Kim Do-Hyeon 
South Korea
New York Excelsior
Dominates as Widowmaker
May 8, 2018
Pine threw the Boston Uprising for a loop in a 3-0 win at the Stage 3 Finals.
Pine has always played an extraordinarily aggressive Widowmaker. In this series, he pushed his aggression to the limit. Largely sticking to his Widowmaker, Pine was able to find key shots onto players with ease on Numbani and Route 66. Numbani was his highlight map. On New York's attack on Point C, Pine pushed up behind the entrance of Boston's spawn doors and set up a sniping position. He was able to slay Boston's players as they trickled out form the spawns door, zipping around with the hero's grapple hook to avoid getting caught out. It was an incredibly bold play that gave New York the few meters they needed to win the match and the series.
Starts and carries the reverse sweep
April 20, 2018
Pine carried his team to a 3-2 reverse sweep over the Philadelphia Fusion on Thursday of the Overwatch League Stage 3.
After losing two straight maps in stunning fashion, New York brought Pine out on the third map, Ilios. Immediately, Pine took control of the series and obliterated the Philadelphia Fusion with his Widowmaker. His Widowmaker even allowed New York to walk away from Ilios: Ruins without suffering a single death. "Big Boss" Pine stuck with New York going into the next two maps, Junkertown and Oasis. While he wasn't as potent on Junkertown, his long-range DPS was more than enough to pin down the Philadelphia Fusion.
Plays more than one map in desperate situation
April 16, 2018
Pine was called on to help New York clutch their 3-2 win over the Houston Outlaws on Saturday of the Overwatch League Stage 3.
It's always a treat to see Pine play, but this series saw the rare instance of Pine playing two maps. Pine's first game in Blizzard World was a show-stopper. Sticking to his signature Widowmaker, Pine blew apart the Houston Outlaws with unbelievable accuracy, such as an impressive double kill over the archway by Point A on New York's attack. He would also become key in New York's win on Oasis, despite a rough start. Pine would start the map by playing Junkrat and Pharah, two powerful heroes that didn't quite suit New York's offense. It was only when Pine switched off to McCree that New York was able to turn things around. Pine's long-range pressure was invaluable in allowing his team's tanks in diving Houston to pick off easy kills.
Puts up a surpsingly slow performance
April 8, 2018
Pine gave an uncharacteristic performance in a 4-0 win over the London Spitfire on Saturday of the Overwatch League Stage 3.
Pine looked nothing like his famous self despite only playing Blizzard World. It was clear from the start of the map that Pine would struggle as his slaying was extraordinarily slow while playing Widowmaker, even losing sniper battles to London. Because of Pine's weak Widowmaker plays, New York had a rough attack round as the Spitfire found ways to pin them down with their dive composition. Normally, Pine could play against dives but he struggled to maneuver smoothly around Blizzard World. This would force Pine to play Junkrat on New York's defense round. While this was very uncharacteristic of New York's famous sniper, the switch worked as Pine's Junkrat easily blew through London.
Snappy McCree shots
April 5, 2018
Pine shut down all of Florida Mayhem in a 4-0 win on Thursday of the Overwatch League Stage 3.
Pine may have only played Ilios, but he dominated the map. Known mainly for his Widowmaker during Stage 1, Pine was able to replicate shades of that gameplay in this series thanks to his outstanding aim on McCree. Florida Mayhem had little recourse against his well-timed Flashbangs and bold decisions. For example, Pine was able to take out Florida's Tracer and Lucio by rolling through their tanks, flashing Lucio and Tracer before snapping them with headshots.
Frags out vs Florida
February 9, 2018
Pine was victorious in New York's 3-0 victory against the Florida Mayhem on Thursday.
There were some times in which New York wouldn't play Pine on control maps but recognizing his strengths is the best way to utilize the DPS. Deploying Pine on maps like Ilios secured an easy win against a weaker team in a time in which the team needed to make sure they got as many points as possible for playoffs.
No longer undefeated
February 5, 2018
Pine was handed his first map loss by the Dallas Fuel as the New York Excelsior persevered to a 3-1 victory.
Pine spent some time as McCree but also some time as Tracer in his first ever map loss. It seems that even the weaker teams have begun to figure out his long flanking strategy and are now proving capable of shutting down the feared DPS player.
Held in check
January 26, 2018
Pine remains undefeated in all of his appearances, but he had noticeably less impact in New York's 3-2 overtime loss to the Philadelphia Fusion.
Pine was subbed in for only one control map for New York, shockingly being left off the overtime map. Pine had his moments on McCree, reeling off an incredible three-man Deadeye. Despite winning, Pine was relying on crisp cohesion with his teammates rather than being a one-man army.
Enhances team play
January 22, 2018
Pine dominated the Los Angeles Gladiators as the New York Excelsior swept the lesser LA squad 4-0.
Pine's presence in the games he played for the Excelsior seemed to boost the performance of the entire team. Pine was either raining damage down on his opponents or influencing their movement in such a way that is enabled his teammates to secure an objective.
The Ilios god blesses us mortals with his presence
January 15, 2018
Pine only played in one game of the NYXL's 3-1 victory over the Houston Outlaws, dominating Ilios on Saturday.
There's no other way to say it: Pine is simply a god. Subbing in for Libero on Ilios, Pine's McCree basically won NYXL the map singlehandedly, demolishing Houston's attack with aggressive positioning and relentless fragging ability. It'll be interesting to see how Pine is utilized against some of the behemoths of the league, like Seoul and London, as Pine only comes out on control maps (specifically Ilios for now) to wreak havoc. Pine's inconsistencies against top-tier talent were shown in the preseason, but so far nobody has been able to stop him in the OWL.
Uneven series during loss
December 15, 2017
Pine seemed to lack a bit of consistency during New York Excelsior's 1-3 loss to Seoul Dynasty on the final day of preseason.
With the way Pine started this series out, you could have easily assumed that he was going to have a monster series against the vaunted Dynasty squad. His Widowmaker was incredibly clean during Junkertown as New York walked away with a win on the first map. He had some dirty in-air snipes on Fleta as he dominated the opposing Widow all game long. Pine actually ended with a 12/3 KD against Fleta and Wekeed in that game, putting an exclamation point on his dominance. The problem for Pine and the Excelsior, however, was that his performance fell off a cliff in the final three games. He was basically nowhere to be found after getting picked apart by Fleta once Seoul got into a groove.
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