Kevin Lindstrom 
Florida Mayhem
Can't carry Florida against Seoul
January 18, 2018
TivQ is a well-known name in the history of Competitive Overwatch, but even he struggled in a 0-4 loss against Seoul Dynasty on Wednesday in the Overwatch League.
Despite being one of the big names in the western hemisphere, TivQ too would falter against the dominating South Korean team but his heart was unwavering, as his performance on every map, especially Dorado, kept the Florida Mayhem in play for as long as humanly possible. Being a flexible DPS, TivQ can adapt to several situations and switch to the necessary tools when needed, but for some reason, his presence on Soldier 76 was absent despite the situation needing it. Logix instead played Soldier but with his inconsistency, it may have been smarter for TivQ to take care of the hitscan hero, but he may have felt pressured to deal with Fleta himself, in which case TivQ's performance should improve overtime against other opponents and as the team has more time to fix mistakes.
Continues to struggle with consistency
January 13, 2018
TviQ continued his streak of dealing plenty of chip damage with minimal overall game impact in Florida Mayhem's 4-0 loss to the Boston Uprising on Friday.
TviQ got off to a slow start leaving Logix to do much of the heavy lifting and even prompting Zebbosai to swap onto more hybrid heroes to supplement DPS. Despite a brief resurgence after halftime, TviQ's performance was just too little too late.
Trying to make an impact
January 12, 2018
TviQ did some damage to the London Spitfire in the Florida Mayhem's 1-3 loss on Thursday during the OWL.
TviQ is a force to be reckoned with on any map with an arsenal of heroes in his belt. However, despite some killer Genji Dragonblades early on he made less of an impact as the series went on. This culminated on Numbani where he wasn't able to take anyone down as Widowmaker, and couldn't match London's cohesion. TviQ needs to become more consistent throughout a match in order to contend with the top dogs.
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