Chae Jun-Hyeok 
South Korea
Seoul Dynasty
Carries Dynasty bench to win vs Dragons
March 12, 2018
Still getting experience with the Seoul lineup, Bunny shined in the 3-1 victory on Wednesday against the Shanghai Dragons.
Bunny is always one of the stars on the stage for Seoul Dynasty and his Tracer play curb stomped the Dragons on Volskaya Industries and Lijiang Tower, offering the Dynasty the chance to show off the power of the sub lineup. Bunny is definitely a step above the subs which is why he's consistently subbed in to provide a valuable flanking Tracer to the offense.
Shreds the Valiant
February 24, 2018
Bunny played the part of enabler during the Seoul Dynasty's 4-0 sweep of the Los Angeles Valiant on Wednesday.
Bunny may become a fixture in Seoul's lineup as the team's win over the Valiant was nothing short of phenomenal. Bunny's powerful Tracer allowed for his teammates to flex onto a plethora of other heroes in a powerful opening win for the Dynasty.
Shows up once again in win
February 10, 2018
Bunny played well during Seoul Dynasty's 3-2 win over the San Francisco Shock on Friday.
Bunny continues to be a strong player for this Dynasty squad. While he's not an every game DPS player, he shows up whenever he's in the game. Whether he's on Tracer or McCree, he gives Seoul a strong presence that can win fights with consistency. Still, this was not the kind of win that Seoul wanted, and it was one that eliminated them from playoff contention. It'll be back to the drawing board for them going into Stage 2.
Plays too aggressive with Tracer
February 2, 2018
Bunny ran wild with his Tracer in a 4-0 loss to the London Spitfire on Thursday.
While Bunny was on fire with his Tracer from start to finish, it wasn't always a boon to his team. Sure, he was pumping out damage as the highest damage Tracer in the League. During his rampant run, however, he was frequently pushing too far away from his team. Once he was picked off, he was often in a spot that he couldn't be rezzed, leaving his team at a huge disadvantage. This ended up being a constant thorn in Seoul's side as they struggled through this series without picking up a single point until the final game. Some major adjustments will be needed in a hurry or the team could slip even further down the standings.
Picks up Wekeed's slack
December 15, 2017
Bunny flanked well all throughout the final three games of Seoul Dynasty's 3-1 win over New York Excelsior on Day 4 of the preseason.
Bunny stepped in for Wekeed in the last three maps of this series on Saturday and it was immediately clear why the change was made. He mainly stuck with Tracer in each of these games and was a master at getting into Excelsior's backline with picture perfect flanks. Showing off some fanciness with the slippery damage dealer, Bunny landed a nice Blink into Pulse Bomb for two key kills to hold down the point during Map 2. With so many key plays, it was no wonder that Seoul walked away with a strong win after faltering a bit on the opening map.
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