vitality seems to have held back nothing when acquiring their new talent, as LirA was considered a rising star in his native Korea. His acquisition will galvanize a team well known for doing well enough to impress, but just poorly enough to never enjoy success. LirA's flashy play promises to change all of that, as he served as the vanguard for the Freecs' gutsy playstyle. Whether the team can live up to expectation remains to be seen, but there's quite a lot of potential there.