Kim Tae-il 
1907 Fenerbahce
Unable to scale and carry
October 13, 2017
Frozen ended Friday's loss to Samsung with a 2/3/3 KDA as Kassadin.
Frozen was unable to scale into a threat during Friday's loss to Samsung. He was involved in all five Fenerbahce kills, leading the team with two kills. With the loss Frozen and Fenerbahce were eliminated from advancement to the quarterfinals.
Poor engage late halts comeback
October 8, 2017
Frozen finished with a 3/2/3 KDA in 1907 Fenerbahce's loss to Samsung Galaxy.
Frozen's Ekko gave up first blood but bounced back throughout the mid game as FB started to pick off SSG. Fenerbahce made a lot of good calls to take or push objectives as it came back from its early gold deficit to eventually take a 6,000 gold lead. However, its good work was all undone in a single teamfight late. FB attempted to contest Baron but didn't engage as a team, while the rest of FB was fleeing Frozen was trying to flank and was just the first to fall in SSG's ace. There were no more chances for FB as SSG quickly pushed to finish before anyone could respawn.
Can't keep up with rotations in Game 2, knocked out of semifinals
November 21, 2016
Frozen posted a 3/7/7 KDA in Longzhu's loss to Flash Wolves in the semifinals on Sunday.
Frozen kept the laning phase of Game 1 close and was solid in the teamfights that led to Longzhu making a comeback. However, they failed to make the right macro calls to deal with the Flash Wolves split pushing late. As they broke apart their group to deal with the split push, they were slowly picked off, which allowed Flash Wolves to take control and finish of Game 1. Frozen wasn't able to keep up with Maple's roaming in Game 2 and fell behind quickly. The Flash Wolves built a team gold advantage quickly and couldn't be stopped after getting a Baron buff late.
Targeted heavily, but deals massive damage as Viktor
November 19, 2016
Frozen finished Longzhu's quarterfinal win over the Cheifs with a 14/9/18 KDA in two games as Viktor.
Frozen finished Game 1 with a 7/5/10 KDA on Viktor. It was an up and down game for Frozen as he picked up first blood during an early 2-vs-2 fight in the mid lane. He was killed multiple times, but dealt plenty of damage in return throughout the game for Longzhu. He solo killed Spookz in the mid game and picked up a kill during the first teamfight of the game. He managed four assists in the second teamfight before picking up a double kill in the fourth teamfight of the game. Frozen lead his team with five deaths, but his damage helped Longzhu take Game 1. Using Viktor again in Game 2, Frozen finished with a 7/4/8 KDA. He picked up an assist on Longzhu's second kill and a kill and two assists in the first teamfight of the game. He solo killed Spookz for his second kill before grabbing a double kill in the second teamfight. Frozen's two kills in the final teamfight of the game allowed Longzhu to close out the series and sweep their way to the semifinals.
Supportive style leads Longzhu to big win
August 5, 2016
Frozen finished Friday with a 5/2/18 KDA as Longzhu swept SKT.
Frozen helped Longzhu to a win in Game 1 as Malzahar. He was able to pick up an assist on first blood during a three-man gank onto Faker in the mid lane. His first kill came moments later as Crash returned to gank Faker a second time. Frozen was able to deal good damage as he scaled, picking up a kill in the first teamfight and his third kill during another gank on Faker in the mid lane. His use of Nether Grasp set up kills for his teammates, and his chunking damage helped poke down SKT's health bars throughout the game. In Game 2, Frozen played a supportive role on Karma. He picked up only one kill, using teleport to gank the bottom lane in the mid game. Despite only having one kill, Frozen never died and picked up a game-high 13 assists to help Longzhu to victory. He didn't need to deal the damage, as his team was able to pick up multiple kills, but his utility on Karma helped keep his allies safe and in position to crush SKT as Longzhu dominated Game 2.
Adapts well in win against Afreeca
July 30, 2016
Frozen had a solid series against Afreeca, posting a KDA of 6/1/19.
Frozen had a good start to the series on Karma, playing more of a utility role in a protect-the-Kog composition. Farming well against Mickey's LeBlanc, Frozen was able to get key utility items in order to keep Fury alive. While Frozen dealt a low 14,900 damage to enemy champions, his utility was invaluable for Longzhu, earning a 0/0/10 KDA for 91 percent kill participation. Frozen got his hands on Karma again in Game 2, but was unable to find similar success. Longzhu strayed from their dominant macro play, allowing Afreeca to dictate the pace of the game. Despite posting a 1/1/2 KDA, Frozen didn't have the damage to match Mickey's Varus, leading to a sloppy, 43-minute loss. Frozen picked up Malzahar in Game 3, where he would put on an impressive carrying display. Farming well throughout the early game, Frozen would be untouchable in the backline for mid game teamfighting, as he dealt a game-high 18,800 damage to enemy champions. Finishing with a 5/0/7 KDA, Frozen put on a carrying clinic as Longzhu took Game 3 in just under 30 minutes.
Beaten down in defeat against KT Rolster
July 29, 2016
Frozen finished Longzhu's defeat at the hands of KT Rolster with a 5/7/6 KDA.
Frozen, as per usual, came out of this series looking like the most composed player on his team. While the rest of Longzhu scattered to the winds after their disastrous early games, Frozen never stopped trying to find aggressive ways back into the series, and it was that mindset that let Longzhu drag out Game 2 for far longer than it had any right to be. In Game 1, however, that proved far less effective, as the low-kill game eventually resulted in KT just grouping up and laying siege to all of Longzhu's turrets. While Frozen's wave clear was exceptional at defending said turrets, the lack of sustain or engage on Longzhu ensured that all he could do was prolong the inevitable. They eventually were bled dry by KT and lost without putting up much of a fight. It was the second game that Frozen's scrappy spirit showed through, and his champion pick was far better at supporting said aggression, as Malzahar has the pick potential that Viktor is rather lacking in. Unfortunately, he started out the game in about as poor a fashion as possible, as Fly's Taliyah nearly killed him outright at level 3, necessitating help from Crash just to get an acceptable recall off. From there it was clear who wore the pants in lane, as Fly would never stop aggressing on Frozen, even after his team intervened. Laning phase eventually came to an end, however, and it was Frozen's Nether Grasps that secured the key picks that allowed Longzhu to stall out the game until the incredibly late game despite the huge lead KT found early on. Said picks didn't help Longzhu actually win said late game, though, and the superior teamfighting out of KT ensured that, even with all other factors being even, they would win easily, despite Frozen's best efforts.
Mixed performances in series win
July 23, 2016
Frozen earned a 8/9/14 KDA in Longzhu's 2-1 series win against Jin Air on Friday.
Frozen's Malzahar enjoyed an early lead in Game 1, with Crash ganking and killing Kuzan at 11 minutes. With Frozen already benefitting from a good lane matchup in Malzahar vs Vladimir, Frozen snowballed heavily in the mid game, dealing a game-high 55,100 damage to enemy champions, roughly 1,312 damage per minute. With Jin Air lacking any means of stopping Frozen, Frozen posted a 3/1/6 KDA in a 42 minute win. Frozen played Syndra in Game 2, a baffling pick that was heavily punished by Jin Air. Frozen was ganked for first blood at three minutes after overextending without wards, which would occur again at 15 and 17 minutes. With the massive hole Frozen found himself in, Longzhu was hard pressed to come back into the game. Combined with Longzhu's abysmal Baron calls, Frozen's 1/7/1 KDA gave Jin Air a sloppy Game 2 win. Frozen learned from his Game 2 mistakes, playing Azir to great success in Game 3. Farming well into the mid game, Frozen would help Longzhu win a teamfight four-for-zero at 22 minutes, which gave them full control of Baron and the game to Longzhu. Frozen would earn a 4/1/7 KDA for 85 percent kill participation, as Longzhu survived a Game 2 tilt-fest to take the series at 2-1.
Rejoins Longzhu starting lineup
July 5, 2016
Longzhu announced that Frozen would be rejoining the starting roster after being benched earlier in the season, as announced by the Kespa League of Legends Facebook.
Longzhu had a rather poor Spring Split and opted to make a change to it's lineup as a result. After carefully deciding, the team opted to bench Frozen in favor of Coco. Seemingly regretting this decision, the team has opted to bring Frozen back to the starting lineup following an extremely poor start to the Summer Split. The team hopes that Frozen will be able to bring new found life to the team and improve their record during the second half of the split.
Frozen: Relegated to sub role in Summer Split
May 19, 2016
Longzhu announced that Frozen would be moved to the bench from the starting lineup, ESPN's Tyler Erzberger reports.
Throughout the split, Longzhu had difficulties remaining consistent, leading to a lackluster finish. The organization looked to remedy their problems and came to the conclusion that their ten man roster was inefficient. As a result, the team has opted to bench Frozen in favor of Coco. Frozen will remain on the bench for the first round of the split, and may not return to the starting lineup pending the team's performance with the revamped roster.
Frozen: Can't gain any traction in lopsided Game One loss
March 12, 2016
Frozen finished Saturday's Game One with a 0/3/0 on Viktor.
Frozen was taken out in a short team fight that kept Longzhu behind early on. He wasn't able to maintain any sort of ground on his lane throughout Game One and was even behind by over 40 CS around the 20 minute mark. This was yet another example of how poorly outmatched Longzhu was in Game One.
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