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Free Agent
Terminated from the Boston Uprising Roster
April 9, 2018
Boston Uprising has announced that DreamKazper's contract has been terminated.
After a growing list allegations towards the DPS player, the Boston Uprising has officially terminated DreamKazper's contract. He will no longer be playing on the team, and joining another team looks highly unlikely at the moment given the nature of the allegations he's facing.
Suspended Indefinitely by Boston Uprising
April 8, 2018
DreamKazper has been suspended from the Boston Uprising indefinitely the team announced on Sunday.
Allegations of DreamKazper involving a minor came out on Sunday. After hearing about this news, the team announced on it's official Twitter that DreamKazper will be suspended immediately for an indefinite period of time. Even though he's become one of the best DPS on the team, DreamKazper will not be playing in any matches as the team investigates the situation.
Clutch Widowmaker
March 28, 2018
DreamKazper was on fire in a well fought 3-2 victory over the Los Angeles Gladiators on Saturday.
DreamKazper started off slow, being relatively effective as a flex DPS but outshined by teammate Striker's Tracer play. However, no matter which player the Gladiators put in the Widowmaker position, DreamKazper would mirror them and completely dominate, giving himself free reign to score easy frags on the L.A. backline. This ultimately won Boston the series in match 5. DreamKazper continues to be an effective player for the Uprising, and teams would do well to never count him out of a fight.
Excellent Pharah play
March 18, 2018
DreamKazper played well in a 3-2 victory over the Los Angeles Valiant on Friday.
DreamKazper is such an excellent player to have on your side as his hero pool is very diverse. He can start a match on Pharah, dominate, get countered with Widowmaker, and then just switch to Widowmaker himself and win the sniper battle. This is precisely what happened on Friday and it genuinely gave his team a huge advantage, as once the enemy Widowmaker was down DreamKazper could literally do whatever he wanted, unopposed.
Gives no space for Fuel to maneuver
March 15, 2018
As a king of the skies, DreamKazper's Pharah decimated Dallas Fuel on Wednesday, resulting in a 4-0 victory for the Boston Uprising.
While it's no surprise to hear that DreamKazper is an excellent Pharah, his play this series was phenomenal on Lijiang and King's Row. On top of that, his Widowmaker was extremely effective in stymying the Fuel on King's Row for a full hold defense. His coordination with Striker was polished and can only continue to get better now that the full lineup has reunited.
Strong in two games played
March 3, 2018
DreamKazper made his mark on the first two games of the Boston Uprising's 4-0 sweep of the Florida Mayhem on Friday.
DreamKazper was simply doing DreamKazper things early on in this series. His Widowmaker was cutting through the Mayhem like a hot knife through butter and left them with nowhere to hide at all. When he switched over to Pharah in Game 2, however, he started to look a bit weak. He never seemed to make a huge impact, as he whiffed ultimates and looked out of sorts all game long. The team still got the win and went on to sweep, but it was less than stellar from the star DPS. He was then subbed out in favor of Mistakes for the final two games of the series, as DreamKazper isn't as skilled with Sombra and Boston wanted to continue diversifying this lineup.
Falls limp against enemy's DPS
March 2, 2018
DreamKazper got diced by New York Excelsior in 4-0 loss on Thursday of the Overwatch League Stage 2.
The passive and hesitant moves of his teamamtes' tanks forced DreamKazper in awkward positions across the series, a problem he tried to fix by playing various heroes. Unfortunately, his picks found little success. This was because DreamKazper didn't have the space to properly land his shots as New York dive his position. For example, on Boston's Gibraltar defense, DreamKazper brought out his McCree. He was able to slay out to find two ultimates in about a minute. But when he used his second Dead Eye in an attempt to secure a map win, he was rushed by a Tracer which forced him to pivot and turn a blind eye to the rest of New York, wasting his ultimate while getting killed in the process.
Strong, but not strong enough
February 24, 2018
DreamKazper showed off his hero pool in Boston Uprising's 4-0 loss at the hands of the Philadelphia Fusion on Thursday.
DreamKazper was doing his best to give Boston a chance in this series, but there was simply nothing he could do to stop the overwhelming presence of the Philadelphia DPS core. Sure, DreamKazper put on a show with showings on D.Va, Soldier: 76, McCree, among others, but there was simply no way to break into the backline.
Flexes his DPS muscles
February 9, 2018
DreamKazper was an ever-changing chameleon as the Uprising clobbered the Philadelphia Fusion 4-0.
DreamKazper was continually switching heroes and keeping the Fusion on their toes in regards to what kind of attack they would be facing. Whether diving or flanking, DreamKazper came away from the fight with a win almost every time.
Demolished the Valiant
February 4, 2018
DreamKazper dismantled the Los Angeles Valiants defense in a 4-0 victory on Saturday.
DreamKazper was not to be trifled with as he put his unrivaled Genji skills on display against the Los Angeles Valiant. When playing on Horizon Lunar Colony, DreamKazper was able to execute a ridiculous reflect on the enemy Zarya's Graviton Surge, sticking her inside of her own ultimate. Shortly after he made quick work of the Valiant's attack with his Dragon Blade, helping to secure a triple kill and reset the attack. This would be the hold that enabled the Boston Uprising to defend the capture point.
Dives and guides his team to victory
January 27, 2018
DreamKazper led his team through a harrowing 3-2 victory on Saturday over the Dallas Fuel.
DreamKazper was forced to think on his feet as Dallas Fuel was poised to counter his team's dive comp. Players like EFFECT and Seagull quickly busted down the shields of Gamsu and NotE before DreamKazper could safely dive as Genji. However, he found a flaw in Dallas' defenses. The tank-heavy core of Dallas allowed DreamKazper a surprising amount of freedom of movement. Taking advantage of this, he hit Dallas' flanks alongside Striker to hit them on three different fronts. On Ilios, DreamKazper switched off to Pharah to surprising effect. Despite Dallas having a McCree, the hero couldn't shutdown DreamKazper's Pharah, giving DreamKazper free reign to rain damage down onto the map.
Tries (and fails) to contend with Fleta
January 20, 2018
DreamKazper couldn't seem to keep his head in a sweep at the hands of the Seoul Dynasty on Friday.
While DreamKazper was picked off by Fleta one too many times in this series, that's expected when playing against the vaunted Fleta. Despite this, DreamKazper didn't simply lay down and die. He even won a duel with Fleta at one point, which was enough for him to likely feel vindicated in the matchup. He had other nice plays, including taking out a Rip-Tire moments before it blew up, which will help this team do well in future series.
Precision offense
January 13, 2018
DreamKazper came up clutch on multiple maps for the Boston Uprising as they ran over the Florida Mayhem for a 4-0 victory on Friday.
DreamKazper seemingly played second fiddle to Striker for the majority of all four games, but he delivered the plays to put the game away on multiple occasions. His ults consistently resulted in a double support death for the Mayhem to turn the tide of a critical engagement, often winning the Uprising the map.
Out of the dark and onto the stage
December 9, 2017
DreamKazper mercilessly eliminated the Shanghai Dragons on Friday in Boston Uprising's 3-2 victory during the OWL Preseason
DreamKazper hunted down, sniped, and kited the Dragons throughout the match. Whether this was getting three kills in a row as Widowmaker to secure Ilios during Map 3, or kiting back on Numbani as Soldier:76 to take down the Dragon's tanks in Map 4, DreamKazper showed that he certainly knows how to click on heads. Perhaps most impressive from DreamKazper was his positioning, always finding the space where he could have the most impact in a fight. Even though he was singled out and dove on, DreamKazper never gave into tilt and seemed to try his best every time, despite the number of bodies Shanghai threw at him. DreamKazper has shown that he might be one of the rising stars of the Overwatch League, leading Boston to a 3-2 win.
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