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Surprisingly new top laner
January 8, 2019
Broken Blade will start in the top lane for TSM to begin the 2019 Spring Split.
Pick any number of reasons, and you'll probably be right. It's quite possible that Hauntzer was simply getting too expensive for Team SoloMid to roll out on a yearly basis, or Bjergsen and the rest of TSM simply didn't want to funnel their strategy through the veteran top laner anymore. Missing the LoL World Championships for the first time since the tournament's inception could have possibly ignited a plethora of changes. Whatever reason you choose to accept, the surprising decision to jettison three-year starting top laner to Golden Guardians for a less-than-heralded prospect in the form of Broken Blade will likely go down as the biggest decision in a long list of curious choices TSM made during the 2018-19 offseason. To be fair, BB certainly seems like an enticing prospect, dominating the Turkish scene for much of 2018, but compared to the likes of Hauntzer, the new TSM top laner will need to come on fast if he hopes to erase the memories of the legend whose position he now occupies.
Joins TSM
January 8, 2019
Smoothie will play for Team SoloMid heading into the 2019 Spring Split.
Smoothie spent a brief time with Cloud9 before joining Echo Fox, playing in 10 contests while posting an 8/21/74 KDA in those games, good for the third-highest kill participation percentage among supports who played 10 games in the NA LCS. Aligned with a TSM roster that could be generously described as rebuilding, the likes of Smoothie, Bjergsen and Zven will need to carry the majority of the load if the team has any hopes at competing for a playoffs spot.
Poised to transfer to Golden Guardians
November 27, 2018
Hauntzer is expected to join the Golden Guardians once transfer agreements are finalized,'s Jacob Wolf reports.
If this move is finalized, it would mark the first time Hauntzer would play for a team other than Team SoloMid since 2015, as the top laner has been a fixture of the organization for much of his professional career. Hauntzer didn't exactly live up to his lofty standards during the 2018 Summer Split which likely prompted the move, as TSM acquired Broken Blade from Royal Bandits, signaling the transition from its long time top laner.
Unable to find his way to victory in series loss
September 18, 2018
Mithy earned a series KDA of 2/10/26 during his team's series loss at the hands of Cloud9.
Although Mithy put up a strong performance during his team's series against C9, it simply wasn't enough to keep up with the enemy team's coordination. Starting the game off on Tahm Kench, he was able to do little other than delay his team's deaths in the game. Constantly focusing on saving people, he missed out on opportunities to find his team a lead, resulting in a defeat in the game. The next two games saw Mithy find his way onto Rakan and put up a much better performance. Although he was on a champion that he seemed more comfortable on, Mithy was ultimately only able to do as much as his team. As the team lacked coordination, things consistently went the way of the enemy team. In teamfights, Mithy found his way onto enemy carries but simply did not have the follow up necessary to close things out. While he struggled to maintain vision to get objective control, the enemy team was able to amass buffs that helped them win fights. Try as he might, Mithy could not bring his team back into the series, resulting in an unfortunate 3-0 series loss.
Quiet in series loss
September 18, 2018
Zven earned a series KDA of 9/10/17 during his team's 3-0 loss at the hands of Cloud9.
Although Zven didn't have a terrible performance, he was unable to put up the numbers necessary to bring his team a victory. He started things off on Varus and fell behind in lane. Despite his team being able to find an early game opportunity, going neck and neck with the enemy in kills, Zven could not find a way to get TSM ahead. As the game went on, he quickly found himself unable to reach the enemy team, resulting in a loss. The next two games went in similar fashion as Zven used a Xayah Rakan lane to attempt to find an earlier opening. Although he had arguably the best lane in the game, he simply could never get things going. As the games progressed, he found himself at the mercy of the enemy team. Try as he might, he could not deal the damage necessary in fights to turn the tides into TSM's favor. As a result, TSM fell 3-0 in the series.
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