George Gushcha 
Philadelphia Fusion
Makes the big plays that secure the win
January 11, 2018
ShaDowBurn clutched the Philadelphia Fusion's debut in a 3-2 series against the Houston Outlaws on Day 2 of Week 1 of the Overwatch League Season 1.
The Philadelphia Fusion needed a big premiere in order to make up for their absence during Preseason. ShaDowBurn fashionably handed it to them. Unsurprisingly, the player best known for his Genji stuck close to his main for most of the series. This was, of course, for the best as his coordination with both Poko and Carpe allowed him to pressure the entirety of Houston Outlaw's lineup. Map 4 Eichenwald, in particular, was a highlight. ShaDowBurn was able to pop three Dragonblades that map, two of which secured a triple kill. The third and final clutched the third point for his team as he skillfully zipped across the map to touch the payload before the clock ran out.
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