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Free Agent
Lackluster Summer split
November 27, 2017
Looper ended the 2017 NA LCS Summer Split with a 59/91/116 combined KDA.
Looper played in 29 of 43 games for Echo Fox, losing time at the end of the season to Brandini. It was a rough split for the former World Champion as he finished ninth in kills, tenth in assists, and had the eleventh highest KDA (1.9) among North American top laners. Looper was unable to make much of an impact during his time with Echo Fox and will be looking for a new team after his contract was not renewed by the organization.
Free Agent
WIll not return to Echo Fox
November 23, 2017
Looper will not have his contract renewed by Echo Fox, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reports.
Looper had an up-and-down year on Echo Fox, but was unable to really make a major impact during his short time in North America. Looper has a long history of being an excellent top laner, so he should receive offers in the near future.
Benched in Game 2 but brought back for Game 3 loss
July 17, 2017
Looper posted a 3/3/6 KDA in two games of Echo Fox's series loss to Team EnVyUs on Sunday.
Looper started the series off with a 2/1/4 KDA performance on Gnar in Game 1. He slowly pulled ahead in CS during the laning phase and became a teamfighting menace late. Echo Fox quickly closed out the Game 1 victory after a Baron power play around the 27 minute mark. Looper was benched for Game 2, but brought back in Game 3 where he still had a lackluster performance on Rumble. He wasted his Equalizer clearing a minion wave early that gave EnVy an opening to dive him without repercussion. He laid down some good ones later, but it wasn't enough to stop EnVy as he finished with a 1/2/2 KDA.
Great first game
July 2, 2017
Looper went an overall 3/4/5 in Echo Fox's victory over Team Liquid on Saturday.
Looper went with Kennen in Game 1, and was solid throughout. There was very little action all game long, but Looper picked up two of Echo Fox's five kills without dying, and more to the point, hit 11 CS per minute while winning the split-push. Game 2 went downhill for Looper on Shen, as he participated in an early skirmish that gave a triple kill over to Liquid. There wasn't much to be done after that, and he finished 0/3/1. In Game 3, Looper's Rumble was solid to help secure the win, but again there wasn't much action. He had a couple of good Equalizers, but was not a driving force behind his team's victory.
Strong starts fail to transitions into wins
June 26, 2017
Looper scored a 5/2/4 KDA in Echo Fox's 2-0 series loss to Team SoloMid on Sunday.
Looper got gank help early to secure first blood in Game 1 on Renekton, but it wasn't enough to get his split push rolling. Lane swaps opened the map up and Echo Fox struggled with vision control, allowing TSM to find picks and force down objectives. Looper picked up another kill and assist in Echo Fox's only teamfight victory as it defended its last inhibitor standing to finish with a 2/0/1 KDA. In Game 2 Looper's Rumble had a good early game, but struggled in teamfights late. Looper laid down good Equalizers when he could, but often got blown up late before he could and finished with a 3/2/3 KDA.
Won't stop trying to make Kennen happen
June 12, 2017
Looper has a bad day as he went 9/13/12 vs. CLG Saturday.
In regions across the world, Korean top laners have shown an affinity for playing Kennen and the results have been mixed, to say the least. On Saturday, Echo Fox's Looper opted to play Kennen in two games of the three-game series. His KDA in those two games was 0/9/4 and his team dropped both games. Sure it's sexy to build a huge CS lead and methodically take towers split pushing as chaos erupts elsewhere on the Rift. However, the fault in Kennen is that his strength is getting to late game, not actually finishing. With the recently adopted on-hit AD build, Kennen simply is not the late game team fight terror he once was, and even a superb top laner like Looper cannot overcome the champions current deficiencies. The best game of the series for the EF top laner was Game 2 where he opted to play Rumble, here he was able to deliver consistent damage and score a solid KDA of 7/4/8.
Split push distraction helps close out series sweep
June 5, 2017
Looper scored a 3/3/4 KDA in Echo Fox's series sweep of Team Liquid on Sunday.
In Game 1 Looper slowly built a CS advantage in the laning phase. There weren't many teamfights throughout the early game as Echo Fox took objectives with little resistance. Looper was good at rotating across the Rift, but didn't start securing assists until Echo Fox's final push to win. In Game 2 Looper got early gank help to get his Kennen off to a good start. Looper did his best to keep split push pressure on throughout the mid game, but got caught overextending multiple times. His distractions bought time for the rest of Echo Fox to take objectives elsewhere to make his deaths worth it. When Looper joined back up with his teammates to push to win, he scored a few more kills to improve his KDA to 3/3/1 in Game 2.
Moments of brilliance in otherwise quiet sweep
June 4, 2017
Looper went 2/5/13 in Echo Fox's 2-0 sweep over FlyQuest Saturday.
Looper started out this series with a game of Gragas into Balls' Renekton. He fell somewhat behind in CS, understandably given the matchup, but also failed to make any impact on the game for nearly its entirety. However, when he finally entered the game, it was with a two-man Body Slam-Flash combo into Explosive Cask that won a 4-vs-5 teamfight for Echo Fox at 31 minutes, winning them the game. Looper fell behind once again on Galio into Fiora; again, this is to be expected. This time around, he didn't make any huge plays, but he did a good job of using his ultimate onto Froggen's fed Lucian to help his team take fights.
Unimpressive play nets defeat against FlyQuest
March 27, 2017
Looper earned a series KDA of 2/4/3 in Echo Fox's 0-2 loss against FlyQuest.
Throughout the series against FlyQuest, Looper struggled immensely to get anything done. Starting things off on Renekton, he was able to find a small lead in lane, but began falling behind due to FlyQuest's dominant map play. As skirmishes broke out, he found himself on the opposite side of the map trying to defend the enemy split push. Though he was successful for some time, as things got heated, he struggled to make do with his team's lead. As FlyQuest postured to take a teamfight, he was unable to get to the enemy backline, allowing the enemy team to take a deciding teamfight that pushed the game in their favor. Shortly after, they were able to close out the game, giving Echo Fox a Game 1 loss. In Game 2, Looper picked Singed to try and perform better, but was once again unable to do so. Falling behind early, he did little more than delay his team's domination as he was taken down easily. Once FLY found a lead, he had no way back into the game, allowing the enemy team to close out the series 2-0 with ease.
Picked on by TSM
March 20, 2017
Looper went an atrocious 1/11/5 as Echo Fox were swept by TSM on Sunday.
This was a rough series for the whole of Echo Fox, and Looper suffered particularly bad in his two games on Rumble. His early game was strong in Game 1, as he picked up Echo Fox's first kill followed by a pair of assists, but it was all downhill from there. Hauntzer's Nautilus had no problem locking up Looper long enough for Svenskeren's Rengar to pounce in and clean up the kill, and they pulled off this maneuver multiple times. In teamfights, he landed decent Equalizers, but couldn't get past Hauntzer to deal any more damage, and was easily locked up and killed. In Game 2, Looper's Rumble was once again a focus for TSM, as he was the target of multiple Enchanted Crystal Arrows and Rengar ultimates, dying four times before the 20-minute mark. Looper could do nothing to stop TSM from completing the 2-0 sweep.
Gives up his life too many times in loss
March 19, 2017
Looper played sloppy with a 9/10/7 KDA in a loss to CLG Friday.
Looper made more poor plays than good ones in the loss to CLG on Friday. He was a part of the blunder that set the tone for the series in Game 1, when Akaadian got clumsy with positioning in the top lane and died in what was technically a two versus one in Fox's favor. In Game 2, Looper opted to play a champion that is currently on the outer fringe of the meta, Swain. The result was him leading his team in kills and damage dealt to enemy champions, but also leading in deaths.
Strong early games
March 12, 2017
Looper finished Echo Fox's 0-2 loss to Phoenix1 with a 4/6/6 KDA.
Looper started off the series on Renekton up against zig's Kled. He did well in lane, building up a small CS lead and killing his lane opponent in a dive assisted by Akaadian. He also did well in the first couple teamfights, successfully diving onto the P1 backline. However, without a full-tank champion, Looper had trouble standing up to the damage of a Cassiopeia and an extremely fed Ezreal in the later stages of the game, leading to a loss. On Shen for Game 2, Looper again created a small CS lead early on, and made some strong early plays with the ultimate to secure kills. Come late game, however, he simply couldn't contribute to teamfights as much as zig's Nautilus, and Echo Fox lost several fights in a row quite handily to give the series victory to P1.
Struggled to find good engages throughout series
March 5, 2017
Looper finished Echo Fox's 0-2 loss to Cloud9 with a 0/9/5 KDA on Saturday.
Looper had a pretty rough series and it started with a 0/6/3 KDA performance on Shen. Early in Game 1 Looper feel behind in CS but made good use of Stand United to get an assist in first blood. However the rest of his Stand United were used in attempt to save teammates while trying to disengage or failing to win a 3-vs-1 turret dive. All the time away from lane gave Impact plenty of time to snowball a CS lead in lane. Echo Fox continued to struggle with engages late as Looper dove too deep and was usually killed while trying to flee. In Game 2 Looper didn't fare much better on Gnar. Looper didn't do well in lane as he had a CS deficit that only got worse as the game went on. Looper made a nice play with Gnar's ultimate in the mid game, but Cloud9 were dominant in closing out the rest of Game 2.
Continues to slump in series loss
February 23, 2017
Looper posted a KDA of 2/10/7 in Echo Fox's 0-2 loss to Immortals on Sunday.
Looper had a decent enough showing in Game 1 on Poppy, but had a rough start as he gave up first blood to Dardoch's Rengar in an early gank. Looper managed to get back on track through solid farming, but Immortals had taken a commanding lead into the mid game. While Echo Fox had brief glimmers of hope in the late game, Looper's 2/3/7 KDA wasn't enough to carry Echo Fox to a Game 1 win. Taking Swain into Game 2, Looper got abused early on by early jungle pressure from Dardoch's Elise. Echo Fox fell behind after Dardoch popped off in the early game, and Looper couldn't make any ground back on a risky, non-tank pick. Finishing with a 0/6/2 KDA, Looper did little more than watch as Immortals took a decisive 2-0 series sweep.
Dominated by Seraph
February 18, 2017
Looper went an overall 2/3/2 as Echo Fox were swept by NV Saturday.
Playing two games on Maokai, Looper simply struggled to make any sort of impact whatsoever against Echo Fox on Saturday. Even with Seraph's Shen leaving lane with his ultimate, Looper stayed even and then fell behind in CS, He grabbed his only kill showing up late to a skirmish, and paid for it with his life. He was almost entirely absent the rest of the game, ending 1/2/1. Game 2 was basically identical. He fell behind early to Seraph's Rumble, but caught up after Akaadian helped him out with a gank. Still, Looper managed to have almost no presence in teamfights, finishing 1/1/1 as Echo Fox were swept.
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