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Tries his heart out
July 15, 2018
Licorice's scoreline read 4/2/3 in Cloud9's loss to CLG on Sunday.
If anyone has a right to be upset about Cloud9's loss on Sunday, it's Licorice. His Gnar pick accomplished its goal of winning lane, but unlike Jensen's Syndra, continued to provide value all game long. Licorice kept building his CS lead all game long, eventually reaching the Flame Horizon, and created plenty of side lane pressure through split-pushing. Even in teamfights Licorice shined, landing fantastic ultimates that stunned multiple members of Cloud9. Licorice even managed to fend two members of CLG off of Cloud9's inhibitor all by himself, after being the sole survivor of a teamfight. Unfortunately for Licorice, he just couldn't do enough this game.
Falters on the frontline
July 15, 2018
0/7/8 was Svenskeren's scoreline at the end of Cloud9's loss to CLG on Sunday.
Svenskeren's Gragas had a rough go of it on Sunday, to say the very least. He couldn't manage to find a single early kill, assist, or dragon, and transitioned poorly into the late game. He was consistently caught out too far forward and killed without accomplishing much of anything, the most salient example of which came at the very end of the game with a whiffed Body Slam-Flash combo. He did land one solid Explosive Cask to get Cloud9 a pick and a Baron, but quickly threw away the advantage when his death forced C9 to give up their siege.
Lackluster after laning phase
July 15, 2018
Jensen ended 5/4/5 in Cloud9's Sunday loss to CLG.
Picking Syndra into Orianna, Jensen was set up to win lane, and did just that, taking an early CS lead that didn't disappear til the end of the game. However, this was more or less the extent of his accomplishments, as after he was ganked by Biofrost and Stixxay his usefulness fell off hard. He never seemed to get a good ultimate off in teamfights, either using too few Dark Spheres or targeting someone questionable, namely the enemy support after the latter had already used his abilities.
Back on starting lineup against TSM
July 1, 2018
Smoothie put together a 1/3/10 KDA in Cloud9's return to the lineup on Saturday in his team's loss to TSM.
Smoothie went with Morgana in this one and looked good enough for the most part. He was helping C9 win the bot lane matchup for most of the game, but a few rough deaths derailed things a bit in this lane. More than that, though, C9 was ultimately undone by a clutch Baron steal from TSM. Smoothie looked strong enough after not playing with his team for the first four games of the split. This is certainly a performance they can build on.
Returns in losing effort
July 1, 2018
Jensen finally got his way back into the starting lineup against TSM on Saturday, but his 8/5/3 KDA wasn't enough to prevent his team's loss.
Jensen might not have led his team to a win here, but it wasn't for a lack of effort. He was on fire with his Irelia and was one of the major reasons Cloud9 enjoyed a lead at any point in this game. He did have a rough early game filled with some positioning errors, but he recovered and teamfought relentlessly to propel C9 into a lead in the late game. In the end, though, they were undone by a clutch play from mithy and Grig that allowed Grig to steal the Baron, sealing C9's fate. Still, this was a strong performance for Jensen in his return to action.
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