Georgii Gushcha 
Philadelphia Fusion
Flexes on Houston
March 4, 2018
ShaDowBurn had to switch it up against the Houston Outlaws to notch the win 3-2 for the Philadelphia Fusion on Thursday.
Known for his Genji antics during the Overwatch World Cup, ShaDowBurn really showed up for Philadelphia as Sombra and Widowmaker. He was able to help the Fusion to a full hold on Route 66 to force overtime thanks to his control of health packs. In the overtime match, ShaDowBurn was able to force Linkzr off of Widowmaker with a few key flick kills and was then able to swap over to Genji to help his team seal the victory.
Streches himself thin to grasp victory
February 10, 2018
ShaDowBurn decimated Florida Mayhem alongside Carpe in a 3-2 win on Saturday, Week 5 of the Overwatch League Stage 1.
The star player of Fusion had a difficult game of highs and lows. More than anything for ShaDowBurn, it was a problem of consistency. For example, he would pick Pharah on Gardens on Oasis, a fairly standard DPS pick for that map. But ShaDowBurn struggled in aerial combat against Mayhem's TviQ, often failing to either get him or his Mercy support which allowed TviQ to rain rockets on Fusion. But when he picked more mobile heroes like Tracer or Genji, such as on Junkertown or Numbani, ShaDowBurn excelled. He had a knack for poking holes in Mayhem's often scattered offense, easily creating openings for Carpe and himself to punish.
Quiet against Boston
February 9, 2018
ShaDowBurn may as well not have shown up for all the good he did Philadelphia in the 4-0 loss to the Boston Uprising.
ShaDowBurn was anything but himself as the Fusion put everything they had into Carpe. He was often stuffed when he used his ultimates and was unable to bring in kills or make space.
All business against Dallas
February 2, 2018
ShaDowBurn played a simple a no-nonsense series as the Philadelphia Fusion swept the Dallas Fuel 4-0.
ShaDowBurn was fairly hit or miss against the Fuel despite the 4-0 victory. He came in pretty hot in the first half, ripping off several three-man ultimates. He cooled off later on, often getting stuffed on ultimates despite waiting for what seemed like the perfect moment.
Can't carry the Fusion to a single map win
February 1, 2018
ShaDowBurn couldn't damage the Los Angeles Valiant enough in the Philadelphia Fusion's 0-4 loss Week 4 of Stage 1 in the OWL.
ShaDowBurn can regularly play Genji even if his team is down two members. Unfortunately for him, Overwatch is still a team game and requires all six players in seamless coordination. ShaDowBurn's Genji was clearly on a roll at times today, but all of the Fusion needs to work with him in order to win. ShaDowBurn may be a good fantasy pick, but the Fusion still needs better coordination.
Come ups clutch
January 26, 2018
ShaDowBurn came up big in the Philadelphia Fusion's 3-2 overtime victory against the New York Excelsior.
ShaDowBurn changed up his heroes quite a bit, going all the way from Gengi to Widowmaker to Pharah, with several other heroes in between. His first half was a bit quieter than usual, but he came alive in the second half and was the driving force in the Fusion's final overtime victory.
Makes the big plays that secure the win
January 11, 2018
ShaDowBurn clutched the Philadelphia Fusion's debut in a 3-2 series against the Houston Outlaws on Day 2 of Week 1 of the Overwatch League Season 1.
The Philadelphia Fusion needed a big premiere in order to make up for their absence during Preseason. ShaDowBurn fashionably handed it to them. Unsurprisingly, the player best known for his Genji stuck close to his main for most of the series. This was, of course, for the best as his coordination with both Poko and Carpe allowed him to pressure the entirety of Houston Outlaw's lineup. Map 4 Eichenwald, in particular, was a highlight. ShaDowBurn was able to pop three Dragonblades that map, two of which secured a triple kill. The third and final clutched the third point for his team as he skillfully zipped across the map to touch the payload before the clock ran out.
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