Jiri Masalin 
Houston Outlaws
Back to deadly form
February 12, 2018
LiNkzr played well on Saturday in the Houston Outlaws' 3-2 win over the Boston Uprising.
This match was LiNkzr's return to the stage, and his impact was immediate. The Outlaws were a much more lethal, determined, and focused team with him in play. Additionally, LiNkzr's mechanical skill wasn't something to be trifled with. Boston had to respect where he was at all times. LiNkzr is clearly a driving force on the Houston Outlaws.
Dominated the Gladiators
January 29, 2018
LiNkzr was on point in a 4-0 victory over the Los Angeles Gladiators on Saturday.
LiNkzr was neigh unstoppable playing Widowmaker against the Gladiators. During Game 2 on Temple of Anubis, LiNkzr nabbed an almost instant headshot kill on Hydration's Pharah and set the tone for the rest of the match. He managed to pull out an 11-1 elimination to death ratio and a 47 percent scoped accuracy, putting him well within the top 3 Widowmakers in the Overwatch League. LiNkzr's sole death that match was from Hydration playing on Tracer and sneaking into the backline, catching him off guard. With the exception of that small misstep, LiNkzr was deep into a league of his own.
The standard DPS
January 26, 2018
LiNkzr had a very successful game on the standard DPS heroes seen in every linup as the Houston Outlaws took down the Florida Mayhem 4-0.
LiNkzr spent his time in game as either Tracer or Widowmaker. Despite having a less interesting hero pool than his DPS partner Jake, LiNkzr was deadly effective. Though he got the support pick-offs when he needed too, he did an even more exceptional job of bursting down the Mayhem's frontline to give his tanks the edge.
Support slayer
January 22, 2018
LiNkzr could not be denied countless support kills as the Houston Outlaws dominated the Dallas Fuel 4-0.
LiNkzr had almost the exact opposite quality of game as the DPS from the Dallas Fuel. Playing many of the same heroes as EFFECT with completely different outcomes. No matter his hero, LiNkzr managed to find his way into the Dallas back line. An absolute terror to the Fuel's supports, LiNkzr made sure that the Fuel were coming in staggered and that nobody left the fight alive.
Can't carry hard enough
January 15, 2018
LiNkzr did what he could in Houston Outlaws' 1-3 loss to the NYXL on Saturday.
LiNkzr deserves credit for trying his best and realistically keeping up with NY's DPS in terms of sheer fragging. LiNkzr's Genji and Widowmaker were both solid throughout the series, but the rest of his team couldn't keep pace with their respective NYXL counterparts. Subbing LiNkzr out in Game 4 was a questionable move from the Outlaws since LiNkzr was the only positive thing about his team in the series, but a lack of Tracer players still plagues this team, and LiNkzr can't solve that problem.
Whittles down Philadelphia Fusion from afar
January 11, 2018
Linkzr shredded Philadelphia Fusion when given room in a 2-3 loss on Day 2 of Week 1 of the Overwatch League Season 1.
LiNkzr was forced to explore the full depths of DPS lineup as Philadelphia Fusion put on the pressure. It was on maps like Horizon Lunar Colony and Eichenwald that LinKzr found the most success, thanks mainly to the zoning of his tank teammates. Horizon Lunar Colony was an absolute showstopper for LiNkzr. While on defense, LiNkzr switched between McCree and Widowmaker in reaction to Fusion's diving Tracer and Genji. LiNkzr's McCree shut down the dives with ease before his Widowmaker single-handedly pinned down the enemy team from making a final push. In the final minute of Outlaws' defense. LiNkzr found one pick after the other, stalling out Fusion from making a push onto the point until the last second.
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