Na Woo-Hyung 
South Korea
Free Agent
Drops two games on Jhin
August 9, 2018
Pilot ended MVP's sweep to KT with a 2/1/6 KDA in two games as Jhin.
Pilot finished Game 1 with a 2/1/4 KDA. He was involved in six of seven kills, ending with the second-highest kill and assist totals in the opening game. In Game 2, Pilot earned a 0/0/2 KDA. He was involved in both MVP kills, leading the team with two assists. Pilot was involved in a team-high eight of nine kills in the series, giving away only one of 16 deaths across two games.
Unable to win on Ezreal
March 23, 2018
Pilot ended Thursday's sweep to SKT with a 1/3/5 KDA in two games as Ezreal.
Pilot finished Game 1 with a 0/0/2 KDA. He was involved in both of MVP's kills, tying for the team-high assist total while giving away no deaths. In Game 2, Pilot earned a 1/3/3 KDA. He was involved in all four kills, tying for the second-highest assist total. Pilot was involved in all six kills in the series, but was only able to pick up one kill.
The difference maker in series win
March 14, 2018
Pilot ended MVP's 2-1 win over KDM with a 13/2/14 total KDA.
Pilot finished Game 1 with a 5/1/5 KDA as Tristana. He was involved in 100 percent of his team's kills, leading MVP in kills during Game 1. Using Tristana again in Game 2, Pilot earned a 4/0/4 KDA. He was involved in eight of 10 kills, leading MVP for the second straight game with four kills while giving away no deaths despite MVP dropping Game 2. For the series-deciding Game 3, Pilot used Xayah and earned a 4/1/5 KDA. He was involved in nine of 11 kills, again leading MVP with four kills. Pilot earned the team-high kill participation total, being involved in 27 of 31 kills while leading his side with 13 kills in the series.
Benched after zero kills in Game 1
January 24, 2018
Pilot ended MVP's Game 1 loss to Jin Air with a 0/4/3 KDA as Caitlyn.
Facing his former team, Pilot struggled in the game as Jin Air took a one-sided win in Game 1. Pilot finished involved in three of five kills, tying for the team high in assists with three. He also had the highest death total in Game 1 and was benched for Game 2 in favor of MaHa.
Free Agent
Joins MVP
January 5, 2018
Pilot has returned to the LCK after joing MVP for the 2018 season, Inven Global reports.
Pilot returns to the LCK after spending 2017 as a part of Europe's PSG and Chinese team DS Gaming. The former Jin Air marksman will likely find himself in a substitute role, backing up MaHa in 2018.
Free Agent
Star signing for Paris Saint-Germain
December 1, 2016
Pilot is set to join European Challenger Series team PSG, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reports.
PSG looks to make a splash by signing both Pilot and Blanc, with Pilot being a top-notch marksman for the upstart organization. Pilot enjoyed an excellent Summer Split in the LCK finishing fourth in kills with 137 despite Jin Air underperforming. Pilot joined Jin Air and never finished above fourth place during an LCK split. PSG will look to build around Pilot as he hopes to carry them into the LCS during 2017.
Misses his arrows in a loss to MVP on Thursday
July 29, 2016
Pilot finished the game 1/4/3, with many, many missed engage opportunities.
Pilot leaned heavily on the Ashe pic for this series, but the results did not warrant the amount of effort they expended. In Game 1, Pilot took his Ashe up against MaHa's Jhin as both long ranged marksmen proceeded to spend much of the early game whiffing their ultimates. The major difference was that MaHa eventually found his aim, while Pilot continued to whiff. Even when Pilot did eventually land an arrow onto MaHa, Max's Tahm Kench was there to neutralize the stun and remove Jin Air's ability to engage. In Game 2, Pilot took the Ashe again, but fell behind early in lane thanks to a gank from Beyond's Hecarim. Unfortunately, that was just a sign of things to come, as Jin Air fell behind early and Pilot never had a chance to develop into a real threat before MVP swept his team.
Dominates Game 3 to help Jin Air take series
July 26, 2016
Pilot ended Tuesday with a 16/5/22 KDA as Jin Air beat Afreeca.
Pilot used Jhin to good effect early in Game 1, ending with a 4/3/7 KDA. He was able to pick up a kill and an assist during a 2-vs-4 dive in the bottom lane early, making the best of what looked like a rough situation. A second kill and assist came in the first teamfight of the game where Pilot used Jhin's long range abilities to stay safe while dealing damage as Jin Air dominated 5-vs-5 fights in the mid game. His double kill in the mid game stopped Afreeca from taking Baron, but once Afreeca looked to create picks, Pilot was unable to help in non-teamfight situations as Jin Air fell in Game 1. In Game 2, Pilot used Sivir in a supportive role. He fast pushed the bottom tier one turrets early before helping Jin Air win teamfights in the mid game. Pilot picked up two assists to stop Afreeca taking Baron in the mid game and three assists in the fourth teamfight of the game. His kill in the final teamfight helped Jin Air tie the series. In Game 3, Pilot carried on Ashe ending with a 10/1/7 KDA. He scaled well, picking up kills throughout the mid game until becoming a monster carry in the late game. His four kills in the final teamfight allowed Jin Air to finally close out a long Game 3 and the series.
Unable to carry Jin Air to series win against Longzhu
July 23, 2016
Pilot earned a 7/4/9 KDA in Jin Air's 1-2 series loss against Longzhu on Friday.
Pilot's Jhin in Game 1 was unable to do much against Longzhu's pick composition, despite an early lead. Pilot secured first blood onto Pure at three minutes, but Longzhu quickly took control of the map, shutting Jin Air out of the objective game. While Jin Air made a few picks in the mid game, they were nowhere near enough to give Jin Air any kind of advantage against Longzhu's superior draft and macro play. Pilot earned a 2/1/1 KDA for 75 percent kill participation as Jin Air fell in 42 minutes. Pilot played Ezreal in Game 2 to great success, with Jin Air camping Frozen early. Pilot's quiet early game allowed him to scale well into the mid game, where he poked Longzhu into submission en route to dealing a game-high 42,700 damage to enemy champions. Despite Longzhu coming back and taking a gold lead in the mid game, two horrible Baron calls from Longzhu would give Jin Air a Game 2 win, with Pilot posting a 4/1/5 KDA. Pilot's Ashe was unimpressive in Game 3, but Jin Air's poor draft can be blamed for that. With Longzhu's superior range, along with the safety of a Tahm Kench. When Pilot would land an Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Pure would simply Devour the target and carry them to safety, rendering Jin Air's one-dimensional pick comp useless. Despite earning a 1/2/3 KDA and a game-high 444 CS, Pilot was unable to do much as Longzhu took Game 3 in 41 minutes.
Takes time to ramp up in series against Samsung
July 13, 2016
Pilot earned a combined series KDA of 4/2/3 in JAG's series defeat.
Pilot started off the series against Samsung with a rather poor performance on Ashe. Unable to find any advantage in lane, he was forced to rely on teamfights to find a lead. Joining his team at a 28-minute dragon fight, he was able to help his team secure an Infernal Drake, but was forced to give up mid pressure as a result. He struggled as the game progressed, doing poorly in the final teamfights. As he was only able to pick up a single assist in a 36 minute fight, Samsung aced Jin Air and picked up a Baron. He was forced back in the final fight to defend his base but died, earning a poor 0/2/1 scoreline in the defeat. He stepped it up heavily in Game 2 with an impressive performance on Jhin. Finding good positioning in a teamfight at 15 minutes, he was able to pick up three kills of his own while assisting in finding a kill for TrAce as well. Unfortunately for JAG, his success ended here. As Samsung gained objective control, they were able to easily choke out Jin Air despite their early lead. Pilot was able to assist in one final kill and remain deathless in the defeat, but was unable to bring the series to a final Game 3.
Strong performance in loss to KT
June 29, 2016
Pilot earned a 9/5/10 KDA during JAG's loss to KT Rolster.
In any series that ends up being decided by the larger scale decisions of the two opposing teams, there's little that an individual player can do to shine. This was such a series, as KT took the victory not off their superior skills as players, but their greater skill as a team. On JAG's side, a series of poor decisions and miscalculations led to defeat, not the failures of any individual (though TrAce comes close), and certainly not the failures of Pilot. The JAG ADC composed himself well in each game as he rarely died and always topped his team's damage charts along with Winged. While he wouldn't see the same success as he had in Game 1 in the subsequent games, he would remain a force throughout the whole series. He can be said to have been no less a force than Arrow was, as both ADCs spent the balance of the series simply farming opposite each other and getting dragged into their team's fights. Whether it was his Sivir in Game 1, the Ezreal in Game 2, or the Lucian in Game 3 Pilot brought both the damage and, often, the utility his team needed.
Pilot: Unable to find angles into fights
June 24, 2016
Pilot finished JAG's defeat to ROX earned a 1/3/1 KDA.
Pilot was in the bad position of being on a team where the rest of the map was losing terribly. While he himself was rarely far behind his opposite, PraY, he also had much weaker allies to work with than ROX's ADC. In Game 1, there was quite a lot of pressure on Pilot's shoulders, as his Enchanted Crystal Arrow was the only true engage skill that JAG brought to the game. His team failed to follow up on a single one of his arrows, and they ended the game completely shut out as a result, as Pilot had no way to enter fights with the threat of Smeb's Renekton diving on him and priming him as a target for the huge stun chain that ROX wielded. Without any initiation of their own, JAG couldn't do anything to protest as ROX took them out. Game 2 saw Pilot change his style up completely by taking Lucian over the more utility oriented Ashe, but the choice was an odd one. He still had to face PraY's Jhin, and Jhin has long been held as a soft counter to the Lightslinger, and this game was no exception. PraY and GorillA would take the lead in the lane, while Smeb would utterly smash TrAce in the top lane. While Pilot's Lucian did have quite a bit of mobility, it was still nothing compared to that which Bladesurge granted Smeb, and Pilot found himself often taken out of fights by the ROX top laner while being able to barely return fire himself, as by the first time he encountered Smeb he already had an enormous gold lead over all of JAG. With once again no DPS, and still no answer to the stun chain that ROX once again brought to the rift, JAG lost the game terribly once again, with Pilot managing to only just outperform his earlier score by picking up a single kill and assist.
Pilot: Strong performance not enough to claim victory over MVP
June 21, 2016
Despite earning a 3/0/2 KDA, Pilot was unable to pick up a win in either game against MVP.
Although Pilot had a strong performance against MVP, he was unable to earn a victory for his team. He was unable to find an advantage to start off the series, but his positioning proved to be superior to the rest of his team. As they fell behind rather quickly and conceded multiple objectives, he remained safe and farmed to try and stay in the game. Keeping himself safe, he remained deathless but could not control the outcome of the game, resulting in a loss. Game 2 went much better for Pilot although he was once again unable to claim a victory. Finding an early lead, he picked up several kills for himself but his lane partner suffered. Doing much more than his counterpart marksman, he proved who was better out of lane. Once again positioning well, putting together a 3/0/1 KDA in the final game, he was forced to stand in awe as his team suffered and was once again unable to carry them. With the loss in Game 2, MVP secured the series sweep and upset Pilot and the rest of Jin Air.
Pilot: Impressive showing to hand SKT their first series defeat
June 17, 2016
Pilot finished JAG's series victory with a combined KDA of 6/4/11.
Although Pilot didn't have a standout performance in the series, he was able to remain consistent to allow his team to claim the victory. He started off Game 1 by picking up only a single kill despite the fact that he dealt massive amounts of damage. After falling behind early, he grouped with his team to counter a dive and found his way back into the game. Game 2 once again saw Pilot falling behind early, but did not yield the same results as the first game. Falling victim to Faker's Ryze and Bang's Ezreal, he was unable to come back from the advantage which resulted in the series being tied 1-1. Despite the loss, he didn't let it get to him and came back even stronger in the final game. Finding his own advantage in the game, he used it to great success. It helped that Faker and Duke had also been shut down, so he simply grouped and picked up kill after kill with his team, leading to a near perfect victory to close out the series. After claiming victory in Game 3, it allowed Jin Air to hand SKT their first series defeat of the split.
Pilot: Farms his way to a lead in lane during win over Afreeca Freecs
June 15, 2016
Pilot had a 9/3/5 KDA in Jin Air's win against Afreeca Freecs.
Pilot continues to show that he is the CS per minute leader, maintaining CS leads that grew exponentially as the game progressed. However, his 64 percent kill participation can be explained by his inability to turn his gold leads into damage. Despite this, Pilot demonstrated solid, but reserved positioning on Ezreal when teamfighting around neutral objectives, ensuring that he was always in position to turn on his opponents or help secure the next Dragon. Playing Sivir in Game 2 to protect himself from Twisted Fate and Ashe, Pilot showed he can outscale and outfarm his opponents, as well as make effective use of his ultimate to engage on Afreeca when they were not ready to respond. He often stuck with his team to take turrets without farming side lanes to the point where he'd get punished. With the support of his team and Kuzan's aggression, Jin Air was able to secure two wins in roughly 40 minutes.
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