Sebastian Widlund 
Dallas Fuel
Starts in place of ill teammates
April 22, 2018
With Unkoe out sick, chipshajen got back into the starting lineup in the Dallas Fuel's 2-0 loss to the Houston Outlaws.
chipshajen didn't perform much worse than Unkoe would have as the Dallas Fuel's problems are far greater than the impact of just one player. It is unlikely that chipshajen will get any more opportunities unless Unkoe stays ill.
Rough showing in first ever OWL match
December 8, 2017
chipshajen played poorly in Dallas Fuel's 3-2 OWL Preseason win on Thursday vs the Houston Outlaws.
chipshajen had a surprisingly poor performance on Thursday, despite Dallas' eventual win. As Mercy, he consistently got picked off early in fights, suffering from poor positioning and perhaps a lack of communication. It's unfair to blame all of Dallas' communication faults on chipshajen but he played every game on Thursday, and there were double support ultimates and blown calls throughout the entire series. He didn't fare much better on Sombra when he pulled that out on Anubis B defense in Game 2, getting gobsmacked by Rawkus' Zenyatta before switching back to Mercy. Hopefully, this was a one-time performance issue, or else the future might be cloudy for the Fuel going forward.
Resurrecting hero in loss
October 6, 2016
chipshajen helped EnVyUs stay in the game with key resurrections, eventually losing the Overwatch Open grand finals to Misfits.
chipshajen was the backbone for EnVyUs throughout the series with key resurrections and supporting damage. chipshajen's multi-resurrection helped EnVyUs stay in the game on Kings Row, allowing his teammates to secure Point A before taking the payload. He then helped in multiple flank situations as Mercy, dealing supportive damage for their Reaper's Death Blossom. Not only was chapshajen's Mercy making big plays, but also his Ana was involved in a big map win on Nepal, tying the series 1-1. Ana was the anchor for EnVyU's offense during two last-minute payload pushes. The extra efforts by chapshajen allowed EnVyUs to keep some of their momentum going despite only winning one map.
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