Andreas Karlsson 
San Francisco Shock
Stumbles aroudn with his D.Va
May 16, 2018
Nevix fails to adapt to the new meat in a 3-1loss to the Los Angeles Gladiators on Wednesday of the Overwatch League Stage 3.
As the new hero Brigitte shook up the meta, Nevix simply failed to adapt despite showing her off. Instead, he only played Brigitte for one map, Blizzard World, before falling back to his standard D.Va. While Nevix found some value from the hero on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, he struggled to mine much use from her against the Gladiator's Reinhardt and Brigitte. This was best seen in in Lijiang Control, a map that both Brigitte and Reinhardt shine, but he continued to stick to D.Va, a hero easily countered by the hammers of Brigitte and Reinhardt.
Utterly crushes his oppenents
May 4, 2018
Nevix breezes through the first two maps without a single death in a 4-0 win over the Florida Mayhem on Thursday of the Overwatch League.
Nevix has always played an aggressive D.Va but in this series he played a monstrous one. He tore through the Florida Mayhem on the first two maps of the series without suffering a single death, and ended the series with only six total deaths. This was thanks to his keen ability to utilize D.Va's unique kit. By playing aggressively with his Defense Matrix and his Bunny Rockets, he was able to shutdown a slow Florida Mayhem by dealing damage while also bouncing them around the map. This tactic would suffer later in the series as Florida's players began to warm up. However, his early domination gave the Shock their much-needed early momentum that helped them clutch the late game.
Works to counter his enemy's dive
April 27, 2018
Nevix showed some excellent teamwork in a 3-1 loss to the New York Excelsior on Thursday of the Overwatch League.
Nevix continued to be an extremely well-coordinated D.Va player, making him one of the few players in the league to actually get kills with D.Va's Self-Destruct ultimate. Unfortunately, his ultimates weren't the game changers they usually were. Instead, Nevix's big contribution was his ability to block New York's dives. He stuck close to his support players in an attempt to help them defend against New York's array of players. This helped him keep up his team, but it failed to do much damage to New York. In San Francisco's defense of Numbani, for example, Nevix was able to protect his teammates from dying, but at the cost of letting them get zoned out, such as when Architect tried to use McCree's ultimate only to get bounced around the map. Nevix would come in to stop New York from securing the kill, but the loss of such a big ultimate meant San Francisco lost a powerful chance to move the payload.
Catches Dallas off gaurd
April 19, 2018
Nevix shut down Dallas Fuel with some surprising ultimates in a 4-0 win on Wednesday of the Overwatch League.
It's pretty rare to see full-team wipes in professional Overwatch. A coordinated team can easily play around D.Va's or Mei's ultimates. Nevix was able to blow up Dallas with D.Va's ultimate not once, but twice. Dallas were a very sloppy team and Nevix's D.Va was able to easily pin them down with the hero's ultimate ability and her kit. In Nepal: Shrine, Nevix pulled off a massive D.Va ultimate that got three kills, easily shutting down Dallas and flipping the hill. However, his biggest play was in Shock's defense of Junkertown. Nevix was able to get a penta kill with D.Va's Self-Destruct by tossing the mech into the Fuel's clumped and cramped position.
Falters on defense
April 12, 2018
Nevix struggled to hold his team together in a 4-0 loss to Los Angeles Valiant on Wednesday of the Overwatch League.
San Francisco's strategy of dive did more harm than good to his teammates, especially for Nevix. Playing off-tank D.Va, he struggled to defend his team from the Valiant's extremely sneaky Bunny. On Volskaya Industry, Bunny was able to constantly harass the Shock's supports with no punishment from Nevix's D.Va. This was often because Nevix was focused on supporting super and his DPS players in the match as they sloppily dove on Los Angeles. This problem grew even further when Nevix stuck to only playing D.Va for the entire series, despite better tank heroes that could've prevented, or at least stall, Valiant's DPS.
Couldn't out pressure his enemies' frontline
April 7, 2018
Nevix was forced into a defensive role in a 4-0 loss to Seoul Dynasty on Friday of the Overwatch League.
While playing excellently, Nevix couldn't out-tank Seoul Dynasty. This wasn't because of any major mistakes on Nevix's part, but rather the aggression Dynasty played with. Nevix was forced to play defense rather than offense with his signature D.Va as Seoul constantly pressured frontline players like him and super. While Nevix was able to answer back at times, he wasn't able to tank the damage from Seoul. This was best seen in Ilios: Ruins where Nevix attempted to run a quad-tank composition, but Seoul was able to sustain all the damage.
Nothing short of excellent
March 6, 2018
Nevix was on fire in a 4-0 victory over the Shanghai Dragons on Saturday at the Blizzard Arena.
Nevix was everywhere as D.Va during the 4-0 victory the San Francisco Shock shared on Saturday. Nevix operated more as a DPS in a lot of ways during the triple tank team composition that was run by his team for much of the series. Diving deep with his trusty sidekick Danteh on Tracer, they were able to set up great Roadhog/Widowmaker picks for team standout, Babybay which the Shanghai Dragons simply had no answer for.
Comes up short in loss
March 1, 2018
Nevix couldn't be the stalwart frontline that the San Francisco Shock needed him to be in their 3-1 loss to the Los Angeles Valiant on Wednesday.
While he had his moments here and there, Nevix had a bit of a rough series against the Valiant on Wednesday. His Zarya on King's Row wasn't anything to write home about, but he still had a few nice plays, including a nice combo with Danteh using his ultimate to pick up a few kills. It wasn't enough to win the game, however, as the Shock simply came up short. His main problem in this series, however, was his deficiencies on D.Va. He never seemed able to fully tank the amount of damage needed to keep his team alive and couldn't add in enough damage to be worthwhile in the loss.
Plays well in loss
February 10, 2018
Nevix was on top of his tank play during the San Francisco Shock's 3-2 loss to the Seoul Dynasty on Friday.
This series started out rough in the opening map, but once he and his team stabilized, it was off to the races. Once he started working well with his DPS core, they managed to get into quite the rhythm and almost walked away with a win over the Dynasty. While Seoul eventually outlasted the Shock for the win, Nevix and company did enough to knock the Dynasty out of playoff contention.
Passive play leads to win
February 3, 2018
Nevix performed his job admirably in San Francisco's 4-0 against the Florida Mayhem in the OWL on Friday.
Nevix's D.Va will never top the depth charts in a league filled with great D.Va players, but his performance against Florida was more than enough to keep San Francisco on top. With good uses of Defense Matrix to keep dhaK and babybay alive, Nevix showed a more passive style of D.Va play. He might not have gotten all the frags, but the Shock's lack of dive compositions contributed to that greatly. Overall, he performed his job well, leading to a 4-0 win.
Needs stronger hero pool
January 21, 2018
Nevix wasn't the best in a 3-2 victory over the Boston Uprising on Saturday.
Nevix is the one player on the San Francisco Shock that teams never have to worry about. He isn't a big time playmaker and his hero pool leaves much to be desired. There were times where his D.Va was absolutely useless, his ultimates mistimed and ineffective, and yet he still did not switch. Even playing the easy Roadhog/Orisa combo Nevix still seems lackluster. This causes the team as a whole to rely far too heavily on the two DPS players to make things happen, and if you shut them down, you essentially get a free win. If they want to climb to the top, that will have to change.
Fails to stack up to the competition
January 18, 2018
Nevix struggled in San Francisco Shock's 1-2 series loss to the Philadelphia Fusion on Wednesday.
Nevix had an unremarkable series against the Philadelphia Fusion, but putting Nevix next to his Fusion counterpart made things seem much worse for Nevix. Compared to Poko, Nevix's ultimates were never anything to write home about. Compared to Poko, Nevix did a poor job of diving with his DPS and helping them take out key targets. Compared to Poko, Nevix didn't do a good enough job of keeping his mech alive, although that last one might have been at the fault of his supports, who were usually dead. Nevix has been unremarkable so far, but in a league with such star power in the flex tank role, Nevix needs to step up and soon.
Loses the head-to-head in loss
January 10, 2018
Nevix had a rough time during the San Francisco Shock's sweep at the hands of the Los Angeles Valiant on Wednesday.
While Nevix wasn't necessarily the worst player on the match by any means, his play looked incredibly weak as compared to envy. The two players picked up D.Va throughout the series, but Nevix's play left much to be desired. His ultimate was never used with much consistency, which limited his overall impact on this series. It simply looked like he was more there for the ride than actually contributing to the game in any meaningful way. He, and the rest of his team, will need to bring much more during the rest of the season to avoid more sweeps.
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