Park Jun-Young 
South Korea
London Spitfire
Fatal mistake in final seconds
April 20, 2018
Profit performed well but ultimately lost the game at the last second in a soul-crushing 3-2 loss to the Boston Uprising on Thursday.
Profit has more than often been the driving force pushing the team forward, but in the most crucial moment of this series, he threw a pulse bomb on a wall instead of the enemy team, which immediately lost the map on Oasis and the series all at once. It wasn't a missed throw or anything of the sort, but he choked under pressure, leading to disappointment.
Learning new Tricks keeps you on top
April 15, 2018
Profit may need to learn some new tricks to move past the 3-2 loss to the Philadelphia Fusion on Saturday.
Profit became somewhat predictable in the way that he flanks so the Fusion were ready every time he tried to assassinate the support on Tracer, and thus his offensive strikes weren't as effective as it used to be. However, Profit pulled out Roadhog on Junkertown, which led to a helpful map victory that brought the series to a needed game 5.
Profit's performance back on track
April 13, 2018
Profit carried hard in a 3-0 victory over the Florida Mayhem on Thursday evening.
Profit was disappointing during Week 1, but in the game against the Florida Mayhem, he was stellar. Before anyone can claim that any good player would look good against a bottom team like the Mayhem, it wasn't the case this time. Florida got a lot stronger with recent acquisitions and played well throughout the series, and may have taken some maps off of the Spitfire. Profit's play on Tracer was incredible and was a proper redemption from the prior week.
Fail to rise to the occasion
April 7, 2018
Profit had a somewhat lackluster performance leading to a 3-2 loss to the Houston Outlaws.
While Profit's abilities are usually through the roof, his performance this time around left nothing but broken dreams. Despite having a large roster of heroes at his command, none of the ones he played had as huge as an effect as they normally would against other teams. While this might have been a bad day for him, he paid the price with each death he accumulated. He tried to play Pharah on Oasis for the final map but it immediately flopped and he swapped back to Tracer, giving less map presence and lost the series overall.
Valiant effort that came up short
March 31, 2018
Profit was unable to keep pace with the Philadelphia Fusion in a 2-3 loss to the London Spitfire in the Stage 2 Playoffs in the OWL.
Profit has routinely shown us that he can be an unstoppable machine, but in the Stage 2 Playoffs, the Fusion seemed to have a number on his Tracer. The Spitfire did a great job of engaging together, but the Fusion quickly responded and regularly Profit had to retreat with no kills in the feed. As the series went on, it was clear this strategy is one the Fusion heavily prepared for, and Profit never changed up his play to adjust for that.
Pinpoint accuracy supported by high quality positioning
March 25, 2018
Profit tore threw the Dallas Fuel in a 3-1 victory for the London Spitfire on Day 4 of Week 5 in Stage 2 of the OWL.
Profit's Tracer has always been a massive threat due to his ability to one-clip most supports. This game, he was able to further improve himself by heavily coordinating with Gesture's Winston. Nine times out of ten, Profit would engage at the exact same time as the crazy monkey, which usually lead to Dallas Support chipshajen's Zenyatta losing his life. Additionally, Profit jumped into Dallas in order to disrupt their movement around the map and allowed London to obtain an upper hand. Assume Profit will have a massive influence on any match he participates in.
Uses his flexibility to flank
March 18, 2018
Profit whittled down Seoul Dynasty in a 4-0 win on Saturday in the Overwatch League, Stage 2.
Thanks to his teammates' coordination, Profit had the absolute freedom to wreak havoc on Seoul's backline. Seoul's frontline was constantly distracted by London's tanks and support which was what allowed Profit to just walk up to Seoul's support and burst them. This was vital as Seoul's leader, ryujehong, is a support player, meaning Profit was able to constantly take down Seoul's shot-caller. For example, on Lijiang Tower Night Market, Profit was always on top of ryujehong, slowly whittling him down while the rest of London was engaging. Profit's freedom was best seen in a comical flank as he played Zarya, a slow, lumbering hero, on London's defense of King's Row. All he had to do was drop down on them from behind to drop a clutch Gravity Bomb.
Leads Spitfire to victory
March 18, 2018
Profit was a huge part of the London Spitfire's 3-1 win over the San Francisco Shock on Friday.
While the Shock may have done well to hold London to just a few points on each map of this series, Profit was a huge reason why London picked up the points it did. He was all over the place with his Tracer, securing flanks and big kills left and right. It seemed like every time he had a Pulse Bomb up, he was doing major work with it as the Shock seemed to have no answer at all to his attack.
The other best cam to watch
March 10, 2018
Profit danced around the Boston Uprising in the London Spitfire's 4-0 victory on Day 3 in Week 3 of Stage 2 in the OWL.
Profit has already shown his mechanical prowess, but today we got a chance to see his situational awareness. Several times throughout the match, he dodged around corners and walls to stay alive alone against the Uprising. This was supplemented by ideal timing and situational awareness to understand when to contest or not. Naturally, Profit was also able to put constant pressure onto Striker's Tracer or Uprising's backline.
Shows off his stellar Tracer play
February 2, 2018
Profit dominated on Tracer during the London Spitfire's 4-0 sweep of the Seoul Dynasty on Thursday.
Profit subbed in for Rascal in the final three games of this series and demonstrated just how big of a cog he is in the machine that is the Spitfire. He poured on the damage from every angle with his Tracer, never allowing the Dynasty any chance to stop the bleeding. More than that, Profit always seemed to find the high-value targets during every fight to give his team advantages after advantage in every teamfight.
Get in the face of his opponents
January 22, 2018
Profit played well with his fellow DPS in the London Spitfire's 3-2 overtime win over the Los Angeles Valiant.
Profit and fellow DPS birdring played like yin and yang. Birdring was in the back lines while Profit was in the front, dealing damage from all angles. Profit wasn't quite the star he was against the Fusion, but it was his aggressive play that facilitated his partner's success.
Makes it rain in huge London win
January 14, 2018
Profit played well in London Spitfire's 4-0 win over the Philadelphia Fusion on Saturday.
After a rough preseason, Profit has finally started to show some of the lethal DPS play he was known for as a part of GC Busan, winners of the most recent (and final) OGN APEX tournament. Flexing through a wide variety of heroes, Profit combined well with partner birdring, acting as a secondary carry by creating pressure and space for birdring to make big plays. Profit might've been the number two guy on Saturday but he could easily ride the bench or be the star of London's next series, thanks to its insanely deep and talented roster.
The Profit arrives
January 12, 2018
Profit decimated Florida Mayhem, helping London Spitfire secure a 3-1 victory in the OWL on Thursday.
Profit showed just how much of a monster he actually can be on a number of damage heroes. Throughout the match, he changed the tide of battle with excellent target prioritization while using Genji's Dragon Blade. Profit doled out tons of damage and looks to have a solid understanding of when he can and can't engage.
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