Release by FlyQuest
April 28, 2018
ShrimP has been released from FlyQuest, the team announced Friday.
ShrimP, along with Fly, was released by FlyQuest on Friday as the team continues to retool their roster for the Summer Split. The Spring Split was a rocky one for this team, with ShrimP being one of the glaring problems with the roster. With a new lineup in hand for the Summer, FlyQuest will be looking to turn things around and become a contender. It is unknown what is next for ShrimP following his release.
Released from FlyQuest
April 28, 2018
Fly has been released from FlyQuest, the team announced Friday.
After a rough Spring Split, FlyQuest capped off its roster turnover with the release of both Fly and Shrimp. While there were many things wrong with this team in the Spring, the team keyed in on Fly as one of the issues and decided to bring up Keane from the Academy team in order to try and reverse its fortune. Its unclear what Fly's next move will be following his release.
Moved to starting roster of FlyQuest
April 28, 2018
KonKwon will be the starting support for FlyQuest this Summer, ESPN esports' Jacob Wolf reports.
Most recently seen working as a translator for Team Liquid this Spring, KonKwon now makes his way to FlyQuest where he will be given starting duties in the bot lane along with WildTurtle. The move will lock down the team's Summer roster, as it also promoted Keane from the Academy roster and release both Shrimp and Fly. With FlyQuest having a less than stellar Spring Split, the team is surely hoping that this new roster will turn the ship around.
Bumped up to main roster
April 28, 2018
Keane will be the starting mid laner for FlyQuest during the Summer Split, Jacob Wolf of ESPN esports reports.
While Keane has been seen playing with FlyQuest during the Spring Split, he was still technically part of the team's Academy roster. He will now be bumped up to the main roster for the Summer Split where he will receive full-time starting duties. The team clearly liked what it saw from Keane during the Spring as it decided to release Fly in favor of the veteran moving forward.
Crucial, if quiet
March 12, 2018
Stunt's KDA read 0/2/9 at the conclusion of FlyQuest's Sunday win over Golden Guardians.
Stunt's Taric wasn't particularly flashy in this game. There were no incredible Dazzle angles and no clutch game-saving ultimates, but his play was solid and critical to his team's dominance in fights. His Cosmic Radiance in the final fight helped FlyQuest take it cleanly, while his presence throughout the game kept Contractz' Kha'Zix in check despite the latter's strong early game.
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