Christian Jonsson 
Dallas Fuel
Streches his core roster of tanks
February 7, 2018
Cocco played a flexible pool to out-match the Shanghai Dragons 2-3 on Wednesday of Week 5 of the Overwatch League Stage 1.
Cocco may have not had any brilliant plays, but that didn't stop him from being a key player. Sticking to his tank role, Cocco, at first, struggled in this series as he picked heroes like Orisa and Winston. Shanghai Dragons went with an aggressive Pharah composition that mitigate both of his picks on Eichenwalde. However, this soon turned around on Horizon Lunar Colony, where he had more room to flex his Orisa plays. His best round was easily Oasis Gardens where, in classic Dallas fashion, he hugged one of the hallway stairs as Orisa and laid down his barrier. The zoning proved to be invaluable that round. Later, on Lijiang Tower Garden, he'd play a more aggressive game by picking Winston and even bouncing the Dragons off of the map in an early fight for point.
Unable to provide necessary tank damage in loss
October 6, 2016
cocco's use of Reinhardt during the Overwatch Open grand finals wasn't able to provide the the necessary tank offense in the loss.
cocco's Reinhardt took a rather large beating matched up against Misfits' aggressive style of play. It seemed as though cocco could not hold ground for EnVyUs when on defense of Kings Row, allowing a quick Point A take. However, cocco stood ground on offense, swinging his hammer and gaining ground on the payload, but it wasn't enough to take Map One. He also had a few critical final blows to shut down Misfits offense on Watchpoint. cocco kept most of Misfits from the control point of Nepal, turning the game around with a Map 2 win, tying the series 1-1. It was Lijiang Tower where cocco struggled to keep Reinhardt upfront for his teammates to take the control point, only averaging 36-percent total control in the last two rounds.
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