Jonathan Sanchez 
Boston Uprising
Tries (and fails) to contend with Fleta
January 20, 2018
DreamKazper couldn't seem to keep his head in a sweep at the hands of the Seoul Dynasty on Friday.
While DreamKazper was picked off by Fleta one too many times in this series, that's expected when playing against the vaunted Fleta. Despite this, DreamKazper didn't simply lay down and die. He even won a duel with Fleta at one point, which was enough for him to likely feel vindicated in the matchup. He had other nice plays, including taking out a Rip-Tire moments before it blew up, which will help this team do well in future series.
Precision offense
January 13, 2018
DreamKazper came up clutch on multiple maps for the Boston Uprising as they ran over the Florida Mayhem for a 4-0 victory on Friday.
DreamKazper seemingly played second fiddle to Striker for the majority of all four games, but he delivered the plays to put the game away on multiple occasions. His ults consistently resulted in a double support death for the Mayhem to turn the tide of a critical engagement, often winning the Uprising the map.
Out of the dark and onto the stage
December 9, 2017
DreamKazper mercilessly eliminated the Shanghai Dragons on Friday in Boston Uprising's 3-2 victory during the OWL Preseason
DreamKazper hunted down, sniped, and kited the Dragons throughout the match. Whether this was getting three kills in a row as Widowmaker to secure Ilios during Map 3, or kiting back on Numbani as Soldier:76 to take down the Dragon's tanks in Map 4, DreamKazper showed that he certainly knows how to click on heads. Perhaps most impressive from DreamKazper was his positioning, always finding the space where he could have the most impact in a fight. Even though he was singled out and dove on, DreamKazper never gave into tilt and seemed to try his best every time, despite the number of bodies Shanghai threw at him. DreamKazper has shown that he might be one of the rising stars of the Overwatch League, leading Boston to a 3-2 win.
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