Shin Wu-Yeong 
South Korea
Team EnVyUs
Closed out reverse sweep with solid Shen performance
July 24, 2017
Seraph posted a 5/7/26 KDA in Team EnVyUs' reverse sweep of FlyQuest on Sunday.
In Game 1 Seraph got a small early lead on Renekton but couldn't transition it to more in the mid game. EnVy started to drop teamfights in the second half and quickly lost objectives. In Game 2 Seraph got to be a good split pushing threat on Gnar while the rest of EnVy took objectives on the other side of the Rift. Seraph had decent plays on Mega Gnar in teamfights as he earned a 1/2/8 KDA. In Game 3 Seraph's Shen did his best to contain Camillie. He died a few times early but started to make successful plays with Stand United in the mid game. EnVy stumbled late but quickly recovered, acing FLY before pushing to finish the series. Seraph scored the majority of his kills and assists in Game 3 as he finished with a 3/3/15 KDA.
Solid effort throughout reverse sweep
July 17, 2017
Seraph posted a 7/4/14 KDA in Team EnVyUs' 2-1 series victory against Echo Fox on Sunday.
Seraph's Jarvan IV struggled in Game 1 against Looper's Gnar. He fell behind in CS during the laning phase and couldn't stop the split push late. When Seraph did join up for teamfights, he often finished one kill shy of 100 percent kill participation, but it wasn't nearly enough to stop P1's Baron power play late. In Game 2 Seraph was the one to dominate trades in the laning phase, running up a gold lead and becoming a split pushing menace late. Seraph rotated to side lanes and applied pressure while the rest of EnVy picked apart Echo Fox. When Seraph did join up for fights, he cleaned up the wreckage to finish with a 5/1/7 KDA. In Game 3 Seraph played passively in lane on Galio, trading minions waves with Looper's Rumble. The laning phase was quiet, but EnVy threw everyone into the top lane at the 16-minute mark to draw first blood with a turret dive. EnVy wasn't very aggressive and slowly grew its lead in turrets and objectives with very few kills. Seraph secured his only kill of Game 3 late as EnVy pushed to win the series with an Elder Dragon and Baron empowered push.
Struggled to contain split push pressure in Game 3
July 1, 2017
Seraph posted a 4/10/12 KDA in Team EnVyUs' 2-1 series loss to Phoenix1 on Friday.
Seraph got gank help in Game 1 on Gragas to keep the gold close in the top lane matchup. However, Seraph failed make much of an impact when he joined to teamfight, missing plenty of Explosive Cask throws.He picked up his play on Jarvn IV in Game 2 as he finished with a 2/2/7 KDA, his best of the series. Game 2 was very back and forth, but Seraph and crew punished P1 for taking Baron with low health, winning a 4-for-0 teamfight and pushing to even up the series. In Game 3, Seraph's Renekton had a very close laning phase against zig's Jayce. They traded 1-vs-1 fights throughout the first half, but zig started winning late. EnVy made a late comeback thanks to a Baron power play but inevitably fell to P1's dominant teamfight.
Struggles in series defeat against CLG
June 26, 2017
Seraph earned a series KDA of 4/7/18 in EnVy's 1-2 loss against CLG.
Seraph started off the series against CLG with a Shen pick that didn't pay off. After falling behind early in lane, he struggled to make use of his ultimate effectively, as he was unable to keep his carries alive due to them being so far behind already. Though he was able to participate in all of his team's kills, he was unable to create an opening and fell in Game 1. He played better in Game 2, once again on Shen but this time with an entirely different result. Able to hold his own in lane, he grouped with his team swiftly to pick up teamfight victories and secure an early lead. Once ahead, he had no problem moving around the map with his team and closing out the game with his team's lead. Although he had momentum moving into Game 3, it was entirely lost immediately. Unable to find a lead against the enemy Kled in lane, he struggled on Jarvan, unable to pick up picks for his team and unable to stay alive. As a result, CLG was able to close out the game with relative ease, securing their 2-1 victory in the series.
Solid laning in loss
June 6, 2017
Seraph went 8/7/9 in Team EnVyUs' 1-2 loss to Team Dignitas Saturday.
Despite losing the series, Seraph excelled throughout the laning phases of each game. His Jayce went up in CS over Ssumday's Shen in Game 1, and was able to push him out of lane in the split-push. In Game 2, Seraph went Rumble, and once again took a CS lead from an early stage. This time, he was also able to make a far greater contribution to teamfights, going 4/2/2 in the win. Finally, Seraph locked in the Shen for himself in Game 3, and while he went down in CS this time around, he was able to create far more split-push pressure for his team on the pick than Ssumday had done in either previous game. This almost allowed his team to take the comeback victory, if not for a teamfight loss at 51 minutes.
Relies too much on Renekton
April 3, 2017
Team EnVyUs' 3-2 victory over Gold Coin United on Sunday saw Seraph post a 16/9/21 KDA.
Live by Renekton, die by Renekton. Essentially, that should have been Seraph's mantra throughout the series. Unless he was playing Renekton, Seraph relied heavily on his jungler's help to get ahead. Seraph's farming in lane was nice, but his trading in lane wasn't anything special. He grew to be extremely predictable as to when he was preparing to get a gank, but since the ganks typically paid off this can be excused. His Camille and Rumble play were decent at best, especially compared to his Rumble play. Seraph's Renekton is dominant in lane and in teamfights, but unless he can get his other champions up to par, then he is destined to be a potential liability for his team.
Falls off in Game 3
March 4, 2017
Seraph ended Team EnVy's loss to FlyQuest with a 7/12/14 KDA.
Seraph started off this series picking Renekton as a counter to Balls' Rumble. This worked well early on, as he not only amassed a sizable CS lead, but also made a much bigger impact across the map with his Teleport, lending NV a reasonable advantage heading into the mid game. Unfortunately, their full AD comp was easy for FLY to itemize against, making it nearly impossible for NV to win a teamfight, and leading to a Game 1 loss. Seraph picked Ekko into Balls' Camille in Game 2, and looked fantastic. His KDA wasn't all that special, as a result of the multitude of ganks he received from Hai's Twisted Fate, but regardless of all the focus, he thrived later on. Not only did he manage to end the game up in CS, but he even solo killed Balls in the split-push, helping NV to a Game 2 win. Unfortunately, Seraph seemed to run out of steam in Game 3 on Rumble. He was able to push around Balls' Nautilus for the first few minutes of lane, but after the first back, got bullied and solo killed. With no one on EnVy succeeding, FlyQuest took an easy Game 3 and the series.
Exceptional Game 1, solid Game 2
February 18, 2017
Seraph ended NV's sweep over Echo Fox with an 8/1/11 KDA.
Seraph played Shen up against Looper's Maokai in Game 1, and played the champion almost to perfection. He kept even in lane despite leaving it with his ultimate on occasion, and landed clutch taunts and ultimate shields, which is really all that one can ask of a Shen. In particular, his Stand United onto Ninja early on helped turn an Echo Fox gank into a kill, setting NV ahead early on. Seraph's Titanic Hydra build also allowed him to out-pressure Looper in the side lanes as NV took Game 1. Seraph switched over to a carry role as Rumble in Game 2, and looked solid. He and LirA turned around an early Echo Fox gank to grab first blood, and he held a decent CS lead over Looper's Maokai for a while. He lost this lead after getting ganked by Akaadian, and most of his mid game playmaking attempts didn't really pan out, but he made no huge mistakes, and his teamfight damage contributed heavily to NV's victory in Game 2, completing the sweep.
Decent Shen games not enough for series win
February 18, 2017
Seraph posted a KDA of 5/3/6 in Team EnVyUs' 0-2 loss to Phoenix1 on Friday.
Seraph had a good showing in Game 1 on Shen, getting ahead early and creating a formidable split-pushing threat. Farming up a game-high 516 CS, Seraph tried to pressure P1's structures in the late game, but NV's inability to engage fights while ahead cost them. While Seraph ended Game 1 with a 3/1/4 KDA, NV couldn't hold onto their lead, throwing Game 1 as P1 took a 56-minute win. Seraph stuck with Shen in Game 2, where he was unable to stop zig's Gangplank. Falling behind early and with the rest of NV struggling to find any favorable looks, Seraph couldn't do much against P1's disengage/split-pushing composition. Finishing with a 2/2/2 KDA, Seraph couldn't do much as P1 took Game 2 in 29 minutes to close out the 2-0 series sweep.
Can't translate leads
February 11, 2017
Seraph went 1/4/4 as NV were swept by TSM Saturday.
In Game 1, NV last-picked Kennen for Seraph into Hauntzer's Rumble. Seraph hoped to use the attack-speed build that's been becoming more popular in other regions to take the laning phase over Hauntzer, and to some extent he succeeded. With his Wit's End nullifying much of Hauntzer's early damage, he was able to build up a CS lead and even nearly solo kill Hauntzer at one point, only for him to be saved by a Redemption heal. Unfortunately, while he had good use of his ultimate in teamfights to CC TSM, the damage for this ability obviously wasn't there with his build, and a TSM teamfight win at 21 minutes led to a free Baron and a quick end to Game 1. Seraph returned to his Kennen pick up against Shen in Game 2. Once again, Seraph built up a hefty lead in lane, and despite his early death to WildTurtle, was able to bully Hauntzer in split-push scenarios. NV just couldn't find a way to close out the game, however, and TSM eventually battled back to sweep the series.
Looks miserable against Impact
February 4, 2017
Seraph ended EnVy's loss to Cloud9 with a measly 0/9/3 KDA.
Like Impact on Maokai, Seraph started off Game 1 by Teleporting into a skirmish in the bottom side river as Shen. Unlike Impact, however, Seraph Teleported far too late, and was unable to accomplish anything other than dying for his troubles. The game did not improve for Seraph from there, as he fell behind Impact in CS and never got remotely tanky enough to deal with Cloud9's fed carries. He was almost always the first to die in fights, and ended the game with a 0/4/2 KDA. Game 2 went only marginally better for Seraph, this time on Maokai. He was picked off twice early on by Jensen's Corki, and again failed to become sufficiently durable. He tried to make things happen for NV, but melted far too quickly to Cloud9's damage as NV lost 0-2.
Series fell apart after strong Game 1
January 30, 2017
Seraph finished Team EnVyUs' loss to Immortals on Sunday with a 5/9/17 KDA.
Seraph got out to an early lead in Game 1 on Nautilus as he and LirA invaded and scored kills in the first two minutes. He maintained the lead for the remainder with clutch Dredge lines and smart Depth Charges. He wasn't able to pick Nautilus the final games of the series as Flame took the champion. In Game 2 he played Maokai, but fell behind and failed to make an impact late. In Game 3 Seraph tried Poppy, but didn't fare much better. He struggled to protect his backline from all of the dive threats from Immortals.
Crushes Echo Fox to snag final playoff spot
August 1, 2016
Seraph brought his A game against Echo Fox, going 10/1/14 in the sweep.
With a playoff spot on the line, Seraph came to play against Echo Fox and willed his team to victory. In Game 1, Seraph picked Ekko and had to face off against kfo's Irelia. Thanks to a sneaky level 1 kill with the help of his duo lane, Seraph took an early lead on kfo and punished his lane opponent, holding him to zero kills or assists for most of the game. Seraph did not do a great job containing kfo's split pushing as the game progressed, but that was largely because the Echo Fox top laner decided to never leave the bottom lane while Seraph felt the need to play with the rest of his team. In Game 2, Seraph went back to the Ekko against kfo's Irelia one more time, and had a slightly more difficult lane. Still, Seraph built himself up and completely dominated later teamfights, tearing through Echo Fox with confidence before using his ultimate to return to safety at the very last second. Seraph is known for his up and down play, but when NV needed him the most, he came to play.
Shown up by Phoenix1's substitute
July 30, 2016
Seraph came out of Friday's series loss against Phoenix1 with a 6/15/16 KDA.
Seraph struggled in lane against Brandini's Trundle. Seraph played Lissandra consistently throughout all three games, and despite his clear mechanical prowess, he couldn't match up to the split pushing game that Brandini was playing and so NV dealt with a lot of extra map pressure that they could not answer. Even when Seraph was making plays, catching P1 members and getting kills on high priority targets such as Pirean, he wasn't completely assuaging the map control P1 just continued to display. In the end, NV was being pressed into their base despite multiple teamfight wins and what seemed like a stronger scaling composition. LoD was able to start the fight that broke them out of that position, winning them the game, but the problem persisted throughout the series. Game 2 was a spiral downwards for Seraph who was the first to go down to Inori's Hecarim before the snowball began to roll and take over the entire game. Game 3 Brandini took down an inhibitor on his own while Seraph was helping his team attempt the Baron. Inori stealing the Baron was just insult to injury, as the real threat was that P1 was always threatening to push forward and engage. This meant that Seraph needed to remain with his team in case a fight broke out, leaving Brandini freaa reign to take down their base unchecked.
Lost lane in Game 2 en route to being swept
July 24, 2016
Seraph earned a 1/8/3 KDA in Team Envy's series loss to Cloud9 on Saturday.
Seraph got a small gold advantage in lane over Impact during the first half of Game 1, but lost it late. He made some good plays as Mega Gnar in the early teamfights, but struggled later. Jensen's Malzahar caught Seraph with Nether Grasp in the later teamfights, taking him down quickly before he could do much damage. Team Envy had an advantage, but weren't able to press it as Cloud9 began to take teamfights and make their comeback late. Things wouldn't get better for Seraph on Lulu in Game 2, as he was ganked early and fell very far behind to Impact in gold and levels. He managed to get an assist from Team Envy's only kill of the match, but wasn't able to help out much in teamfights as he was an easy target to blow up.