Jonathan Tejedor Rua 
Dallas Fuel
Gets the start over Chipsajen
April 4, 2018
HarryHook got the start over fellow support Chipsajen in the Dallas Fuel's 3-1 victory over the Shanghai Dragons.
In the post-game press conference the Dallas Fuel indicated HarryHook got the start due to his vocal leadership in-game. With Dallas giving xQc the boot subsequently trading Custa, the team was left with no obvious vocal leadership in the lineup. Coach Kyky indicated that he expected OGE to become the shot caller for the Fuel, but as he is serving a suspension for account boosting, expect to see HarryHook in every game until he returns.
Plays to his stregnths
February 7, 2018
HarryHook played to his strengths in a 3-2 win over the Shanghai Dragons on Wednesdy of Week 5 of the Overwatch League Stage 1.
HarryHook would mainly play Zenyatta this series, but he would finally get the play the hero he's best known for: Lucio. The first half of the series mainly saw HarryHook's Zenyatta play, which is still sparingly effective. On Round 3 of Horizon Lunar Colony, HarryHook would clutch a triple kill while on defense, allowing his team to make an exceedingly long three-minute hold. The kills, while also stopping the push, staggered the Shanghai Dragon's roster spawns. In the later half, HarryHook switched off to Lucio on Lijiang Tower, Dorado and Oasis. His Lucio plays were massive in Lijiang Tower as his Lucio boops allowed him to knock a player off the map on Lijiang Tower Gardens and three players in Lijiang Tower Night Market.
Does battle with JJonak
February 5, 2018
HarryHook did his best to stand against reputable Zenyatta player JJonak in the Fuel's 3-1 loss to the New York Excelsior.
HarryHook put up a great performance as Zenyatta despite the Dallas Fuel ultimately dropping the match to New York. HarryHook nabbed several surprise pickoffs to stall his opponent's attack and help draw out the match on Temple of Anubis.
Versatile in the face of defeat
January 11, 2018
Despite a 1-2 Loss against Seoul Dynasty on Wednesday, HarryHook's adaptive support role and incredible hitscan ability was a consistent boon for the Dallas Fuel.
While seeing Bastion on Junkertown is no surprise to people familiar with the professional meta of the map, it may surprise people to see the support player on the mobile turret. Known to be one of the best Lucio players, HarryHook's hitscan accuracy on Soldier:76 was shown during his time in APEX and seeing him on Bastion was a welcome showing as he tore up the offense and defense of Seoul Dynasty with optimal positioning. After that, switching back to Lucio, Mercy, Zenyatta, and for a brief stint, Soldier 76. You can always count on HarryHook to be consistently impressive no matter the situation or map.
Solid performance coming off the bench
December 8, 2017
Harryhook played a strong seventh man in Dallas Fuel's 3-2 win against the Houston Outlaws on Thursday in the OWL Preseason.
Harryhook came into the series in Game 2 on Temple of Anubis, where he made an immediate impact as Zenyatta on attack, opening up a successful B push with two immediate picks to give Dallas a foothold in an eventual Game 2 win. It wasn't just Zenyatta, though, as a clutch Sound Barrier from his point B defensive Lucio gave Dallas the stalling power it needed to hold Houston to only 1 point in overtime, setting Dallas up to complete the 4-3 win on Anubis in overtime. Getting subbed out for Game 3 in favor of Custa, Harryhook returned in Game 4 on Eichenwalde, where Dallas ran into a host of problems. From poor communication on attack to horrendous ult-economy management on defense, where Harryhook and Chipshajen blew both support ultimates on several occasions, Harryhook wasn't able to corral Dallas in time before Houston rolled to a 3-2 win to force Game 5. Harryhook did not play in Game 5.
Misses the beat in Overwatch Open loss
October 6, 2016
HarryHook's Lucio was unable to carry momentum for EnVyUs in the Overwatch Open grand finals loss to Misfits.
HarryHook's Lucio had a poor start to Kings Row defensively, allowing Misfits to steamroll through the first match. Without much help from HarryHook, EnVyUs was tested as Misfits took the early jump and locked down Lucio. However, HarryHook had a few plays where his efforts sealed a final escorted push to take a couple of rounds away from their opponent on Watchpoint and Kings Row. He also had an impressive Nepal map, given Lucio kept the team boosted with map control in overtime, taking a highly contested Map 2. HarryHook had some great plays on Watchpoint but could not carry the momentum onto Lijiang Tower, where the team could not take control after only taking two rounds.
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