Counter Logic Gaming
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Solid start fizzles out late in loss
January 21, 2018
Darshan scored a 2/3/4 KDA on Ornn in a loss to Cloud9 on Saturday.
Darshan had plenty of gank help early as Reignover was spending a lot of time counter jungling on the top side. However there was little Darshan could do to slow down Licorice's Gangplank from farming up a nice lead. Eventually CLG's luck ran out and C9 stopped getting picked off and starting to win the 5-vs-5 teamfights. There was little Darshan could do late as his efforts to disengage fell short and often cost him his life. After losing in back-to-back teamfights there was little that could stop C9 from taking the win.
Pocket pick falls short in debut for Counter Logic Gaming
January 21, 2018
Reignover posted a 2/3/4 KDA on Rengar in Counter Logic Gaming's loss to Cloud9 on Saturday.
The early game was where Reignover shined in his debut for Counter Logic Gaming. Reignover's Rengar did plenty of counter jungling and ganking early as CLG took a small advantage however it couldn't hold onto its lead in the second half. It was very difficult for Reignover to find good flanks to engage and was often forced to use Thrill of the Hunt in attempts to escape the crowd control train that Cloud9 was running. CLG tried to break a Baron empowered push from C9 late but lost the teamfight, eventually being aced as the Nexus was under siege.
Can't find good picks on Malzahar late in loss
January 21, 2018
Huhi earned a 3/3/3 KDA on Malzahar in Counter Logic Gaming's loss to Cloud9 on Saturday.
Counter Logic Gaming focused on the top side of the map a lot early, including Huhi who roamed there often in the first half. Huhi picked up some kills doing so but he struggled to get much done in the middle lane against Jensen's Zilean. Slow but steadily, CLG's early lead was disappearing and when CLG grouped up late it struggled to find good engages. The late teamfights were very one-sided and in C9's favor as CLG watched it's Nexus being destroyed from the respawn screen.
Caught out late as Counter Logic Gaming drop first game of split
January 21, 2018
Stixxay scored a 1/1/4 KDA on Varus in Counter Logic Gaming's loss to Cloud9 on Saturday
Despite falling behind in CS during the laning phase, Stixxay made up for it with a kill and assist. While CLG was looking for a fast paced game and tried to push the tempo, C9 did a great job at preventing that and as the gold gap closed started to take over. Stixxay was able to stay safe in teamfights thanks to Quicksilver Sash but made one mistake late. In a crucial teamfight Stixxay got caught by a Glacial Prison and wasn't able to escape, being the first CLG domino to fall as C9 pushed to win.
Struggled late in loss
January 21, 2018
Biofrost finished with a 0/2/4 KDA on Taric in a loss to Cloud 9 on Saturday.
The laning phase was pretty even in the bottom lane for Biofrost and Stixxay. There wasn't much action bottom side early but things started to pick up around the mid game as skirmishes in the river broke out. Biofrost put Taric's Dazzle to good use throughout the first half but it wasn't enough in teamfights late. Even with Cosmic Radiance, Biofrost couldn't provide enough heals and shields to disengage from C9. After losing in back to back teamfights CLG couldn't do anything to stop C9 from taking the victory.
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