Dong-jun Kim 
South Korea
Dallas Fuel
In talks to join Fuel
February 13, 2018
As reported by ESPN's Jacob Wolf, Dallas is in talks to acquire Rascal.
Rascal's move might surprise some, especially since London is sitting pretty on top of the OWL standings, but it makes sense on both ends. For London, Rascal's hero pool was covered by its other DPS, mostly Profit and birdring, and Rascal took up a roster spot to specialize and excel in nothing more than Mei. For Dallas, Rascal is strictly an upgrade over Seagull, someone who can hopefully get the most out of struggling hitscan players EFFECT and Taimou. Still, Dallas has five DPS on its roster, meaning competition will be fierce for playing time, but count on Rascal to appear in Dallas blue early in Stage 2.
Shuts down Seoul with Junkrat
February 2, 2018
Rascal showed off during Game 1 of the London Spitfire's 4-0 sweep of the Seoul Dynasty on Thursday.
Rascal was on Junkrat for his one outing in this series and he dominated with the hero. His positioning was strong and his ultimates were on point. While he continues to be a niche pick for his team in a given series, he also continues to make the most of his time in the game.
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