Brandon Phan 
Echo Fox
Low production in series loss
July 24, 2017
Mash finished with a 2/6/9 KDA in Echo Fox's series loss to Team SoloMid on Sunday.
In Game 1 Mash was put on Kalista, but didn't have much impact on teamfighting. He often showed up late to engages and didn't have great Fates Call to lock down targets. He finished with a 0/2/2 KDA and didn't improve much throughout the rest of the series. In Game 2 Mash's Draven stacked plenty of Adoration, but his lowly 1/2/3 KDA didn't let him cash in on it. Mash managed to steal Baron late with Whirling Death, which helped Echo Fox maintain its control and knock down two inhibitors. Echo Fox tied up the series after getting TSM to chase it around out of base while split pushing the Nexus. In Game 3 Mash returned to Kalista and put together a 1/2/4 KDA performance. He fell behind in experience and gold throughout the laning phase and never recovered. The late fights were pretty one sided as EF got steamrolled and lost.
Rough outing against EnVy
July 17, 2017
Mash was brought off the bench for Game 2 of Echo Fox's series loss to Team EnVyUs on Sunday and finished with a 0/4/1 KDA.
Mash didn't have a very good outing in Game 2 as he got bullied in the laning phase, slowly falling behind in CS. When the outer turrets started to fall and the map opened up, Echo Fox started to get picked apart because of its poor vision control. Mash could do little late as EF bled objectives and got destroyed in the late game teamfights, only securing two kills to EnVy's 19.
Unable to translate his farming leads into sizable contributions to the game
April 3, 2017
In Gold Coin United's 2-3 series loss to Team EnVyUs on Sunday, Mash posted a 5/11/16 KDA.
Mash was one of the most criticized ADC's when he was in the LCS. Often for good reason, but that often overshadowed his good qualities. In the series, Mash was significantly better at pushing the lane than his EnVyUs counterpart in Apollo. His farming was good enough, but Mash looked to be very incapable of turning farm into leads. He also didn't show much drive in earning kills to carry the game. Essentially, Mash looks to survive and contribute, but not carry. He isn't, and likely won't be, a focus for gold share or threat to carry a game. That being said, he also won't throw games by dying unnecessarily.
Surprisingly solid split from mainstay of Promotion Tournament
November 30, 2016
Mash earned a 125/80/171 KDA during the 2016 NA LCS Summer Split.
As a player who's frequented both the NA LCS and Challenger Series since their inception, Mash has been a consistent presence among mediocre North American teams for a long time. As a result, his appearance on Phoenix1 was a surprise to no one, though the quality of his split certainly was. Mash was consistently a primary carry for his team throughout summer, earning the highest gold share of any North American AD carry as well as the highest CS per minute. He looked especially impressive during the later stages of the season, when Phoenix1 went on a bit of a rampage, even taking down TSM in the process. Unfortunately, this still only propelled them to an eighth-place finish, sending Mash into yet another Promotion Tournament. Thankfully, Phoenix1 would take down EnVy in 3-0 fashion, but Mash would not re-sign with P1 for another season.
Finds the damage to take down LoD and NV
July 30, 2016
Mash finished Phoenix1's victory over Envy Gaming with a 17/4/19 KDA.
Mash was the behind-the-scenes hero of Friday's series, earning a KDA ratio of nine and a 71 percent kill participation. He was always well positioned in fights, leading to him tallying the lowest death toll of his team. In Game 1, he was always sticking with his teammates, rotating up from bottom lane when he saw NV moving. His control over his lane and constant pushing gave Mash this freedom, and he used his time spent with his team effectively, using his ultimate to speed his team towards a trapped or lagging enemy and finishing them off with his high damage. Mash picked up a lot of kills and was very successful, but he was simply out-scaled by LoD once the game got longer and longer. In Game 2, Mash enjoyed the success of Inori and its spill over to the rest of the team. His Enchanted Crystal Arrows were not always the most accurate, but they were just the icing on the initiation cake once Inori had thrown himself headlong into the enemy team. Mash was always there to capitalize on Inori's opening, dishing out damage to the disoriented and scattered NV. Game 3 was similar to Game 1, as Mash kept up with LoD despite losing out in scaling and kept finding good positioning to engage on locked down opponents. In the final fight, it was Mash getting a huge chunk on LoD that forced him to back out, giving P1 the time to take down the rest of NV and win the game.
Brings TSM's streak to a crashing halt
July 24, 2016
Mash earned a 9/8/23 KDA against Team SoloMid in Phoenix1's winning series.
Mash was not the star of Phoenix1's victory on Saturday, but he was certainly a significant factor. Game 1 was a failure on P1's part, and Mash struggled along with the rest of his team. Mash and Gate could not decide where to go after the initial lane swap and wasted time that TSM used to pick up a free Infernal Drake. After that, despite an early gank by Inori finding a kill on Biofrost, Doublelift bullied Mash around and constantly pushed him into his turret, allowing TSM to gain further map pressure. Phoenix1 did not look comfortable playing the pressure game and lost every single lane. Going into Game 2, P1 revised their strategy to better reflect the way they like to play, fast and aggressive with lots of kills picked up. Mash was able to work with Inori to get a lot of early pressure on his lane and even early kills on Doublelift and Biofrost. This gave not only Mash, but the entirety of P1, the map pressure and gold lead to continue winning into the messy teamfight phase. Mash had strong positioning and mechanics in both games, such as his clever sidestepping of Hauntzer's attacks that gave Inori time to arrive and pick up a kill, or when TSM caught P1 in the Baron pit and Mash avoided all the initial burst to pick off the remaining members with zig. In Game 3, Mash joined his team in hyper-aggression, playing Twitch and joining again with Inori to pressure his lane and the map heavily. Mash was caught out several times, but in teamfights, he had the space and control to deal out enough damage that it decimated TSM before they had time to strike back. He earned a triple kill to finish it all off in the final fight before Phoenix1 took down TSM in Game 3.
Unable to carry team on his own accord
July 18, 2016
Mash finished Phoenix1's series against Team Liquid with a combined 5/8/10 KDA, losing 0-2.
Mash was a null factor in Game 1, where he attempted to play Lucian into Fabbbyyy's Sivir. While Lucian and Braum is a strong lane duo, the current meta favors TL's Sivir and Karma combination. They also made use of their synergistic playstyles to punish P1 when rotating, which Mash and Gate struggled to do. Going into Game 2, Mash last picked Tristana into the TL squad and had a huge lead over Fabbbyyy's Jhin in terms of CS, kills and experience. While he was effectively the greatest threat from P1, Mash's lead wasn't enough to deal with Lourlo's stellar Rumble performance, which contributed heavily to P1's downfall.
Brings Phoenix1 to yet another series victory
July 17, 2016
Mash went 9/9/18 KDA in Phoenix1's series against NRG eSports on Friday.
Mash had a strong series, with a KDA ratio of three and a 75 percent kill participation. Game 1 started off well for Mash, getting first blood on Santorin when almost his entire team roamed around to catch him out in the jungle. This entire team play was the theme for the whole match, Mash spent enough time farming to get an advantage over Ohq, but was always ready to rotate around for a fight, even coming in on the backend of a chase down in the bottom lane and grabbing an extra kill with Gate. Mash's Culling somehow managed to be an engage for P1; he would run in and deliver it all on Quas or whoever was nearest and the rest of his team would collapse and find the kills. Mash got in some trouble when Quas got past his front line, but most of the time, he managed to kite away and come back in to finish up the kills, even earning a triple kill on the back of a failed NRG Baron attempt. In Game 2, Mash suffered for his team's over-commitment to failed engages. Even when a fight started well for P1, such as the turret dive gank in bottom lane, P1 was too confident and too hungry for kills and ended up overstaying and dying. In teamfights, Quas was able to body block off the entirety of P1's backline from doing any damage and Mash was unable to have a meaningful impact before being taken down in each fight. Game 3 Mash came back with a vengeance, picking Tristana with a very clear goal in mind to hard push turrets down. He got first blood from a gank by Inori, which was all made possible by the early Dragon control gained from the speed of their lane swap. Mash set up a huge teamfight for his team by cleverly hiding in the fog of war when NRG came down to cut him off and then all of P1 trapped and burned down NRG, netting four kills. P1's Dragon control gave them three Mountain Drakes, which allowed Mash to burn down the Baron completely for free without NRG even having members get taken down, and then allowed him to demolish towers in a matter of seconds. His turret taking speed put on a pressure that NRG simply could not deal with, and they folded under the weight.
Finds Phoenix the engage
July 11, 2016
Mash helped Phoenix1 beat out Echo Fox 2-1 and ended 8/1/16 KDA.
Mash came out of P1's 2-1 victory with a fantastic scoreline, a KDA ratio of 24 and a 77 percent kill participation. Mash suffered from the same problem as Pirean in Game 1. He was a sustained damage AD Carry who was waiting for a teamfight that never happened. Mash found some success using his speed boost to help his team chase down fleeing split pushers, but even when they did earn a kill P1 couldn't earn anything off of it and very often Fox was in the other lanes gaining map objectives. A series of kills on the enemy Soraka was not enough to stop the constant, unrelenting pressure on P1's base. Game 2 Mash turned everything around, picking up Ashe and doggedly hunting for picks with the rest of his team. They were close enough in gold that they could begin to match kfo's split push, and so they took to the time to find vulnerable Fox targets and lock them down, usually beginning with Mash's arrow. He had an uncanny ability to land them on Keith and Froggen, the ultimate priority targets, and so when Phoenix made those picks it gave them a huge boost in map pressure. The most important part of Mash's play was the fact that he was not waiting for a fight to launch an arrow, and he was not trying to pick up kills with them. He was aware of how short of a cooldown he was working with and so constantly fired them at Fox, getting them to blow summoner spells or even just run back to base was enough to start P1's heavy advantage. Game 3 played out similarly, with Phoenix picking exactly the same team composition, but there was a lane swap just like Game 1. P1's slower swap speed had given kfo his advantage before, and again Mash, Gate, and Zig just did not make their way to the tower as quickly as Fox were able to. Although Mash's later aggression and teamfighting made up for the small disadvantage at the start, lane swapping effectively is something Phoenix will need to work on if they want to move up the ranks.
Looks uncomfortable off Sivir in loss to CLG on Sunday
July 11, 2016
Mash finished the series with a 13/10/14 KDA, but looked out of sorts in Games 2 and 3.
The CLG vs. Phoenix1 series seemed to go as Sivir went, with both marksmen playing the huntress to excellent statistics and failing with any other champion. In Game 1, Mash picked up Sivir and finished with a 7/2/12 KDA, using her ability to apply AoE damage and teamfight mobility to swing a pair of clutch Baron fights in Phoenix1's favor. In Game 2, Mash was forced off Sivir and onto Lucian, where he took an early CS lead, but eventually fell behind Stixxay's hypercarry. Stixxay even managed to kill Mash 1-vs-1 this game, further proving his individual superiority. In Game 3, Mash again missed out on Sivir, but changed his personal choice to the more utility-focused Ashe. Unfortunately, Mash was unable to really capitalize on Ashe's long range initiation because of his team's serious early kill deficit and a few clutch misses of his own.
Barely able to factor into series loss
July 3, 2016
Mash finished with a 3/3/3 KDA in Phoenix1's series loss to Team SoloMid on Saturday.
Mash finished with a relatively good KDA ratio of two, but only a 60 percent kill participation. In Game 1, Phoenix1 managed a rare positive start versus TSM as they were able to match their opposition's lane swap tempo. This gave P1 the ability to keep the map pressure even, cut off Svenskeren's Nidalee domination of both sides of the jungle, and even get Mash first blood onto an over-aggressive Hauntzer who was pushed up for farm. Early gold right after he had bought a Cull was a solid beginning, and P1 looked to continue that with an aggressive double teleport to the bot lane. An aggressive double teleport to the bottom lane appeared to put Phoenix1 in good position to secure a major teamfight victory, but they had not anticipated Bjergsen also teleporting in and saving his AD Carry as well as completely zeroing out Mash with a well placed double bomb. This fight, which ended in a kill and some assists for Doublelift, completely negated whatever lead Mash had found in the early game. He quickly lost his turret, lost Dragon control, and lost the superior damage in teamfights. Tie that in with his questionable mechanical play and he ended up not even being able to take Bjergsen out cleanly in a 1-vs-1. Game 2 all came down to a lack of initiative. Mash was already losing out due to a very clever delayed lane swap from TSM that denied a great deal of farm. Mash's first Ashe arrow ended badly, leaving Gate all alone in what was supposed to be an aggressive position but instead left him out for TSM to descend upon. After that, there were a few more arrows, most of which hit Biofrost but secured a couple of kills. The issue was that Mash was never firing them. He wasn't looking for initiations or picks, probably because he was too afraid of TSM's power, and so his Ashe went to waste and P1 had no hope of getting back in the game after only eleven minutes.
Mash: Roughed up in series loss
June 5, 2016
Mash earned a 6/3/3 KDA in Phoenix1's series loss to Immortals.
Mash and Gate punished WildTurtle and Adrian for face checking a bush to start off Game 1, which gave them the upper-hand in the laning phase. It didn't matter much late in the game as WildTurtle was able to get better protection in teamfights. There wasn't much that Phoenix1 could do about Huni disrupting the backline damage dealers in Game 1. In Game 2, Mash was almost all of the offense for Phoenix1. He participated in all of Phoenix1's four kills and had the second most damage dealt to champions. He had better positioning and protection in teamfights, but couldn't match the damage output of Immortals in the end.
Mash: Unable to make an impact in teamfights
June 5, 2016
Mash finished Phoenix1s 2-0 sweep to Echo Fox with a 4/5/7 KDA.
Mash continued the common theme of lopsided lanes in this game as he found himself up by about 30 CS in the bot lane about 15 minutes into this game. He used that early lead to get himself a kill in the first teamfight that occurred about 16 minutes in. From that point on, though, Phoenix1 essentially wandered around the map dying a few times and just prolonging this lopsided win. Mash started out Game 2 in a bit of a hole in terms of CS, but that didn't matter much as he was able to take Keith down in a quick teamfight. He wasn't able to fully capitalize on the kill to cut his deficit, though, as the deficit just continued to grow. While he did eventually get the lead back, it was his overall ineffectiveness in teamfights that really set them back. He was pretty invisible overall, as Phoenix1 kind of wandered around making bad decisions all series long.
Mash: Weak performances in Spring Split
April 30, 2016
Mash ended the 2016 NALCS with a KDA of 45/35/94 in 19 games.
A longtime staple of Challenger and low-tier LCS teams alike, Mash has always been a generally mediocre AD Carry, and he was no different this split. Among starting AD Carries, Mash had the lowest Kill Share, average kills, average CS, and GPM, utterly failing to make a positive impact for his team. Mash was right at home this split on a ninth-place Team Impulse, and if he can't manage to step up his play for the Summer Split, look for TIP to have a repeat of their spring performance.
Mash: Early death sets tone in tough loss
March 19, 2016
Mash ended Saturday with a 2/3/9 KDA on Corki.
Mash managed to get taken out just a minute into the game when he wasn't able to contest Freeze very well. He rebounded quite well with a kill on a beautiful set up from Feng in a quick team fight, though. That was one of his just two kills in this match, but he did manage a total of nine assists. The theme of not being able to pick up kills, though, is what ended up being their downfall. In almost every team fight, they just could not execute and were swiftly cut down each time.
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